Monday, July 26, 2010

The P Factor

If there is any one letter which dominates I.T industry like anything, to me, that would be the letter "P".

Project,Process,Performance,Product,Portfolio,Position,People,Personality,Profile, Place nu "P"la start aagara pala matterla thaan (P for) pozhappay oduthu. In short..I.T would be in "Pit" without the letter "P".. contrary to the literal word :)

Aana..ithelaam vida mukkiayamaana rendu "P" factor iruku. Athaan..."POATTU KUDUKARATHU" and "PETER UDRATHU". Intha (P for) dedicated to that :)

Scenario 1:

One songi person (naanay thaan...A,B,C nu enna per poataalum..ithu naan thaanu solla en peraye potruen) pitiying himself over his state of life and bracing himself for the cross country multiple obstacle journey back home from office awaits his daily pickup shuttle in office entrance. He notices one creature in coolers and jerkin with wires jutting out of every possible open space in his body.

"Ithelaam pethaangala illa senjaangala. Enga veetu electricity boardla kuda ivlo wire irukaathay" nu manasukkulla yosichings.

"echuseme...wen will the cab for teynampet land here?"
" land pannuma...dei..engenthuda vara nee"
"Actually i am coming directly from onsite. U know.. U S of A"
"Panguni veyil palla kaatikitu ilikuthu..ipo ethukunga jerkin"
"Actualla inga climate enaku set aagala. Oray cold. Jaladosham u see. Cold othukala. Athaan Jerkin potukitu iruken. Ithu kuda anga vanginathu thaan"
"Saravana storesla vaangina sticker kuda innum pikala. Americala vanginathunu alattala..irudi unaku iruku" nu manasukkulla garuvikitten.

Adutha naal client call. Peter mamava clientku introduce panrathukaga thaan meetingay.

"Guys..let me introduce myself. Probably neenga pesara slang US makkaluku puriathu. So you guys can note how i talk and pick it up from me" Peter maama added with a wink.

After dialling in the conference code..everyone logs in. "Hi. This is peter maama here...if i am not odathu..bus odathu...avlo kooda odathu..naan avlo nallavan vallavan..matter terinjavan...blah blah blah" nu oray petero peter.

Gils looks at A.

"Why blud?"
"...shame blud" says A.

After few minutes silence from client side..client damager speaks. "Excuseme..peter mama. We dont understand local Indian languages. Can you talk in english please"
Peter mama moonjia paathu naanga siricha satham..fone mutela potrunthapo kooda cleintuku ketrukum nenakaren :D

Scenario 2:

A and B are seen staring at one client requirement doc with puzzled look on their face. Peter mama asks them.."What happened dudes..why sogam"

"Intha client requirement onnumay purila athaan"

"Isit...give it me maan..let me explain it to simple maaan. Client want to maatify one photo. Athuku enga aaani adicha saria irukumnu keturukaan. Ithula enna doubt. Sevuthula thaan aani adikanumnu Functional spec prepare panidunga. Technical team vanthu entha type aani..evlo peria aani..entha type suthi vachu evlo thadava adikanumnulaam avanga details fill paniduvanga. Testingku anupita matter over. Thats all. Ithku yen man ivlo worries"

A and B manasukkulla "adai...ithu engaluku teriatha...perusa vantaan solrathuku"

"Athilla maams...test case prepare pannanum. Anga thaan sikkal. Engalaam aani adichi test panrathunu oray confusiona iruku"

Peter maama looks around. Thoorathula he spots damager approaching. Udanay loud voicela..."ada...ithu kuda teriaatha. Let me take the ownership for formulating a process for this. Once its can document it. Send the soft copy to me. Hard copy to client and filter copy to our damager"

Damager passes by that very instant and on hearing the filter coffee part..stands by for a minute and gives an appreciative glance at peter maama and praises him for his intiative..innovative..informative and innum ennamolaam "tives".

"cmon guys..let me show you engalaam aani adikarathunnu"

"Mudhalla ivan mandaila adikanumnda" nu A porumikittay coming.

Petermama leaves the scene. A and B are very tired after several rounds of testing. Damager comes again that side. Both look at him to get the same appreciative glance pointing to the wall..which now resembles HELLRAISER pei.

"Which fool of the idiot of the fool of the ass asked you to adichify ithana aani...remove pannu man...immediately. Client vara neramaachu"

"Sir..vanthu sir...ithelaam Unit testkaga adicha aani..ithu regression test..anga mothama moonu aani onnu mela onnu irukulla athu thaan integration test...ithula entha aaniya sir pudungarathu"

"Neenga adichathu poooravay theva illatha aani thaan. Poi ellathiyum pudungunga ponga" bellows the damager and leaves the scene.

Ithellaam terinji thaan namma munnor Aani maasamnu oru monthaiye aanikaga dedicate panirukaanga pola nu polambikittay A and B started their magathaana job from the start.

Onnu uruthi. In I.T there can never be a lead who will be "man of the masses"..there will only be "man for the bosses".

P.S: Heyyyy...ipo thaan note panen..supershanki has already crossed 400 posts :D :D avvvvvvvvvvvvv.....en paava kanakku check panna chitragupthan directa intha blogoda hit count check panna porum nenakren..avlo perai kodumai paduthiruken :D :) ithana naala en imsai ellam poruthukitta unga ellarukum oru big thanks :)


RS said...

ROTFL!! :D And congrats on crossing 400 :)..Here's wishes to reach 1000 soooner....

BSK said...

vaarathuku naalu post pota, 400 thaandama 4000 kooda thaandalam. :P

BSK said...


Angayum adhey aani dhaana? ;-)

Peter mama'vuku unga blog pathi theriyuma? ;)

And what's ur LoT?

R-ambam said...

Aani panguni ... veetla enneramum nalla neram paakurathu thaan vaelaya.. :p

congrats !

:D office , hmm.. gilsbert is the new Dilbert nu
ithellaam fw: mail aa unga peter maama kku mail anupida poraanga .. watch out !

Anonymous said...

Preeya vidunga.
Congrats on 400th post.

Deepa said...

Congrats on crossing 400. You mulling over the letter P, hope you're not planning to change your name to 'Pils' :D

TheUncanny said...

gils im disappointed!!
how adre u insult my aani pudingifying job!!!! grrrrrr....

Its a noble work we do!!!

Aaarti said...

hahahah..sema office pola irukku..athaan daily rendu mani nerum up and down poreengalo :P

Swaram said...

Woohooo 4 centuries Congratulations :D

P for Peer Pressure for all of us nw :P :P

chennaigirl said...

LOL.. Enakku therinja ore P ennoda P - Pleasure thaaan

sanchapanzo said...

veevi said...

'p' ndra letter le ivlo Prachanaya?!

gils PaPam! :(

btw congrats on ya 400th Post!:)

mgnithi said...

avvv...did you watch jakku boy short film by any chance?

Avada Kedavra said...

write a translation post for this sometime gils :D looks like a funny post, but dint understand :(

Anonymous said...


dankies :)


vaarathuku naala!! adapavi..moonu thaanpa :)

LOT??? apdina?

Anonymous said...

//Aani panguni ... veetla enneramum nalla neram paakurathu thaan vaelaya.. :p

one flowla came :D heheh gilsberta :D :D ithu kuda nanna thaan iruku :D

Anonymous said...


naanga itha pathilam kavalapadrathay illa :D


pilsa :D :D hahaha

Anonymous said...


??? neenga etha solreenga? testinga reviewa illa managementaiya? :D


ejjatlee :D

Anonymous said...


:D u post 400 every year :D so no pressure for u :D


aahaa irukeengala neenga..aal addresaay kaanumay paathen

Anonymous said...


athu pathiruken maams..awesome one :)


semma namenga ungalthu :D :D ambulance horn mathiriye iruku :D

Anonymous said...


s baas :D :D sooober


sure madam :D

veevi said...

semma namenga ungalthu :D :D ambulance horn mathiriye iruku :D//

athu entry sound! :D

'tontodoinng' ne vaikalam ne irundhen! indha ajith enake munadi copy adichutar! :'(

ரசிகன் said...

:)))))))) வரிக்கு வரி நகைச்சுவை.
நம்ம பீட்டர் மாமாவை விசாரிச்சதா சொல்லிருங்க:))

தமிழுல எழுதியிருந்தா இன்னும் வேகமா புரிஞ்சியிருக்குமோ?.. (ஹிஹி.. எழுத்துக் கூட்டி படிச்சுப்புட்டு கொஞ்சம் லேட் லேட்டாதான் புரிஞ்சுக்கிட்டு சிரிச்சேன்).

கலக்குங்க மாம்ஸ்..

gils said...


totadoinngg. D: :D ithukuda nallathaan iruku


mikka nanri hai :)

Anonymous said...

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