Thursday, September 29, 2011

Corporate Culture in Ramayana :)

Lord Ram..sitting on the seashore with a worried look.
After convincing the Sea Lord to support him on his mission to build a bridge over sea, he is now left with the arduous task of actually building the bridge. He is seen comforted by Sugreeva, Hanuman, Jaambavan and Sugreeva offers his monkey sena to perform the monumental project. Hanuman is appointed the project manager. Nala and Neela take the role of chief architects. Millions of monkeys take to quarrying for stones and form an assembly line to build the bridge. They toil day in and out, cheerfully performing their tasks. There lived a squirrel family close by to the sea. Watching the monkeys helping the Lord in his quest, the squirrel family decides to throw their hat in the ring too. Without further much ado, they jump into the fray and begin to carry small pebbles. Lord Ram, moved by this noble act, takes the squirrel on his hand and lovingly smoothens its fur.

Legend has it that, the marks we see on the backs of the squirrels are the fingerprints of Lord Ram when he stroked them.

Ithula enga corporate culture vanthuchunu paakareengala. Matteruku varuvom.

Monkeysoda natural tasks/lifestyle enna? Kadalla kalla poatu bridge katratha?? Kandippa illa. Irunthaalum..avanga big boss..Sugreevan sonaarnu ellaam, went out of their way to do the task. Annual appraisalkaana goal setting document padi, bridge katrathu would have never been a part of their daily routine. Apdi paatha elaamay exceeded their expectations in that project. Like any project, project manager (Hanuman) gets the maximum appreciation here also and well deservedly too. Like any IT projects, intha bridge projectlayum, architects pathi yaarum kandukitta mathiri therila. (Wonder how many knows that Nala and Neela are the engineers of the vaanara army). Finala, no one knows any one of the zillion monkeys which did the actual work of throwing stones into sea and constructed the bridge. Akin to "Normal" developers who punch in lakhs of lines of code without even getting to see the light of the day and get rated as "Meeting expectations" at the end of the year.

Sila per are like the squirrel. They may or may not be directly involved in the project. Aana vara vendia nerathula..seiyya vendia velaiya..seria senji..aththanai limelightaiyum allikittu poiduvanga. And their contribution, however minimal, will be spoken about for generations.

Ithunaala thaan solrathu - "Don't be a monkey. Be a squirrel" nu.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Social Network

He logs into FaceBook and posts "Bored with life". It receives 20 LIKES. Few of his 300 and odd friends asks permission to repost it. Majority agree with "Same pinch" replies. There are few wisecrack comments. More LIKES follows. One of his long lost friend posts "You still alive. Call me" without giving his number and also POKES him.

Few days later the status message reads "Life sucks". This one receives more LIKES than previous one and is responded with philosophical quotes copy pasted from other posts. His long lost friend POKES again.

Soon the status message reads "Planning to commit suicide". Of all the three posts this one receives maximum LIKES. "Can i be by Su's side when you commit to her" wisecracks a friend. That mokkai receives more likes than the original status message and the topic digresses away. One guy posts YOU TUBE video of a person streaming LIVE his suicide and recommends the same. It gets the maximum likes. The long lost friend POKES again.

He really commits suicide after a few days. All his friends post about it on their status messages wherever they can. A Gtalk status reads "HE MAN u r THE MAN" another one went like "You rocked buddy. Will aaaalways be in my memories. Will never again forget to wish you on your birthdays". Some of his friends FACEBOOK statuses read like "what a tragic loss", some wondered "Was he alive all these days?", "When did i add this guy in my friends list??!!" and scores of "RIP" and a steady stream of "HEARTY CONDOLENCES" crowd up His FACEBOOK page. His long lost friend posts on his page "dei alive? weekend meet pannalama?" and POKES him AGAIN.

Few days later, FACEBOOK prompts about His birthday. Majority of the responses read "Advance birthday wishes", while some go to the extent of wishing a "Long and happy life". Others want Him to "have a blast". His long lost friend, angry with Him for lack of response blocks Him from his friends list.

Few more months down the line.

She posts in FACEBOOK "Bored with life". Can you guess what the reaction would be? ;))

Thursday, September 08, 2011

A moral dilemma

I've always had my reservations about death penalties. Not exactly convinced on their usage. Always felt that taking another life is god's realm and humans, especially those in garb of black gown sitting under a smiley oldies photo, have no business in it. But this particular issue, a severely sensitive one at that, is irking me so much that, thought of posting about it.

I am talking about the appeal raised against the capital punishment sentenced for the (erstwhile) LTTE trio. There are so many reasons, valid and humane at that, with which it can be argued as to why their death sentence should be annulled. But our shameless dirty pigs of politicians have decided to bleed the sentiment, dry out of this one too, which has already cost a poor lady's life. I dont understand how can speaking a common language and belonging to a war ravaged country, contaminated with ethnic cleansing and lead by the worst psychopath of a leader, who would make Khmer rogue guerrillas sound like kindergarten kids, make them qualify for a waiver of a crime they've committed, which has been proven beyond any doubt with authentic evidence.

Those poor guys have already spent not one, not two, but TWENTY years of their lives in prison. If there is anything worse than death, its awaiting it day after day, not knowing when the hangman's noose is going to kiss your neck. These people have undergone that torture for 2 decades of their life. The prime of their youth wasted in the shadow of death. Some might say, the delay was caused by the umpteen mercy pleas raised on their behalf. But again, its easier to be an armchair commentator than to actually live their lives. Saying all this, i do not support their motives or means and definitely not the result. They ARE terrorists, who killed not just a charismatically corrupt leader but 18 other people along with him and resulted in landslide victory leading to formation of a corrupt government. Their single act of terrorism. earned the wrath of his widow, which has now resulted in the eventual doom of their entire organisation. Had it been any other country, these three would've been long dead and might have even reborn.

By passing a resolution, recommending waiver of the death sentence, there by bowing to political pressure AND continuing the game of one up man ship with DMK, the ruling party has set such a horrible precedence, which sends shivers in me to even think of the events to follow. If belonging to the same ethnic group, speaking the same language are good enough reasons to pardon criminals, that too with state Government's endorsement...i couldnt get myself to even finish describing the absurdity of the scenario. Even before i could post this one, there is some organisation asking presidential pardon for Afzal Guru, on similar grounds.

"THILLU MULLU"la Thenga Sreenivasan solra mathiri ..."Murugaaa...intha naatta nee thaaanpaa kaapaathanum"!!!!

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Situational song :D

Last weekend i happened to see "Mangaathaa" movie and had posted a review on the same under the review and WMW tag. The generous sponsor of the free pass was rt, a fellow blogger, who is truly the Jill of all trades. Any place worth hanging out in chennai, any decent restaurant or shortcut routes to any place in chennai, she is my google cum wikipedia :) (Ipdilaam bittu poatta..aduthavaatiyum ticket sponsor pannuvaangannu oru nappasai thaan :D )The generous sponsor, though couldnt make it to the movie as she had other engagements. I was left with not one..but two movie tickets for the hot cake movie of the weekend. Yet i couldnt find any takers for the other ticket!!! All the people i knew were either in want of both the tickets or werent in a position to make the show timings. I am never punctual to any place but almost always make an exception for movies for obvious reasons :) Here too, for 10.15 show, i was there by 9.45 and to kill time, was listening to songs in radio. As if reading my mind, 104.8 fm decided to air this very song. Always been a fan of Westlife and this one in particular, played the role of situational song to the T :D

Loneliness is always looking for a friend
It found me once and it has been around since then
Loneliness is never waiting by the door
It sweeps right through and it will never be ignored
Why, why was I chosen?
Why am I left without?

Loneliness knows everything I keep inside
My endless thoughts in the silence of the night
Loneliness is the one who made me see
Ain't nobody else who can make a change but me
Why, why was I chosen?
Why am I left without?

Less is more and that would be the vacant space
The cried out tears and a never ending maze
I have found what only loneliness provides
A strength within knowing I will find

Monday, September 05, 2011

Flights of fancy

The noise was deafening and the crowd inside was suffocating. Yet, each one managed to squeeze whatever little space they can to catch a glimpse. The moment they saw "it", the kids who were sitting close by to the window had a happy glow on their face. Some of the elders had a longing look. While some had the look of pride, with recollections of their past experiences on "it" shining on their eyes. Some had a look of irritation wondering what the heck is so special about something so trivial. Either they would have given up all hope of ever coming anymore closer to "it" than they actually can or they must have got fed up that their otherwise peaceful journey being disturbed by the over enthusiastic audience. I witness these scenes almost 5 days a week on the way to office, whenever the bus crosses Meenambakkam airport.

When cellphones first came into our college campus (well..actually it was pager which came in first) looking at the cost of usage, i thought if i earn enough to own a pager life would be settled. So was the case for cell phones till a few years back. Though being latest gadgets to enter the daily life and despite such an unaffordable rate at which they were introduced, industry realised their potential and what has resulted in an never ending price reduction war, which has actually benefited both the buyer and the seller. Same applies for cars too. I would call the automobile industry as racist, elitist and whatever more "tist"s i could think for yet to make a fuel efficient at the same time stylish looking safe car. Different story for different post. Point wanted to convey is, all these things, though considered as luxury once, has now been made available. If not exactly to all the people, atleast to a vast majority. Now, i dont want to get into that muddle of, how useful they are and who benefits from them. So let me skip into the point i wanted to post about, which is air travel.

Of all the basic amenities, i would love to include air travel in that list, flights are still beyond the reach of common men. When Air Deccan was introduced as low cost airline, felt so happy and despite its misgivings as to unhygienic conditions and inconsistent schedules, it was quite a revolution and many benefited because of it. But rather than the revolution spreading, its been nipped very fast in the bud itself and whatever remains, hardly resembles the original idea anymore. I wish to see the day, when i have the options to choose a super fast bullet train or a low cost airline, where in both compete with each other on their pricing, for a trip to any major city in TN or anywhere in India. I want to have options in my travel which are both affordable and enjoyable and dont just remain with in the grasp of a select few. I want air travel to be so common that, next time when the bus crosses Meenambakkam, people should look at flight with the same curiosity as which they see a car or a new model bike and not with yearning. Agreed that, even car and bike are not something affordable by everyone..but..i am sure u get the drift. And yeah..this post is not in response to any cancelled onsite trips of mine or long pending visa interviews :D

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Mangaathaa daa... :)


Guess this would be THE catch phrase in days to come. Right from the first frame Ajith owns every single screen second. Such is his screen presence that, its almost as if he is the only person in the three hour long movie. He is truly the King of Spades midst the deck of remaining cast. No mean achievement considering that the movie boasts of not one, not two, but THREE cute heroines in Andrea, Anjali and Trisha, how much ever miniscule their roles be. The movie well and truly deserves to be a landmark movie in Ajith's career. Its his show all the way through. Its very evident that he had a gala time doing the movie and pity that people dont wait till the screen credits which is actually funny and nice.

He cusses with vengeance...dances as if no one is Salaman a run for his unbuttoned brawn in fight sequence..unabashedly cheats on his girl friend(s)..drinks gallons and smokes tonnes of cigarrrttes..not giving a damn to the usual squeaky clean hero image. If said in one word - MACHO. His persona oozes with manliness. Couldnt think of any other tamil hero who could command such a personality. Not even Vikram with his body(builder) language. Infact, his character in the movie is not just grey but an out and out negative character. Just because of the fact that its Ajith, who, with his charm and charisma, makes you root for the villain rather than the hero. Come to think of it. The movie has no hero :) Every one is a part of the heist and has their own role to play. Just that few succeed while rest die doesnt make them any noble.

The movie has all the ingredients of a typical festival release or a summer blockbuster. Though three of the 5 songs are a let down..the other two more than make up for the album. "Vilayaadu Mangaatha" is already ruling the playlists. For long i've wondered when tamil movies will have songs good enough to be played in parties. Not that there werent any. But Bollywood had stolen a long march on party mix compared to tamil. Yuvan Shankar Raja, i feel has more than bridged the gap in past few years. Be his "Where is the party" number or few other Simbu hits or the pre-release single from this movie, his music rocks. But he should be vain to take the audience for granted for sneaking in "Mission Impossible" theme in re-recording. Bad choice. Mathabadi sollikara mathiri padathula onnum ila. Story is desi version of Oceans Eleven series with bit of other english movies thrown in. Arjun repeats the quintessential cop for the millionth time. Except for the twist in the end, the charm of which is that its not actually a twist, the movie has nothing credible to speak of from the screenplay department. Choreographer Jayabaratham Furnitures or Pantaloons la vela paathirupaar nenakren. Song picturisations resemble ads for these showrooms more than anything. Lakshmi "Item" Rai does what she does best. Premgi amaran is fast running out of ideas. Loved the scene where Ajith mocks him with exactly the same dialogue. Trisha..avvv. Looks like a pongaluku paint adicha veedu. Avlo makeup. Vinnai thaandi varuvaayala paatha Trishava ithu :( Anjali naalay azhuvaacchi thaannu decide panitaanga pola. Andrea wasted like anything. Aana who cares. Movie belongs to Ajith and its paisa vassool for Thala fans. Its an out and out guys movie and full meals for thala fans :)

Gils verdict: Mangaathaa - Full house.

ETA 1) Guess what this post happens to be the 50th review post @supershankis :) just now noticed the label count :D :D

ETA 2) What i saw in the movie..came out as bits and pieces in the post. But how i saw the movie is a story of its own. Antha polambal in a separate post :) Ticket courtesy rt :)