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Journey called life

There is a scene in one hindi movie, where the heroine, on a road trip with the hero claims - "I don't want to go back to the place where we came and I don't like where we are going as well. This journey..this road..which seems never ending..this I like. Wish this journey never ends."

Cut to the post.

Being a cynic bordering on satire, under the guise of striving to be near perfect, one might be tempted to ask, what did she like in particular - being the passenger driven by some one, who in fact is the deciding authority on when, to where and how the trip progresses? Or was it the thought of never settling down and be on constant movement, drinking in the joys of nature as is where is? Its getting tad philosophical for a simple dialogue. Yet, that scene really set the thought process behind the post.

I've written few posts on my "close encounters of the bulb kind" with kids. I've always been fond of kids and to quote my BIL, a certified kid tamer (d…

The question - finale


Mun Kurippu:
Intha seriesoda last partnu poatta neram post poda systemay ilama poidchi. Irunthiruntha mattum kizhichirupiana..adhu vera matter.

Whenever i write, epdi ending vara poguthunu post podra varaikkum i will have no idea. At the spur of the moment enna thonutho athaan ending. But for this one, it was decided way back that ending has to be different. Epdiyum onnum ulaga varalaatril mudhal muraiyaaga sollarathuku onnumilla. Same arachha maavu theme. Intha storyoda endinga title base panni mudicha epdirukumnu yosichathin vilaivay intha post.

Here it goes.

Venue: Blog Bhavan Restaurant
Participants : Thala Ramesh, Raji, Asha, Mages, Vincy,Adivasi matrum Gils

Thala: enna Gilsu..adhukulla end card potuta..innum oru 1000 episodesaachum edhirpaathene
G: Podalaamnu thaan paathen..opicela blog cut panitaangala..adikadi kadhai maranthirunthu..yosichi yosichi izhukka mood illa

Asha: adhu kadhai nu onnu iruntha kavalapadanum..thoninathu thonaathathu elaam posta podravangalu…