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Re-wind to future..

As the first decade of the new millennium ticks towards closure, took a minute to turn back at the time traveled. Luckily 50% of those moments are captured right here in blogs ville itself.

I weigh the same weight i was in 2001 :) Feels worthwhile to mention it here since there was a 15 Kg drop in weight few years back.

I am back in the city where i started my career. Being NRC (non residential Chennaiite) for most part of my career this again felt noteworthy.

The people i befriended 10 years back, i still hang around with them. Feels nice to have a familiar bunch around and thankful for those poor souls for still bearing with me :) semma stamina i should say :)

I am back to 15hrs a day work schedule. Feels nice to have the deadlines whooshing over head and the pressure hours are well and truly back :)

I still go to the same saloon for haircut. Though the rates have tripled in ten years, happy that i still have enough hair to retain my grisly look :)

I am still unpunctual and lack the basic sense of time and prejudiced against formal dress wear as i was ten years back. Nothing to be proud of, still proves one proverb on dog's tail :)

This year has been a more fulfilling one and at times wish it had more days than 365. I read all the books i wanted to read. Saw all the movies i wished to see. Went to those places i wanted to visit and moved to jobs which i wanted to do. I was never content and the year was kind enough to satisfy my wants, however silly they were :)
I usually put my year end post 4 5 weeks in advance :) This time was still contemplating on jotting down the year ending post wishing to prolong it a bit more.

If i had to pick some best moments of this year, i would pick that Sunday, when my friends kids, sitting on my lap, had their ears pierced. I was a proud uncle that day and as long as they have ears they would curse me for the pain :)

Next best moment came in today morning when my neighbour's kid came to me to get my details added in her scrapbook :) In a span of 2 weeks, i've improved from uncle to anna to "vaadaa podaa" friend for those twins who are in their 5th standard :)

As per my permanent new year resolution, made few interesting friends this year too and some of them turned out to be bit more special than i wud've imagined :) When i was talking to a senior manager in my office, he asked me what i want to be in 5 or ten years time. I usually dont plan that far ahead and even if i do set some targets, i never fix any timeline with it, considering my penchant for punctuality :) This year has given me confidence to set slightly bigger targets. It has reaffirmed my faith in the fact that, happiness or sadness are never individual prone. If there is a sad event in family, no one can celebrate their success and the converser is true too. Our lives are interconnected and it always will be.
So, here are THE best wishes for a more happy, more eventful, more prosperous and more friendly new year. Special cheers to G3, Erudhu ,Rice, Ram, Subbanna, cassatta and all those bloggies who would be celebrating their Thala new year in 2011. May all our dreams come true :)


enaku thala new year wishes illaiya????? :(

Happy new year gilsu!!!!!
R-ambam said…
Happy New Year !!
Storm Of Angels said…
sounds like you had a great year! :)
Asha said…
Good! You have the reading habit inspite of a busy schedule.

summarised beautifully.

A happy new year to you.
Ramesh said…
May I wish you the following in 2011

- You overtake your damager and sit on top of him
- You get a complimentary Gold Class ticket for the first show of every movie released
- You get yourself a double breasted suit and are required to wear to every day to office
- Many fair maidens bat their eyelids every day at the dapper Gils
- You continue to receive irreverent comments from me on your blog.

Happy New Year !
Me said…
Warm wishes for a New Year! I am going to start re-posting only after I get back to the States! Ippo kidayathu. Romba busy a irukken! But it was nice to read your post!

Aarti said…
:) athukkula malarum ninaivugal... nice ones :))

naamma intha varusham mudiyarathukkula semmozhipoonga povoma??? :(
Anonymous said…
sareee porks maameee :) many more happy reruns of the day in advance :)


@storm of angels;
!!! angel storm!! wattaname :) thanks for the visit and comment
Anonymous said…
//- You overtake your damager and sit on top of him//

i really intend to someday :) next year might be bit soon i guess :)

//- You get a complimentary Gold Class ticket for the first show of every movie released//

avvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv....ithallavo vaazhthu :) nanri nanri :)

//- You get yourself a double breasted suit and are required to wear to every day to office//

- Many fair maidens bat their eyelids every day at the dapper Gils

ithu veraya!!!enga intha kola veri

- You continue to receive irreverent comments from me on your blog.

irreverent ila..revered :)
Anonymous said…
:) seekrama vanthu seru

naan anga vantu ungaluku call adiakren :)
Swaram said…
So long since I saw G3 arnd. Hw is she dng?
Wishing u the very best in 2011 Gils :)
Avada Kedavra said…
long time since you posted in Eng.. Wishing you a very happy new yr Gils! :)
gils said…
yo ak :) nxt one is also in english only :)
gils said…
@kattabommi :) long time no c..hows u
RamMmm said…
Same saloon. :-) Very interesting point. There is one which is close to my parents' place where we used to go as kids and it is still there, with the same gentleman talking Mangalorean Kannada while snipping. Well, the rates are now exorbitant, but that experience stays. Not that I go there these days (it is far from where I stay), but you triggered an interesting memory. :-)

The dog's tail proverb can be (and will be) proven false by the new maiden of your life. Seekiram unga vaal nimirnthuda vaazhthukkal. :-D

Wishing you a wonderful year and may your name be added to a list like yours at the last who celebrate their thala 2012.
Anonymous said…

:) nimirtharathuku oru aala...hmm..paapom :)

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