Friday, February 24, 2017

ARR is back

Azhagiye – the latest mind haunt from the isai puyal.

It’s the song from “Kaatru veliyidai” movie by Mani Ratnam and I am pretty sure Rahman has something up his sleeve for Mani’s movies. Every single album in their combination from Roja,Bombay, Thiruda thiruda, Iruvar, Dil Se, Alaipayuthey, Kannathil muthamittal, Ayutha ezhuthu, Guru, Ravanan, Kadal and Ok Kanmani has some or all of the songs being chartbusters. The last three albums kind of diminishing the shine with only a few of them being table toppers. For purists, even those that didn’t win the public support, were of special note as they could argue over the technicalities of those songs. The success of Rahman was more attributed to the freshness in his tunes that became more complex in tune like an updated software with each release. He leaped off from the western influence sowed by Ilayaraja and grew leaps and bounds from that platform provided by Raja.

With the two singles released for “Kaatru Veliyidai” I guess (more of a hope) that the vintage Rahman is back. If “Vaan mazhai” is every bit your slow melody, literally chiming for the heroine, also by her may be, “Azhagiye” is your quintessential Rahman favorite, with its catchy choir and hummable simple tune with cute lyrics. Probably Rahman missed Vaali, the poet with his fingertips on current pulse of the audience, all the while as Vairamuthu, his usual partner in crime, resorts to copy pasting content from ancient literature to pass it off as movie lyrics. Vaali excelled in his word play and used to provide the “lyrical” relief for Vairamuthu’s heavy dose. With his tunes going more complex, Rahman was in dire need of someone who can mend the words to fit within his composition and with “Azhagiye” I guess he has unearthed the possible successor for Vaali in Karky, who happens to be vairamuthu’s son. Though he has mile long shoes to fill of the void left by Vaali, Karky seems to have the right ingredients to make it up quick. Be it the smooth flow of englishified tamil or tamilified English lyrics, with current mood of the public intertwined, all the while without falling out of the tune, that is a circus in itself which comes easily for Karky. One thing that Vaali used to do other than such transliteration stuff is to stun every now and then with pure tamil lyrics with its “Edhugai” and “Moanai” like “Kaadhalenum Thervezhuthi” from Kaadhalar dhinam movie.

Here goes the song lyrics. Pretty sure it would climb the charts and stay there when the video is released as well. Hope the Rahman-Ratnam combo churns out something special with the rest of the album and on those to come as well.

Waiting For A Punnagai
Siri Di…
Kaanavillai Heart Beat

Naan Kavignan
Unnai Paarthu Kettupona

Honest-Aa Naan Pesavaa
Illai Idhu Podhumaa?
Oh My Darling
Na Anga Coming..
Pudhu Pudhu Kanakellam Pending
Chorus Ah Naan Kekava
Yes Ah Yes Ah
No Va Yes Ah

Azhagiye Marry Me Marry Me
Azhagiye Flirt With Me Get High With Me
Azhagiye Kovam Vantha Koocham Vantha Dont Worry
Azhagiye.. Hey Azhagiye

Hey Azhagiye Marry Me Marry Me
Azhagiye Flirt With Me Get High With Me
Azhagiye Kadhal Vantha Matter Vantha Call Adi
Azhagiye.. Hey Azhagiye Hey..

Yaarum Ketka Yedhu Ondrai Yedhu Ondrai
Naan Keten Unnai
Athai Thanthaal Nanri
Pidivaatham Indri
Nee Thanthaal Nanri
Thuli Thulire

Thuli Kaalam Keten
Thuli Kadhal Keten
Thuli Kaamam Keten
Maru Uyire

Marukathe Nee
Marakaathe Nee
Enthan Azhagiye Nee
Nene Nee Nee
Nene Nee Nee
Nene Nene Nee Nee Nee Nee

Azhagiye Marry Me Marry Me
Azhagiye Flirt With Me Get High With Me
Azhagiye Koovam Vantha Koocham Vantha Dont Worry
Azhagiye.. Hey Azhagiye

Hey Azhagiye Marry Me Marry Me
Azhagiye Flirt With Me Get High With Me
Azhagiye Kadhal Vantha Matter Vantha Call Adi
Azhagiye.. Hey Azhagiye Hey..

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Kalyaanamaam kalyaanam

For the CBC newsletter, to post an article I asked for suggestions on themes and was recommended to write something about the current flavor of the month. And apparently, the valentine month is also the wedding month it seems. Probably the 28 day window is stacked with all auspicious days or due to positive(!!??) fall out of valentine’s day maybe. Give the credit where its due, but looks like wedding season is on us, as per reliable sources. By my missing memory, I could recollect attending about 6 weddings in past 15 years. One of which is mine where proxy is not allowed. My sister’s wedding and a cousin’s wedding comprise of two of them. Other three being my colleagues wedding each of which had its own story.

First in the list is my team lead’s wedding in Madurai. He had arranged accommodation for all of us and even a car at our disposal to roam around. We took the car to all places in and around Madurai and barely reached the wedding hall on time for the muhurtham to only see him tying the knot on the tv kept at the mandapam entrance. Next one was that of a team member’s wedding and this time it was in Salem. We took our manager’s car, along with him of course (yaar vandi oatrathu),from Bangalore all the way across Ooty (with a day’s halt) and reached Salem, right on time for the panthi. The groom and his bride were ooti vittufying each other and we were there to take snaps. The third wedding that I could recollect attending was of another colleague at Thiruneermalai. His being an orthodox family, they had visitors from almost all the temples in south India with each of them garlanding the bride and groom. After a while they both carried more flowers than Parry’s corner pookadai and I am pretty sure the “athchathai” that we threw couldn’t have been the proverbial feather that broke the proverbial camel’s proverbial back and caused them to fall down.

The last such event that I attended was the engagement of a cousin of mine that happened on Raintree hotel. There was this metal pullayaar that they had kept in the reception lobby which was cute to say the least and the buffet they served had amazing starters rivalling Barbeque Nation. Mathabadi missed chance to meet the kalyana ponnu and paiyan as they themselves attended the event online from their respective countries!! And I still wonder why I don’t get much invites for wedding. Something fundamentally wrong I guess.

The only other punishing ritual that comes to mind akin to the photo shoot in weddings is that of our president standing in salute position during Republic day. But if two people, along with probably 200 more, decide to go through all those rigors with tonnes of make-up lab tested on them by budding beauticians, it does require an audience and if that doesn’t motivate you, the food is always there as incentive.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Nonsense of a news

There was this article which literally bugged me into writing this post. More often than not I hear NASSCOM and IT giants give baashan on how to train our Engineering college grads to be more industry ready. In other words, these IT cos don’t want to waste their precious money in training the grads to suit their project needs, but want to push the cost into the curriculum of the very colleges from where they do campus hires. And now per this article, even those who have been trained as such by these folks are no longer trainable!! The comment section of the article throws much better light on the state of affairs than  the post itself. Its people, who give such hyperboles for sound bites, just because they’ve to utter some nonsense for a mike in front of them, who create more harm to us and our employment state than any bird brained politician. And what should be said about the paper that carries this article and sensationalism being its sole bread winner, having allotted maximum viewing space for this nonsense of a view point.

If you take a step further into the article by PTI, probably to be renamed as “Pointless and Trustless” rather than “Press Trust”, the headline cries CG India chief says 65% employees not re-trainable. The first para leads about mid level employees and followed by his comment that 65% of them are “just not trainable”. Was he referring to CG employees or speaking for IT in general?? No clarity. He again proceeds to crib more about how low caliber engineering  colleges churn out similar caliber students and is probably the reason why entry level pay has remained pretty much static at around 3 to 3.5 lakhs for several years now as against inflation correction. When I joined the workforce, there was disparity between Science grads and Engineering grads, with the latter earning more than double the formers pay. It took at least 2 jumps in career for science grads  to catch up with their engineering counterparts. Now the reason for unchanged entry pay is shifted to low quality engineering colleges. Meaning – the IT companies would very well go for campus grabs and would shore up their base of the pyramid structure, yet the reason for unchanged pay is shifted to the caliber of the colleges. If having to spend money in training the kids from such institutes is the reason for low pay, then why hire them in first place and not go for esteemed institutes which would negate the spend. Does students from such institutes, if at all they exist, are paid in premium? What are those institutes? No answer to these questions either.

He goes on to add that, when questioned on the very semester topics, most of the students couldn’t answer the basic questions related to their subject of study. So, if a mechanical engineering  grad  answers all questions on his subject, does he qualify for better pay in an IT job which is not even in the same pin-code of relevance of his study? Or was that guy who gave the sound bite referring to queries on IT asked to IT grads? Everyone knows the syllabus of any engineering grad and other than possibly IT and Computer Science, none of them would match with IT industry requirements, for the purpose of their professional study is not to train them in this industry itself!! Was the CG person talking about IT grads in specific or all BE grads? If he has to say 65% of IT grads from our education system are untrainable, that begs a question – is the syllabus in IT colleges are those that they are looking for employment? What is the agenda/selection criteria of their campus drives? How many of them have program or computer related interview or exam questions rather than stone age era aptitude and general knowledge questions? How many group discussions involve IT and current industry trends rather than debating is “dowry a necessary evil?”. (Yes. That was the debate topic in my GD and the company chief who is crying his bleeding heart in this article has taken over the company who conducted that debate).

Words are something that every floats around and bends it per their wish. But when you talk numbers, you better make sense. 65% is not a small one to throw around carelessly and in times of reducing job market and de-globalization era dawning fast across all horizons, the last thing one wants is false and incorrect information being spread.

The final Reckoning - Sam Bourne

When I opened the book, then only I realized it was the same book that I had returned to the library shelf after reading the synopsis alone. Since I had gone all the way out to the library and having taken a book I had rejected to read three times prior, I felt dejected at my own selection. But as someone said, the book chooses the reader. Probably that was the case here and I am more than glad that I happened to read it. Ivlo hype panra alavuku apdi onnum vedha vaakiyam laam ila. But it was a really good read.

Story wise, the events kick start with an old man getting killed right at the door step of UN, being shot at by its security. It leads to some legal wrangles as UN is officially outside of any country jurisdiction. In comes our hero, an ex-UN lawyer, who freelances as an attorney, who is sent to placate the kin of the killed to avoid any embarrassment to the world body. It takes a while to unfold and by the time the hero stumbles on to a personal dairy of the guy who was killed, it drags to around a 100 pages, post which the pace picks up and rushes headlong to a twist over twist of a climax. The diary contains the horrifying tales of the person who got killed, his life story in the times of holocaust and how him and his family suffered.

I hate sob stories. There are hardly handful of reasons to rejoice in this world and serious mind numbing stuff, that too in written form would be the last thing I would want to read. But the sections that deal with the sufferings of that old man and how he managed to survive the ordeal are told in an matter of fact tone and is surprisingly a fast read. It never dwells too deep in melodrama nor does it sound trivial or condescending. The impact of the events are left to the viewers discretion and that’s what makes it mind numbingly chill. You never knew what hit you till you are neck deep into the story. It feels like the day of your vaccination when you are distracted from the injection. All his actions and plans to kill Nazis are again straight to the face and as like all commercial masala movies, we end up rooting for his kills. As the story steps out from the diary to real world, the lawyer and the old man’s daughter travel through their findings about the old man’s alter ego of a holocaust vigilante and towards the climax finds themselves kidnapped by none other than president of Isreal, the very country that is the birth right of Jews and is formed to protect them. The best part of the story was the jumping leads, towards “who is the villain”. From the old man who gets killed, the focus shifts at first to the person who recruited the lawyer and who happens to be his friend. Pretty soon it becomes evident that he can’t be the one. Then it shifts to the Isreali president who has his own motive. Then comes the biggest twist on the lady and finally it all ends up in the most cinematic of scenes with the villain being right there in the very building where the story began.

Things that intrigued me in the book were the holocaust stories. Probably the most retold stories of horror ever in the past 8 decades and a source for several hundreds of books and movies and more to come as well. One thing that people have done well is to make it as commercialized as possible in any version available. You’ve blockbuster movies, Oscar winners, Pulitzer novels and articles, hard hitting any form you would already have a winner on this topic. For a man made horror that puts the credibility of being human into shame, its one topic that has been raised time and again in various forms and is ensured that its always in circulation, lest people forget. For all their evil, the Germans are never faulted not even once as “Christians” who sent millions of “Jews” to death, for its always the Nazis. In the book, it lists Lithuania, France, Poland and some other countries as well, where the persecution had begun much earlier than WW2. Probably Jews were the most hated of all people at that point of time and makes one wonder what could be the reason for such universal hatred!! I’ve seen some extreme right wingers who claim superiority over everything on the planet. You name something..anything..they would only claim theirs to be worser or bigger or superior based on the context. But one thing that I felt, which we and our historians could’ve done better is to take a leaf out of the European history book and start churning out pulp fiction novel forms of our own history. We’ve more than enough massacres and carnages and events that almost wiped off entire country’s count of people from our population. Its high time our children and future generation are made aware of the real events of our history and how vital its that they remember the sacrifices. Be it the British for their Jalian wala Bagh to countless crimes in India or the Mughals or the Afghans, there are countless stories that need to be told and retold to the point that future generations never forget and people world over realize the trauma that our forefathers went through and how wronged we were as a country for so many centuries.

Gils verdict: WW2 got over inside a decade. But its wounds are still kept fresh by authors like Sam Bourne who have managed to keep the facts of the horror intact, embedded inside a pulp fiction of a story. It’s the capsule containing the bitterness of the event and is packaged to perfection. We need authors who can deliver similar stories from our own past and take it into our future.

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

La la land

The whole issue of mini-mum usurping the throne is heading towards Stockholm syndrome of a climax. All that is required is for her to appear before mike in a publicized meet and cry a few tears on how people are tarnishing and passing cheap comments on her and blocking her opportunity just because she was an assistant to the late supremo. Social media is abuzz with meme’s of how the ex-servant maid is now going to be the next ruler of the state and are, as usual, over the top in decrying her and her intentions. Some of the comments and memes may straight away invite defamation cases and are out right condemnable even if true. What such people miss out is that, though their intention of stopping a corrupt person to come to power may be justified, their means are not. Not a single meme or post talks about how corrupt she is and what are the charges against her and no one is questioning her source for creating such a vast fortune when her original and only known occupation had always been renting video cassettes. When there are so much ammunition abound, people are taking the cheap way out of damaging her character and denying her the ticket as she was a servant maid, which in fact is legally wrong and might warrant action against those who spread such baseless messages. Is this what we are telling people who are in that profession that if you are a house maid you are deemed to die in that role? Is this what we are telling those shopkeepers that their aspirations should lie to rest within the closed shutters of their shops. Not for a minute I’ve any doubt on why mini-mum should never ever even step into the esteemed Ft. St. George, but if the only reason to hold against her is her past work profile, then there is nothing more stupid than that argument. Of course she would buy her way out of the criminal cases against her. Obviously she would rig elections and win landslide. As sure as sun rising tomorrow (no pun intended) she and her family would run the state dry of its resources and would probably loot it to the last cent. Is she a saint? Not by any measure. But instead of projecting the actual fallacy in her even contemplating for the position, leave alone the atrocious back stage hacks, people are pushing things in her favour which may ultimately result in all those very things that they are detesting and don’t want to happen. For past 5 decades we have been ruled by CM’s with not much of a educational background and are mostly movie professionals with a tea seller turned politician filling up as interim a few times. If such non-political background personalities can grow in their position and claim a respectable space in people’s heart, it would only spur the case for mini-mum’s supporters.

Whatever said and done, if the worse case scenario happens, the silver lining in all of it would be that, it would give wings to dreams of common folk to dream the impossible, for what the state is witnessing is a never foreseen scenario of any time.

Weekend Movie watch

Dhuruvangal Pathinaru-

Would’ve given this movie a skip had not been for such glorious reviews. Everyone who had seen the movie had only good things to tell and the word of mouth publicity not only garnered it more screens in the city but its continuing success well into the second month of release. I hardly saw any promotions or shows dedicated for the movie or reality shows invaded by the cast and crew. This movie is a good case in study for small budget movie makers, that if you are confident in your product, it would sell by itself with minimal exposure.

The story is similar to “Vantage point” movie in its approach, where the same scene is narrated by so many people, with their version and backstory of what happened on that rainy night when someone gets killed and someone goes missing. The story grows in bits and pieces akin to identifying missing pieces of the jig saw and when it finally falls in place, only for the player to go down getting shot at. The person who kills him has a twist to add of his own and the person who got shot at, the narrator and the chief protagonist, turns the term twist on its head with his story altering climax. Was the movie a Malayalam remake or bilingual? Somehow got that feeling. Probably because of Rahman’s accent or was it deliberate? Either way, it gives an alien or “not-tamil” feel to the story, which doesn’t have any bearing on it at all. The movie is like a candid camera on how investigations happen and the story is told from the view point of the case officer. I couldn’t recollect any song or duet. So either it was that bad or the story was so engrossing that I didn’t even notice.

Gils verdict – This movie is worth watching for the sheer fact that we don’t often get such movies. Wish the story/screenplay comes in novel format as that would also be a sure shot bestseller.

Adhey Kangal –

Probably a 180 degree different approach to storytelling as compared to the movie mentioned above. The story begins from a point and rolls forward in one single straight line till the end, with a small blip of a flashback on the motive and mean for the villain. I fell for the movie just by its title. The older one with same title is one of my all-time favorite thriller movie, starring Ravichandran. This one is not even a paler replica of the old self and is not even on the same pin code of its league. My guess is the story must’ve sounded interesting in book form. A blind entrepreneur falls for a lady based on her benevolent nature only to find her missing on the day when he was supposed to help her financially to settle a huge debt. In a twist of fate, the accident results in him regaining his vision. Fearing worst for her as he was unable to reach her, he goes into depression only to get engaged to his longtime friend who has been chasing him like virat kohli in ODI’s whenever there is a cycle gap scenario. One fine day he receives a call about the former getting kidnapped and for ransom he steals all the jewelry from home. Needless to say, he gets beaten and robbed of the jewels and is also framed for murder. If one reads them on paper, it sounds an intriguing premise. But on screen, with probably the dullest BGM, it makes it look even duller. What was supposed to be edge of the seat scenario lulls one to sleep. Blame it on performance or editing. Finally the hero in the hero character wakes up and he somehow convinces one constable to help in his quest to  find out about the missing girl. The only twist in tale being that the victim is actually the villain/villi. Kadisila adi vangi udhai vaangi hero gets the villi arrested and saves other blind entrepreneurs from her trap.

Gils verdict – could’ve been a pulsating thriller. Somehow every character barring the villi, seems disinterested in acting in the movie. Sonna salary  tharalayo? Wait for the movie in zee or vijay as festival day special movie. That might happen even sooner and wouldn’t wait till tamil new year is my guess.

Monday, February 06, 2017

Bogan - review

After a longtime, an interesting premise of a story that too for a mass commercial film – Bogan.

The initial few scenes involving Arvind swamy and the heist remind of “Nokku varmam” from “7th arivu” movie till the time the concept of how he did it is explained. A spoiler for those who had already read the movie review like me J Arvind swamy has been having the time of his life, post his “Thani oruvan” movie success. The movie, though has Jeyam Ravi, as the original lead, has so much screen space dedicated to him is clear proof of his clout. And one has to say, he has made fair use of this ample screen time. Be it emotion scene or posing haughty arrogance, he does it effortlessly. The suave villain that was lacking in tamil cinema is well and truly sealed in Arvind swamy.

Premise is same as the one already tested in “Chinna vaathiyar” movie. There are no elaborate rituals as in the former and a mere look makes him achieve the result, which leads to so many loop holes that kinds of rob the sheen of the otherwise unique storyline. Jeyam Ravi has better chemistry with Swamy than Hansika and it shows on screen. But his performance kinds of drags the movie down from the levels of “Face off” which again had similar role switch theme or “Aks” the hindi movie where Manoj Bajpai and Amitabh literally set the screen on fire. For a leading hero to don villain role, it should’ve been once in a career kind of an offer and Ravi barely scrapes through with his performance. Partial blame has to be shared by Arvind swamy and the director himself, for not having many notable quirks for his character that would’ve made it grander. The maniacal laughter of Travolta and his mannerism in holding cigarette, still stands out from the “Face off” movie. Hansika, finally would be having a hit after so many flops. Her costumes are in direct proportion to her screen time. Screenplay was pretty lousy as it looks like the director was pretty confident that the story would be lapped in by the audience and what should’ve been an intriguing cat and mouse game between the hero and villain in switched roles, happens way to easy and simple.

Songs were pathetic to say the least and could’ve all been avoided. Probably they were placeholders for the movie, when remade in telugu or other languages to come up with better show for the lead pair in those languages. Pretty sure Arvind will essay the same in at least one of those languages and would charge a bomb. BGM which could’ve set the tone for the movie was horrible as well. Had more effort been put in, it could’ve really lifted the movie up to a different level.

Gils verdict – I really liked the movie. Wish it could’ve been made even more better for the storyline deserves the treatment. Probably the casting was something that could’ve been concentrated more on, with some interesting pairing. Having said that, Arvind swamy rocks big time. Wouldn’t be surprised if the promised sequel has him securing his role and Ravi getting replaced.

Seventh plague - book review

If I was  given a little titbit of an information on relation between Tesla and Twain, few interesting legends surrounding Livingstone and Stanley, news about an organism that thrives on eating electricity, that’s right, for survival and add to the mix the fact finding mission on verification of THE exodus, by Moses, I would’ve relished reading each of those items individually and would’ve stopped at that. But James Rollins had other ideas to add to them and has come up with the latest edition of Sigma series Novel – The Seventh plague.

Have always been a big fan of novels that move at super fast pace, with a delightful mix of fact and fiction and Rollins is a past master at that. His last few novels where a total let down to say the least. But he more than makes up for them in this latest edition. It’s a true to its tale, Rollins special with a fantastic premise weaved around fiction, almost undecipherable from so many facts strewn around, that it all results in sensational stuff. It’s a marvelous piece of imagination that makes him blend Egyptian self mummification with memories of Elephants and a microbe surviving in extreme environments to make a story out of it. Of course there are several logical lead of faiths and potholes of a plot. But if you are an action movie buff, this would be right up your alley. Rollins, as always, follows a blast scenario for his lead characters that take them continents apart and then a regroup to the climax plot which links all their chase and quest into a single plot to form a cohesive ending. Almost all of this stories have such blockbuster opening sequences that they immediately become ‘hard-to-put-down’ers. But he usually goofs up the ending so badly that it feels irritating an effort to have spent on the book. With 7th plague, he has done a reasonably decent one on the ending.

The story resembles those famous myths around Egyptian mummies and tombs and how they cause mysterious accidents and death to the archeological crew who are involved in the excavation. It borrows heavily from these urban legends and forms a link all the way to the original exodus. What happens when those ten plagues that were unleashed by Moses on the Pharaoh is all set to make a re-appearance, as the professor whose life ambition is to prove that exodus was not a story, but a real incident, inadvertently release the very plague that shook the then Egypt. The microbe, that thrives on eating electricity gets unleashed, when his body undergoes post mortem, from his brain. Sigma force comes into picture straight away and from then onwards it’s a race to finish between the good intented yet sinister villain’s team vs the heroes. And as always the heroes win.

Gils verdict – After a long time had a real racy thriller to read and relished it. Not for logic seeking, classic novel literature buffs.

Friday, February 03, 2017

Whither thou goest

With fringe elements being the headline hoggers ever since the new government came to power, couldn’t quite help to notice an alarmingly growing pattern. Whenever there is an “art work” – predominantly movies or write-ups, involving distortion of historical fact or extending their artistic liberty or contrary to long standing opinion, there seems to be hue and cry from everyone – both the opposing party and the perpetrator. The latest case in study being the “bhansali slapgate”.

Ithulam oru news? NE is bursting in seams with Nagas burning CM house and Manipur doing blockade with Assam again on the burn, the mainstream media has found a director being slapped by a guy and some rogue group disturbing his movie shoot as something worth primetime debate. Of course, it would involve some loud mouth-no brainer MP from ruling party, who for his want of few minutes of fame would say some nonsense trying to sound super intelligent and that would be the feeder for the whole week’s debate sessions. Probably its high time, panel presentations are banned in news channels. News has long become obsolete and are never conveyed. Its all opinion polls happening live in the guise of news. The viewer is not given the choice of forming his opinion, but is bombarded with cacophony of concentrated hatred and false and biased positioning of news channels based on the party they back. All things said and done, does a movie director getting beaten deserve that much publicity among all other things??!! Who decides what should be given more weightage? Probably the news editors who decide the content need to be sued for wrongful and willful misuse of their positions.

Coming back to the topic, what irks the right wing is that the queen has been allegedly shown in love with the invader. If the protestors are credible historians, who are fighting for misreporting of our history, then it would’ve been a different story and probably wouldn’t have seen the light of the day. Fact that it’s a “hindu” queen who has been linked with a “muslim” invader is cannon fodder for news channels. While the barbaric acts of the invader has been more articulated and has more evidence, whether such a queen existed is in itself is being questioned by the liberals. What, all these years we’ve been told and set as school syllabus has been put to sword in a single sentence. Even in such case, whether the script of the movie got leaked or was it all being done to promote the film, god only knows. But somehow, movie scripts, how much ever they are being protected, always end up in the very hands of those they are being held away from and no one reveals the source when questioned as to who gave them the tip on any particular scene!! Be it Khilji or Aurangazeb or any Mughal/afghan invader, our liberal media has always maintained a safe distance from their atrocities. Its almost as if, the erstwhile Indian kingdoms deserved to have been demolished and ransacked by them. Whatever atrocities they committed are never described anywhere and are at best given a passing glance in fewer lines possible. There would be reams and reams of paragraphs on Sati and caste related cruelties and widows ill treatment but never a word more on the barbaric acts of the invaders. At the same time, the crimes committed by the British are published with every word in vocabulary possible!!! There are historians and scholars who have dedicated their lifetime effort to chronologically list down all those crimes and the government even goes to the extent of securing apologies from the British for their acts. Why is it that while British are correctly labelled and questioned for their misdeeds, what makes the Mughals and Afghans noble saints? Are we supposed to refer to our history only from the start of British rule? Is our country only 300 odd years old as referenced by time it was enslaved by the British?

Note that at no point I am mentioning the name muslim. This post is not to request for blame game in the name of religion. These are facts. The fact that Mughals/Afghans invaded India for its wealth, fact that they destroyed our temples and culture and looted the places dry, fact that they were as barbaric as they can be. The question being, why is it not getting addressed the way it deserves to be? Is the media trying to mask the simmering inter religious conflicts or making it more potent by its selective redacting of facts? It all boils down to who should be the deciding authority on what I should decide? Leave the facts as they are and let the channels restrict themselves to present the news as it is and let the viewer make their own judgment call. In the name of opinion sharing, I think the country has gone to dogs. We have lost the sense of sacrilege for anything and are losing our self worth and heritage. If the landmass of the subcontinent was a bunch of warring kingdoms, that were all defeated and brought under one umbrella by the Mughals that was later established by the British which is the present day Indian union, what is the harm in stating it as is? If India as a nation is only as old as the British rule, what is the harm in acknowledging it? And if France and Spain and Portugal and Dutch and British can be questioned for their cruelty in the form of imperialism, why can’t the Afghans and Persians be? The whole world acknowledges them as invaders while they are revered here!!!

More than slapping any guy for making a fictional account of a story that is hardly substantiated by fact, as claimed, we should be slapping ourselves for letting lose of our history and analyzing information, rather than reacting to it.

V-day the D-day

Febrauary na love thaan nyagabam varanumaam. Enga paathalum red color heartin poster and balloon and chocolate and semma colorful. Aanlum overa commercial aakitaanganu thonuthu. Intha balloon, card, rose flower, chocolate kooda ok. Veena pona coffee mug engenthu intha listla vanthuchu therila. Mini gundaa andaa size ku coffe mug sollitu, they put anything and everything as the wrapper for the cup. Sun sign, cute sayings, philosophical ones, pictures, cartoons inum ennalaam antha cup circumferencela fit aagumo athanaiyum they do, except for the original intent- to drink coffee. Obviously two cups of coffee on them, you would need a refill for the percolator. Dicotion vaangiye bondi aaga vendi thaan. All things considering, the month dedicated for love is the shortest of all. Ithan moolam enna karuthu sollavaraanga? Love is short but life is long? Edho onnu irunthutu poguthu.

Personally I feel its an overkill of emotions. There is no logic to any of these and so does the concept of love which is beyond any logic. But public display of affection, cinematica panra vishayangal are all nauseating. If you are restricted to crib and bitch around about people you don’t like, same should apply for those you like as well. But probably, its because of the generic trait of us such folks, who are masters at grieving but are almost thankless for all the good things in life. May be there is a categorization for folks like us, who simply don’t know how to celebrate happiness and probably not willing to invest that effort as well. We do form a good lot of audience who are decent enough to appreciate the freedom of others to express and restricting our responses to the customary courtesy as applicable.

I guess, as long as its truthful and honest any emotion be like or dislike would be at par with each. So gumbaloda govindava oru happy valentine day advancea sollidrom saamiyov.

Love today

After finishing bursting every bubble on the sheet, Anil finally declared “ I am bored. Edhukaga enna inga vara sonna”
“I am confused” replied Priya
“What ok..yendaa neenga ellam ipdi irukeenga”
“ I am confused…”yendaa” sollitu “neenga” nu respectoda solria? Or neenga as in many people”
“Unkitta poi solla vanthen paaru..naan kelambaren”
“hey..relax pannatumaynu mokka potta..tensiona thaan iruppennu adampudikara…enna prachanai…”
“Seriousa kekarenna solren”
“koorum..koori tholaiyum”
Unable to control the smile, she mock slapped him on his wrist.
“I am confused Anil..”
“Adhaan already sollitye..mela sollu”
“Yesterday Ram proposed to me”
“Idhu ithana varushama intha blogla nadakara vishayam thaana…”
“Priya ku propose pannatha Ram unda nu sonen..athula enna confusion? Hindi la propose panitana? Enkita artham kekatha..enakum hindi ku edho paar moar nu solvanga nenakren”
“konjam shuttera close panria..solla vanthatha kelu”
“sollu” said Anil miming a finger-on-lips pose
“Avan en apdi pannanu thaan purila..never knew this was his intention all this while..i always thought him as a good friend”
Looking at Anil unsuccessfully trying to stop laughing..she grew angry..”enna ilippu vendirukku”
“sonna nakkal adikaren sollakoodathu”
“Now I am confused”
“ kelambaren”
“Iru imsai arasiye..enakku oray oru matter mattum clear pannitu po…”
“Yendi neengalam ipdi irukeenga”
“Serupu piyyum..enna di pottu pesara..and don’t generalize women… ok”
“paathiya..ithulenthay theriyala…how different we men folk are from you nu..i repeated a dialog you said verbatim and you feel offended”
“naanga ungala “da” podrathukum neenga “di” podrathukum neria difference irukku”
“Ithu discuss pannathaan inga vara sonnia”
“you were the one who digressed..what was your point”
“oru paiyan propose panna udanay avana en oru bad image vachu pakreenga?”
“Naan enga bad image create panen..i was shocked that he had such thoughts about our relationship..athaan sonen”
“Recollect your always thought him as a good what is he? A bad friend or a better enemy?”
“Topic change panra..that wasn’t the point”
“Its exactly the point..see..he, in your own words, has been a good friend of yours..unnoda qualities (!!) paathu impress aagi propose what way that deserves the “good friend” tag?..don’t you like him or have any admirable qualities about him?”
“Ofcourse there pannanuma?”
“vera edhu iruntha love panuveenga?”
“what nonsense you are talking..appo enakku pudicha qualities irukaravan ellar kitayum poitu propose panna solria?”
“Appo Ram antha mathiri panran sollavaria? Is that your confusion that he is proposing to all the girls for the reason you mentioned?”
“You are making a controversy out of a simple thing..i never meant it that way”
“So spell exactly what is confusing it the fact why he proposed to you, of all people?..en muraikara..innum options it because you don’t find him as a suitable match for you..what is the reason”
“I never saw him that way..athaan reason”
“Are you opting for an arranged marriage..veetla thituvanga? Caste? Ithu mathiri edachum hidden reason?”
“Adhulam onumila..”
“Arranged marriage thaan pannikanum..against love marriage..apdi edavathu policy?”
“uhumm..thirumbavum solren..i seriously never had such thoughts about Ram..he was ..seri.seri..he still is ..a good guy..nalla friend. Adhuku mela yosichathilla”
“seri..ipo yosichiko..whats stopping you?”
“Ithenna vamba poachu..kalyanamna athu Ram kooda thaan irukanumnu edachum sattama? Why are you forcing me into this?”
“Hello..ithenna pudu kadhai..Ram propose pannitaanu enna kooptu vachu sonnathu nee..naan verum options pathi analyse pannitruken..avlovay..”
“So…for your why question..i asked a why not..why not Ram? Neeye sonna he is your good friend..nalla qualities..etc why not him? What else you expect?”
“Enakku therila..may be because we know each other way too detailed? Ennala avan kitta naan romba nallava nu scene poda mudiathu and vice versa..adhu kuda reasona irukalam”
“Now you are talking..appo evanayachum emaantha sonagirikaga thaan Ram reject panra..rightu..matter over..aana usuala makkal prefer people who know them are yosiching ulta.”
“Hey..apdi naan enga sonen..ofcourse I would prefer someone who knows me better..adhukagalam Ram kalyanam panikanuma..unakku kooda thaan enna nalla theriyum”
“ithuku naan enna badil solrathu..nalla theriyum solli nee enkita propose panitenna..en pondaati Aam Admi party member vera…symbollaye thodappam vachirukanga…election timela edhuku vambula maati udra?”
“Nee first sonnathu thaan are confused..romba yosichi confuse aaitia..illa mandaila masala ilama intha effecta theriala..he is a good guy..knows you well..veetla prachanai irukathu solra..ithu poga vera enna venum?”
“hmmm…may be it would be too simple..oru thrillay irukathu..everything goes smooth if Ram is the guy..may be I want the emotion and drama associated with a “love” marriage..athunala kooda irukalam ilaya?”
“nee unna pathi thaana pesitruka? Ennamo vera yaarukagavo pesaramathiri solra?”
“I don’t know..enaku unkita itha pathi voice out panna panna I am getting more confused..why I am reacting like this nu”
“Vera yaraiyachum you like?”
“I don’t know”
“Who is he”
“I said I don’t know..”
“Theriyum..adhaan yaarnu keten”
“He is this guy from college..oray varila solanumna..he is total antithesis of Ram..he buff..non-stop nonsense when it comes to chatting his head off..and unlike Ram, he is kind of a rebel for trying out things on a whim”
“So you got your like him. Athaan Ram pudikala….and you are welcome…seri kelambalama..time aaguthu”
“Hey..i don’t love him..and that is not the reason”
“Ada pongayya….summa noyyi noyyi nu…propose panravanum venaamam..pudichirukavanum venamaam…nee kalyanam panna pannu pannati po..intha ponnungalay ipdi thaan..kuthunga esamaan kuthunga”
“Adivaanga pora”
“Pinna..saadhuva gentlea behave panni…politea pesindu...ellariyum respect panra pasanganna ungaluku bore adikum..avangalay initiative eduthu..dhairiyama vanthu propose panna reject pannuveenga..evanachum rowdythanama iruntha avan mela thaan crush know how traumatizing it is to open up to a girl and propose to her…naalu perai poatu adichitu kooda vanthirulam..this requires guts and I am surprised that Ram did that is something I never expected from him knowing his nature..aana knowing must have been nothing short of being sincere an attempt from him.unless he would’ve been absolutely sure..he wouldn’t even have tried”
“Ippo enna solla vara..Ram nallavan naan kettava..athaana”
“That would’ve been the most childish inference..ithukagava ipdi dhum katti waste”
“Opposites attract nu kelvi pattathilla”
“Its not just for you..i can go out on a limb and say..there are many out there who are spoiled by what is shown on movies..conformists, timids, nerds..ivangalam boring people..intha pokkirthanama suthitru vela vetti ilama ponungala galatta panitu thiriyara pasanga thana herova varanga padathula…you girls have been subconsciously lead to believe that applies in real as well”
“Avlo mokkaiyalam ila..”
“Ok..tell me onething..if you’ve to pick your life partner what are the qualities that you would want in him and tell me how Ram differs from any of them..i am not a member of “getting Ram married to you” club..but to make you realize what you are not seeing”
“hmmm…apdi edhuvum mismatch agara mathiri illa to tell the truth..but..i don’t get that are making me feel guilty now”
“That was not the’s how guys like Ram are seen in general by girls..avangalukelam veetla paathu panni vacha thaan undu…avangala try panni set aganumna..adhu ulaga adhisayam thaan”
“I don’t know what to say..nee sonna reasonskaga I am not saying No..that much I am sure. Basically it all boils down to that inner feeling..enakku athu Ram kitta varala…Is he a good guy..definitely. Will he be a good partner for me..most probable person..yet..there is something that I feel missing..antha spark..antha chemistry..adhu enakku feel aagala..”
“Thanks Anil..unkita pesinaprum I am more clear on my decision..seri ipo kelambina thaan train pudika mudiyum..catch you later”

Having set her doubting demons to rest she left for the railway station, where death was waiting for her in the form of her spurned lover.

Note: After reading news after news on acid attack on girls, murder attempts and unmentionable cruelty, it really makes one wonder, what else should someone do to make the other party understand. Probably it all stems from the fact that majority of the crowd say “Yes” even when they don’t want to and are unable to comprehend people who say “No”. Maybe, it’s the unreasonable hope that a little nudge could change their decision often ends in undesirable consequence for both parties and more.