Monday, July 22, 2013

Q for -quest for inner peace

Gils seen roaming here and there carrying a bunch of paper.
His damager is sitting in a very somber mood.. (somberi moodnu padicha kambeni poruppu illai).
Knowing that look, Gils knows he is into deep philosophical mood and tries to dabaichify damager by taking a round about route avoiding him.
"Gils...come here"
"Sethaanda sekaru" nu thinkiyavaaray Gils goes to damager.
"Yesh boss"
"Enna ingayum angayum suthitrukka? Ennamo thedra mathiri iruku?"
"ada neenga vera baas...naanay Santhoshema tholaichitu theditruken"
Damager gets that oli vattam above his head whenever he is in appraisal sessions.
He starts giving gyan to Gils about inner peace and how one should search for happiness within oneself and how materialistic the world has become where people always rush about searching for happiness every where else but never at the most easiest of places to check, that is within oneself.
"Itheye thaaan superstar...unakkulla irukkara santhoshatha velila thedaathaa nu paadirukkaru"
"Boss..adthu SPB thaana padinaaru?"
"Gils...seriousa pesitrukarapo mokka podaatha..."
"Bosss...neenga thaan mokka potutrukeenga...Walk - in ku vantha "Santhosh M" oda resume kaanumnu theditruken...neenga ennadaana unakkula thedu santhosh kedaikkumnu ubnyaasam panreenga..."
Damager growls at Gils who rushes away from that place.
After a while, "baaasss...nejamavay enakkulla thaan baas Santhosh M irunthiruku....vera paper nenachitu antha resumea en bagla vachirunthiruken....neenga oru vintage vignaani baaas"

Damager growls again and Gils runs away for dear life.

Thanks a lot  Poonai for nagging me...che..tagging me into this post about "inner peace". What Inner peace means to me apdinu post podanumaam..athaan intha tag oda theme. Inner peace na..ennananaa...mokkai podrathu. If my mokkai makes people kolaveri on me..that means I've successfully messed up their peace. So naan nimmathia thoongiruven :D:D (ithallavo kolgai) More the mokkaiyar...more the inner peace :D

Saturday, July 20, 2013

P for - Prayer

2013 has been a very bad year for music industry.

So many of the yesteryear greats have breathed their last this year.

From Lalgudi Jayaraman to Ramamurthy to PBS to TMS to Vaali one after another the giants of music industry have commenced their onward journey to the place up above.

The heavenly orchestra has just been strengthened like never before. For one of the best lyricist and music composer and the best singers of all time all have gathered there at the same time. No wonder even the sound of thunder has a new raga tone to it nowadays. Maybe the gods themselves have grown so fond of these musicians that they have caused this unseasonal rain in Chennai, just to hear them out.

They may have taken a mortal form which has an expiry date written all over it the day it got formed. But their creations and music are nothing short of magic and are immortal.

A silent prayer for those great souls.

Friday, July 19, 2013

O for - Onnum solrathikilla

Pin varum kathaiyil varum paathiram anda gunda anaithum karpanaiye..nejathila yaaraiyum neraagavo..konaiyaagavo...maraimugamaagavo....kuripidavillai. Any person living or dead, matching these characters are purely and entirely coincidental.

"Hey..oru shocking news!!" - (from now onwards will be known as NNP (nonthu noodlesa ponavanga)

"Ennachu..unakku marriagea?" - frnd 1

"Athu shocking news ilada...electrocuting news...entha appavi sikkinaan" - frnd 2

"grrrr...mokka podama solratha kekareengala...nejamavay shocking news..nethu enakku shock adichuthu theriyuma" NNP tells in one appavithanamaana parithaaba tone.

 "Poi sonnaalum poruntha solanum..unga areala thaan currentay kedayathay aprum epdi shock??" - frnd 1.

"athaana...unga arealalaam innumum roadla theepantham pudichitu thaan night timela makkal nadamaadraanga..unaku mattum engenthu shock adikara alavuku current vanthuchu?? vera relation veetuku poi irunthia?" - frnd 2

"innoru vaati enga area pathi thappa pesineenga...unga rendu peraiyum BAASHa la vara mathiri current kamabathula katti adi pinniduven...oruthi..shock adichithunu solra..epdi irukka ennanu kekama..marana mokka podreenga..neengalam oru frienda..thuuu"

"oohh..sorry sorry..kochikatha..aama shock adichuthu sonniye..ethana unit aachu paathia? bill intha month neria vara poguthu" - frnd 1

"dai..." growls NNP

"ithuku thaan complan kudikanumnu solrathu" - says frnd 2

 "??? complanukum currentkum ennada sambantham??" NNP asks

"athula thaan "po Shock" ku sakthi neria irukaamay...adikadi ad la solraanga...nee power line pudichitu skipping aadina kooda unaku shock adikaathu" - frnd 2

NNP seriously searching for something...

"enna thedra?" - frnd 1

"illa..ippo thaan oru seruppu pinjuthunu thooki potten..atha thaan thedings"

Both friends vanishes in stop block.

With friends like this..!!

Saturday, July 06, 2013

N for - Nalla varuvadaa nee..#yaarukko

Than muyarchiyil satrum manam thalaraatha vikramaadhithan....

Ipdithaan ella vikram vethaalam stories start aagum. Every story would be different and every twist unique and vikram solara every justification and theerpu would be different. Aanaa ..starting eppovumay same.

Intha kathailayum kitta thatta apdi thaan..aana oray diparance ennanaa end result also always same.

"Gils..thayavu senju opice kku timeku vaa" - says the vikramaathithan of the damager.

"Baas...eppo vanthalum athu oru time thaanay baaasss" - says u-know-who, who promptly reaches opice sharp at 12.
"This is twenty much..ozhungu mariathaiya..come by 10.30 tomorrow"
Next day gils reaches opice early and promptly meets the damager to proclaim the claim to fame.

"Dei..opice vara timeaada ithu" damager in full kovams.

"Baass..ithelaam aniyaayam...I am half and hour early than yesterday"
"adapavi...10.30ku vara sonen..11.30ku vanthutu half hour earlynu koosama solriye..nee one hour late da"
" half empty..half full nu itha thaan periavanga sollirukaanga..."
"seri..nethu mail anuppirunthene..yen reply pannala"
"neenga thaana baaas...reply panna koodathu solirutheenga"
"??naan engada sonen"
"athaan mailla potruntheengalay.."Don't reply all" nu..avlo perusa..bold underlinelaam panni potaprumum unga pecha naan meeruvena"
"adai...reply all pannatha naa yaarukkumay reply poda maatiya....unnalam vachitu..."
Before he goes ballistic gils rushes away from that place.

Hmmmm....oru appavi intha olagathula evlolaam kustapada vendi irukku..enna pannalum kuthamngraangayyaa...avvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

M for - Mera bharat mahaan

The great nation of India is peppered with so many a tourist place. Probably the one nation in the whole wide world, that can boast of all kinds of tourists attractions -right from natural scenic beauties to adventurous wonderlands and on top of it all, those fraught with ancient and modern history. This article is about one such place that falls on the latter cadre.
Tears of women have created many an epic world over. Sita's tears destroyed Lanka and in due course the base for entire Ramayana. Draupadi's tears destroyed the entire Kuru dynasty which became Mahabharatha. What was the price of Marcella Sherwood's tears?? Probably the end of British rule in India.
"Bagh" in many languages means garden, specifically one containing fruit and flower bearing trees. The northern side of India boasts of scores of such gardens and this one in Punjab, is the most famous of them all. For there grew, not just flowers and fruits, but the very seed of our Independence from British rule. Everyone knows the birthdate of Indian independence falls on 15th Aug 1947. But if one has to pinpoint the date it was conceived that would be 13th April 1919. Baisakhi is supposedly a holy day for practising Sikhs and a day of joy and happiness. On that fateful day, 94 years ago, thousands of people gathered on Jallinawala bagh to what would've been yet another public meeting to protest the misrule of British, for few days back the ruling General at that time, ordered Indians to crawl on the streets in front of British women. "These people crawl in front of their gods, they need to know that British women are as sacred as their gods and need to worship them too". From any other person on any other context this would've sounded like a true blood feminist statement. Only that the actions that followed were one of the most gruesome in recorded human history. Without any provocation and just to satisfy his ego, he let loose hell on those hapless thousands.
Till date there is no accurate figure on the number of people dead. Sadly and more cruelly, the number of cartridges spent has been well documented. The city of Jerusalem hosts one wailing wall. But every single grain of sand on Jalianwala Bagh cries of the carnage and for those thousands of people who lost their life. Was it that violent mob who attacked Marcella Sherwood and left her to die or was it the sheer act of utter disregard for human life by the British or was it a logistical flaw in the design of that ill-fated garden itself with barely an exit for hosting such a big crowd or was it fear which resulted in stampede that is claimed to have killed more than the bullets themselves. The questions could be numerous as we dig in deep. But one thing is for sure. The moment you step onto that ground, once littered with bullet ridden bodies, whose sands were colored red with the blood of those martyrs, it would be hard to miss the goose bumps and the feeling of sadness that encompasses the entire premise. Even the most neutral of person would feel electrified with patriotic fervor just by standing at that very place which forms the birth ground of Indian Independence.
This 6.5 acre of blood soaked history is located near the Golden temple shrine at Amritsar and is one of the must visit places for those who want a taste of Indian history.