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Thonthiran - part 2

Pasigaran and CHITHAPPA robot goes to the robotic meet. Pasi asks robot to introduce itself.

"Hi I'm CHITHAPPA. Breakfastuku 10 idly. Lunchku full Andhra meals"

All the other scientists in the meet complain to Pasi even before he could begin the demo.

"Mr.Pasigaran..mariyathaiya itha ingenthu thookitu poidunga..ilaati akku vera aani veraya naangalay itha udaichiduvom"


"Unga kooda irukkara antha janthu..enga lunch box elaam gaali pannidichi. Ozhungu mariaathaia engellaarukum lunch vaangi thaanga"

"Dei CHITHAPPA..enda ipidi maanatha vaaangara"

"Avanga thaan doctor sonaanga. Avangalala saaptu seiyara oru vishyam ennala mudiathu nu. Athaan naan irukara ellar lunchaiyum saaptutu try panni paathen. Evlo try panalum varala doctor"

"aiaiaao...ennatha try panna"

"Yeppam vida thaan..neenga enna nenacheenga. Am i missing any other skill"

"Mada robo..Yeppam vidarathelam skillada"

Jury members from the conference reject CHITHAPPA because he doesnt know how to Burp.

Kadupula veetuku vara Pasigaran decides to teach the robot all aspects of gastric problems.

Blackboardla Poondu, mochakoattai lenthu Jelucil syrup varaikum ellathaiyum power point slidesa poatu solli tharar Pasigaran. Apdiyum CHITHAPPA ku purinja mathiri therila. In comes Sadha.

"Enna Pasi panreenga?"

"Intha mada Robo va paru Sadha..enna sonanlum ithu mandaila era maatenguthu"

"Unga slideslam paatha mandaila erara matter pathi mathiri terilaiye" apdinu Sadha solitrukum boathu oru differentaana sound varuthu.

Pasi gets anxious and searches everywhere for the source of the noise. Suddenly Sadha exclaims. "Pasi intha sound CHITHAPPA kitenthu thaan varuthu"

"Wooohoo...CHITHAPPA eppam vitutaru. Itha vachu conferencela naan jeiyichiruven" nu Pasi jumps with joy.

Sadha takes CHITHAPPA to her home. Anga micham meethi vaikamaa samaichi vachiruntha ella itemsaiyum the robot finishes off in one sitting. Sadha's amma gets wild and shouts that "Un oruthiku samaichi podrathay mudila..ithula ithu veraya..kootitu po mudhulla"

Chithappa and Sadha goes to a park.

"Sadha..unkita onnu sollata..neeyum theeni am i. Intha ulagathulaye thandathuku irukara renday peru thaan. Onnu nee..inonnu naan. Why shouldnt we get married i say?"

"Chithappa..amma saapadu unaku othukala nenakren. Jelucil saptia?" saying this she abruptly rejects Chithappa's proposal.

Chithappa feels heart broken and decides to teach everyone a lesson. He stealthily goes into Pasigaran's lab and clones himself.

Suddenly the Saravana Bhavan's, A2B's, Annapoorna's finds themselves under attack. Pasi seeing the kalebaram on tv rushes to the lab.

"Chithappa...enna ithu...engenthu ithana Chithappa vanthaanga??!!"

"Ivangalaama...ithu thaan naan first clone panna robot. So nomenclature padi onnu vitta Chithappa..athu rendu vitta chithappa...ipdi neria pera create panniruken"

"En chithappa en...un oruthan imsaiye thaangala...en idpi senja. Diwali athuvuma...oru hotel vidama ella shopsaium ivanga gaali panitrukaanga. Udanay stop pannu ivangala"

"Mudiaathu. Enakku Sadhava katti vai..naan stop panren"

"Ithuku un memory corrupt aakara computer virusa katti vaikka sollirukalam nee. Ennamo po..ekkedu ketu ozhinga. Mudhalla intha galattavelaam stop pannu"

"Dei...Ram...ennada olaritruka...enamo..chithappa periappa nu polambitruka...ethachum kanavu kandia??" Hearing his mom's voice Ram wakes up.

"Amma...en robot engamma"

"Robo va....unna solli kuthammilada...anju seconduku oru thadava ad poatu kolraanga paaru...Sun tv karana sollanum...poda po...mudhalla kulichitu va. Diwali athuvuma...ethana neram thoongitrupa"



Ramesh said…
Gilsu in totally creative mood ....
RS said…
Ha,ha,ha.....MM@PK, I laughed. Endhiran paarthu mokka vaangitu vandhutomey nu oru feelings-s irundhaen. I enjoyed this thonthiran :D

Aana boss, robotku eluthi pottu, solli kuduthu feelings vara veika mudiyumngra logic-a paarthu i the proud of the director's creativity...

@Ramesh: Ithuku thaan appapo 2,3 movies-aavathu paarkanum :D.......
BSK said…
innum andha Ram'a vidalaya neenga.. but the Thonthiran was awesome.. was in splits.. :)
RamMmm said…
Boom-Boom Robo-da Robo-da
Mokkai pohtta Gilsai kum kum kuththuda kuththuda

:-) Ennaththa solla
R-ambam said…
ithuvallavo proposal.!!
aaha ..! epdi ipdilaam ??? :D

perfect lollu sabha script !
nandoo said…
so nomenclature padi onnu vitta Chithappa..athu rendu vitta chithappa...ipdi neria pera create panniruken"

=)) excellent one!!!

kalakittenga gils.... really a good one... enjoyed throughout part one and part 2....
chennaigirl said…
Sun tv networks la thaaan naa neengalumaaa?!!!!!!! :(
UmaS said…
Super...kalakiteenga.... :) Totally enjoyed reading this, Gils. :)
shravya said…
hi.. i had read almost all your posts.. i like it the way of saying story.. keep up good work..

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