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Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

Blessed are the forgetful..for they get the better even of their blunders.

Many times i've wondered, if at all there was an option, to wipe out those memories of embarrassing situations, memories of sadness, of failure, of all those negative that which hang around mind like unwanted files, cluttering the space. The pain that is associated with them, which gets rekindled each time you revisit. The bouts of suffering that which gets reminded each time. The shudder that runs through the body and the cold chill on the spine reliving those embarrassments. If only we could, not just forget about them, but also make sure that they are erased forever. But even if we do erase those memories, will it make life any better? So goes the theme of the movie "The eternal sunshine of the spotless mind".

First thing that attracted me to the movie was the title. Some sentences or word, however big or clumsy they are, gets immediately fixed. I saw it once on a cover and …

One test and many learnings

When i had taken learners permit, it was more for an id proof/address proof kind of thing and never had any intention of taking it up further. When roomies went for driving classes, joined them for fun and even after going for half a dozen training sessions, was still in no mood to actually take up the test. One fine day, it finally dawned that, Why not? Afterall i've spent so much for each of those classes, i might as well take up the test. All the while i was playfully attending without showing much interest on learning the rules and the moment i realised i had to prepare for the road test, it was throwback time to the school days. Looking at the way i was driving, the instructor booked a much early slot for me and all of a sudden things were not so easy anymore. The same roads, that were comfortable to Vrroom around appeared like obstacle courses. During the final class, looking at the way i was driving, the instructor asked me to pull over.

"What the hell is wrong with y…

Pirivom Santhippom

After years of waiting, finally i managed to finish reading "Pirivom Santhippom". I so badly wanted to read this novel for so long, but was unable to get the full copy anywhere. Whenever i went to any book shop, i would either not get a copy or will forget to check, remembering it only later. Onlinela there will be only the second portion of the book available and never the complete set. There was a movie, Anantha Thandavam, based on this book and even that movie, i had never seen from start to finish. Always from halfway portion. I thought i was never destined to read this book. Then one fine day finally managed to get the ebook of the entire two parts and promptly forgot where i saved the file!! Few days back stumbled on the file and immediately started on it. Sujatha never disappoints and no wonder this book of his is such a huge hit among his fans.

Its a simple love story, but alas love stories can never be simple right? A story of an young man, full of confusions and d…

English Vinglish

Nowadays story lines of movies are held so much in secret that, cine people might put their lives in front of it. The more they try to keep it under wraps the growth of hype and mystique around the movie grows rapidly. Here is one story, which anyone can say looking at the title itself, what its going to be about. Touted as being Sridevi's comeback vehicle, it becomes even more obvious. A central lady character, her struggles with the English language and it has to have a positive ending and so logically, she must be overcoming her hiccups and win over her troubles in the end. The forced inclusion of a cameo from Big B (Thalai in tamil version..honestly Rajini would've been a hoot on this role. Imagine Rajini Sridevi combo after all these years..avvvvvvvv) only raised more questions on the directors confidence in their own product. Despite these stumbling blocks, the movie is a winner all the way. Its not just about a lady's quest to learn a new language. Its all about ga…

The grand debate

Be it Brit or American, any author worth his salt, or if at all he wishes his name to be seen on NY pulp fiction best seller list, there has to be a novel on the US govenment and particularly involving the president, be it his romantic escapades or attempts on his life or the run up to the presidency. Many of Jeffrey Archer's novels, my favourite author and my English teacher to a large extent, are based on these premises. And almost all of them are blockbuster hits. My favourite picks are "Shall we tell the president" and "Prodigal Daughter". The first one deals with an insider's plot to assasinate the incumbent president while the latter traces the rise to the top post of a Polish immigrant's daughter. I strongly believe, Archer was in love with that character, Florentyna Rosnovski, for the way he had shaped the story is so special and is probably even better than his master piece "Kane and Abel". Being a conservative, he somehow has a pref…


Ada... Dumeelu thaan dumeelu thaan...gilsu gun nula sutta dumeelu thaan :D:D Erkanavay athu dappanguthu song..athula lyrics change vera thevayaanu kekareengalaa :D the floating in air :D
Enaku pudikumngarathaala generalise pannala, but i guess, for most of the guys, their childhood aasai would definitely be to own a toy gun. The noisier and funkier it is the better. Me a huge fan of all LEO Toys products ( a kambeni that was swallowed up by the Fisherprice, Toys R Us monsters..down with FDI ). They had launched a machine gun model that made the typical rat-tat-tat-tat-tat noise along with flashing lights and also came with a dart. It was the ultimate toy i could ever imagine and whenever i went to my friends place who had bought that gun, i would never keep it down. It was way too expensive and i never had a chance to own one. Once while walking on the Nagai kadai Madaveethi my dad suddenly asked me, "Do you remember that gun toy?". I was into my second…