Monday, August 31, 2015

Troubling times

Migration - Off late this topic has been haunting my mind like nothing else. Not a day passes without any news of boats "accidentally" capsizing near border ports, trucks and containers carrying illegal migrants found abandoned with dead bodies. It all makes a sickening read yet are major causes of alarm.

Its high time people started debating on human trafficking. One mister Donald has been raising rhetoric on this topic with all the wrong reasons. But at least Trump is honest and forthright with what he feels about this topic rather than being politically correct. Every single major country in the western world has been struggling to contain the influx of migrants and refugees. Immigration has been the single biggest topic of debate on either side of the Atlantic with ruling governments beingat risk of getting toppled on this touchy topic.

The citizens vs migrants debate has reached a melting point and could possibly redefine the next century. It brings to us some very basic questions.
- Why are so many people fleeing their native and try to enter foreign territories, that too illegally?
- Who are these dead people? Why would they risk their lives, getting stuffed like garbage and shipped across hundreds of miles across treacherous stretch?
- What do those promised lands offer that their own native doesn't? Considering that at about a 100 miles travel in any direction leads to a different country/culture/language in the European continent, how do they expect to survive in such hostile, to say the least, environments?
- Are their local nations so bad that, they feel better off dying trying to migrate to an alien nation than staying in their locales?

There is another side of these questions, which are conveniently ignored by the governments.
-Why were they forced to take up that illegal option?
-Are the legal ways of getting into their countries so very difficult?
-On one hand these countries are worried over dropping birth rates and stagnant population and on other hand they are trying to retain their " unique cultural identity" by prohibiting immigration.

The very definition of being an immigrant and native is so very difficult to judge. How does one draw the line on the definition of immigrant? Does it start with the current generation? Are they "guests" who have over stayed their welcome or predators? How does one define the status - native? does it refer to people who are born on that particular place? Or should their parents and grand parents been residents? How far back in time one should go to validate their status? If the Mayflower travellers where migrants doesnt that make their descendants migrants as well? If those who were born to those travellers are natives why deny the status to those poor kids born to immigrants now? Should people resort to the ways of Huns and Hannibals to re-establish a new Europe?

Strangely, yet curiously, the situation is the other way round in India. The current government recently signed a historic deal with its neighbour on enclave swapping that added few more thousands to the billion plus population. Being the major economic power and surrounded by host of poor nations, India can never shy away from this problem. In many ways, India has always been a contradiction of sorts when it comes to dealing with critical issues as compared to the western world. Its one reason why its fascinating yet alarmingly irritating to watch.

With an already burgeoning population and bursting at it seams, the last thing India needs is inter state rivalry. With a size and scaling rivalling the entire continent, Europe can learn a thing or two in handling people from India. Everything comes at a cost. Those countries can gloat their hearts out in claiming to have the best human development ratio and being the happiest and safest places to be, in the entire planet. Yet when those ads invite people in hordes to take advantage, these countries develop cold feet. India provides an exact example to Europe in its cultural diversity, scale and size. Every 100 Km you enter a different state in India that has a different language, culture and terrain. Yet people co-exist. No one denies a Telugu person his stay or settlement in Chennai. No can stop a Malayali from taking up a job in Maharashtra. A Punjabi can set Dhaba in Bangalore while a Gujrati can lead the entire nation!!

There could be fissures as big as continental drift, yet there is no question or deniability on their right to be Indian. There could be divisive forces playing an Aryan Dravidian divide, yet it would be more towards establishing superiority of one clan over other and rarely to break away. In a country that is linguistically divided and partitioned on religion, that divide lost its validity long time back. Its this ever singing thread of unity that sets India apart from the world. There could be countless things that one can list out bad about India, but this one country is going to be the template for human existence into the next century.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Paradigm lost to Paradigm regained

Nowadays, as much as the time one spends on his system, be it desktop or laptop, same, if not more, amount of time is spent on their cell phones as well. With ever increasing screen size and never ending stream of newer apps, smart phones are here to stay.

My personal long standing belief is that, at best, mobile tech can be an enabler or a support function to the "conventional" desktops and laptops and will never be able to replace them, as ease of use can never be an substitute for a more encompassing system. Moreover there were always questions on the infra side as well. But all these questions are getting more than satisfactorily answered, with smart phones out beating processing speed of some laptop models and with increasing battery backup facility. Such is their impact that, even the latest version of ERP systems have incorporated social networking and mobile friendly processes in their recent releases, is my long shot of a guess. With increasing man hours being spent on phones, it makes not just business sense to incorporate business processes into smaller screens, but a near essential one as well.

Mobility opens up lot of avenues from a traditional software life cycle set up perspective.
  •  Probably a separate set of requirements for shorter workflow that are mobile friendly, catering to majority of the approval cycle related processes and more importantly a much larger populace as compared to wired systems
  • HTML's would get a major boost and much needed upgrade
  • Security could be an all critical area to watch out for, as, more the number of hands on the system, critical the security needs become
  • Performance testing could be opened up at an all new level, catering specifically to mobile devices
  • Data storage mechanisms would require a reboot
  • Mobile data interfacing might undergo a sea of change and the concept of storage and data retrieval would be totally revamped
  • Would need a separate study dedicated to collate and confirm the cost savings associated with mobile solutions, further giving a leg up for mobility 
Above all and more importantly, the user experience. As more number of people have hands-on access to business systems, it would definitely draw more requests and call for enhancements that were previously not thought of in a conventional environment.
Now that the mobile device industry has thrown the gauntlet, its time for the business to accept the challenge. In near future, we can surely expect the business processes to be dual faced, one set specifically tailored for mobile devices, with shorter workflow and one for conventional systems.

End of the day, be it mobile or a desktop or a laptop, the core function of any automated system is to cater to the needs of the end user and business, for they are the winners who takes them all.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

MI 5 - Rouge nation review

Watching movies in Sathyam theatre is an experience in itself. With its ambience, sound systems and amazing seats even mokkai movies look and feel good. Value for money movie watching experience na athu Sathyamnu sathiyam panravanga pala peru.

Ivlo facilities irukara Sathyamla, saatharanamana English padam paathalay gummnu irukkum. Last time MIssion Impossible 4- Ghost Protocol paathu merandu poitu returned. The sound system was so amazing that I could feel the reverberations rushing across my feet when the sand storm scene was happening on screen.

MI 5 trailerla antha flight scene paathu mersalaaittu paatha intha padatha theaterla than paakanum adhuvum sathiyamlaa thaan paakanumnu oray kurikoloda irunthapo saga makkas booked tickets. Seekramavay poitu maadila irukara ID (Idly Dosai) kadaila sila pala items mukkittu went for the movie.

Padam aarambicha first sceney it was that flight scene. Tom cruise latches himself on to a flight on run way and clings on to it for dear life as it taxies off. Padam paisa vasoolnu nambi ukkanthathuku aprum thaan terinjuthu motha padathulaye ithu oru scene thaan urupidianathunu.

Narasimma, Alexander ipdi maaberum action kaaviyamsla sila pala decades minthi namma gabtun panna stuntsa ipo thoosi thatti kaalam pora vaysula six pack vacha sixty year old Tom cruisea vachu film kaatirukanga. Kathaingarathu conceptku kooda ilama naalu fight scene nadula sila pala chasing, killing potu fill pannitu uppu chappilama mudichitanga. Ucha kattta kodumai was that villain. Kural ennamo karakara priya ragatha kashtapatuu muzhingina mathiri vachindu first scenala herova verupetha avan kann munaadiye oru kolaiye pannitu kadisi scenela kanna moodidraan.

Usuala vara car chase - check
High speed Bike chase  - check
Sambandhamay illama oru heroine -  check
Yarailyum poga mudiatha edathula yaarukum theva ilatha secret information - check
Athai eduka porachay Tom cruise sikki sinna pinamaaga ess aagarathu - check

Ipdi template maarama padam. Athilayum, oru profile mathrathukaga, rendu nimisham dham pudichi, kotra aruvikku ullara irukara oru bank locker setupla correctana lockera kandupudichi, adhulayum Naduvula konjam disturb pannuvom la vara mathiri idikka vara ojects kittenthu ess aagi, oru chip eduthu vera chip vaikka Tom cruise padra paadu !!! Ithana kashtapattu edutha datava driller vachu azhikarapo pakravangalukkay valikuthu.

Gils verdict : Mission impossible 6 irukkum airukaratha therila..ipdiye padam edutha padam paakarathay oru impossible mission aaidum!!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Kaalai kodumai - Good morning from Gilsbert

If Gilsbert is there can kodumais be far away... apdinu Beats paadhirunthaalum paadirupaaru. Athenna enna mayamao manthiramo therila..Gilsbert manage to find kodumai in remotest of situations.

It so happened that in the new kambeni that he had joined, his shift timing starts at midnight 8 AM. Since Gilsbert stays at one end of the world and the kambeni located at other extreme, cab comes at artha rathiri 7 AM to pickup saga pulimootais in ara thookam on the way to aapece. Needless to say Gilsbert being the first pickup has to board the cab first.

On that mangalagaramana monday midnight the kadangara cabkaaran came at 6.45 AM itself. He kept on calling Gilsbert to ask for route to his place.

"Cab kaar cab kaar..from Gemini you take the 4th right and come straight..take second left..come straight and take 2nd right come straight...."
Athukumiula straight left right thaangatha cab driver..

"Dei Gilsbert..unakku vazhi therilaina utru..naan vera yaarkitayachum ketu vanthukaren...nee pointuku vanthiru" sollitu cut the call.

Gilsbert came sleepwalking and boarded the cab. Having come early the driver was happily asleep.
"pesama cab drivera poidlama" nu yosichikittay.."cabkaar..cabkaar...please getup..aapeece ponum" nu kadami unarchiyoda Gilsbert wakes up the driver.
The bewildered driver wakes up and starts the car apologizing all the way from gear change to ignition.

"Enga saar ponum"
"Oh..adutha pickupum route theriyatha..seri naan solren ponga"
Gilsbert expertly navigates the cab to the second pickup, Mansakulla inimay intha aala vazhi solla sollitu naama oru kutti thookkam podalamnu calculation was running.
The second guy boards the cab and dutifully takes the role of the navigator.
"Ipdiye nera poneenganna antha aavin booth kitta aduthavanga nippanga"
The confused driver asked "ethana per sir"
"Motham 6 peru"
"5 per thaana sonaanga"
"Adhu daily roster mathi potukitu irupaanga..athelam naanga start"
"naan routeku pudusu office poga konjam vazhi solidreengala"
Grumbling that ithenna imsai..thoongalam paatha vida maatan polarukkaynu polambikittay the second guy grunts his assent.
After a few minutes travel both Gilsbert and the other guy gets calls on their phone from other cab mates.
"Guys where are you? we are waiting in your point"
"Ungala yaaru anga vara sonna..we are on the way to pick you guys up"
"Huh..Gilsbert..we are on the cab already"

Gilsbert looks at the other guy and with a sudden realization tries to call the cell number of the cab driver. It rings and the driver picked it up but not the one he was boarded.
"Sir..neenga enakku vazhi sollitu neenga vazhi mari poiteengala..enga irukeenga"
Gilsbert cuts the call and asked the driver
"neenga entha office cab?"
"TCSnga..neenga Siruseri thana poganum"
"Adapavi..nanga ambattur poganumda...yov..ID card maatikittu yaar vandila erinalam ethindrivia."
Nalla vela thookka kalakathula vera kambenila poitu erangama irunthomnu arakka parakka gilsbert and saga pulimootai rushed to the point where their cab was waiting.

Naatula oru gilsku evlo kodumai nadakuthu paarunga makkalay...ithelaam theerpaar illaya :( avvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

Monday, August 17, 2015

anney annanney

"Anne..enakku romba naala oru sandhegam"
"Unna en innum corporation nai pudikaravanga pudikalaina...enakkum antha santhegam undu maganay..oru naal illa oru naal naanay pudichi kuduthudren"
"Ada athu illannae.."
"Pinna enna nodhu illanne.".
"lifela munnuku vara enakku oru vazhi sollunganne"
"enda eppo paaru saakadaila oorina panni mathiriye suthitruka..kadana odana vaangi oru thozhil panni pozhachukalamla"
"Adhukku poga poren"
"Paarra...pig piggy bank poguthu...seri seri..nalla iruntha seri.."

Konja nerathula..


"adai mandaiya...ennada aachu..kadan vaanga ponia..illa kadaparaila adi vaanga ponia...enga ipidi thirumbu...moonji erkanvay sattiya kavuthu poata mathiri irukkum..ippo idli adukku mathiri gundum kuzhiyuma irukku...ennada aachu"
"neenga sonna mathiri kadan kekka thaanga ponen..keatthuku adi pinitaanga"
"apdi ennada ketta"
"intha home loan irukkullanne"
"Adhu edhuku tharaanganne"
"veedu vaanga"
"intha car loanu"
"car vaanga"
"bike loanu"
"bike vaanga..enda ithanaiyumaada ketta"
"illanne..vera oru loan ketten..athuku adi pinitaanga"
"apdi enna ketta"
"gold loan ketten"
"unkitta thaan kunthumani thangam kooda illaye..aprom epdi?"
"veedu vaanga home loan vaanga bike loan vaanga car loan tharaanga..appo thangam vaanga gold loan tharanuma vanga gold loan keten..adichi pinitaaannganne"

"ithuku neengalay oru theerpu sollunganne..naan panjayatha kootren"

"uhumm...ithuku panjayathulam saripaadathu raaja..ingittu vaa...punch aayathu thaan...pudraa avana...ipdi kokkku maakka kelvi kekka yaarra solli thara unakkau..."

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Jaya he

69th independence day.

Varusha varusham ithu onnu vanthuruthu. Intha varusham weekendla vanthuruchaynu feel aagaravangalla I the also there.

Epdi pullayar chathurthi anniki pulayaara nenachukitu kozhakattai saapdramo, Krishna jayanthi anniki krishanara nenachukittu seeda murukku saapdramo, adhey mathiri aug 15th anniki mattum India pathi naalu vaartha polambi, poradi sudhanthiram vaanginavangala pathi naalu vaartha nallatha sollitu, pudhu padam pattimanram tvla paathutu, school pasanga kitta mutaai vaangi saaptu santhoshama irukaratha vitutu edhuku intha postungareengala. Namakku topic kedaikarathu vaalu release mathiri naalu varushathuku oru vaati thaan nadakuthu. Kedachatha miss panalaaaammooo.

Do we really worth celebrating this day? Nammala maathiri oru worst people irukka mudiyuma, for being so ignorant and careless about those who really mattered for this country. We take so much effort to celebrate our cricketers, movie folks, politicians, the level of hero worship that we take too has been made management case studies by foreign folks. But they can also make a case study about the way we treated our real heroes.

This great man, who pawned his life for our prosperity and freedom, who underwent tortures which are so well documented that the British government can be sued for human rights violation. They should be ashamed of the way they treated the colonies. But even they were in awe of this great man that, when he was about to be released, they made elaborate security arrangements, fearing public backlash. But those guys were stunned at the number of people who turned up - four. Just 4 people came to receive this great man who served two life terms, went bankrupt to start first private shipping company in support of his countrymen. Right from my school days I've seen my friend win so many oratorical competitions giving speech about this great man. Va.Voo.Sudhanthiram pillai should be worshipped like a god who walked. But is relegated to be remembered once a year like thithi.

I heard about this for the first time today in one pattimandram. Till now, I never had a chance to read about this great man's life post his release. Every textbook, magazine I read on him, described about his sufferings in jail. But not one word on how the Indians treated him when he was released. Probably one of the richest man on his glory days, he was rich enough to start his own shipping company. He gave up everything for this country. Our freedom. And what our countrymen did for him would've hurt him more than what the British did to him.

This man and lot other folks, deserve all the ratnas and bhhushans and vibushans. They should all be honoured and worshipped with institutes and awards named after them. We should take their life story to the world in the form of movies. Let them be award winning documentaries to be screened to the world. It may not shame the British but probably show the slumdog attitude of our zillion plus crowd. Our school syllabus should all be re-written. It all talks about what the British did to our leaders who fought for our freedom. It should start talking about what we did for them. Maybe that would awaken that forgotten sense of nationalism in us?

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Unmitigated Risk - Kalayavana of corporate world

Mahabharatha is one epic that is older than time yet couldn't be more contemporary at any point in time. The stories in Mahabharatha has many lessons for the corporate world and my favourite of the lot is the one involving Kalayavana. Though Krishna is the undisputed hero of the epic in its entirety even he ran away from a battle with Kalayavana. Such was his might and so were the boons bestowed on him that, neither Krishna nor any person from Yadava clan could win against him. For Krishna, Kalayavana was a known critical risk, who was unmitigable. Yet, the strategy which he planned to succeed that risk is the learning from the story.

Knowing that an attack to Mathura, his capital, was  imminent, even before Kalayavana could mobilize his armies, Krishna set forth in building a new capital on a secure island. By the time the siege started, he cleverly transported all his citizens and soldiers to the new place and ran away from the battlefield. The story eventually ends with the death of Kalayvana and victory to Krishna.

But the key takeaway is, not every risk is solvable.

At times, we've be to willing to make an investment to secure our future and also as a defence mechanism to insure our present.

Many a times, customers of ERP products, defer in applying the bundles provided by the product company, sheerly out of fear of losing their core customizations. With each passing release, the original product which was customized as a solution, becomes far removed from being current.It all boils down to a fight or flight scenario, where the client has to continue to throw in good money after bad in resurrecting a collapsing system or re-invest in a fresh implementation or upgrade.

Religious symbolisms apart, Krishna has already shown the way. To follow or not is in the hands of the project sponsor.

Sarvam Krishnarpanam :)

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Art of communication

I forgot the name of the author. Either it was Devadutt Patnaik or Amitav Ghosh. Both of them put in interesting view point based on our epics. In one of the article there was an interesting angle on Gitopadesam. The intent of the article was something else. But I found that thought process intriguing. Krishna when he preached the gita to Arjuna, at the same time Sanjaya was relaying the same Gita to Dritharashtra. While Arjuna grasped the crux of it and went on to win the war, the incumbent king, blinded by jealousy over his brother and love for his kid, chose to ignore the essence of Gita. Despite having been the third ever person to have been blessed with the recital, despite having the ability to understand the slokas more than any of his contemporaries, he didn't call off the war. Gita was perhaps the last ditch attempt by Krishna to stop the war. While he used it to urge Arjuna to take up his bow, he probably hoped that Dritharashtra would become enlightened by the verses and call off the war, which didn't happen, which he was very well aware of. Sometimes even god can't change the fate. I felt it applies to teaching in schools as well. The teachers claim that they preach their subjects in same vein to all the students in the class. Some even get a secondary dosage in the form of remedial/coaching classes. The Arjuna's could be related to the top rankers while the rest fill up their own roles. Same goes for corporate life as well. When the Analyst gives KT on the client requirement to the developers, testers and rest of the team very few get a grasp of it. Comparing their BRD to Gita is a sacrilege in itself. Its just for analogy. Wherever the case is, whatever the situation is, direct form of communication always helps. Direct receipt of communicated information also happens to be the best of the lot. Be it battle or just another BRD, the audience response determines the result.

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Age of the interface

One common attribute shared by corporate biggies of the current world - Facebook, Airbnb,Alibaba, Uber - is that they own no content. I read an article about this topic and was pretty fascinated by the thought process that went behind these companies. If anybody had told me prior that, they have a tool that can sell me anything and everything under the sun, without owning a single piece of stock in material, knowing the success reaped by that idea, its really difficult now to give an honest answer as to what would've been my original response. Not only these companies created a seismic change in their domains but the ripple effects had far reaching impact on peripheral industries as well. Einstein might've been tempted to quote "the industry didnt play dice" with these ideas or probably it was all one big sheer co-incidence. But the symbiotic relation between smartphones and apps is a case study in itself. They wish well for each other, for their own growth and survival. I am a borderline Luddite when it comes to technology involvement in personal life. I had to forgo my sturdy Nokia for a Nexus just to access Facebook and other apps. I believe the root cause, for these ideas to take shape, have long been existing. Take any career site for example. They create a common medium, an interface, for collating all opportunities across companies and domains for job seekers and searchers. The concept behind Facebook or Airbnb is almost the same. They offer a friendly common interface for people to share or search. If i try to co-relate any new requirement for a software upgrade or a migration to a newer platform, the reason is similar to why i decided to change my phone, which well served my need to communicate any time with a stable battery life, to a smart phone, which has its own plus and minuses. Be it Mainframes or Java or SAP, its a classic tale of the tail not wagging the dog, yet making it dance to its tunes. Apart from the ease of use and the ability to collaborate and interface well with the end user, rarely have they contributed to any change in business process. Obviously the "ease of use" concept has caught on, spurred by the explosive success of these companies which has resulted in start-ups boom, cutting across all domains. There is a whole new opportunity that lies untapped in the form of cost savings via these apps. Potentially the next big thing is right out there. These interfaces, they didn't create anything new and yet they replaced so many. They finally have made the nomad from the Neanderthals, to stay put in one place to get his needs addressed. The money is definitely on the medium.