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Re-wind to future..

As the first decade of the new millennium ticks towards closure, took a minute to turn back at the time traveled. Luckily 50% of those moments are captured right here in blogs ville itself.

I weigh the same weight i was in 2001 :) Feels worthwhile to mention it here since there was a 15 Kg drop in weight few years back.

I am back in the city where i started my career. Being NRC (non residential Chennaiite) for most part of my career this again felt noteworthy.

The people i befriended 10 years back, i still hang around with them. Feels nice to have a familiar bunch around and thankful for those poor souls for still bearing with me :) semma stamina i should say :)

I am back to 15hrs a day work schedule. Feels nice to have the deadlines whooshing over head and the pressure hours are well and truly back :)

I still go to the same saloon for haircut. Though the rates have tripled in ten years, happy that i still have enough hair to retain my grisly look :)

I am still unpunctual and lack the b…

Praise the lord :)

"I know you are tense. But you are never gonna be this tense ever again. So enjoy the moment."

These lines could've been right on top of the best one liners in hollywood movies. Sure as tomorrow's sunrise, the listener knew that he had heard the best advice he can ever get on a battlefield. The words did their magic and today the listener answers to the call of Virendar Sehwag. And the little big man who uttered those pearls, has just completed his 50th test ton. Of all the praises and paeans showered on him..this one by one of his several million fans, i feel, is the best.

"Commit all your crimes when Sachin is batting.They will go unnoticed because even the Lord is watching"

When he arched back and raised his bat to the heavens for the 50th time in 20 years of test was almost as if in a silent plea to God..."when are you going to send in the showers". And God duly obliged..a tad late by which time Dhoni and Bhajji are already gone :(


Solladi sivagaami

"Ivar jaadagha padi...ipo time OOHOOO nu iruku. Adutha konja kaalathuku sooper time. Athukaprum thaan time konjam nalla ila. Athuku sila pala parigaaram panni palagaaram panna saria poidum"

Idhu namakkay teriaatha...itha oruthan solli kekarathukaga oruthan kita poganuma!!

Been hearing this standard dialog for the past umpteen years that i can recite them by heart and even put on a better modulation and who knows might sound convincing too for a bakra or two :)

The fact that mine is a horrorscope is well established. Everytime when i see or hear news of a new planet discovery i would feel like "Duh. They should've checked for it in my horrorscope". I believe people got a good chance of discovering newer planets just by putting my doc under microscope rather than craning their neck upwards to the sky. It got all the constellations and galaxies lurking in it and somehow all is not hunky dory amidst them. At times its lord Rahu or Kethu but all credit to lord Saturn. …

Akkadaanu naanga udai poatta..

Than muyarchiyil satrum manam maaratha Vikramaathithan mathiri Gils enters office sharp at 10.30 for 9.30 shift. Damager looks at Gils and sighs (the exhaust air includes wildest of swear words which cant even be represented by all the wild characters in keyboard and finally ends with "ivan ethana thadava sonalum timeku varamaataan so tholayuthu").

"Gils..inniki enna day?"

"Today aapicer"

"Ketrukavay koodathu..adaii daii daii...inniki enna daaayyyy"

Damagera kaalangaathala azha uda venaam solitu "Monday aapicer"

"Monday anniki potukitu vara dressa ithu? Saaku mootaiya pirichi vitta mathiri oru pant. Chessboardla rangoli veladina mathiri oru sattai. Unnalaam roadla naai thoratharathaalaa thaan nee intha timekaachum office vara nenakren"

"Aapicer..intha dressku enna kurachal aapicer"

"Ellaamay jasthi..arent u aware of dress code?"

"Kodu poata dress neria iruku aapicer..atha solreengala"

"Adi vaanga por…

Wall street 2

It was a typical english movie watch for me. "Dhool" padathula vivek solra mathiri vaaaya polanthutu paathuturnthen, without understanding half the dialogs. This movie would be best reviewed by Thalai ramesh i believe :)

I've seen "Wall Street - 1" with equal enthusiasm as preparing for my physics exams. All i could remember was "Greed is good" and Michael Douglas. This movie has its share of punch lines being "Greed is not just good..its legal now". Years after, i am proud to say, i retain the same sense of (mis)understanding for share market and capitalism. This may be one of those movies i've ever seen without understanding more than half the dialogs. I would like to believe that the Americans at least would be able to relate to the lingo used in it much better than me.

The movie has interesting set of characters. None of them are totally good or totally bad. You simply can't love or hate anyone in the movie. It has got …

Two songs to cheer you up..

Two songs are set to rule the radio waves in coming times. Two totally contrasting genres but the result is same - an awestruck feeling which transports you to your happy place right from the first chord.

I usually avoid new songs and would bother to give them a try only after reading the review. But fell for this one hook line and sinker right from line one. Infact after the first stanza was having a worrying feeling about how the song is going to continue and whether will it match the expectation set at the first para, when i was hearing it for the first time. I feel this song has a strong impression of "Kurai ondum illai kanna" song. Here are the lyrics for u. Song ketutu solunga how u felt nu :) Have made the para's which were most impressive in BOLD. Its from the movie "Mandhira punnagai" by Karu palaniappan. Even the movie review sounds offbeat. Should give it a try.

enna kurayo enna nirayo
edherkum naan undenbaan kannan
enna thavaro enna sariyo
edherkum naan…

Thonthiran - part 2

Pasigaran and CHITHAPPA robot goes to the robotic meet. Pasi asks robot to introduce itself.

"Hi I'm CHITHAPPA. Breakfastuku 10 idly. Lunchku full Andhra meals"

All the other scientists in the meet complain to Pasi even before he could begin the demo.

"Mr.Pasigaran..mariyathaiya itha ingenthu thookitu poidunga..ilaati akku vera aani veraya naangalay itha udaichiduvom"


"Unga kooda irukkara antha janthu..enga lunch box elaam gaali pannidichi. Ozhungu mariaathaia engellaarukum lunch vaangi thaanga"

"Dei CHITHAPPA..enda ipidi maanatha vaaangara"

"Avanga thaan doctor sonaanga. Avangalala saaptu seiyara oru vishyam ennala mudiathu nu. Athaan naan irukara ellar lunchaiyum saaptutu try panni paathen. Evlo try panalum varala doctor"

"aiaiaao...ennatha try panna"

"Yeppam vida thaan..neenga enna nenacheenga. Am i missing any other skill"

"Mada robo..Yeppam vidarathelam skillada"

Jury members from…

Thonthiran - part 1

Dr.Pasigaran is seen working on his robot. He barks out commands one by one.
For each command the robot goes correctly to the dish, picks them
"Sooper..kalakita" nu solli kittu irukum boathay the robot begins to eat the dishes "heyyy..heyy...unna identify panna mattum thaana sonen"
"Mada robo..unaku mandaiku keezha thonthi thaana?"
"Neenga thaana design paneenga doctor"

"Gara...dei...garaaaa...inumm ennada antha ithu pona lavatorila pannikitu iruka. Seekaram velila vaada..vayitha kalakuthu"

"Yo many times i've told u..enna "gara" "gara" nu koopdaathanu"

"Pasigarana surukki...Pasi pasi nu koopta veetla samaikaama kathi kitu irukomnu pakkathu veetu karangalaam nenachukarangalay..athaan gara gara nu calling...Enda unnoda robo va test panna edamay kedaikalaia? irukarathay oru toilet. Antha oosi pona robo ku saapaadu podra edamada …

Ninaivo oru paravai...

"dei Ramu...en kannadiya enga vechen paathia?"
"oru naal paatha mathiri ithey pozhapa poachu...engayachum ethayachum vachida vendiathu..aprum theda vendiathu. Ethaiyum edutha edathula vacha thaana"
"Enda..vacha edam ethunu terinja un kita enda keka poren.Maranthu poachu nu thaana kekaren"
"Ellathiyum maranthiru..inum konja naalula paaru veetu addressa maranthutu vazhi theriama suthi kitu iruka pora. Enga ponalum pursela address vachitu po" ena nakkaladithan Ram.
"Nethu nejamavay vara vazhila theru per maranthutenda..Aprum mel veetu maamiya paathu avangaloda pesikitay veetuku vanthuten. Ipolaam marathi adigamaaidichi"
"Epovumay ethayachum poatu manasa kozhapikitay irukalla nee..athaan. Overa stress pannikaatha. Relaxeda manasa vachuko elaam automatica nyabgathula irukum. Seri naan officeku kelamabren. Kathava marakama thaapa potuko and saaptutu marakkaama mathirai potuko"

"Machi..Malar hospital doctor vanthu etho presentation k…

Endhiran - review

Kanden Enthiranai :) After almost a month since its been released, atlast managed to see the movie. The most awaited movie of the year become the most waited movie for me :) still no regrets. Had i seen it riding the hype wave, maybe i might have felt euphoric (another way of getting over the "iam-conned-lemme-grin-and-bear-it" feeling). Anyways, for the uninitiated (still biding their time to watch it) its not your typical Rajini movie. At the same time, to say that, had any one else, other than the big man, had donned the role, it wouldnt have been as effective, would be the understatement of the decade. I dont remember if Rajini had done a triple role before. Quite a few double acts for sure. But in this one, he really does manages to pull it off with elan. Each role, interstingly, well distinguished from other. Probably, that shows the amount of time Shankar must've had in shaping up the characters. He claims, he had this in cans for almost a decade now. And the effo…

Sound of Love

A master asked his disciples: ‘Why do we shout in anger? Why do people shout at each other when they are upset?’

the disciples thought for a while, and one of them said ‘Because we lose our calm, we shout for that.’ ‘But, why to shout when the other person is just next to you? ‘Isn’t it possible to speak to him or her with a soft voice? Why do you shout at a person when you’re angry?’ The disciples gave him some other answers but none satisfied the master.

Finally he explained: ‘When two people are angry at each other, their hearts distance a lot. To cover that distance they must shout to be able to hear each other. The angrier they are, the stronger they will have to shout to hear each other through that great distance.’

Then the master asked: ‘What happens when two people fall in love? They don’t shout at each other but talk softly, why? Because their hearts are very close. The distance between them is very small…’ And he finally said: ‘When they love each other even more, what happens…

Open up

Ever since i saw the ad for the first time..have been a big fan of this Nescafe song. Its a real peppy one and got nice tune to it too. Here goes the lyrics :)

You can be rich, with no money to spend.
You can do everything, when you understand.
You can be mother, when your are man.
Open up, you know that you can.

Open you eyes,
open your mind,
open your thoughts.
Don't stay behind.

Open up, open up

The key is inside you, to open your mind.
You know what is out there, your heartcan't be blind.
Open your eyes and open your mind.
Open your thoughts, don't stay behind.

Open you eyes,
open your mind,
open your thoughts.
Don't stay behind.

Open up, open up

You raise all the borders, and start in your head.
Open your mind, to thoughts ?
Open your eyes and open your mind.
Open your thoughts and don't stay behind.

Open you eyes,
open your mind,
open your thoughts.
Don't stay behind.

Open up, open up.

Ipidyum irukumo?

It was that time of the year..when all of a sudden Lord Hanuman woke up to find Lord Muruga and his consort Valli next to him.

He was perplexed and asked " come you are here?"

"I was waiting for you to wake to up to ask the same question..look there"

What he saw was even more shocking. Lord Vishnu in his Varaha Avatar form was seen talking with one rolly polly person with a bald head. Seeing the shocked look on Hanuman's face, Lord Vishnu smiled at him and said "Why blood..Same blood here too. By the Mr.Laughing Buddha"

Hearing some commotion near by everyone turned to note something even stranger. Lord Ganesha was seen in a heated argument with another rolly polly guy.

When enquired, that rolly polly guy said, "Aiya..I am a Chettiyaar. I had kept a food stall and had asked my wife to take care of it while i was sleeping. I dont know where she went and when i wake up i saw Lord Ganesha eating all the stuff from my stall. He is no…

Poi bus karo :)

If chitraguptan, the auditor in charge of tracking the lies told by every individual, wants an easier way to track the liers he should just listen to the conversations over bus journeys. Enaaamaa pulugaraangapa!!
I guess most of them use the situation provided by bus journey to cover up their shortcomings.
"Itho meenambakkam thaandi vanthutaaaaay iruken" apdinu one guy was kooovifying today..when the bus was no where near even guindy.
"Tambarathula eranga poren sir..neenga soneengalay solitu A/C bus nu kooda paakama 30 rupees ticket eduthutu varen. konjam wait pannugnga"..another one trying to convince his client.

Inniki evening varapo kuda someone was shouting "Naan enna madam panrathu..semma traffic jam. Vandi inch kuda nagarala" while the bus was literally whizzing on an near empty road :)

And one another common factor with all the above buggers is that..they've no bloody sense on how to talk over cellphone, especially while in public place. Each one…

Is "real" really real??

Just saw the movie "Shutter Island". And you can see the result on the title itself.
No. This post is not a review on the movie. More on the content of it. Its a story about illusions and insane asylum and on (one of) its inmates. Is the hero a nut case would be a question which would linger with me till one of you see the movie and write a review on it :) But the thing is..illusion. A pretty interesting thing.

Oru poiyya pathu thadava sonna athu unmai aaidum. Especially if it involves sanity of a person's mind. Keep calling a person mad, even those who wouldn't believe it at first would slowly begin to fall in line. Even his otherwise routine actions will come under scrutiny. Question on sanity is something which cannot be defended or attacked for that matter. Even if one comes hard saying he is not mad it further slides him into that questionable hole. That, i guess, is the worst punishment or crime which can ever be committed on a fellow human being.

Insane and I…

Return of Kedi

ok..before moving any further..K..E..D..I is pronounced as "kay dai" as in Jedi (Star wars). Thappa padichitu correcta artham pannikapdaathu..okva :) I may not carry a light sabre..but me heavy and sober. Rombaaaa naala intha pakkam etti paakalaya...oray ottadaiyum thoosiyuma senthudichi...mindla i mean :)

Diwali anniki "Ganga Snaanam aachaa"nu kekara mathiri..."Endhiran ticket book panniyaacha" nu ooray allolagallola patukitu kedaku. "Engengu kaaninum sakthiyada"nu Bharathidasan paadina mathiri..enga paathalum Endhiran. Trailor releasekey oora rendu aakitaanga. Sun pics mite've pumped in 100 plus crores for making the movie. But i think they wud've put in an equal amount on promoting the movie too. Yesterday went to Albert theater with friend, who by the way happens to be a Rajini fan(atic). Thursday night, zeroth day zeroth show, movie ticket rate was 1500 rupees!!! and it was sold out already!!!!! Just to catch a glimpse of that 2 min…

Consider this IDEA sarjee :)

Loved the latest IDEA ad. 4 youngsters get job offers in various parts of India..totally alien culture. They wonder how to align themselves to their new location when AB's baby's idea comes to their rescue. Its a cute ad and interestingly picturised. And very apt in current IT scenario.

Few years back..onsite opportunities..working from client locations meant by default either US or some place in Europe (at the worst). People used to get thrilled to hear these terms and would prepare themselves mentally to struggle for decent food and other basic amenities which they wud've taken for granted while growing up in their gullies.

Cut to the present, with more and more Indian companies flexing up their financial muscles and domestic market looking rosy for opportunities, what was once considered as TCS domain, is now under heavy competition from all and sundry. Move over the metros, which have already become as costly as any other world city, has become the mantra. Grab the secon…

2 phone calls and an amazing week...

Its amazing how much a voice can convey..apart from whats being said. In past 2 weeks i had 2 such conversations over phone which made me feel like...WOW!!

First one was more emotional and sentimental at the same time very positive and heartwarming. The distance of several thousand kilometers was nonexistent for the entire duration of the call and even after that call it still feels the same. I am happy for the day i got introduced to "People Network" through which we made our acquaintance and me the forever greedy would pray for more such days. What began as a call to console soon turned out to be the best motivational talk i ever had. That person recounted incidents from their personal life and how they overcame it to be what they are now. It was touching and a rare gesture that i felt so happy that they were kind enough to share it with me. It immediately shook me out of my gloom and i was soon back to normal. I am indebted to that person for that call and for the support…

"Menu" needhi

There is a scene in "Azhagan" movie where Mammooty opichufies the menu to Banupriya. He would repeat everything on the menu, category wise. Similar scenes are there in "Server Sundaram","Pudu Pudu Arthangal" and many more movies. (Just realised all three are KB movies. May be KB has a fetish for this type of recital?:D)

The point is, nowadays, there is hardly any communication between the waiter and the guest. The menu card is shown to the guest and he picks and chooses his wants. The art of showcasing the memory might of the waiters, hardly exist. Mylapore boasts of many famous hotels, which are well known for their specific menu items. Be it Sambhar or even coffee, tea for that matter. The name of the hotel would be synonymous with the dish. I've never frequented hotels as a kid as my mom's cooking was way too tasty to even consider going out to try options :D But on those occasions when i did went, i used to be amazed at the speed with which the…

Happy birthday chennai :)

Kudalai kumattum koovam irunthaalum

Kuppai koolangalil roadu marainthaalum

December maatham vanthidin

aagidum enathu chennai "sing"aaram.

Happy birthday chennai :)


"In 11 out of ten stories, its always the hero who chases the gal..confuses her..convinces her..makes her fall for him. What would be the guys reaction had the same been done by the gal. Imagine a gal, repeatedly running behind a spite of him rejecting her.. multiple times and managing to win his heart in the end. What would you think about such a gal?"

So began the great coffee day debate :)

"Is she good looking??"
"That girl you were telling about"
"Let's say..Yes. She is"
"Is she hot?"
" and cute and etc etc"
" the guy married?"
"No...i know wat u will ask next. a big noooooo to that too"
"Thats a rather "straight" answer..hehehe...then this is a theoretical impossibility. No good looking gal will go after a guy, even after multiple rejections and no sane single guy would accept such an offer"
"What is insane in a gal going after a guy a…

What you you reap :)

Last Wednesday turned out be a day of surprises :) Well actually we had planned a surprise bday party for 2 of our team mates. So the day began in right earnest..with cake hunting to card selecting. There was a mini pattimandram as to which one to buy vanilla or chocolate. Vanilla is my favourite flavour..but that chocolate cake was too enticing and the fact that the baker just then poured yummy smelling hot chocolate sauce on top of the cake took my vote. (Just not to annoy my vanilla favouring sense i bought a separate piece the size of the original bday cake... just for my tiny self hehehe). Along with another team mate, I entered office like a foreign spy on an clandestine espionage mission, to hide the goods from the eyes of the bday babies. I just about managed to hide the gifts when i heard my name being called on the PAS. Then only i noticed the unusually big crowd in the middle of the wing. First i had thought it was just another Bhaashan session going on..but looking at the …

Inconsistent Yuga

At the fag end of the Mahabaratha yuga (Dwabara yuga??) after the great war finally got over and Pandavas claimed the throne of Hasthinapura, soiled with their own kith and kins blood, one fine day 2 farmers were presented in the court of Yudishtra, who obviously had been crowned the king.

Thus spoke the Minister " Dear lord, oh mighty Yudishtra, the noblest and Just person ever, Son of Dharma, here i am faced with a peculiar case. I am not able to give them a proper solution and hence its been presented before you"

"Noble minister, pray tell me what is the issue"

"Well, standing before you to, your right is Bhola, who had sold his land to his cousin Baalu standing to your left. All the settlement has been done in a proper and just manner and the transaction has been completed in the most proper manner possible"

"So..whats the issue here?"

"Yesterday while digging a corner of that land, Baalu had found a pot of gold treasure hidden. He had gone …

Fire in ice

Like few of my fellow Indians, who number in millions, i am also a silent spectator to the happenings on Kashmir. After the masthead in any newspaper, death of a person in Kashmir would've been the most consistent news for the past few decades. Whether that person was a terrorist, or a case of mistaken identity..who cares. Its as if, if there is someone in that cursed place they are either a terrorist or those who are expected to die a violent death sooner or later. Show me a Kashmiri who had died in peace i can bet you it wouldn't be on his native land.

I dont represent any international peace agency. Nor do i have a professional degree or training in broking peace. One fine day i decided to follow, what the heck is actually happening there. The reason for the dawn of that "fine" day being, i saw a picture of one pink salwar clad lady, throwing stones on some security guys, who in turn, where throwing back the stones. For the first time i saw such a raw anger in thos…


Sometimes i wish i could board the next available time machine slot and travel back in time to my most happiest years. While waiting in the platform i take time to ponder..which phase of my life i actually want to revisit. Schooldays ..that option itself is not there when clubbed under the category "Happy" :) College days..hmmm ..interesting..but to be clubbed Happy..something is missing there too. Post graduation period was a farce. So let me not dwell into it. There was an interim period before i got my job and while i was doing my UG. That was the time when i took tuition classes. For a very long period of time, those were the several continuous days of sheer fun and delight. Every evening i would look forward to those tuition classes as much as the kids..err..friends i should say :) True to my college founders motto (one mr.Viveka :D) aim, as far as my class was concerned, was not just to teach them..but to induce the curiosity in them to do things on their own. When…

The P Factor

If there is any one letter which dominates I.T industry like anything, to me, that would be the letter "P".

Project,Process,Performance,Product,Portfolio,Position,People,Personality,Profile, Place nu "P"la start aagara pala matterla thaan (P for) pozhappay oduthu. In short..I.T would be in "Pit" without the letter "P".. contrary to the literal word :)

Aana..ithelaam vida mukkiayamaana rendu "P" factor iruku. Athaan..."POATTU KUDUKARATHU" and "PETER UDRATHU". Intha (P for) dedicated to that :)

Scenario 1:

One songi person (naanay thaan...A,B,C nu enna per poataalum..ithu naan thaanu solla en peraye potruen) pitiying himself over his state of life and bracing himself for the cross country multiple obstacle journey back home from office awaits his daily pickup shuttle in office entrance. He notices one creature in coolers and jerkin with wires jutting out of every possible open space in his body.


Butterfly effect?

Morning 9AM:

"Amma..intha chedi pattu poidichi polarukkay. Pora varapolaam keeruthu. Pichidutta?"

"Aaamada..poochi vantha mathiri thaan iruku. Naanum ithu vachathulenthu paakren. onnu rendu thulir thaan vanthiruku. Sunday bazaar porachay vera chedi vaangitu vanthutu itha thooki potrulaam"

Elsewhere in chennai:

"Ennamma..paappaku ipo epdiruku?"
"Innum sari aagala paati...ella doctor kitayum kaatiyaachu. Innum infection kuraira mathiri therila. Enna panrathu puriama muzhichitruken. Paappa paavam. Romba kashtapadra"
"Azhaathamma. Viboothi malli vaangi atha araichi poosu. Seekrama sari aaidum"
"Viboothi malli enga kedaikum?"
"Poo kadaila kettu paaru. T Nagarla illatha kadaiya"

Evening 7PM (outside temple):

"oru mozham poo kudunga"
Another voice "emma..viboothi malli irukka?"
"Athu kadailalaam vikka maatomma. Engayachum thottathula ketu parunga"
"Koyambedulenthu varenma.Enga thediyum kedaikala"…

Gilgorithm of a lazy day :D

Step 1: Just open one ear to the tenth shriek of your name call from mom.

Step 2: Spend the next ten minutes contemplating should you open your eyes or not.

Step 3: Open one eyelid to pre-empt any projectile coming your way with anti-projectile shield (aka) pillow. (More applicable incase if you've sibling and if they get up before you in all this ruckus)

Step 4: If answer for step 3 is YES..spend the next half hour contemplating whether you need to go to office today or take off

Step 5: Previous step will continue all the way from bed to bathroom and back and before brushing teeth the all important decision of what reason should be texted to bunk office has to be taken (The all important assumption here any positive person you would decide to take off. If you are the negative kind who give up easily on earthly pleasures you can enjoy on your day off then the pseudo code ends here for you).

Step 6: Promise mom that you would wind up finishing the tasks for next ten years to…

If wishes were horses.....

Another world cup final goes into history. Couldnt help but wonder where was i same time last world cup. Pona world cup was a memorable experience. Friend veetla jollya koothadichikitu kummalam potukittu..vidia vidia watched the whole match. Match anniki evening itself assembled in that friends house. Half the time i would be in their house for my friends wife was an excellent cook and naan varenna enakaga potato roast, sambar rice athu ithunu en favourite dishesa poatu thaakiduvanga. That day we all decided to go out to Pizza hut in Bannerghetta road for dinner. Nalla round katti saaptutu went back to their place. Nalla arattai adichitu galatta pannikitu it was amazing fun and all had great time. It was on a sunday i guess and next day office poga manasillama ara thookathoda kelambi half day latea ponom :)Appo yosichi kuda paakala adutha world cupku enga yaru epdi irupomnu :) On 4 years got married and has a kid.. another friend in that gang has settled in SGP and has 2 kid…

Gift of God

Alka's moment of glory

I think this would've been the most watched video ever from the stables of Vijay TV. Had anyone else won the title other than Alka that would've been nothing short of sacrilege. WOW. What a voice!!! What a performance. I had a shiver going through me towards the end notes. This gal has an amazing voice for her age and has been consistent throughout the entire schedule of that program. The song which she took to sing in the finals "Singara velane" from Konjum Salangai movie had always been my evergreen favourite. How many ever number of times you hear that song its so refreshing and the movie itself was no dud either. Pretty interesting one. Back to Alka. After seeing her performance i sincerely believe that apart from hardwork..which surely pays..there is something called as God's gift too and this gal has it in abundance. Wishing her all the very best. Hope to hear her soon competing against seniors :)

My Sins against Gender-Stereotypes

grrrrrrrrrrr....Tenthousand Bloo blistering Barnacles and thundering typhoons to Avada Kedavra for tagging me in this tag where I am supposed to reveal all those things I have done in my life, which as a guy I am not supposed to do. I thought of skipping this one..but she threatened me tht she wud curse me to wear pink pants for the next dozen years!!! Red shirt green pant and now pink pants!!! God save my wardrobe!! wat shud i consider as sin against my gender??!!! Rather i wud list down the sins i've done to my gender folks :D

**Shopping :D I can hear a chorus of cries from my friends when i mention this. I get "visions" as to what desing or color combo dress i would want at a given time and would hunt like hell for that particular design. Whichever bakra accompanies me on that quest would benefit loosing oodles of calories :D Will check every single factory outlet/showroom in Marathahalli and after 2 3 hours of search would call it off postponing it to Korama…

Mustafa..Mustafa... :D

VidyaShankar passed away due to cardiac arrest.

Kaalangaathala..newspaperla first news item..front pagela athuvum!!!! This is the third time I think..i am seeing my be more precise..another person carrying same name as the obituary section..that too on front page!!! Namma per ulla aalungalaam front pagela vara alavuku famous irukangalaynu santhosha padratha..illa intha per vachirukaravangalaam puttukaraangalaynu feel panratha!!! Whatever it is..birthday anniki kuda avlo calls varala..intha newsa paathutu egapatta calls. Appo thaan realised..aaha..naatula namma mela ivlo kolaveri paasathoda makkal irukaangalaynu. En team mates intha newsa paathutu..weekend venaam..weekdayva paathuka..atleast oru naal leave kedaikum engalukunu advice gave. Avvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv.....

By the way..ever wondered how come FUNERAL anagrams into REALFUN??!!! maybe because of News like this?? :D

My granpa used to check the obituary column religiously. Hindu paperla Last but second page, usually the s…

Review timela..Angaadi theru

Roooommmmmbaaaa lateana review. Inum oru masam delay paniruntha Suntvlaye potrupaan :) still couldnt resist it. Its a wonderful movie and it would be a pleasure to write about it.

Its a shame that i needed a movie like this to even think about those people..who despite being present were always invisible to my eyes. Not that i've became a saint overnight watching this movie nor was i a rude brute of a person who went out of the way to create trouble for the downtrodden. But again..what i was doing was even worse. IGNORANCE. It needed a 3 hour movie to wake me up to realise how blessed i am and how much still i keep cribbing..wanting for more. And more than anything..i now have a whole new outlook and respect towards those people who sweat blood in those textile shops. I had always avoided serious movies. I never liked movies or even books for that matter which preach. Especially tear jerkers. YUCK. But this one..have seen it twice already in 2 weeks and each time it was a slap on m…

Review timela Rajneethi

To me, the greatest story ever told would always be MAHABHARATH. Infact it should be made the Beginners guide for screenplay writing. Astonishing number of characters..each one defined with amazing clarity and holding their space amidst the bigwigs. You can single out any character, its bound to have a background and a story.I cant believe that the entire story could've been written by a single author. And no wonder the script "writer" is the Lord himself. Karan, Arjun, Krishna, Duriyodhan, Bheem, Bheeshmar...WOW...What an array of characters..with each one outshining the other in some aspects.

Definitely RAJNEETHI is not the first attempt to picturise this epic in celluloid. But of all the attempts ever made, including the direct version, this one is surely right on top when it comes to adaptation. Kudos to the screenplay writer.If there is any award for best adapted screenplay, this year's should definitely go to that guy. And if there is an award for best Casting …