Saturday, May 03, 2014

All in the game.

Another Saturday at Ram's house "Priyaaaa....I am leaving" shooouts Ram as he packs his kit.

"Ram...Ram..Ram....inniki oru naal un cricketukku leave vida koodatha"

"Sorrypa..already anga groundla enakkaga ellarum waiting..enga ponaalum latea pogarennu erkanavay ellarum thitraanga..."

"Daily nee veetuku varathukkay nadu raathiri aaiduthu...weekend aana cricket velayaada odidra..enga kooda time spend panrathay illa"

"sorry chellam..intha oru vaaram poren..adutha vaarathulenthu veetta vittu velila poga maaten"

"engala vida unakku cricket mukkiyama poiduthula"

"huh..ilama..corporate tournament varuthu sonnenla..athuku thaan enga office team makkaloda practice porom"

"micha perlaam bachelor pasanga..veedu vaasal kelvi ketpaar illa..unakken intha veen velailaam"

Ram's fone rings at that very instant. "Dei...oru inningsay mudia pogthu...innum kelamabalaya neee" his friend shouts on the phone from other end.

"Ithoo vanthutenda..on the way"

"Tv odra sound Inga kekuthu..seekrama vanthu thola" the call gets disconnected.

"Chellam..kochukaatha...itho poitu itho vanthudren" Ram rushes out even before Priya could object further.

At cricket ground "dei Ramm...officeku vara mathirye groundkum vantha epdi...match aarambichi half hour aaguthu"

"Sorry machi..veetla Priya semma tension..inniki velayaada poga koodathunu 144 potutaa...adichi pudichi varathukulla podhum podhumnu aaiduthu"

"Ofcourse..husbands happya iruntha entha wifeku thaan porukkum..avanga veetla padre kashtathulenthu naaama easya escape aaidromnu avangaluku gaandu"

"office poitu varathay oru peria velai...intha trafficla nonthu noodlesaagi varappo "appaaadaa"nu iruku..nimmathia tv paakalam konja nermana apponu paathu ivanga puraanatha start paniduvanga..atha kaathu kuduthu kekalaina innoru puraanam start aaidum...intha husbands paadu romba kushtamappa"

"aduthavaaram cricket vara mudiaathu machi...innikay Priya kitta poi semmaya vaangi kattika week doubtu thaan"

"Ram...ipdi panna enna...pesama doctor unna exercise panna sollirukaru..athunala physical activitykaga cricket velayaada porennu sonna?"

"vera venaiye venaam...Priya thangai nejamavay doctor...poi solli maatinen..ivalay vesha oosi poattu konnuruva"

"seri seri...dai...toss podanum...oru rupee coin kudu"

"cheque book kondu varalye machi"

"dai...oru ruvaada"

"ipdi suddena bulk amount keta epdida"

"veri ethaatha...stumpa eduthu sorugiduven..."

After the match is over...the team takes a break under the tree shade.

"Nee mattum epidida wife kitta maatikaama every weekend matchuku vara " asked Ram to Anil.

"Ithuku oru Microsoft project planay pottu vachiruken machi...avlo peria matter. If you notice, naan ellaa weekendum varathilla. I pick and choose my matches. If I am at home, I make sure I drag my wife and kids out for some mall or any theme park. I ensure that they get to spend time out and stay hustled in the house. Oru weekend velila kootitu poitu vanthaalay they feel tired and refreshed at same time for next two weeks.  Antha gap naama use pannikanum.Oru outingku aagara selavu paathalay thala suthirum. No wife would allow outing every weekend. Aairam thaan selavu panra mathiri therinjaalum basicavay ponnunga especially wife clan are sikkana sigamanis unlike pasanga who will never ever be on the same league when it comes to home finance matters. So...LHS isikoltu RHS...I am free "

"Anil..nee saatharana Anil illa...Anil Ambanikkay business solli tharalam....."

Right at that moment Anil's phone rings. "Itho stuck in traffic jam near supermarket. Athaan apdiye vegetables vaangitu varalamnu hopped in. Ethavathu specifica venuma chellam" Anil started walking towards his car leaving behind a stunned team.

"Theivamayy" nu gosham poattavaray everyone picked sand from the path Anil walked and applied it like viboothi ontheir forehead.

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Movie watch

Having yet unable to come to terms with his untimely death, every time my friends smiley face come to my mind, his haunting voice kept disturbing. Worst, when mom heard of his demise, she could not sleep the whole night and was mentally disturbed. The next day morning, she was suddenly missing and came after an hour. Later I realised, she had gone to worship the family deity of my friend on a nearby madhva temple to pray for peace and strength for his parents to bear his loss. It was another instance when my mom's action stunned me. She has this amazing quality of taking other's loss as her own and suffer for them. I would never be as selfless as her and even if I try hard its an impossible feat to match.I really needed to take my mind off the loss and indulged in binge movie watch.

Oru kanniyum moonu kalavaanigalum - I am big fan of simbudevan. All his movies, right from 23rd pulikesi, aria enn 365il kadavul, irumbu koattai murattu singam every single movie of his has been different and are famous for their own style of comedy. To be honest, it took me 3 attempts to watch this movie fully. I kept loosing interest beyond 20 mins and it took an immensely boring day to commit myself. Surprisingly, the witty conversational humour, which is his area of strength felt missing. But once you get through the initial phase and settle onto the rhythm of the movie, its an amazing story. Whenever I see any near miss on road where bike riders narrowly miss being mashed into pulp by bus drivers, I never cease to wonder what would've happened had the rider been a second late on his ride. The entire premise of the movie, is based on the very thought. Every second of our life, carries its own fate and story. Its been shown in an elaborate fashion stretching over 120 minutes and the same story getting repeated thrice. It might be something new for our audience and may not rake in the moolah at BO for the target audience is niche. But the screenplay and story is commendable with even smaller sections of the scenes addressed in detail. The way he attends to every single piece that appears on the frame is amazing. Be it the fruit seller or drunkard or the lift scene or the lady near the gate and last but not least, even the portion involving ants and the twist involving them in the final repeat, the list is endless. Another amazing quality about simbudevan is his respect for all life forms. Even in Arai enn 365 movie he had a similar scene involving mosquitoes. He keeps harping on the point that in the eyes of god, be it mosquito or an ant, everything and everyone are equal. His cartoonist background definitely shines on his story telling.

Gils verdict - I would definitely recommend this movie for an one time watch. For if you see it once, its seeing it thrice.

Ennamo Nadakkuthu -  There was way too much hype on the reviews for this movie. Everyone had the same thing to say, that for a movie which they saw with no expectations, it was quite a surprise. That induced me to watch this one, which I otherwise would've never even bothered. The story is a mix and match of Vaamanan, Biriyaani and some more of Karunas and Vimal movies. But kudos to the editor and screenplay incharge, there is hardly  breathing space in this 120 mins thrillathon. The break neck speed at which the story travels makes up for its inadequacies. There is a duet song involving the hero heroine and the heroes mom. Its cutely canned. The hero kicks, beats and abuses his mom at drop of hat which is yucky but quite different from normal. Rest of the storyline and the cast write themselves on.

Gils verdict - Ennamo nadakkuthunnu road side showsa vedikka paakara alavula thaan kathai irunthaalum, it makes even the 2 hour duration feel longer. Not worth it.