Saturday, August 14, 2010

Inconsistent Yuga

At the fag end of the Mahabaratha yuga (Dwabara yuga??) after the great war finally got over and Pandavas claimed the throne of Hasthinapura, soiled with their own kith and kins blood, one fine day 2 farmers were presented in the court of Yudishtra, who obviously had been crowned the king.

Thus spoke the Minister " Dear lord, oh mighty Yudishtra, the noblest and Just person ever, Son of Dharma, here i am faced with a peculiar case. I am not able to give them a proper solution and hence its been presented before you"

"Noble minister, pray tell me what is the issue"

"Well, standing before you to, your right is Bhola, who had sold his land to his cousin Baalu standing to your left. All the settlement has been done in a proper and just manner and the transaction has been completed in the most proper manner possible"

"So..whats the issue here?"

"Yesterday while digging a corner of that land, Baalu had found a pot of gold treasure hidden. He had gone to Bhola to give it to him as he believes the treasure rightfully belongs to Bhola. But Bhola has refused to take it as he had already sold the land to Baalu and whatever treasure had been found should belong to Baalu. I am at a loss to give a Just answer to this issue and hence had to disturb your highness"

Yudishtra, was secretly happy that his subjects were so noble and decent, was perplexed at the same time how to solve the issue. He adjourned the issue for that day and went back to his harem thinking. The ever clever Lord Krishna paid a visit at that very moment. Seeing the clouds of confusion on Yudishtra's face, the lord asks for the reason and when he hears about the case has a hearty laugh.

"Oh dear Yudishtra, dont worry. You did the right thing by postponing the judgement by a day. Wait till tommorow and see what happens" with a wink and smile the lord vanishes as quickly as he came.

The next day dawned and Yudishtra's court proceedings get disturbed again by the same 2 farmers who turn out in a pretty violent mood, each one literally on other's throat.

Even before Yudishtra could enquire, Bhola shouts "oh Just king..the treasure which Baalu found on the land is my ancestral property and should rightfully belong to me. Please get it for me. I would be devoted to you for life"

For which Baalu shouts back saying "Lord..i've paid him full and final and just amount for his land and whatever is available from the land belongs to me now. How can he claim something which belongs to me. Please help in restoring my rightful claim to the treasure"

Yudishtra is perplexed with the sudden turn of events and decides to postpone the proceedings again. He prays to Lord Krishna who appears before him.

"Oh merciful God..i am confused over the sudden turn of events. How come both the people went through a sudden change of heart?? Both were selfless and compassionate towards each other yesterday and overnight both have become selfish and greedy? what happened??"

"Dear Yudishtra..arent you aware? From sunrise today, begins Kaliyuga. The most difficult yuga ever. In Threthaa yuga..there were fewer demons and even them were pious and righteous. In Dwabara yuga..the good and bad were in equal propotion. But in Kaliyuga the good and bad exist in the same form. No one is completely good or completely bad. The case in your court is just a trailor of things to come. Be prepared" and pufff vanishes the lord.

Yudishtra renounces his throne the very same day after appointing his successor and leaves with his brothers to do penance.

P.S: Eppovo padicha kathai..ipo ethuku postirukengareengala..i think it applies to each and everyone of us. You can never be good, or even bad for that matter, continuously to anyone and everyone. At some point the twine breaks. Nallathu senjatha nenachu paathu..allathu seiayarappo mannichiruvomaga. Happy independence day folks.


A Beautifulmind said...

Very good read!

Ramesh said...

Beautiful story and post Gilsu. Defines very accurately the age we live in.

RS said...

Happy Independence day, Gils. Wonderful story that was, from my most favourite Mahabharat.

evanescentthoughts said...

Great post Gils.. I dint know about this story.. very interesting tale and Yudhistra renounced his throne because of this :)
Happy Independence day to you too!! :)

PK - The torture girl said...

Very intresting story... Thanx for it..

Happy Independence day !!!

- இரவீ - said...

Superb! Happy Independence Day!

Deepa said...

I have always felt, Mahabharata is one of the most comprehensive books ever written. It transecends time. You can take examples from it even today. Beautiful post!

BSK said...

Beautiful story.

Anonymous said...

Ejjactly as how we are now,good one.


lostworld said...

As they say - There's a Raavan in every Ram also & vice versa.
:) Awesome post.

ps- My laptop was virus infected & I was changing projects at work so couldn't blog or read posts even from office. I've missed it a lot though !

gils said...


hey welgum here :) danks fr the kaments :)


:) danku


:) u like mahabarat very much right :)

gils said...


yup..this one i wanted to post for a long time..somehow cudnt.


:) danks for the comments

gils said...

:) epdirukeenga


absoultely. Its THE greatest story ever told possibly :)

gils said...




ooh..athaan aala kaanuma..ipo okva? thot u had exams. Hey wats ur mail id? u in facebook or orkut?

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