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WMW - Enakkul Oruvan - review

Psychological thrillers in tamil are hardly a handful. Pizza was the most memorable one in a long long time. Soodhu kavvum and Jigarthanda started as one and went off into a totally different genre altogether. But one healthy aspect to note is, those movies definitely stand out amidst all the rut that is being produced in heaps and bulks. "Enakkul Oruvan" is another glorious exception which deserves a proud place of its own.

Theme and story of the movie have been done to dust in so many reviews that I saw online. How will a person have dreams if he cant even sleep? To solve this issue comes The tablet, Lucia, which is basically a sleeping pill plus it gives hallucinations making dreams so real that you can create your own life in your dreams. Prolonged usage leads to yearning over the near perfect life of our dreams to the unrealized real world lifestyle. Thematically, this is something that everyone wants right? We all have our dreams, from childhood till adult and at times…


After a long time a review post :)
Have been on a movie watching binge since year beginning. Not many merited a review.

"Ai" was a huge disappointment. "Ennai arinthaal" was ok sorts with too much similarity with "Kaakha Kaakha". "Isai" ranged from intriguing to an irritatingly stupid end. "Kaaviya thalaivan" was more of "Keviya thalaivan" with everyone crying their hearts out. Decent attempt. But bad story telling. "Khaki Sattai" brings brand Sivakarthikeyan down to earth, if not any lower. Its neither action oriented nor comic. Anirudh suffers from law of averages with only 3 of thes songs making the cut, unlike his previous album level chartbusters. "Enakkul oruvan" sounds promising. Planning to watch it soon.

"Tamizhukku Enn ondrai azhuthavum" had a hollywoodish premise, with solar storm knocking off cellphone signals and how two events get tied to the savant heroes attempt to revive cellphon…


It all started ten years to this date 22nd March. 700 posts!!! Yosichi paakavay weirda irukku :) When I started wasn't even sure if this concept of blogging will remain for 10 years. Like many new start up ideas thought it will fade out and either way wanted to record my "precious" mokkais in written form. Sila pala pazhiya postslaam padikarachay, in the course of it, I loose track of who even wrote it!! Avlo difference in thinking between now and then. Ippo matured irukena..illa is it happening in reverse I wouldn't know :) From a machine like routine of a post every 5 has boiled down to a slow now.
Hope I can push the number for few more posts :) Like everything else, this too shall pass :)

A lesson for life

I had applied for a post in a different account, wanting a change in my job related activities. Since every client account in my org was run like a separate company in itself, I was asked to take an interview with that account manager. My current manager accompanied me, as he had referred me to that account and also give a moral support. He was more of my friend than a manager and was always a well wisher. So he insisted on him being present. At least, this was my initial thought that, him accompanying me was all for personal reason. Later I realized, it was just to make sure I don't sothappify by me being myself!! I was reminded of that F.R.I.E.N.D.S episode when Chandler goes for an interview and before the call, Phoebe does a mock round with him, where she tones him down asking him not to be the way he usually is, if he really wanted that job.

As we waited for the lift, my manager looked at me from top to bottom and let loose a sigh.
"At least for today couldn't you …

Ordinary world

In search of a life less ordinary has always been THE quest of many.
Does ever they take a pause to ask why not an ordinary life?
Read somewhere that, if every kid is bred to grow as engineer and doctor who will clean the streets? If all are trained for captain, who will be their crew?
Is it that parents want their kid to aim high so that, even if they falter they wouldn't fall apart?
Every year millions of kids appear for board exams. Several hundred thousands of them appear for colleges.
Those who take up engineering courses, does every one of them plan to become a civil engineer and construct dams or apartments?
Those who take up medical courses, does every one of them really become a specialty surgeon?
Those who take up commerce and arts group, does every one end up an economist or a professor?
As a society, we never even bother about those who come second, leave alone those who are much farther behind.
With majority of them being moderate to mediocre what happens to that c…

Bachelor boy

Bramacharya, Grihastha, Vanaprastha, Sanyasa..

Takkunu padikka edho Femina miss india models name mathiri irunthaalum..oru kaalathula, hindu ashrama muraipadi, ipadi thaan stages of a man's life nu pririchiruthaangalaam.
Baasha rajini, eight eighta lifea pirichikka sonnathu kooda intha segregationoda subset pola. Aana ithula first stagelenthu second stage pogarathukulla namma pasanga padra paadu, directa 4th stageku poidlaamnu veruthu poidra palar undu. Kamalhaasanukkena..aruvathu vayasanaalum aala ushaar pannindu jammnu irukara kushila, naam vaantha vaazhviruku saandravathu innoru uyirthaanadi nu paaditrukaaru. Inga ponnu kedaikaama padre thindaattam kamalukenga theria poguthu.

Offlate, for whatever reason, I see many of my friends are pushing the limits for "age of eligible bachelor" tag and struggle to find their spouse. If there is a parameter listing like, good family, good looking, decent salary and steady career are the benchmarks, they would get more ticks than…

The long of the short one

I have often wondered what makes a good literature. is it the characterization? or the story line? or the dialogues? or the vocabulary used? Or is it a combination of all these? When people go ga-ga over great literary works, I am often stumped as to why I don't find them interesting and more importantly what made those stories such a big hit amongst those critics. Some of them are so boring that I couldn't quite crawl beyond few chapters. Irrespective of the number of characters, I loose track of the story line amidst all those adjectives and phrases and themes that they try to explain in their narration. Probably literature students my find it easier, for they've to think through all the metaphors and come up with their own version of what the author could've meant. But is that what stories are supposed to be?? I guess the folk tales or our grandma stories survived through ages mainly because of their simplicity in narration. Even the best seller novels like Dan Brow…

Fault in our stars

Nirbaya is back with vengeance. Pen paavam pollathathu nu summava sollirukaanga. The entire news media, that were after the World cup, will have field day for weeks to come. Watch out for those sadhvis and maulvis grasping for their share in the sun. Tongues will be let loose with all possible crap comments ruling the air.

Should the docu be banned or not has been the universal topic. So oru post poda vasathia me the also choosing the same.

My 2 cents. I don't understand the purpose of the docu at all !! Other than giving the rapist an opportunity to paint a sad story about himself, which him being an ass screwed up big time, I couldn't figure out any other plausible reason. It also aired specific comments by those sadistic people which would spice up the content. To make matters worse, they let out the name of that poor girl!! Probably, the government deciding the ban it only made matters worse.

The reason why BBC chose the Nirbaya incident to showcase the mentality of Indi…

So what?

So what if Mufti makes a mockery of the central government of India?
So what if Mother Theresa was actually concentrating on conversion and helped people as part time?
So what if Amma bhakths make a mockery of worship and devotion and sully places of worship?
So what if kalaignar tv declares hindu religious occasions as "just" holidays and not by their name?
So what if Aameer's PK or Ulaganayagan mocks your beliefs unapologetically?
So what if Ajith Kumar's second baby's birth is front page news in Times of India?

Keep calm and watch world cup.
Adha vida mukkiyamaana vishyam naatula edhuvum illa.
We won't give it back and we won't give a damn for anything else.