Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rock Rock Rockyyyyyyy

Adrian asks Rocky "Why you want to be a fighter". Rocky replies, in his typical twang " because i cant sing or dance".

"Adrian, i never asked you not to be a woman. Dont ask me to stop being a man. I am a fighter and i have to fight"

"I am dumb and you are shy..We sure do make a real sharp couple of coconuts"

"Because i dont think you can win" cries Adrian.

"No, maybe I can't win, maybe the only thing I can do is just take everything he's got. But to beat me, he's gonna have to kill me, and to kill me, he's gonna have to have the heart to stand in front of me, and to do that, he's gotta be willing to die himself and I don't know if he's ready to do that. I don't know, I don't know." and he goes away.

Let me be honest. I am not a big fan of Stallone. All his movies are predictable. He gets bashed to a pulp but somehow manages to scrap through beating the villain in the end. But Rocky and Rambo series are glorious exceptions. I've lost count how many times i've seen Rambo - First blood and part two of it. As a kid i used to tie a kerchief on my forehead, imagining non existent biceps and hold LEO toys gun ala Rambo style :) That toy gun had an never diminishing count of bullets and all of them hit the mark wherever i shoot, well all in my imagination of course :) i was crazy over toy guns all credit to Rambo.

Like all school kids boxing with dad was a favourite pastime of mine too. My dad used to talk about the first movie in the 6 part series. I couldnt understand anything that time except that the name was catchy. ROCKY. Thanks to Movies Now channel, who have been telecasting the series round the clock, i managed to catch up on all the parts. I had my own apprehensions while watching the first part as it was very dull and dragging at times. But cometh the climax cometh the punch. The timid innocent loan shark under dog boxer, goes neck to neck in fight with the champion and though he loses in the end, he wins everyones heart. It compelled me to watch the other parts too and needless to say i got hooked on to the series :) The Rocky character is so endearing and simple that, its almost like a toy in itself. There is a scene in the first part of the movie where Rocky tries to advice a gal in his neighbourhood. She slams the door on him shouting "Creepo". He looks stunned for a minute and then trudges away thinking he is no better. LOVED IT. The same character makes a comeback in the final part too. But throughout the six part series, the Rocky character maintains its deeply religious and unassuming innocence. No wonder Americans add up Rocky along with their comic heroes. That character deserves its iconic status.

Watching the series i realised how many movies have been inspired by this character. Especially the way he trains - running up the steps. I guess thats one of the most inspirational scenes ever in movies. The background music is also awesome. If at all i ever get a chance to go to Philadelphia, i would love to do a ROCKY like run on those steps :)

Winding up with the best quote from the movies final part.

Rocky to his son:

"You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain't how hard you hit; it's about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward. How much you can take, and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done. Now, if you know what you're worth, then go out and get what you're worth. But you gotta be willing to take the hit, and not pointing fingers saying you ain't where you are because of him, or her, or anybody. Cowards do that and that ain't you. You're better than that!"

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Turn Turn Turn

There is this song in Forrest Gump, which i am sure every single Tom Hanks fan knows by heart. The lyrics goes like.."To everything Turn Turn Turn..there is a season Turn Turn Turn..and a time for every purpose under heaven". I remember having a post on the song. The theme of the song is that, there is always a time for everything. A right time, to be more precise and guess there is a tamil saying too which agrees with this one - "Paruvathay payir sei". I recently experienced something which reminded me of this song.

If you get something for which you were waiting for almost 2 decades..supposed to be a happy occasion right? That too if that thing was something which was/is very dear to you and you were desperate to get your hands on it.

Well,Here is the reason for this post.

The latest release from Lion comics, the collectors edition of the XIII series - "RATHA PADALAM" in tamil. When it was launched around 18 years back, well..that was a time i was so crazy over comics, especially tamil comics. There is a lending library, which is like 20 mins walk from my house. I used to borrow books from that library in my cousin sister's membership and 10 rupees was like a months budget given to me for borrowing books. I would hardly get one or two books for ten rupees at that time. So i used to finish off most of the books in the library itself in the guise of searching and would bring home the heaviest ones. I would walk-read all the way and by the time i reach home half the book would've been over. Since i knew i wouldnt get money for borrowing a new one, i used to re read the same comics multiple times. My mom was wondering how to solve the issue of budget vs my book craze and with my villain English teacher they conspired to shift my focus towards English novels. It was a win win situation for mom. The novels were bigger in size than comics and she felt it would improve my language. I grudgingly took up reading the Archers and Sheldons and soon the novels replaced the comics. But the one series which i sorely missed reading was the XIII. It was close to a dozen episodes when it was released for the first time and i barely managed to get a few of them to read. Such was the craze for that particular series, the copies sold like hot cakes. It was a 2 decade long itch on the back of my mind that i was unable to complete the series.

Few weeks back, in one popular tamil weekly (Kumudham for those who have heard of it) i happened to read in the question answer section (Arasu badilgal) that the person got this collector edition of XIII comics and he was good enough to give the contact details of the publishing house phone number and address. I was feeling like a character right out of Manmohan desai movie. Here is my family song and here are my lyrics. Just had to sing and unite. With trembling hands (konjam over buildup la :) intha situationku novelslalaam ipdi thaan varum sentence..oru flowla vanthirichi manichukunga :)) i called up those guys in sivakasi. Luckily for me stocks were available this time. With the help of my ex-colleague, who happened to be a native of sivakasi, whom i pestered, badgered, nagged into submission, i finally landed up with my own copy.

There is a line in Kamba Ramayanam - "Pirinthavar Koodinaal pesavum thondrumo". When Ram meets Sita after vanquishing Ravan..for first few minutes they simply look at each other not knowing what to talk is the meaning of those lines. Ippo ethuku kamba ramayana bittungareengala..summa scene thaan :) Now that i have my wait fulfilled, the book is lying unopened ever since it came. I was so thrilled to have finally got it but the kid who was longing for that comics when it came,is lost somewhere in the past two decades. I have it with me now, but every attempt of me to rekindle that enthusiasm with which i relished those comics, is proving bit futile.
Winding up with the lyrics from the song again...

A time to be born, a time to die
A time to plant, a time to reap
A time to kill, a time to heal
A time to laugh, a time to weep

Because...To everything..There is a season. Turn, turn, turn

P.S: Intha posta padicihi mudikarachay a film by Bharathiraja nu podanumo nu thonichi :D LOL :D

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Gils tho bacchaa hai ji

To err is human,They say.

To repeatedly err? Probably they would call it Gils i guess. Here is to the reason why.

"Gils i've volunteered your name for this new training program."

"Ehcuseme saar..isnt NOMINATE the right word?"

"Nominate panna evanda poreenga..athaan i volunteered you. You attend the session on behalf of the team and impart the wisdom back to the team once your session is over" and so beamed the damager.

"But no interest in conducting Sunday mass for the team"

"Sunday mass?? this is a training on corporate crap. You the mistake"

"The only training i am going to get by attending this session is going to be on Prayer..Praying for dear life as to when its going to get over. And if you want me to share it with the team wouldnt it be akin to conducting sermon on sunday mass?"

Damager gives that look which ladies does nowadays looking at onion prices. " have two choices..either you go or you go"

"Santhosh subramaniam Prakash raj mathri choice kudutha epdi" nu manasukkulla pulambiavaaaray gils goes to the training.

Here is a tip: Gils way of staying awake in training is to ask questions. More the snore..more questions from senor. (Its no mere happenstance that senor and snore are anagrams of each other). The trainer is impressed to the point that she asks Gils to stop asking questions for being the only "active" participant i should give opportunity to others also to participate. Needless to say i lost a few friends from that session, who like me, were "volunteered".

After surviving the ordeal, damager meets Gils near the transformer like place, which every office nowadays has (probably to generate their own electricity??)

"So was the training"

Gils points two fingers on his head, imitates brain bursting out and mockingly keeps the gun back on its holster. As expected, unexpectedly, the trainer crossed the place the moment the scene began. Looking at Gils reaction, she turns beet root in color.

"Hi trainer..i was explaining how mind blowing the session was really" even before gils could complete she stomps off.

Damager palms his forehead wondering why the hell he sent Gils to training.

" my defence i erred on the left side of caution"

Damager gives Gils the same look which Alice gives to Jabberwocky in the movie climax.

Gils points to the "CAUTION: 10,000 Volts" board on top of his head and runs for dear life.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thank you for the music

A typical Sunday mass -an usual motley bunch of people who had came in to sing paeans to their Lord. Soon they lost themselves in the choir which reverberated across the entire chapel. Everyone were getting soaked in the divinity of the voices. But one mind alone was thinking a wee bit different. No doubt that person also was attracted towards the choir recital. But his thoughts were bordering on the inquisitive spirit leave alone spiritual. His young mind was curious to understand the magic of the voice which captivated everyone in the chapel. He was eager to know why the same voice is felt less pronounced while in an open area than in an closed space. He was frantic to find out where the sound went missing. He wanted to know if the same effect can be felt had they not been standing inside the crowded chapel. He wanted to experience the same feeling however far and apart he was. He wanted the same experience to be enjoyed by millions of people at the same time irrespective of wherever they were. He wanted to break down the barriers and establish the supremacy of sound over air. He wanted to prove that the content matters more than the medium.

Needless to say, he was shunted down by his relatives and friends. Witch hunted by the church. Laughed at by his peers who suggested him to check his mental capacity. Soon he achieved the impossible with the words "Are you ready?" The first ever words transmitted across the sea over a wireless medium. The man was Marconi.

Thanks to his invention - the radio - everyday the travails of my travel seem less tiring. Infact, when they play good ol Raja songs, at times i feel i can travel a little bit more too, till the song is over :) One man's invention has created a whole new industry and zillions of dependent ones. Like Alice i cant think of 6 (or was it ten?) impossible things to do. But had i been in his era, i would've easily added wireless transmission across continents right on top of the list. Even in this age of ipods and ipads..couldnt imagine life without radio. Special thanks to the guy who added the radio component to cell phones. They are assured place in heaven and till the time the last active ear is around they would be blessed.

P.S:First para chumma bittu. Marconi mandaila avan sister adichathunaalathaan transister kandupudichaanu sandaikulaam varapdaathu. Newtonuku Apple mathiri avanuku enna inspire aachu therila. So bittai mannikka :)

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Times of turmoil

We live in torrid times. The entire Arab world is in turmoil. Regimes are getting toppled like cardboard decks and protesting crowds are touching record count with each country out running the other. The conspiracy theorists are having a field day by projecting the western world as reason for this downfall. I fail to understand which is the better option. Dictator or unjust monarch, under whom the country has a stable, yet with curbs on freedom Vs so called democratic system where its free fall down the drain. I've nothing against the democratic system. Yet somehow it never seemed to me as a possible form of governance. Any country, which claims itself to be democratic, to me, is probably burying itself under layers of hypocrisy. The three legs of democracy: Of the people - definitely yes, by the people - always a microscopic group which projects its kith and kin, for the people - never exists.

Though people might blame dynastic politics for the second leg's downfall, even at a mindset level, not everyone are ambitious and are leadership material. Democracy offers the option to rule or being ruled. But not everyone goes for the first option. Even at a classroom level, to become a class rep, its either the best student (one who can cope up with his studies along with this extra activity) or in case of election very rarely i've seen more than one person contesting for the post. Not sure of the situation now, but, the point is, majority of people always prefer to be driven and rather than coming to the forefront to lead. They always look out for a messiah to deliver them from their problems. Always looking for the easy way out. And when such a guy or lady do come, they are treated as demi gods and are forgotten as humans. An unfair amount of expectation is thrust on them, which an otherwise ordinary person wouldnt have been possibly be able to adhere to on a long run. They blindly believe whatever the leader does and says, till the time another "messiah" rises in the horizon and batter their sealed eye lids against the misdeeds of the incumbent one.

India has always been the land of paradoxes and people all around the globe always look at it in amazement as to when its going to implode. A nation with a billion plus people, million plus sects, gazillion castes, multiple languages with not a single day passing by without the word violence being used and yet managing to stand on its legs. Is it something to be proud about? I am not sure. The fact that we are still standing as a nation is nothing less than the 8th wonder of the world. But the gruesome fact that the twine might break anytime sooner is always a scary reminder. The cancer of corruption has gone to such an extent that B grade movies are indistinguishable from real life incidents. A state government issues a government notice that none of its states people lost their life in stampede so they need not worry. A central government, that cries out aloud whenever any Indian student gets hit in a foreign country, with the comfortable thought that, it had cried its best, while remaining silent spectator when a rouge island nation's irresponsible idiots,coolly venture into its own maritime waters and butcher its own fishermen. Are these signs of a vibrant democracy or a strong republic which recently celebrated its 62nd birthday? Will you still blame those guys who are losing faith in nationhood and protest in need for a new messiah?
I've no answer to my question.

Yet another love story...

Got this as a fwd. Apart from specific points..i agree with the dad's view on majority of the points.

Oct. 25th, 2007 07:02 am Dad speaks, Simi listens and Life just goes on!
"Karthik, dinner's ready." My mom called out while I was listening to My Sacrifice by Creed on Radio City. She came near and in a low voice said, "I told your dad about it." I felt like a 10,000 volt stupor hit me! "What?" I was flabbergasted, "Ma, I wanted to tell him myself. I had it all planned out. You've just...god! You women kind can never keep secrets, can you? Ok, what did he say?" I asked anxiously. "He said nothing. Probably he wouldn't even talk to you about it until you start." I knew it was going to be a bad night. Heated arguments, sentimental issues, guilt pricking and unwanted tensions; we had had none of these in our house. But I saw it all coming down in one night.

At the dinner table
It took me sometime to come out of my bedroom, for the dinner table seemed like a battle ground to me! My hunger died with the very thought of talking to my dad. But I knew I couldn't escape it and I had to face this some day or the other. My dad sat next to me. I gulped the air that was stuck in my throat and with head bent down I had my eyes fixed on my plate. Even after five minutes, daddy spoke nothing! So I gathered up all my courage to break the ice, "Appa, I wanted to tell it myself. I was actually..." "What's her name?" he cut me without looking at my face. "Simi" I answered, "Simi Jacob Thomas." There was a smile on his face. "Bring her home tomorrow evening", he said. It made me smile too, for I felt glad to hear something like that while I expected a huge argument to spurt out. None of us spoke anything else that night. It turned out to be a total anti-climax of what I had imagined! I got back to my room after dinner, but couldn't sleep for most part of the night since I was dreaming with open eyes about the day that was to come the next morning!

The day did come
The day did come; probably one of the most important days of my life. I told Simi that my dad wanted to meet her and also that he wasn't fussed up or anything like that and instead smiled about it. Simi didn't know what to tell, she too was very happy I thought. A year and a half of our secret relationship, a secret known to the world but hidden to our parents, was about to pay off. So, on that day, we just didn't care about whether we had completed our work or not. We left office at 4.30 in the evening, just to make sure that we don't get stuck in that dreaded Hosur road traffic. Simi left her car parked in the office itself and we both went in my car. That wasn't the first time I had driven with Simi in my Honda City, but somehow, all along the way home, my dreaming about the car being decorated with flowers and a big "Just Married" sign on a heart shaped board, made that ride very special to me!

We reached home by quarter past five. Summer time; my dad was sitting on the swing in the lawn, reading a newspaper. He got up as he saw us coming. "Namaste Uncle", Simi said folding her hands. My dad smiled back. "Hello, nice to meet you", he greeted her, "come, let's go inside", he took us in. My mom was watching tv in the hall and as we entered she got up from the sofa and switched off the tv. "Get something", my dad said to my mom and within minutes a lot of things were ready on the tea table. "Please have it" my dad said and we both started munching. "Aunty, I really like this. Kaduburight? Karthik gives me every time you send it in his lunch box. In fact, I've eaten almost every dish that you cook. You really cook very nicely aunty." Simi said looking at my mom. My mom just smiled back as a thank youto Simi's compliments.

Setting the stage!
"Sorry child, I forgot your name." My dad said. Simi was busy eating, but she'd heard it. "Uh? Uncle? Simi. My name is Simi", she replied. "Aaah! Simi Jacob Thomas, right?" My dad asked. "Yes", Simi replied and looked at my face with her eyebrows slightly raised. I did nothing else but show my teeth. There was a wide smile on my dad's face too. "What?" I asked him. "Karthik Subramanya Shastry weds Simi Jacob Thomas, somehow sounds very funny to me", he said. The smile on my face slowly reduced in width and finally when I saw the expression on Simi's face change as she took a bite of the kadubu, my smile completely died out. My dad was quick to react. He looked at Simi and said, "Oh please don't feel offended. I don't mean to hurt you. But child, I'm going to ask you a few questions and also tell you some things over which you'll need to think calmly." Uh oh! Something's coming! I told myself. Simi seemed to have heard what I'd just said in silence. She kept the half bitten kadubu back on the plate.

The talk!
"Simi. Since how long do you know Karthik?" My dad started shooting.
"About a year and a half" Simi replied.
"Do you think that's enough to know him?"
"I guess so. Yes. That's quite enough." Simi nodded her head up and down.
"Hmm...Tell me one thing, do your parents know about this?"
"No uncle. I was about to tell them; after we took your permission."
"And how did you assume that I will say 'yes'?" My dad was still smiling. But the expression on our faces had taken a U-turn from extreme bliss to total awe by now! Although both of us knew that we would have to face our parents' opposition, the way my dad had reacted since the night before had sprung up some positive thoughts in both of us. So this was a bit of a shock indeed.
"Simi, Simi. My dear child. I know most of what I tell you will make you feel like not listening to me. I just want you both to have the best and I know very well that it will not be so if you happen to marry." Our faces now looked like the sad emoticon that we use in our Office Communicator. But my dad continued :-(

"Where do your parents stay?"
"Kozhikode, Kerala."
"What does your father do?"
"He retired as a Branch Manager in SBI last month. Now he serves as an evangelist at a church nearby".
"How many siblings do you have?"
"We are four. I have a brother and two sisters."
"You must be the youngest", my dad was bang on!
"Yes", Simi replied, a little surprised. I knew, like me, she too wanted to know how on earth he got that!
"I pity your poor dad. He seems to be a pious man. If I, being the father of the boy, feel so sad about this whole thing, I can imagine how much pain that man will go through." My dad let out a long sigh. Somehow the things he spoke started to get on my nerves and I thought I had to do some talking.
"What's wrong with this dad? I don't understand why you people should be worried. Simi and I like each other, we understand each other very well, we both have good jobs in hand, what else do we need?"
"I was waiting for you to open your mouth", my dad said in a sarcastic tone. "See. You are talking only about you both; that you like each other, that you have good jobs. Then, tell me honestly, when you have decided about everything, why do you need my permission, or even her parents' permission? You can as well marry and later just inform us, right? If you feel that you will anyways go ahead no matter what, then I see no point in discussing this anymore." My dad stood up.
"No uncle", Simi interrupted, "I want to listen to you." I looked at Simi with an evident frown on my face. "Please, let us talk about it. I too want to know what you feel about this." She requested my dad. But I wasn't keen on listening. I just sat with my face turned away, staring at the door.

My dad sat down. "Simi, marriage is not a child's play dear. At least in our society, it's not centered just around two people. If you had, for at least once, thought practically about your relationship, you wouldn't have carried it so far. You both are in love and that will make you think you can get along anything that comes your way. Child, married life in itself has thousand and one problems. You have to make sure that you don't invite more problems just by taking a hasty decision.

"The first thing is, I'm more than a hundred percent sure that your family will not whole heartedly accept my son as their son-in-law and after this marriage, believe me, your relationship with your parents and siblings will never be the same. Even if they come to accept it at a later point of time, they will just be pretending. Some relationships if broken, take a long time to patch up and if they had been very close, it takes a lifetime. Coming out of home and living a life of your own sounds very good like in movies and stories, but the truth is, you cannot stay away from your parents forever; at least not until they are alive."

Simi was listening without blinking her eyes. "After that, come your individual dogmas. You know, his mother celebrates at home, almost every festival that's listed on the almanac. She will feel uncomfortable to let you around and get you involved. Even if she and you get along after sometime, I will guarantee, it will be limited to our house alone. You will never be invited to any function that will happen in our relatives' homes. At first, you might feel ok about it. But when Karthik will feel the pinch in his heart to know the fact that his wife is not welcomed in his relatives' places and because of that he too cannot attend those so very fun filled family gatherings that he was always a part of, he too will start to repent.

"Then there are your food habits. You are a meat eater and my son is a pure vegetarian, well at least I think so. But I don't know if he has started that too."

Simi was already feeling guilty I guess. "No, he doesn't eat. But I have stopped", she said.

"See. You have lost a part of yourself. You know, for your love to carry on with the same fervor forever, you should accept the person you love as he or she is, without being directly or indirectly forced to change for the sake of love. In my opinion, that's true love and everything else is just a compromise. You have given up eating meat, good; but every time you come across that, you'll always be tempted. It's perfectly ok and it's because you have been brought up in such a culture where it is almost compulsory to eat meat, whereas my son has grown up amongst people who dislike even the sight and smell of it.

"And then, you both are connected by English, a language that's not the mother tongue of either of you. I am not telling it's a bad language, but you know, it is always the mother tongue that gives you the personal touch, the closer-to-heart feeling while you talk to your, be it husband or any other person. Don't tell me that love knows no language; it is all theory and is only good for the books. The day you see a couple in love talking in your language and having those sweet little verbal fights or name-calling, in words that you can best express only in a language that is closer to your heart, you will know what you are missing.

Simi was static. "Next thing is about your kids. My mother used to tell me a proverb in Kannada - Appa amma eradu daari aadare, makkaLu naaku daari anthe, meaning If the father and mother go in two directions, their children will go in four. I don't know if I've put it correctly in English but I hope you've understood it. Forget your kids, you yourself will not be able to tell them whether they have to go to the church or the temple, to be a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, to speak Malayalam or Kannada and many such things. Finally they end up growing in a big confusion about their language, their God, their culture and everything about themselves. They might even someday curse you for landing them in such a situation. You might say that they will choose the best of both cultures. But that can happen only after they have matured enough to take decisions on their own. But again, I bet they will not be able to do that too since they wouldn't have gained a complete understanding of either of those.

"Deep down inside, you feel that you are doing something wrong and that's what has kept you from telling your parents or else you would have told it on day one that you like this guy and might as well marry him. But you feel your parents might be hurt if you do that because you know very well that they can never see him as the right guy for you and from my point of view too, he's not. Trust me, even your parents wouldn't deny if you can prove it to them that he is the right person, but in this case, you'll not be able to do that! I just guessed that you must be the youngest because if you had somebody younger to you, a sense of guilt which makes you feel that you might just be setting a bad example to the younger ones, would have stopped you from thinking about Karthik as your life partner. But again good and bad depends entirely on your perspective and for youngsters like you, it is mostly influenced by your friends outside rather than the people at home.

Looks like he's not gonna stop until she walks out, I thought, still looking away. I did not interrupt only because Simi had stopped me from it. You asked for it Simi. Now you have it. I wasn't anymore interested in disturbing her.

"I too feel that I've slipped somewhere. If only I had talked about all such things to my son a long time back, he would have been more careful in choosing his life partner. But I never realized that he had grown up so much and today I feel I'm paying for my mistake. You know, you should make your children do what you feel is right until they turn 16. Then on, till 30, you should just tell them what they should do and let them do what they feel is right and after 30 there's no use of telling too. So now, I'll only have to give my suggestion and heeding to it or discarding it, is left to you both.

"I know that a lot of people of your age fear arranged marriages these days and that fear is because you feel you don't know that person properly. But then, why do you think we have the concept of engagement. Get engaged before at least six months of marriage and you can get to know each other fairly during that period. If you don't think it will work out, you have lost nothing, right? Now if it doesn't work out once, it's never that you will not find someone better. You'll always do and sometimes you will realize it after you get married to someone who you then thought was the best! In case you love somebody with whom everybody around you and especially your parents will be comfortable with, engagement is just a formality.

"Anyways, I can already see from his face that he is not very happy to listen to me. So let's finish it off. But a sincere request from my side - before you listen to what your heart says, just give a chance to your brain to think about it." My dad finally finished his lecture!

Nobody spoke for a moment. Finally Simi broke her silence, "Uncle, now I realize why it is important to discuss with elders. No doubt, I had never thought about many things that you told now. Please give me some time. I will definitely think about it. Thank you very much for letting me know your point of view", she said and stood up. Oh Mistress of assertiveness skills, you forgot to paraphrase - I wanted to tell loudly but somehow controlled myself.

"Sure dear. I know it's not easy. Take your time. And thanks. I'm happy that at least you said you will think about it. God bless you", my dad blessed her as Simi touched his feet before leaving.

"Karthik", he looked at me and said, "go drop her till home and come back."
Sigh! Don't worry. I'll not run away with her.

And then, it was evident..
Simi did not speak to me for some days in the office. I had sort of understood what she wanted to convey. My dad had brainwashed her. If only I had never let her talk to my dad I thought. But Simi was anytime more mature than me. She had taken time not only to think about it but also to speak with her parents; and the story on the other side was no different. Luckily, I did not get an invitation from her father to talk to him! Finally Simi told me, what is usually told by girls, that we would be better off as friends rather than being a husband and wife. But it was really difficult for me to look at her as "just a friend". Fortunately I got an onsite assignment at that time which kept me away from her for almost 10 months. I somehow managed to get over the gloom during that period. It was only after that I realized my dad too was right in a way. True. At least sometimes in life, you got to listen to your elders.

Today, Simi and I are married; to different people of course, and the best part is that we both have found very good friends as our life partners. Instead of whining over what could not happen, we have just moved on with so many other beautiful things that actually happened and of course, we are more than satisfied with whatever we have in our lives. It's like they say, if it had been any better, it would be a sin ;-)

That's it!

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Can vs Want

Once there was a king who received a gift of two magnificent falcons from Arabia. They were peregrine falcons, the most beautiful birds he had ever seen. He gave the precious birds to his head falconer to be trained.

Months passed and one day the head falconer informed the king that though one of the falcons was flying majestically, soaring high in the sky, the other bird had not moved from its branch since the day it had arrived.

The king summoned healers and sorcerers from all the land to tend to the falcon, but no one could make the bird fly. He presented the task to the member of his court, but the next day, the king saw through the palace window that the bird had still not moved from its perch. Having tried everything else, the king thought to himself, "May be I need someone more familiar with the countryside to understand the nature of this problem." So he cried out to his court, "Go and get a farmer."

In the morning, the king was thrilled to see the falcon soaring high above the palace gardens. He said to his court, "Bring me the doer of this miracle."

The court quickly located the farmer, who came and stood before the king. The king asked him, "How did you make the falcon fly?"

With head bowed, the farmer said to the king, " It was very easy, your highness. I simply cut the branch where the bird was sitting."


Suttfied this from a fwd. My take on this is a bit different. Everyone has potential.
Some want to fulfill their potential and proceed to do it. Some know they can realise their potential if they give a small try..but are complacent/lazy enough not to give that try. For those people, the branch has to break on its own, as they would be fiercely protective of it.

Everyone WANT to be loved..but how many CAN actually??
Everyone CAN fall in love..but how many WANT to??
Everyone WANT to be good..but how many CAN?
Everyone CAN be generous and share their good fortune..but how many WANT to?

I dunno which bird i am..maybe a bit of both i guess :) But i get bored with branches very fast and atleast move across them :) So...moral of the story:
Make your own moral. Stories are just meant to entertain :)