Saturday, August 21, 2010

What you you reap :)

Last Wednesday turned out be a day of surprises :) Well actually we had planned a surprise bday party for 2 of our team mates. So the day began in right earnest..with cake hunting to card selecting. There was a mini pattimandram as to which one to buy vanilla or chocolate. Vanilla is my favourite flavour..but that chocolate cake was too enticing and the fact that the baker just then poured yummy smelling hot chocolate sauce on top of the cake took my vote. (Just not to annoy my vanilla favouring sense i bought a separate piece the size of the original bday cake... just for my tiny self hehehe). Along with another team mate, I entered office like a foreign spy on an clandestine espionage mission, to hide the goods from the eyes of the bday babies. I just about managed to hide the gifts when i heard my name being called on the PAS. Then only i noticed the unusually big crowd in the middle of the wing. First i had thought it was just another Bhaashan session going on..but looking at the crowd's response it was bit intriguing and more so that my name got dragged into it. It turned out to be one surprise fun event being conducted by some whacko guy who had asked for the name of the naughtiest guy on the floor and these buggers had given my name. "Enna koduma saravana ithu"nu i took part in the mini ragging session. The best surprise of the day was when that whacko guy came and asked me if i remembered him. Namakulaam pagallaye pasu maadu teriaathu..iravula erumaiya theriyum. His face did look familiar though. Ethachum pera solli maatrathuku munna he introduced himself as one of my tuition students. Then all the memories came flooding back. He then told that he has acted as villain in a recently released tamil flick..which was even more of a surprise :) Evening yarukum teriama thirututhanama pantryku cakelaam kondu vanthom. What began as a decent cake cutting ceremony soon turned into free for all with pastries taking the role of face pack :) Another happy addition to the list of memorable days this year :)


RS said...


Let the memorable days roll althrough the year. Have a blast, Gilse!!

Name of the naughtiest mokkai guy in blogworld-a paaathi thookathla yelupi ketttalum yosikaaama "Gilsananda" nu nominate pannni, vazhi mozhinji declare panniruvom!!

vannila essence cake epdrundhuchu???

gils said...

vanilla cake..avvv...yosichaalay vaila thanni oorings..vannillanu oru flavour uruvaakia natureku nandri..athai cakela use panlamnu kandupudicha mudhal manushanuku extra nandri :)

Ramesh said...

Totally second RS. Naughtiest mookai guy, etc etc.

Many more such fun days gilsu.

lostworld said...

:) You'd hold the same title in blog-world too.

mgnithi said...

mur pagal seyyin pir pagal vilayum.. Neenga tuition edukkarapa antha paiyana enna kalaicheengalo? yaarukku theriyum..

zeno said...

So you are a tutor of a villian!
enne oru villathanam ;)

Deepa said...

The guy you tutored has turned into a villian, there couldn't have been a better proof of your calibre! :) btw it did sound like a lovely day!

gils said...


danku thala :)


:)) me the very chamathu u knw. koyet baai. no veshamam.

gils said...


u the rite :D he had a twin sister. Antha ponnu soopera padikum. Intha paiyan semma settai :)


:D :D nalla vela..villathanam tutor panennu sollama vitele :D

gils said...


avvvvvvvvvvv...actually..he has taken up acting recently only :D he does fun events (making fun of others rather :D) for a living, otherwise. Now thats something i can share :D :D

Durga said...

Gils, who is this "villain"? I'm curious to find out... ;-)

Anonymous said...

he was my student :)

DQ said...

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