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Kovil valatha pi(tho)llai

Athaagapatathu..oru mupathu naapathu varushathuku munna..ithey naalula..vaanathula mazhai megamlaam suzhnthu....oray idi minnal... ooray gummirutula moozhigi iruku.. apo oru kuzhanthai WHEEL TIDE Mr.WHITE nu satham poatukitay porakuthu...moonu thadava kathikitay poranthathaala perla 3 varanumnu oruthar solrar...biology-zoology-numerology padi name "G"la start aganumnu inoruthar solarar...renduthaiyum sethu oray pera vachiralaamnu antha thollai...saari...pillayoda parents decide panraanga...apdi uruvaana maaberum imsai thaan blog uloaga naayagi..che..ulaganaayagi G3 :)

G3 epdi ivlo soopera mokka podrangangarathuku oru chinna kathai iruku...chinna vayasula...athavathu..romba varushathuku munthi..avanga veetla water daily drinking water pakkathula iruntha kovil kenathulenthu thaan eduthupaangalaam...antha kovil thannila..sila pala mooligailaam kalanthu irunthathaala...antha thanni kudicha epect thaan iniki naama paakra g3..godzillakaprum chemical hazardsoda …

Ganesh chathurthi, the mumbai way :)

Vinayakar chathurthi oru vazhia mudivuku vanthaachu. Inga vara varaikum mumbaila intha pandigaiya kondaadaratha pathi kelvi thaan patruken. Had a first hand account of the way they celebrate it this year. The way these people celebrate itself is a lesson for others to follow. Whatever they do, these guys do it wholeheartedly. "Dance like no one is watching" nu kelvi patrupeenga..they follow it to the letter. Ganesh chaturthi is a week long festival here.

On the first day they invite the lord to their home. They carry the idols in a procession to their home forming small band parties and dancing all the way home. They burst crackers, throw color powders, put loud songs be it bajans or remixes and dance merrily all the way home. The traffic comes to stand still. But no one complains. Anything for Ganesha. Even the irate traffic goer stops to offer his silent prayers. Some people finish of the rituals on the first day itself and get ready to immerse the lord in water on the sec…

Paartha nyabagam illaiyo...Concluded

Story so far...before that..intha kathaiku pinnala neria kathai iruku :) i started it in 2006 end i guess :) 2007la wrote majority of it and 2008 poora thodavay ila....typical mega serial :D After a gap of an year and a half, the conclusion episode is ready now :) ithana naala kathaiyoda endingkaga eagera wait paniruntha makkals..especially g3,heidi kris (ivangalam ipo aalay kaanum), sat (she even wrote a spoof on this story :)) and some more folks who no longer blog...avanagluku oru special thanks :) unga imsailaam ilaati intha final part vanthirukay vanthirukaathu..(so you guys know whom to hit for this mokkai :))

Ithuvaraikum 9 partsa vantha kathai ennanu surukama solren..Motha kathaiyum padikanumna labels sectionla "PNI" potrukara linka click panunga :)

Namma hero raama, avan wife umaku teriama, "project sindbad"ngara oru secret missionukaga col.ragavan anuparar.Antha missionoda nokkam is to keep evil doc Aum under check. Ram manages to infiltrate Aum's lab a…

WMW n G3's Tag

First G3 tag poturen :)

1. அழகு என்பது என்ன? நிரந்தரமானதா?

hmm..enna poruthavarai..manasuku pudicha ellamay azhagu thaan..specifica "sila"(note the point my laard..sila thaan soliruken) examplesna..Priyanka chopra, asin,trish,9*,bavna,pooja etc etc... sec part..nirantharamaantha..hmm..azhagaana ninaivugal enrumay nirantharamaanthu..azhagu as such ku aayusu kammi

2. காதல் மனிதனுக்கு அவசியமா?

kandipa...epovumay budhisalia irunta bore adikum ;)

3. கடவுள் உண்டா?

kandipa irukarunu thonuthu...

4. பணம் அவசியமா?

at present..romba romba avasiyam..

ipo naan korthu vidrathu yaaralaamna...

vats, annam, sundari, tamilmango, kanagu, dd ekka, aarti matrum saga kk :D

Now for weekend movie watch :)

Saw 2 movies this weekend..first "KAMINEY" pathina review. Ella papers,channels and critics had rated 4 star for the movie. Oru vela oscar padam pola onum puriatho ennavonu nenachukitay ponom. Movie was ok..shahid kapur double actngarathu teriama padam paaka poravangaluku first half hour…

Celebrations :)

With this post..Supershanki clocks its 300th entry in its 4th year :) Athoda weekend pullyar double celebration :) May the good lord shower his blessings on all of us.

Dam(n)e luck

Do you guys believe in miracles?? Have you experienced any such incidents in your life? I've read many stories on this topic..people quoting from their real life experiences. I dont know how to classify these incidents. May be its too much of a coincidence or extreme luck? Well..let me tell you my incident..tell me under which category this one comes under.

The day i came to this city..that was exactly 101 days before..i lost my purse. I lost all my cash,card,ID everything. Very first day in a totally new place...with no money on hand. Not exactly a glorious beginning. I was cursing this place and myself as to how can i be so careless. I was more than sure that i kept my purse safely on my bag. I decided that someone must've flicked it. I was put up in a guest house at that time. Soon i found my own accommodation in the same building and day before yesterday was going for a walk. Guess was my purse..lying near a dustbin..with all my cash and cards!!! First i couldnt b…

Weekend that was...

On watching disaster movies..i always used to wonder..athepdi sollivacha mathiri ella aliens..natural disasters athainuyum US especially NY laye nadakuthunu!! Aprum yosichi paatha ..epdi tamizh padathula kannadakaranga love story varathillayo athey pola antha oorkaranunga edukara padathula avanga oora pathi kaatrathu nyayamnu convinced myself. Aana realitylayum paatha ella major or rather events which gets portrayed as major.. happens in these so called big cities. Namma oorlaye parungalen...gundu vedipunalum seri..theeviravaathinga attacknalum seri..first kuri delhi ila mumbai thaan. Ada pudusa vara vyathi kuda parunga..swine flu..inga thaan impact athigama iruku.logicala paatha impt center..aalunga jaasthingarathala impact athigam and publicityum athigamnu thonuthu..still....ithuvay namma oor side engachum ipdi vanthiruntha oru paya pulla seendirukumaangarathu doubt thaan. Ennatha screen panraanunganu therila airportlalaam. Angaeye ozhunga filter paniruntha ipdi oor poora paravi iru…

Beautiful song

This one was my dad's fav song. Adikadi avar velayaata intha paata paaduvar..for diferent situations. Each time it would sound apt for that situation. Except for the first two lines intha paata avlo unippa naan gavanichthilla..happened to hear it properly today. WOW!!! evlo deep meaning and so simply written!! Kannadasan nejamavay deiva kavignar thaan!!!

poanaal poagattum poadaa - indha
bhoomiyil nilaiyaay vaazhndhavar yaaradaa?

vandhadhu theriyum poavadhu engae vaasal namakkae theriyaadhu
vandhavarellaam thangi vittal indha mannil namakkae idamaedhu
vaazhkkai enbadhu viyaabaaram - adhil
jananam enbadhu varavaagum - varum
maranam enbadhu selavaagum
poanaal poagattum poadaa...

iraval thandhavan kaetkinraan adhai illaiyenraal avan viduvaanaa?
uravaich cholli azhuvadhanaalae uyirai meendum tharuvaanaa?
kookkuralaalae kidaikkaadhu - idhu
koartukkup poanaal jeyikkaadhu - andhak
koattaiyil nuzhaindhaal thirumbaadhu
poanaal poagattum poadaa...

elumbukkum sadhaikkum maruththuvam kandaen idharkoru marund…

Achanninde attagaasangal :)

Title padichitu matter malayala padam pathi reviewnu nenchikita athuku i the no responsible :) This post is about Mr.X..en pazhaya posts padichavangaluku Mr.X pathi erkanvay terinjirukum..teriathvangaluku below URLs given :)


Mr.X, as usual, semma terrorla irukaru...raam goes and asks..
"endhaa mr.x..endhaa vishesham"
"grrrrrr...venaam..verupethataha..semma kadupula iruken"
"huh..en rrr udreenga opicer..ennachu.."
"intha useless telnet...replace panunganna maatengaraanga..repairum pana matengaranga.."
"enna prachanai"
"outgoing poguthu..incoming varamatenguthu"
"??ultaavaa irukay..epovum incoming varum..outgoing pogathu..athepdi..number sollunga"
Raam tries calling that number from his cell. "Ada...ring aaga matenguthu..Seri..en foneuku nenga call pannunga?"
Mr.X calls..but unfortunately number is coming as board number and not direct telnet.


I was up early having hardly caught a wink the previous night.. tossing and turning the whole time. Too nervous with so many questions haunting me from all directions. Am i taking the right decision? Am i capable of pulling this off? How Will my family react to this? Being decisive was never my strong point. And this one was too daunting a question for me to find an answer objectively. I ran through my daily chores with questions ringing all over my mind. The clock ticked in 11.45 AM. I was staring at my mobile, willing it to ring. And as if on began to ring. Controlling my trembling hand i picked the call.

"hel..hello..yeah..Ram here......sure...anytime..was just waiting for your call. I've taken off 3 o'clock it is..i will meet you in your place.....yeah..i have it...bye"

I vividly remember the day i first saw her. Right from the moment i entered that place my eyes never left her. She was standing like a freshly blossomed flower in the middle of a…

Thanks from Suresh

Makkaas...en birend katahiku neenga kudutha commentsku thanks solli avar oru thanthi it is..


En iniya Blog Makkallaae :)

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read my story and feedback, I am new to story writing/reading and blog as well, anyways I am happy that I am part of a energetic club now by joining this blog :).

Story back ground :

I am very interested in acting and hence joined a theatre group "" where they had a contest "Complete the story". So the first 10 lines of the story was in the contest and I had to complete it. I was astonished by the response to my attempt & that really encourages me to write many stories in the days to come..

For those who have read Chetan bhagat books (Five point someone, 1 night @ call center, 3 mistakes of my life), you can see that I have inherited his style of writing. Actually Chetan bhagat was the first story I read and was totally inspired to write one. I have read…

Swine flu-Symptoms and hospital information

Important Health advisory for Swine Flue

With the first swine flu death being recorded in INDIA yesterday, it will be all important to keep a ready recknor at hand. More so we need to be aware of the correct symptoms and the right place for treatment. So in case we have someone who is seen to have symptoms we could guide them to the right hospital.

The attached presentation would give you additional details about the swine flu, its symptoms and the actions that need to be initiated. As a Unified Force we can stop the spread of this EPIDEMIC and cure the affected ones with timely and correct treatment. Please forward the brochure to as many known people as possible so as to make them aware and be part of the Unified Force .

Take care.



King Institute of Preventive Medicine ( 24/7 Service)
Guindy, Chennai – 32
(044) 22501520, 22501521 & 22501522

Communicable Diseases Hospital

what a wonderful world

This particular song has been my favorite one ever since i heard it for the first time, which on disney channel for some cartoon show, i've fallen in love with this. Louis Armstrong's throaty voice adds to the flavour of the song :) smooth one. nice lyrics. The world really feels wonderful when u hear this song :)

I see trees of green........ red roses too
I see em bloom..... for me and for you
And I think to myself.... what a wonderful world.

I see skies of blue..... clouds of white
Bright blessed days....dark sacred nights
And I think to myself .....what a wonderful world.

The colors of a pretty the sky
Are also on the faces.....of people ..going by
I see friends shaking hands.....sayin.. how do you do
Theyre really sayin......i love you.

I hear babies cry...... I watch them grow
Theyll learn much more.....than Ill never know
And I think to myself .....what a wonderful world

The colors of a pretty the sky
Are there on the faces.....of people ..going…

Awards time :)

Ennodathiyum oru bloga mathichi(illatiyum apdi thaan naanga solipom) rendu nalla ullam award kuduthurukaaha...athu post panna..silapala kattalaigal vera pirapichirukaanga (eba ..itha tanglishla type panrathukulla nora thalidichi) :)

The rules of the award are as follows:

-Link the person who tagged you
-Copy the image above, the rules and the questionnaire in this post
-Post this in one or all of your Blogs
-Answer the four questions following these Rules
-Recruit at least seven (7) friends on your Blog Roll by sharing this with them
-Come back to BLoGGiSTa iNFo CoRNeR (PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE THIS LINK) at and leave the URL of your Post in order for you/your Blog to be added to the Master List.

Questions & Your Answers:
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Srivats - Ivara pathi enna solrathu..know him for past dozen years..neria changes in him..but at the core he is still the same old person i met for the first time..has formed a w…

Kanavu meipada vendum..

P.S: makkalay...another love story from another budding author friend of mine..this guy is very serious into taking writing as a profession and this one is his first ever work on a public domain :) so wishing him a hearty congrats on his maiden effort and submitting it for your review..any review is welcome..

P.S.S: vara vara intha blog Doordarshanoda valarum kalaignar program mathiri aaidihichila :D hehehee....

“……..I was up earlier than normal days that day. I wonder what had made me go early there. There is freshness in the atmosphere and the cool breeze only increased the pleasantness. I am little happier for whatsoever reason. Oh! Here she comes, looking beautiful in that probably new dress. Is that a miracle? I remember now that I had woken up after a dream and she was certainly in the dream. And something in my dream had made me come earlier today. Is it real?
“What is your plan for the weekend?” I ask.
We smile to each other. No one has come yet. She is comfortable at my presence.…