Sunday, August 22, 2010


"In 11 out of ten stories, its always the hero who chases the gal..confuses her..convinces her..makes her fall for him. What would be the guys reaction had the same been done by the gal. Imagine a gal, repeatedly running behind a spite of him rejecting her.. multiple times and managing to win his heart in the end. What would you think about such a gal?"

So began the great coffee day debate :)

"Is she good looking??"
"That girl you were telling about"
"Let's say..Yes. She is"
"Is she hot?"
" and cute and etc etc"
" the guy married?"
"No...i know wat u will ask next. a big noooooo to that too"
"Thats a rather "straight" answer..hehehe...then this is a theoretical impossibility. No good looking gal will go after a guy, even after multiple rejections and no sane single guy would accept such an offer"
"What is insane in a gal going after a guy and why would he reject her?"
"Well..for starters..that guy would be scared out of his wits. Have you seen Discovery channel? even in animals..its always he male who trapezes to attract the female. Never the other way round. And moreover..a good looking gal proposing to a guy, without even him trying!! Had i been in his shoes, i would be absolutely careful and watch out for any pranks"
"PRANKS!!! guys will never be serious.."
"Ok..ok...relax. Lets be practical. The scenario you are describing might sound like every guy's dream. But in reality..thats not the case"
"Thats what i want to know. Why? Lemme ask you direct. Do you guys think..just because the gal herself comes and asks you..she may not be of good character?"
"Hmmm...see..anything which comes easily looses its sheen.. right?"
"How mean. No gal would think like that about a guy who comes and proposes to her"
"Well..because thats what everyone expect."
"So u mean to say...a gal cant fall in love on her own and should always wait for someone to propose to her? how stupid.Even in this modern guys cant accept a women to take lead isnt it? Accept the fact would hurt your male ego's if a gal comes and propose to you and thats the reason why you cant agree to that. All day you dream about your Jessica Alba's and Angelina Jolie's. Even for them..if they come direct and ask you guys would never change"
"Hey u never said the gal looked like Jessica Alba..if Jessica Alba comes and proposes to me..i will surely consider. Anything for.."
Even before he could complete a jug of cold water gets emptied on his head.

"By the way..why this topic all of a sudden? Wait a minute. You want to propose to someone and is testing waters now?"
She sheepishly smiles and says.."Maybe..maybe not"
" could've told this first. Had you been the gal who is proposing to the guy..this would be his reaction"..he runs away from that place..with her chasing him.


Ramesh said...

Mmmmmm something tells me I can guess the guy who's featured in this post .......

gils said...

thala it could be u too :D

RS said...

Gilse.....Yemi matteru???

LOL@ Ramesh's comment. nerupillama pohaiyaathu baas :P :D

gils said...

nerupillaama....pugaiyaatha...hmmm....have u seen dry ice? :D :D :D

Aaarti said...

Oooh.. puthu layout, puthu post.. kalakareeenga!! :D

Interesting post indeed...

Vidya said...

So who is this gal and who is this guy?

Anonymous said...

Was this guy Gils? Who is the girl? :D

Durga said...

Out with it Gils! Who is the guy and who is the girl? C'mon...

Anonymous said...

Aeng IPDI villangama ellam vetti kadhai adikareenga?

vinu said...

woooooooooooooe woooooooooooooe wow

Deepa said...

Gilsu- This time you've been caught! SO who proposed you, and what was your answer? :P :P

lostworld said...

I'm sure both guy & girl are you in different situations ! :) Isn't it !?

DQ said...

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