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Ninaivo oru paravai...

"dei Ramu...en kannadiya enga vechen paathia?"
"oru naal paatha mathiri ithey pozhapa poachu...engayachum ethayachum vachida vendiathu..aprum theda vendiathu. Ethaiyum edutha edathula vacha thaana"
"Enda..vacha edam ethunu terinja un kita enda keka poren.Maranthu poachu nu thaana kekaren"
"Ellathiyum maranthiru..inum konja naalula paaru veetu addressa maranthutu vazhi theriama suthi kitu iruka pora. Enga ponalum pursela address vachitu po" ena nakkaladithan Ram.
"Nethu nejamavay vara vazhila theru per maranthutenda..Aprum mel veetu maamiya paathu avangaloda pesikitay veetuku vanthuten. Ipolaam marathi adigamaaidichi"
"Epovumay ethayachum poatu manasa kozhapikitay irukalla nee..athaan. Overa stress pannikaatha. Relaxeda manasa vachuko elaam automatica nyabgathula irukum. Seri naan officeku kelamabren. Kathava marakama thaapa potuko and saaptutu marakkaama mathirai potuko"

"Machi..Malar hospital doctor vanthu etho presentation kudukaraaram...polaam va" endru azhaithaan Siva. Iruvarum workshopiruku sendranar.

"Intha ulagathilaye kodumaiyana disease ethu nu sollunga papom"
Aids lenthu Cold varaikum anaithu noi galaiyum pattiyal ittanar workshop participants.
"Neenga sonnathelaam etho oru vithathula kodumaiayana noi thaan. Silathuku permanent cure iruku. Silatha control panna vazhi iruku. Neriathuku curey ila. Aana ithu elathilayum kodumaiyaana disease ethu na...Alzheimer's disease.

"Irandu manam vendum..iraivanidam ketten. Ninaithu vaazha ondru..maranthu vaazha ondru" nu cinema paatu onnu iruku. Intha disease vanthirukara patientsku antha mathiri oru setup iruntha romba vasathi. Intha diseasa en specifica kodumaiyaana diseasenu solrenna...Kashtam vara nerathula nenachu paathu santhosha pada ivangaluku nyabgangal irukaathu. Konjam konjama ellathaiyum maranthu poitu aduthavangala depend panni thaan avanga daily life irukum. Athuvum care taker seria amaiyalaina atha vida naraga vedhanai irukavay mudiathu. En kashtapadromngarathu teriamayae kashta paduvanga.

Usuala vayasangavalaku intha disease varathukkana chances romba jasthi. Intha mathiri daily vishayangala senjika kooda aduthavangala depend panni irukaravanga kitta naama romba porumaiya irukanum."

Antha doctor pesinatha athuku mela ketka mudiathavanai Ram veliye vanthaan. Andru kaalai avanga amma kita avan pesinathu ninaivukku vara.."oru vela ammakum intha mathiri problema irukumo" nu bayanthavaray veetuku sendraaan.

"Nooru aayusuda unaku. Unaku pudicha munthiri paruppu cake paniruken. Chinna vayasulenthu epo paru pudingi edupiye..ithu panalaina diwali celebrate panna maateenu adam pudippa munnalaam. Ippo thaan adhelam yosichikitay adupulenthu erakki vachen. Saapdria? ..Yenda..en azhara?? ennada achu?" endru pathariyavaaray visaarithaal amma.

Santhoshathirkaana kaaranam solla mudiyaamal kangalil kaneerodu sirithaan Ram.

Happy diwali folks :) Adutha postla meetaren.


Aarti said…
yappa.. eppadi thaan ippadi thanglishla ezhuthareengalo... paathi padichein, thirumba mudallerundu padichein... appuram veral vechchu chinna pasanga mathiri padichi mudichein... shabba!!

Antha soda pass pannungappa... :D

Happy Diwali... kulichchu... pattasu vedichchu.. saaptu ..thoongineengala?? :D
RamMmm said…
Superu Gils! Idhu realityai thazhuviya storynnu thaan nenaikkaraen. YadhaarthamO yadhaartham. :-)

Title sema apt. (Aside, andha paattai kaettuttukittae post panneengala? One of my "most fav ever" songs)

Happy Deepavali Sir.
RS said…
Had the 'Gils' touche'....

We take too many things for granted, until the fear of the lack of it hits us.....

Happy Diwali, Gils.
nandoo said…
nice story thalaiva!

first moonu line padicha odane...ennada nammala pathi eluthi irukaarnu nenaichen... aprom twistaayidichi...

kannaadi, car saavi, blackberry, watch, purse, office tag...ithu elaathiyum kaalila naan thedra avasthai irukkue.... athoda periya kastam sat kitte thitu vaangrathu :-)
Karthi Lollu said…
Ending sema touching.. Super gils bro :)
savita said…

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Ramesh said…
Struggle struggle to read :(:( Such a great post but Tinglish is so so difficult to read. What is the solution Gilsu - your trademark style should not be compromised, but I am struggling with Tinglish ....

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