Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Weekend movie watch

As mentioned on the previous post, “Sangili bungili kadhava thora” lived up to its expectation. It’s a done and dusted ghost genre with comedy theme but the presentation and the screen play is pretty neat and for a change there is a story with a message from the ghost itself and above everything it’s a positive message. Probably the director would’ve felt, ippolaam karuthu solanumna pei ye vanthu sonna thaan undu and considering the karuthu being that of supporting join family, which is as current a concept as that of black and white TV. Other than being the usual mish-mash of CG driven ghosts plus some comic scenes, there was a settled base of a family in search of its own house and their sufferings in addition to the concept of family staying together at all costs makes it a decent watch. Though the activities of Jeeva and Soori are kiddish, the scene where multiple Suri’s take form and Jeeva identifying the right one amidst all those ghosts by asking for his favorite dish was really funny. Heroine hardly has any role and Sri Divya lives up to it. As mentioned in previous post, the reason for relocation and struggles of those living in rented houses and their aspirations were really nostalgic and probably it made me like the movie more.

Gils verdict – Decent family entertainer for one time watch.

Uru – A typical, Hollywood thriller/psycho movie, which literally borrows every single scene from some or other movies. These kind of stories have been churned so many number of times that, people actually expect the twists and surprises and unless they are really original it immediately gets a seen-there-nothing-new feeling. The story is that of an aspiring novelist, who has seen better times and whose star is on the decline, decides to go to a hilly place to find inspiration for his new novel. He undergoes a “The Shining” moment ala the Stephen king novel. Even from the trailer, it was evident the list of movies from which the scenes were lifted/inspired. Poor Heroine. She had been made to run, wail, fight and cry for good 40 minutes in the second half and credit to her, she manages the entire duration with hardly a few lines of dialogue with the killer chasing her. The final “twist” was hardly a surprise and it was pretty much expected and the ending barely raises any thrill. Couldn’t blame the director or the screenplay writer for these kind of movies are dime a dozen in HBO and STAR movies and there is a very strong sense of Déjà vu while watching the movie.

Gils verdict – hardly original and rarely thrilling for a thriller movie.

Final movie in the list is the much rubbished, literally spit upon and ravished in reviews movie of the week – AAA. If at all there is anything praiseworthy about the entire movie, it’s the talent of the director into convincing the producer and the hero into signing a two part deal for this movie!! Believe me, if at all anyone can sell ice to eskimos, THIS IS THE GUY.

Gils verdict – avvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv.

Friday, June 23, 2017

A movie watch that wasn't

Last weekend we saw Maragatha Nanayam movie. With almost every single review going ga-ga over the movie, I was tempted to believe that not all of that could’ve been paid review. But movie wasn’t worth the hype is what I felt. It wasn’t a bad movie at all. With the USP of the movie, weighing on mimicry (Yes. You read that right) of the heroine being dubbed with a male voice and same characters speaking in multiple voices, it “sounds” novel. But wish the screenplay could’ve been more engaging. Felt like, the director would’ve selected the last few hits of horror comedy genre and removed all the common elements to add this USP and created a movie out of it.
There is no romantic track or duet songs. Tick one.
No special effects or CG driven ghosts. Tick two.
But he has retained the comic portions to a greater extent, which works in parts with major chunk of the credit going to Nikki Kalrani (heroine) for the spunk with which she has donned the role and her body language of that of a rowdy character. The “Mundaasupatti” guy rocks as usual in both serious and dead avatar of himself. Anand raj proves yet again how he is being wasted in caricature characterization for the performer he is. Aadhi (hero) seems to have the same expression for all his scenes, be it action or comic or sentimental and looks irritated. His sidekick from “Balakumara” movie, the supposedly funny man, has the most serious of dialogues. Not sure if it was meant as deadpan, but felt more like dead pan. Saving grace for the movie being it’s running time.  Though it takes a while to settle and the interesting twist of unrequited love, the second half rushes through quick to leave any real impact. The climatic touch when Nikki regains her voice for a brief second makes up for the sentiment portion and overall movie is only this much.

Gils verdict: Wait for it in Zee Tv. Vijayla varaathu nenakren.

The other movie that I started watching was “Sangili bungili kadhava thora”. Yes. You read that right. This is a registered title of a released tamil movie!! Supposed to be another done and dusted horror comedy, the initial premise of the reason why the family moves into that haunted house made me all the more nostalgic. The dream of the hero is to stay at his own house and how he and his family suffers at the hand of landlords forms a brief flashback. Wish that segment could’ve be elaborated into a movie of its own. We could’ve got “Veedu” part 2. Only those who had never stayed in a house of their own can relate to those pains and pangs. For a person who till date never had such a chance, it was a sad realization of the fact. Every single one of my cousin, on either side of the family tree, right from their childhood, had a house of their own. Almost all of my schoolmates and college mates have bought and settled in a nest of their own or at least had a taste of staying under own roof. None of them know the concept of paying rent for their place of stay. I could more than relate to some of the scenes from the movie, like the one in which house owner chases the tenants after the demise of the dad. I hope my kid breaks this trend of mine and I would do my damnest to make sure he has a permanent roof of his own over his head. Innum full padamum paakala. Will post if it’s worth a review.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Corporatization of greed

The recent news of layoffs in IT companies raised much hulla-bullao across all circles. For it was the only golden goose in job sector which paid good money upfront from fresher onwards, that lured grads from across all engineering and management streams to join IT. Till 2 years back, its common knowledge that, clear 12th, join any stream in BE and get into IT after 4 years of UG study, was the society norm. With engineering colleges mushrooming across, even, empty terraces, past year has seen several scores of those colleges shutting shop due to lack of patronage. Surprisingly, the younger sibling of ITI study, which had been given step motherly treatment all this while seems to have picked up steam this year with their admission coffers crying full. Why suddenly the golden industry has lost its sheen. The answer lies in one of the 7 sins – greed. When I say greed, i don’t just mean the promoters and major shareholders, but every single shareholder of those companies, who have been crying hoarse whenever the share value goes down and buying like crazy to make big bucks when the share value goes higher. With such a gambling industry being the deciding factor on the company performance, the present situation was bound to happen, with TRUMP or without.

Any company, while going public, puts up their worth in shares for general public and as a promotion give dividend and mouthwatering guidance targets for future quarters. People rush headlong and accumulate shares for that company and every time when the guidance targets are excelled, the share level shoots up and investors rake in the moolah. Repeat the cycle across few years, the bar for making profit keeps increasing and after a while, even meeting the guidance levels are not enough and are often criticized. The pipeline for future projects has to be ever increasing to maintain the unimaginable guidance targets, which is more often than not a possible scenario. And one look at what those projects are will throw light on how people like TRUMP, trample the pipe dreams of shareholders. One policy decision on awarding contracts is just what it needs to change to have far reaching impact on how much the share will increase or decrease. To put it in perspective, people put money on companies, who win projects, pay salary and those who are salaried again goes back and invest in the same share market, make money from it and again invest it back for even more money. When the projects run dry, guidance targets go down. People gets disillusioned with reality faced by the companies and start pulling their money out, which brings the share even down. Companies cut salary or employee counts, the very people, who invested their money in the markets are now super glued between the proverbial rock and hard place. Eventually, it’s the greed of the investors who drive the company to achieve near impossible repeats of double digit profits, who finally end up killing it. It could be majority shareholders, privately owned group or just a bunch of several thousand retail-sum investors. The concept of money making greed is the single common factor which finally drives the nail into the coffin.

The other side of the argument could be from the growth perspective. If at all they don’t go public, how will the companies grow? When the going gets good, people DO make good money. So why deny them of the opportunity to bet on a winning horse? And by publishing guidance figures, all the companies are doing are just promotional activity of their product, which is the company in itself. It’s as simple as Levi’s offering 40% discount as against Lee with only 30%. Only difference, albeit the major and most important one, being it bites the very person back when things go bad.

Whether we like it or not, this wheel of perpetual motion is already well set and cannot be stopped now. With hope being the only company, just have to wait to see the flood recede and for the glory site of the shore.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Maru oliparappu

Romba kadupula edachum karuthu solalamnu paatha..aaru varusham munnalaye same karuthu told. Was listening to the song from Mayakkam enna movie and thought of doing a translation. Thedi paatha already postiruken!!! Original song “Ennenna seithom inge” from the movie.

The things we do..
The places we go..
Blaming it all on fate
Living a life full of hate
Drowning in the sea of sadness
Loosing calm mind to madness
In search of a safety pod
To reach the lotus feet of God
Amidst reality so gory
Seeking the divine glory
To cross the sea of pain
The destiny we strive to attain

Searching for the meaning of life
Living on the edge of a knife
Lost in the concrete Jungle
Where good and bad mingle
Longing for elusive freedom
To reach thy divine kingdom
Where fire breathes coolness
and air relishes its stillness
Where smoke settles and solidifies
and falls, that gravity defies

Throwing the key in the dark
Hoping it would reach its lock
Forgetting the helping hands
Joining the maddening bands
Wanting to get a glimpse of the bend
Living to die to reach you in the end

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Oru pada paadal - 12b

Ithey ratela pona aduthu "chakrathari" ' Shantha sakkubai" "Saarangadhara" padamlaam reviewku varumna nu kekara unga mind voice I also the hear. But enna seyya..topic patraakurai. Plus this theme has really caught up with me.

The movie 12B, I guess is the second movie for Harris Jayaraj after the immensely successful "Minnale". There used to be rumours (considering his current albums makes one wonder if it was true) that he came out of ARR's troupe, stealing some good tunes and wouldn't last more than few movies. But that was the time when all of Harri's albums were super duper hits with every single song becoming chartbusters. I keep mentioning the deathbed playlist . If the song "Poove vaai pesum poathu" is missing from it, intha kattai vegaathu. From a slow whistle sound of a flute, the song is all lazy elegance and special award should've been given to the choreographer for making this song a visual delight as well, with smooth dance moves that gel with the tone of the song. Even though he has hardly 4 lines in the song, Harish Ragavendra, as always, makes his presence felt. Probably the best song by Harris ever. There were several small cute songs in the movie, which i wish should've been made into lengthier tunes by Harris. "Oru paarvai paar" by Karthik, is a close contender for the playlist entry as well, if only it had been a bit more lengthier. The theme song of the movie used to be my ring tone for god knows how long And Harris "copycat" jeyaraj, started lifting tunes from his own movies, right from this one, with several of the BGM portions, making way for full blown songs, especially into "Kaaka kaaka". "The party song" which is a kola kuthu song was a super duper hit and used to be the title song for many a TV program. The rap song "Anandham" was another first of its kind in tamil movie and used to be the only song that played in all our outing trips. That cassette got played so many times that every single magnetic bit of it would've been scrapped to its final segments.

Raju Sundaram would've aced in choreography of "Love pannu" song which is both an aural and visual delight. His quirky dance steps with his troupe playing dumb and dumber kind of weird postures, became a trademark across many a movie. "Mutham Mutham" song and "Jothi neranjava" songs are probably the weakest links in the album. But lyrics wise the crowning glory of the album would be "Saria thavara". Probably the most hep and trendy and popular of all feminist film songs. With the questioning kind of format, that poses queries to the society mocking it for its dual standards towards men and women. One can actually wish Harris made more such albums. But considering that he would make a rehash of the same old songs, one should be careful for what they wish for!!!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Oru pada paadal - Kabhi na Kabhi

This series is growing at an intriguing pace!! Vera topic edhuvum kedaikala reason apart, thought this was one movie, Kabhi na Kabhi, which didn’t had its due from songs perspective. The movie starred Anil Kapoor, Jackie Shroff and Pooja Bhatt. Story wise it was one of the mokkaiest. But songs by ARR were pretty good to say the least.

My personal favorite and probably the best of the album is the “Shukriya” song. I first saw the video in MTV(??) with a somber Jackie mouthing lines belted out by SPB. Probably that was even the reason which caught my attention as the picturisation was nothing fancy. SPB voicing out for Jackie!! Couldn’t think of a odder combination. But the simplicity of the lyrics and the tune was pretty catchy and till date I couldn’t get a better version of the song in mp3 version. But this song has forever been there on my special songs playlist. The lyrics, technically being a birthday situation song, thanks the lady for being there for the guy in his times of trouble. There is another famous English song which goes by similar concept of lyrics and “Crash and Burn” by Savage Garden comes closest is my guess.

“Milgayee Milgayee” song, you just have to hear the starting tunes and can find out it’s nothing but “Anjali Anjali” from duet sung by SPB. Kumar Sanu is not even in same pin code of SPB when it comes to rendition, but Alka does an Alka as always and redeems herself. “Tu hi Tu” is another quick paced song that would be immediately catchy unlike ARR tunes at that point of time, which, according to popular belief, the more time it takes for an ARR tune to settle and be likeable the best the song would be. I just got my guess confirmed, the lady voice is indeed Chitra. “Mere dil ka woh shehazada” is probably the most televised of the songs I guess, for I remember seeing only this song, whenever there is one being featured from this film. Probably to promote Pooja maybe!! But nevertheless, a feel good super cute song of its own with Asha bhosle proving yet again why she is the queen of the hummable.

“Mera yaara dil daara” is probably the only rival to the SPB-Jackie combo of mismatching with Hariharan and SPB doing a Punjabi folk duet alongside Chitra. It sounds so odd that despite the best efforts it doesn’t shine with the magic expected out of this combo. The nativity feel is never there for this song and probably the hindi folks would’ve felt the same as how we hear Udit Narayan singing tamil songs. Hariharan definitely redeems himself with “Meri saari subhon mein” which is the final song of the album. Its poetic, fast paced and catchy at the same time and Hariharan is all high pitched as expected out of him and would’ve round kattified this song.

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Tamizh ji...vaazhga ji

“Ji..chillara vaangiteengala ”
“Ji..lunchuku polama”
“Ji..vandiya thalli park pannunga”
“ji..movieku polama”
Not sure when this epidemic started but my best guess would be around the time “Itharkuthane asaipatai Balakumara” movie, with the lead character quoting everything and everyone with a “ji”. A while back, it was ”thala” fever with everyone addressing everyone else as “Thala” and it even had several variants – “Route thala”, “area thala” and so went the list.
This “ji” thing has fast replaced “inga” as word of respect, like “You” in English which is for addressing both elders and youngsters alike and unlike “Nee” and “Neenga” differentiation in tamil. It used to feel irksome at the beginning, but nowadays it has reached levels of harrowing with everyone addressing everyone else as “Ji”.
Yesterday our network admin came to my team mate’s desk and asked “ji..what is your issue ji..ticket raise paniruntheengalay”
That lady responded that “illa ji..VPN connect aaga matenguthu ji”
Hindi edhirpu poraattamm..here I come. Where is that taar dabba when u need one!!!

Friday, June 02, 2017

Oru pada paadal – Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam

Wow!!! To even think of writing a review for so many songs looks a Herculean task. Imagine picturising them, writing, sequencing and acting for all of them!!! A movie, which adorns grandeur, right from its title to every single second of its running time, across all aspects of movie making. A movie, which can stand in its own right for its story (much borrowed theme) and lead stars performances and as much for its songs. Probably one movie of Salman that I can say for sure, would be many people’s favorite for saner reasons, unlike the mad craze and hype at present. In fact, he was voted the second or third most desirable person on the planet during its release I guess. And now to the man of the post – Ismail Darbar.

I hated this guy the most for a really long while, for he denied ARR of a trophy for Taal, by winning it for this movie. But if at all there was a worthy winner, it was never in doubt that it would be him. Wonder why he never composed much, considering the blockbuster hit of this album. The first ever song I heard from this movie was “Tadap Tadap” in some reality show, Zee Saregama I guess. That soulful rendition stuck with me for long and my search for the album, lead up to this treasure. This song, stretches the limit of high pitch and other than Dharmasala (mokka), this is the highest pitch I’ve ever come across!! K.K became an instant favorite post this song and his “ooooohhhhh” howler hits along with Pritam deserves a post of its own.

For long I hadn’t heard “Jhonka hawa ka” and the file that I was listening to never had this song. When my friend was going ga-ga about this album and this song in particular I almost challenged him saying there is no such song in the movie. Finally, when I did hear it, it was love at first sound(!!). Especially the way Hariharan spells “thera THUPPattAA”, it’s both funny and beautiful at same time. This song is probably one of the best ever sung by him and again finds a place in my final playlist for life. “Man Mohini” song is composed with probably all these reality shows in mind I guess. Ace this song, the title is yours. Its so complex and beautiful that, while singing it feels like you are sculpting something beautiful. If it comes out well, you’ve a sculpture on stone, else just much maligned stone. Ditto for “Albela Sajan”. Was never a big fan of the title song for its such a cryathon and so slow. But it definitely grows on you and if you can think of the movie title, without imagining Kavitha Krishnamoorthy’s voice, you’ve outgrown it.

There are 2 songs which are my personal favorites – “Chaand chupa” just for Udit Narayan and “Dholi Taro” for everything about it. “Chaand chupa” was rendered by a friend of mine in one of our office culturals and it won him his bride. Different story, different post. But what a song!! It plays on your mind long after you switch off the player. With “Dholi Taro” in your playlist, you can never feel down. Its nothing but a celebration – of mood, life, song, dance and everything around us. And with a running time rivalling a movie, the song will surely uplift your mood and would get you grooving by the time it ends, which really takes a while. I love its picturisation as well, especially, those HUGE drums and the way the dancers sway around carrying/playing them, plus the camera which tracks the swaying dancers and the amazing composition. With the singers reaching almost shouting level pitch towards the end. Everything about the song is superlative and is a tribute to our kind of music.

I never liked “Nimbooda” much and felt it was an overkill and the way Aish rolls her eyes in the song, makes you feel justified in your thought. Finally comes “Aankhon ki”. Kumar sanu manages to tame down Kavitha Krishnamoorthy and the duet is the best counter to the boisterous “Dholi taro”. It almost lulls you into silence with its pleasantness.

Her every fear – book review - conclusion

To be honest, this is one book that is impossible to review without spoilers!! Anything you say about the story would give it away and with a running commentary kind of a post, alongside reading would only invite more spoilers. So be at your own alert. Have tried to space out the previous post on this book to avoid any further spoilers on the plot.

The beginning of the book has all the ingredients of a ghost story, only to be looped into a murder mystery. There is a murder, alright and more and more and a little more of them. Till almost half a dozen chapters way into the book, there is no description of the introductory murder scene or on how the victim died. People just keep talking and in the course of conversation, so many motives and back stories on the victim turn up that, it’s almost like you overhearing some gossip about the incident yourself. Such is the casual way with which the murder incident is handled and it slowly builds on the tension with a variety of caricature kind of personalities thrown into the mix. And on the possible murderer, the focus keeps jumping from one character to another and more than the whodunit, the why is predominant and the how takes its own sweet time to unravel in the most intriguingly interesting manner I’ve read in any book. But after the fourth character kicks in, it slowly dawns on what could be awaiting the readers and the adrenaline rush, takes you flying over the rest of the chapters. And when finally the plot turns back to the victim of the first murder, you wouldn’t be able to resist a whistle for sure!! The twist towards the possible reason for murder is so amazingly original and clever that it leaves one stunned. Like the terminator robot from the second part, which despite the numerous times being shot at and torn apart by Arnold, regroups into its original shape, all the bits and pieces of the characterization and the detailing that felt needless at the top, all come together and makes perfect sense.

When the story finally comes back into present day situation, it literally makes you dizzy with so much of information and possibly on what is awaiting the titular lady that, the storyline takes a whole new course at midway level. Armed with the knowledge of her phobias, her terrifying near death experience in past, her actions are almost picturesquely painted in words. When she bumps her way inside the hall and watches black and white movies, you could almost visualize her position and her hobby of making charcoal drawings adds to the mystery and lends her profile a sense of ghoulishness. With the stalkers credentials established pretty detailed, his actions, his sense of being a blabber mouth and how he blurts out every intimate and possibly secret details to everyone he meets across is left to slide smooth and it hits when his interactions down the line leads to his downfall. The third guy, the prime suspect, is so brilliantly defined that, his actions never feel out of the world and probably, as mentioned in previous post, is as normal as any sane person you might’ve come across, who might have gone down the wrong route for a short while and returned back to normalcy.

With almost 80% of the book over, begins part two with the Psycho’s point of view of the entire happenings. The ending portion, prior to the version of the psycho has the now classic Swanson twist that sets the story up for a brilliant finish. The entire part of the book dedicated to the psycho character, the portions where he describes his version are sheer adrenaline rush and you can’t help rushing through his flashback portions to come back to the present, which the author left at such a cliffhanger stage. It’s the one character that goes out to combat every other character in the book. It’s the most powerful and most lunatic character I’ve ever read in any novel and the final act of this psycho character is like the famed fight in Visavaroopam movie where everything happens in milliseconds and you’ve to rewind back to understand what the heck just happened!! When you finally think that the story has ended, then begins the point of view of the policewoman!! I felt it was kind of an overkill. But it did add up as a nice twist. Even in that small segment there is a flashback to the few previous pages, which is the norm for the entire story in itself, which moves forward more when explained backward. The ending is a perfect cinematic finish equivalent of a happy ending which has symbolism written all over it.

Gils verdict – This is one novel which has hung over me like an ever following darkness, since the time I started it. Probably the darkest of novels I’ve ever read and much to my surprise, I relished every bit of the book. Especially moving the story via point of view of the characters. It was right up my comfort level with hardly few characters and definition of whom were pretty relatable, as against metaphoric and poetic way adopted in other novels. The back and forth kind of story telling only re-inforces the plot and makes it all the more murky and thrilling at the same time. A MUST READ for thriller fans and can’t wait for the next book by the author. Thanks to Brags for sharing the three book series.

Oru pada paadal – Anbe Sivam

Looks like this would be a running series for me as well J Next in line is Anbe sivam - A movie, which is a classic of its own for its memorable storyline and amazingly witty dialogues between the lead characters, but the songs from this movie are a show stealer in their own right.

I vividly remember the comment made by my friend when we first heard the “Naatukoru sedhi” song. With Kamal going hyper, read (normal for him), with the beginning portions of the song, as if a horse has gone wild and neighing, he was pretty sure the movie would bomb. Though the prediction on movie did come true, the song was a master class nevertheless. It brought a new term to tamil lingo, “Vyabaara Kaantham”, which is explained during the course of the song itself. To call it a song alone would be robbing it of its multi-faceted nature as much of its beauty lie in its free flow format. It starts as a typical song and has dramatic interludes and the lyrics are top of the rack stuff by Vairamuthu. The way the clash between Nasser, as the corrupt capitalist, Factory workers and impact of globalization and how it destroys small vendors, everything is tracked, alongside the storyline of the movie in one single song. Special credit to the man of this post, music director Vidyasagar. I couldn’t recollect a single album of him belonging to a dud movie, yet he is never given his due in tamil industry!! All I could think of were Jaihind, Dhill, Dhool, Karna, Mozhi and Anbe Sivam being his crowning glory. Its difficult to compose for a Street act kind of a song and with so many intricate layers being represented in the song, he had aced it to the extent possible.

Next in list is the “Ela machi” song. I was stumped to hear Udith Narayan being the pair up choice alongside Kamal on this one, when I first heard it. On seeing the picturisation, it was clear that Kamal has pulled a fast one on Udit J Making him sound like a drunkard would’ve hardly been an effort for, the lyrics being in tamil, alien tongue for Udit, he had delivered a class act for his portions. The lyrics again were amazingly original and probably rate as some of the best efforts by Vairamuthu. “Aduthavan vayithukulla un unavu illaiya” could well be the single line definition of communism and till the time the “idly” reference came in “Katthi” this one ruled the roost. The song nevertheless is a typical hero worship tribute for Kamal and the narcissist he is, he has sang about himself on his own J “Vaadhathuku gettikaaran..vakeeluku sonthakaaran” who else but him J As much as for the funky tune, this song is much more of its own by the sheer originality of the lyrics.

In “Mounamae Paarvaiyaal”, Pa.Vijay redeems himself in his only opportunity to score. With the smooth, mellifluous and redoubtable SPB giving soul to it, the song lingers afresh in mind, every time you hear it. Somehow the voice of SPB seems to go in Benjamin button mould and till the time I googled for the singers, I thought it was SPB Charan. The master betters himself every time, as always.

My favourite of the lot is “Poo vaasam” song. Be it the lyrical beauty of it or the super romantic picturisation or the topnotch composition, the song is the Spade of Ace of the album, without any doubt. The way in which the lead pair question each other through lyrics and the witty and interesting replies, coupled with the situation of the song, makes it a memorable experience. And I love the flute interlude, like a peacock’s cry at the beginning.

Finally, the title song, about which much has been spoken about already. Anyone who remembers the movie, will immediately synch it with this song. For its deep philosophical meaning on what is love and what is god and its final inference alone, this deserves a place in top 100 songs of all time. I’ve my peeve against the way it’s been picturised targeting only one religion, but apart from that minor irritant, this song is impossible to ignore by anyone knowing tamil. The concept of the song is universal and it simply speaks the language of love. For a movie, which is all about not just loving thy neighbor but any living being, be it dog or man, this song sums up the theme of the movie like nothing else.

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Oru pada paadal - Taal

I saw one series of post titled “oru pada paadal” – “All songs review from a single movie”. Thought it sounded like a program script from any local music channel. But was wondering are there any movies that I’ve seen where I like the entire album. Surprisingly, quite a few turned up and thought why not a post on them. So here goes the first one – Taal.

Symbolically, setting context wise, quality and aesthetics perspective, whichever angle one can consider, I find this master piece by Allah Rakha Rahman to fit the bill. The very first song I heard from the movie was “Ishq Bina” from the trailer. Guess Windows 95 OS was the rage then and I couldn’t recollect any desktop not having Aish’s pic from the movie as the wall paper. In fact collecting Aish’s pics for wallpapers was a raging hobby for many of my friends, who even visited browsing centers to download the pics. NetCafe’s where pretty expensive then and still the craze over Aish trumped the cash. With her world famous eyes, she made “Ishq Bina” impossible to ignore and “Taal bina Aish” impossible to imagine. It was a while after the movie got released that I bought the audio (got it recorded from one music store, which was thriving business then) and immediately fell in love with Sonu Nigam’s voice. He is our generation’s Rafi and Kishore Kumar and every great singer from Hindiwood. When he croons “Phoolon ka Gulshan”  with “ishq ishq” chorus at the background, you don’t have to know what the heck those words meant. You felt the meaning in your heart. Add to the mix ARR’s magical tune, its divinity at your ear step.

Next song, which to me is the best ever recorded by ARR is “Nahin saamne”. If at all I can write a will for songs to be played before I die, this would be right at the top of that playlist followed by “Kal ho na ho” title track. There have been many songs that I’ve fallen in and out of love. But this one and “Ae zindagi” from “Sadma” are eternal favorites of mine. The picturisation of the song takes it to a whole new level, at least the starting portions with, if I remember right” the hero, with a set of people, coming out of a foggy road. You can feel the wind breezing through and rustling your hair when you hear this song with full volume in headsets. You really do need to keep the volume high to hear out the low notes and be right on the button when it peaks out to higher notes. The tune of the song is such that, it’s like a smoke forming its own trail and the music of ARR with the soothing voice of Hariharan swirling in parallel with it, rising higher and higher. My only peeve about that song is that, it has hardly ten lines. Wish it went in an never ending loop.

“Ramta Jogi” doesn’t get due justice as an audio, as Aish would’ve literally blazed on the screen with her sensuous dance moves. Sukvinder singh, I guess, got his first big break with this song (Not sure though). If not for its aural qualities, the director sure made it a visual delight and is a must for fans of Aish!!! Guess the pose of her from this song adorned the movie posters as well. “Kahin aag lage” was a choreographer’s delight and I remember this song being featured on almost every single award show on stage. Be it the remix or as the original version “Taal se Taal mila” was a topper in its own right. For so many years, in many dance reality shows, this song either featured with lyrics or just by its beats alone or as a remix/rehash. It was an irresistible piece from a dancers point of view. My last favorite of this album is “Kariye naa”. There was a time when I knew this entire song by heart. Somehow, even without knowing the lyrics, this song felt very philosophically catchy. And probably one of the best folklorish song by ARR, a genre which he messes up big time in Tamil.