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Name is the game

What is common between Don Quixote, Euler and Fermat.

Apart from the fact that they are quite an unique set of names, another intriguing aspect would be their pronunciation. Till now i'vent heard 2 similar ways of pronouncing Mr. Quixote. Wonder what made Miguel de Cervantes choose that name. I used to read it as "quick zot". When i came across the story again in my college i was told it is "Kee oh tay".  I dont remember the story much except for his charge at the windmills. But the name i would never forget in a hurry. Same goes for Euler. Is it "you ler" or "Oi ler" is something i'vent figured out yet. Ditto for Fermat. All through the college i kept hearing it as "fer maa's theorem" and used to search for that spelling.

This name thing is not limited to people alone. When Keladi Kanmani was released they had the posters all over the town and the name was printed in tamil's equivalent font for comic san serif. I read …

Review time - Movies

2013 has been really amazing in the kind of movies i got to watch compared to 2012 which was an year of mokkais. Onnu kooda therala.

First one that comes to mind is Django unchained. Typical Quentin Tarantino movie where additionally he thumbs his nose on racism. The movie is a mass masala entertainer with splashes of senti scenes thrown in. A story ,which in the hands Spielberg, could've been an emotional tearjerker, Tarantino plays with fire and comes out trumps. Its the story set in a time when blacks where sold on auctions to the highest bidder as slaves and how badly they were treated by their white lords. Its a story of how one guy rises above these inhuman practices and takes revenge with the help of another white guy. Django gets freed by a white guy who is a bounty hunter. The scenes where they effortlessly shoot their way across the situations they find themselves in are so violent that its almost comical. The movie has so much blood splashing they might acutally post a…

Chapter 9 - Stockholm syndrome

This is a chain love story as a part of CBC (Chennai Bloggers Club) chain story relay. 17 bloggers get to write a chapter each starting from 4th feb with the climax culminating on 20th March 2013. I took this kaathal jothi olympic torch from Deepa Iyer - a foodie, home chef, a voracious reader who can finish a book in a non-stop-one-night read and a die hard romantic) and romba mukkiyama proof reader. Aana Spelling mishtake (hehe) paatha netrikanna thoranthiduvanga.
To read the previous chapters inge clickavum
Now to Chapter 9.

(ManiRatnam padathula vara mathiri backgroundla the sound of typewriter typing)

5 weeks later :

Cafe Safari @ Kiruna, North Sweden.

"Of all the places..why did you select this dochu place for meeting" cribs Ahalaya to Guru
"Wait ..wait...always in a hurry..from driving car to driving people crazy"
" still remember the car incident..sorrypa"
"Incident!! could very well've been were driving mad not ju…

Wooohooo :))

I was feeling slightly sad that i am leaving this place without seeing snow. On one hand was happy that the winter in this city was not as killingly cold as its neighbouring cities. It was relatively warm and at its coldest it was like pretty chill but bearable with proper clothes. There are few mountain ranges near by to Charlotte which were supposed to be snow covered. But i visited those places during Fall season and missed snow by few days. Inniki afternoon suddenly it started snowing :) It was the first ever time i am witnessing snowfall and it felt...awesome :) To hold the little snowflakes flowing around like thermocol and seeing them melt on your felt so happy. I am sure everyone would've had a first snow experience. I thought i might never have one, having chased snow all these years only to miss them by couple of hours. Finally..finally there it was :) blizzarding away in all its glory :)) Thank you god for creating the wonderful variety that is nature and…

Review time - TV series

Silapala naalavay reviews podaama neria senthu poachu. So posting everything in one shot :)

Have been watching way too many drama series off late and after coming here the list has only increased. The enemy who hooked me onto most of those series have got me addicted to one more - Grey's anatomy.
I've seen some series involving medicine and doctors before. House M.D being the stand out one amongst them. Have seen Scrubs in bits and pieces. But neither of them were the typical hospital based stories that are bread and butter theme on Sidney sheldon or Arthur Hailey novels. Grey's anatomy fills that void. Its almost a chick flick series if you remove the portions involving the patients. Into the second season now and the story line is pretty much similar to "Nothing lasts forever" by Sheldon and "Doctors" by Hailey. My favourite so far is Katherine Heigl, probably her break through series. En enemy is drooling over Patrick Dempsey. She has gone conkers ov…

A time to play

Everytime i read about schools or watch a mushy movie on school days and how kids enjoy their school life, i feel myself shivering for a second. Its no secret on how i view my schooldays. So i cant take mine as a case in study. As i look at how it had shaped my fellow mates, i couldnt help but it really worth the struggle??!!

Everyone says marks don't make or break a kid, each parent being an example themselves. Almost all of my friends vow never to allow their kids go through the same struggle that they went through as kids and promise themselves to allow the kids to choose their own path. But the March month madness makes the slave driver in them to triumph over the parent self. It will be ages before a viable alternative is found and accepted. I guess, inherently it has been branded into all of us that, unless you sweat it out the results wouldnt be worth it. It is definitely true but can't working hard and concentrating go hand in hand with peace and happiness?…

Home alone

"Oppppaaa Gagnam style...Heyyyyyyyyy Sexyy laayyyddyyyy"
With the ringtone increasing in decibels with each passing second, he made a frantic search for it amidst the chaos of pillows, bedspread, pizza boxes and books.
"Fone edukka ivlo nerama"
"Sorryda chellam...enga vachennu thedi edukarathukulla ..lighta late aidichi..heheh"
"Sirikkaatha..thoongitu thaana iruntha"
"hey..athepdi theriyum unakku"
"red stripe poatta antha t shirta innum maathalaiya"
" ethachum set pannirukia?? enga irukka nee"
"unna pathi teriaaathu..nee oru onnaam number somberi..naan kelambina anniki enna shirt potrunthio athu kudavay live in relationship nadathitrupannu...kadisia ennkiu kulicha...iPhonelaye gabbu adikuthu"
"ithelaam too muchaakum...naan nee kelambina annikay kulichiten"
"adapavi...4 daysa bathroom pakkam etti kooda pakalaiya"
"nee kelambinaprum subbu vanthirunthaan...apdiye man…

Destiny's child

When she pinged last week, i responded with mixed feelings of joy in connecting with her again and incoming sense of bad news. Sadly, my hunch turned out to be true. There are topics that makes me queasy and the best i would be able to offer would be a silent and patient listen in such conversations. When she told the news of her mom's demise, i thought that would be the final straw that broke the camel's back.

"B" ,as i know her, has been destiny's infamous child. I used to tease her that worse case, she can sell her life story as a script to Sun TV and they would get the ultimate tear jerker mega serial ever. Jokes and kiddings apart, hers is nothing but a life of struggle. I strongly believe that, when god gives you suffering, it would be directly proportional to the impending happiness. It would help my mind to wander away beyond the issue into the future of peace and happiness. It gave a sense that the issue on hand will end soon and there will be light at t…

Viswaroopam - review

By the time this post sees the light of the day or browser, there would be a million reviews floating around :) The controversy about the movie have brought out the writer in all. Either they want to register their protest against those opposing the release by watching it or want to show off saying that they've seen the movie when others couldnt. Than muyarchiyil satrum manam thalaratha vikramaathithan mathiri..mokka padamnalaum nalla padamnaalum sambrathaaya padi naanga review potruvomla.

Last saturday went to watch the movie, that had released without much ado in US. I've been to almost ten movies in the past ten months in 5 different theaters. Even after the movie theater massacre on the release of the 3rd Batman movie, i never saw policemen on the theater premises. But for this movie, there was a cop who was standing along with the ticket checker at the very entrance to the theater!!

First few minutes into the movie, i was wondering whether the wrong organisation was prot…