Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Change is...Temporary

Who said change is permanent...en munnadi vara sollunga..nalla naalu saathu saatharen...change is something which is non existent...imaginary...myth..legend..DUHHHH!!!...i have had enough of this change for the past one week...or rather not had enough change..and thats the reason behind this outburst. Apdi en lifela enna stagnationnu yosikareengala...

Right from schooldays..this change thing has troubled me a lottt....getting into a crowded '21' bus at peak time itself is an ardous task..athulayum...getting the 1 rupee and 25 paise "only" for the ticket is nothing short of a david blaine trick...i have studied probability a bit..picking the correct coin from a pocket containing 5 or more coins for getting the ticket is an IMPOSSIBLE EVENT with a probability of zilch...and that the conductor gives u back the change is something which cannot even be considered for hearsay...it continued into my office days when i joined my first company...

Come Banglore..replace bus with autos..coins with currencies..viola..same scene..act one scene one...curtain raises and falls over poor gills...enga ponalum change ila change ila...cha..lifela oru change venam....Intha kodumais of indialaam anubavichitu office vantha..Change is permanentu en seat kita sticker oti vachirukanga as a part of some program....grrrrrrrr...

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Advice Alamelus :)

This post is dedicated to 'S','M' and 'P'..ithula irukara most of the commentsa vaangi katinda perumai 'S' aiye sarum...main contributors 'M' and 'P'...mudinja varaikum avanga sonna mathiriye potruken...chk it out.. :D

Most irritating post and pre lunch habits..

1)saapda porachay..iniki ena menunu munnala varavan platela pakrathu...(athana avlo periya andaala vachirukanungala..en platela enna lukku unakku kollikannungala)

2)queuela nikarachay vazhkailay muna pina saapada kannala paakama maariyaatha kovilla koozhukaga adihcikara mathiri idichindu pudichindu...munnala nikaravanga shirtla ella gravy item vachum fractal, parabola hyperbola design podrathu

3)sapdrachay vaya thavira ella edathulayum irukara dishes vechu nolaparathu (ithuku oru nalla term kedaikala..can some one better the term nolaparathu frm similar exp? )

4)balanced dietna plate fulla adikitu kaila balance pannikitu varathunu silapala janthoos thappa purinjikitrukunga...they stuff their plate with all the dishes avilable..under the pretext i pay for these and never even touch most of the fud...apdiye thooki kuppaila podrathuku badila ithunga thalaila kotina ennanu thonum

5)saapdama thirupi kotina kuda ok..sila per platelam kanraaviya irukum..they mix everything which they take and oru kalavaiya irukum parunga..thappi thavari if ur gaze falls on their plate avlo thaan..

6)nan inga thaan saptenakum varungala santhathiyinaruku therivikarathukaga..sapta edam poora sindhi vacirupanga..there would be more food outside the plate than on it...

7)this is the most entertained lot of the entire species...closeup punnagaiyoda stop panikama...mayabajar ranga rao mathiri sirichi..pakathila oppsitela irukaravanga ellar melayam ...hmmm...thupparku thuppaya thuppaki .....thoovum mazhai thaan...

8)washroom attagasms pathi thaniayavay post podalam...one should give a thought to those who use the washbasin after them...tiffen box wash panrenu maatu kottai rangeku aakitu poidranga..feels so disgusting

9)ellatha vida top...after washing hands..kaiya fits vantha mathiri udhara vendiyathu..pakathula nikarangala ilayanu kuda pakarathu kedyathu...even dogs are better behaving..


Title padichutu ennadambi engathu alameluva nakkal udranutu yaarum sandaiku varapdaathu...its the petname given to 'M' and 'P'

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Oh Darling..yahi hai ice cream

Venue: Annakuteer hotel- Banashanakari

Kolai pasi solitu seekrama order panungadana..parota kulchanu soli tholaichiduchunga..iruntha pasiku pakathu seatla ukkanthirunthavanga platelenthu edukatha kurai thaan..oru vazhiya enga mela parithaba pattu..saapadu vanthichi....kulchava panner masalala kulipaati..parotavoda sanda potu..oru kattu katti mudichom...dessert ilama oru saapada...icecream sapdlamna the other two voted it down...than muyarchiyil satrum manam thalaratha vikramadithan mathiri..thirumbavum menu card vangi ice cream section paatha seri kaamediya irunthichi...My Darling..My favorite..My Dream...wait wait..ithelaam ennakku pudicha ice creamoda description ila..anga iruntha ice cream names :D...My Darling...that name was very tempting..
waitera koopten..
Wtr: "Yes sir.."
Me:"Bring me My darling.."
pakkathu seatlenthu semma curious and amused stare...munnadi seatla irunthvangalam thirumbi pathutu nakkala oru smile ututu went back to kottifying..
Waiter stood for a min and then realised that i was really sure of the order..athu varaikum..watever we ordered he used to shout it to the person taking the order for preparing the bill who will shout it to the kitchen...intha ice cream order mattum he went near him and told it in a mild tone..the moment he heard the order...that guy turned to our table to look at that puniyathma *AHEM* who placed that order...avanungaluku apdi enna than siripu therila...enamo avanga darlinga order panna mathiri they were giggling...
gilsku litea allu kelamba...servera kooptu..antha icecream nejamavay ice cream thaana..athula enalam irukumnu appaviya kekka...he said its a multifalvoured icecream and smiled...appovum doubt..ithuku munadi yarachum order panirukangalanu keta...he said since he joined no one has placed him order for that one..seri..veerargal vaazhkaiyil ithellaam jagajamnu..varathu varatumnu was waiting...it was not just me...enga pakkathu table mundhina table ellam eagerly waiting apdi enna thaan antha icecreamla irukumnu...or was it really something differentnu...atlast it came..WOOOW...kesar scoop..plus pista scoop..with dollops of dryfruits thrown in..at the end of the barrel..it was my fav vanilla scoop...no wonder they have named it like that...moonu perum senthu oodu katti adichi sanda poatu gaali panom...chancela..next time pona..intha ice cream saapdarthukaga thaniya konjam space allocate panitu than ponum...chk it out folks

Friday, October 05, 2007

The week that was...

Oct 2nd International day of non violence..and i ended up watching the most violent movie ihave ever seen..Apocalypto!! Mel gibsonuku ennapa achu..i dunno whether to appreciate him for the awe inspiringly original way in which the movie has been shot or to despise him for the graphical gore..Right from scene one its revoltingly original..at times i could feel my jaw hurting from clenching it through the scenes..the movie is a candid camera on tribals with usual cinematic exaggeration thrown in at places. Not for those with milder taste.

En iniya Iyanthira...the moment i hear this name its takes me back to the gud ol days of DD...Guess it was Sivaranjani who played the role of Nila in that..who can forget that dog Juno, sujathas best creation after ganesh n vasanth..i was browsing through the tamil section in a book store and unearthed this gem..have read the book in my school days and always wanted to own one..and now i have it :) planning to start a collection of sujatha novels...lets see how far it goes :)

Another book which i bought was Vikramaathithan kathaigal..yup..the same ol vikram vetal series...amazing..inag oru story full mudikarathukulla nora thalluthu..in that vikramathithan series..each story has an interlink with some story or other which leads u into a labyrinth of stories and mesmerisingly take you through the magical world of vikram and in a simple yet interesting way the knots and loops unfold and it all comes to a meaningful conculsion..amazingly simple yet so complex...chancela..if u'vent read it yet..chk it out...makes nice read..

Vera enna pannen..hmm..Bourne Ultimatum padam paathen...its no way related to the Original story from the book..but its somewhat better than the book...very very fast movie..racy is slow to describe it..guess the cameraman mite win an oscar..WOW..the car chasing scene in climax..i wonder how many cameras were used..its a no brainer scene by concept but amazingly shot..padam enamo usual tamizh telugu masala padam mathiri thaanalum...kaathula pooku badila thoatamay sutharanga...but 2 hour ponathay therila semma fast..makes nice weekwend watch with hot popcorn..( u need not buy more than a pack as the movie wud be over by the time u come to the second one ;) )

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


"Muthu"la vara thalaivar dialogue thaan nyabagam varuthu.."Kedaikarathu kedaikaama irukathu...kedaikama irukarthu kedaikathu" ... all my life i've been such an "orderly" and "systematic" person that i wud've made a live example for chaos theory in practice..whenever i hunt for something i find something else which i wud've been searching for months back..but never the item of the current search..my friend once cribbed about the same thing to me and i sagely advised her to always search for the things which she doesnt want and she would end up with the one she wants..so much for the advice..well..matter ennana..if you guys remember a year back i was searching for my school mates who were online and had started a community in orkut for the same..at that time i could hardly locate any and almost gave up the search..last week..i met a friend of mine on the bus in chennai..as luck would have it we got adjacent seats :D it was a sweet surprise and as luck would have it he was in touch with a few of our school mates..and the search which went cold got picked up again and now we have finally managed to cover most of the missing mates..all thanks to orkut.. :) most of them are beyond recognition..many married and are settled abroad..some have kids...it feels weird and happy at the same time to catch up with folks after a gap of..13 years...thats a little more than half my life time!! each of us have undergone such a dramatic change in personality no one is what he or she were before..its pretty obvious but still when you try to recollect the person from your memory of how they were a dozen years back and try to relate to the one at present it feels really really different..and its really such a small world...one of my ex colleague is married to my mca mate who is the brother of a blog mate of mine and whose brother is working in my present team!!! ithey rangela ponaan..adaam evaalla than poi nikum nenakren :D anyways...