Friday, February 23, 2007

Gummiyadi Pennay Gummiyadi

Rediffla intha news paatha udanay Bharathidasanoda Gummiyadi song thaan nyabagam varuthu. After years of hypocrisy Wimbeldon sheds its chauvinistic skin and has announces equal prize money for both men and women. Enna ketta womens tennisku neriya kaasu kudukanum for they are the original crowd pullers..sania mirzalenthu..sharapova varaikum yaar viladinalum gumbalo gumbal coming..mensla thala federer matrum oru sila makkaloda matches thaan real money spinners..michamellam sontha oor kaarangarathunala vara gumbal thaan..

ettu thisaiyil Aanukingay
pen illaipillai kaan
endru gummiyadi

There goes my 2 cents for feminism :D

Makkalay...oru interesting discussion on this topic..feel free to comment on this also..

S: dude..
V: s sire
S: you sound like sexist and chauvinistic da
V: at ur service???enda?
S: new post padi partha :)
V: y?correcta thaanda potruken
S: nope da..
V: enna no?i stand by my point
S: see da.. women cant talk about equality.. and all that
V: ??now whos chauvinistic
S: see da.. it s all about survival of the fittest :D in work place..
women work the same as men IT or any major industry it s all about brains..but sports is different it is more of muscles..
V: hahaha dei dubaks
S: and men have more of it..
V: computer gamesla kooda enda
S: and they deserve more
V: expert medium easynu level vachurkaan
S: computer is fine with me..
no da..
V: tts not chavunisitcda
S: this sounds same like reservation argument..sounds.. silly..
V: ialda oru tourney tt too conducted at such a level cant be biased
S: that s the point
V: give me a reason for reduced money for them
S: when someone makes software..women makes it men make it both get same pay
cause.. the resultant product is of same quality in the case of tennis.. or cross 100m in 9.77 seconds women cross 100m in 10.9 seconds
there goes the difference..based on output.... i rest my case
V: idhey men took several decades to break tt barrier women ipo than veetay thaandi vanthrukanga and rt away they are at 10 sec mark
S: no da.
V: i rest my case
S: you are missing the point
V: :)
S: women will take eons to beat men that s cause.. of the body make up
men are agile..women are not..
V: waitbuddy daughter will beat ur son in 100 m
S: there are some tasks.. which men can do better than women
V: viceversa holds gud too obviously
S: that's the not the point.. though.. making jokes belittles our argument :)
hang on..see da..take an athletic man..(best) and best women athlete..
there s no way.. they can compete at the same s all common sense
i.e women cannot beat men in physical tasks..simply because they are not made that way and lets face it every action has equal and opposite do something.. you get paid.. proportionally .....i rest my case
V: adai...
how do u measure propotion in a game
speed at which they serve?
S: lets take athletics..
where numbers are easily distinguishable..
maurice greene takes 9.77 s
V: one nimit
S: ok
V: in tt case
asians take more time than europeans
who are slower than americans or africans
appo gold carat orutha orutharukum
wt maruma
S: no da..
i never told that..
what i am saying is .. let africans win..
cause.. they are good at it..
V: hahaha
unna amthiri aaalunga dangerda i guess issac asimovs stories mite come true
S: what do you mean?
V: a better race where everyone is super fit with no place for weaklings
or rather not so fit people sounds familiar? read the doctrine of the nationalist socialist party aka nazism :D ??? sounday kanum
S: fantastic argument..but listen.. da..
if you want everyone to be the winners then create categories..break the society into n number of divisions
V: ilada...uhum
S: and give everyone their gold medals
V: nee solrathu utopiala vena possible real worldla no way
S: i dont know.. where our argument is going..
V: complexity makes the world goes round man ellamay same irukkarathungarathu scopeay ila
S: i am not saying.. women deserve to be slaughtered or put in gas chambers
V: hahaha
S: i am saying.. pay them proportionally
V: illada
i dint say tt u said it
wat i mean is mix n match cant be avoided nee solra mathiri if we slot winners and losers in boxes soon the latters will slot themselves as the next besters
and it will go in an AP with diminishing difference
in the end its all chaos jus to prove tt i am beter than u and to avoid the taunts
i wud fight with u and all goes down same with the winners slot the winningest
S: fighting is what makes you or me better we fall we learn
V: and the next winning teams will fight
S: if you appease.. then there is no progress
V: a war doesnt determine who is rt but who is left
S: there will one be whole lots of appeasers
V: engayo padicha quote six adichen par
S: only wars/conflicts can help you grow..
if you keep avoiding facing the truth.. then it s a prob i am not talking about bloody wars here.. it s arguments and competition
V: war is no way to learn truthu dei nee histroye padichathilaya
S: no da.. i am not talking about bloody wars it s about competition.. / conflicts
you fight with me.. now..if you did not refute my point..they you appease..
hoep you got it
V: me talking abt end u talking abt the means towards it erkanavay irukara division porathunu ithu vera
S: you cant reach the end without means..
V: meaningless ends hahah dei maniratnam padam mathiri
S: and lets face it.. everyone cannot be winners
V: pesa arambichitaom :D yes then
S: it s like a class room with 40 students only one chap gets the first rank
and so on...
V: yes but in a class room board same desk same teacher same teaching same
and first mark is same athuku kidakara prizeum same ellamay equal not more for boys
not less for gals
S: ok..
V: tts all ur honour maanangetavanay :D
S: so in classroom men and women compete together
and there s no quota for girls first rank
you think the same thing happens in tennis courts too ?
V: ???tennisla engada quota vanthichi
S: men and women tournaments they dont compete together.. but in different categories..
V: hmm..vidhaysamana point so?
S: vera enna..
V: gals schoolenthu vara topperukum boys schoolenthu vara topperukum coedlenthu varavanukum ennada Vidyasam endla yaru state topperungarthu thaan matter
chessla paaru judit polgar is women world no. 1 but men rankingla somewhere in top ten stl wen she wins any tourney she gets her share..rtful share no discrim. there
cha ithellam en blogla potrunthena supera irunthrukm
S: see da..
mens tourney is more stronger.. but womens is not.. so men deserve more money
women do not deserver that much money that's my point
V: athelticsla kooda itha naan accept not for tennis
see u dnt need to be strong to win..roddick serves faster than a bullet
but federer trashes him
S: tennis le.. venus or sania ve.. any 1000th ranking ATP player kooda adippan
V: mixed doublesla paruda... i've seen martina and leander winning against stronger opp. on martinas strength
S: whatever da..but that's cause.. they play weaker women-men combination
V: hmmm
S: you think leander-martina can win any men-men doubles match
V: no
S: dude.. you must get the argument rightwomen skill wise are not really in the league as men full stop
V: hmmm..onnu pannalam...ithaye inoru posta podrenletssee how people argue
if atall
S: if women players can bring more viewers to stadium or women players get higher TRPs
then.. thy should be paid more than men..
cause.. having higher skill does not necessarily mean.. you get rewarded..
having more crowd is more imp
in entertainment..
sports is now like entertainment..
V: en TL super point sonnar
S: ok
V: ask women to play for 5 sets and
then demand money
S: no da..that's a bad point what i am telling you is..sports is now more like entertainment industry
V: hmm so
S: if sania or maria get more ppl than men watching the game..
V: ?
S: then give them money
V: :D :D
S: if there s poor audience then.. dont pay
V: :D
S: afterall.. you know how it works..demand is what generates.. everything..
V: :D :D
economist mathiri pesara
S: :)


G3 said...

Aaha.. BSK indha posta paatha romba sandhosha paduvaar.. Kutti poshtu :D

Aaha.. Bharathiyaar paatellam pottu asathareenga.. Jooper :-)

//for they are the original crowd pullers..//
Nakkal konjam thookala irukae :P

gils said...

:D LOL on BSK comment...barathiyara??athu barathidasanla?

Bharani said...

//Enna ketta womens tennisku neriya kaasu kudukanum for they are the original crowd pullers..sania mirzalenthu..sharapova varaikum yaar viladinalum gumbalo gumbal coming//....idhai naan varaverkiren :)

Bharani said...

men's tennis ellam oru velyaatha...chinna pulla thanama...andha attathaye niruthidanum :)

gils said...

...tausar poata pasanga villadra aatamla oru aatama...apdinu thaana kekka vareenga.. ;)

sanchapanzo said...

dude.. i agree.. women tennis players deserve this raise in prize money for bringing all the men audience to sports stadiums and their TV sets.
somehow men athletes in spite of all their athleticism or agility or stamina can never do that..

KK said...

Actually Gils, unga post padicha dane yenakku thonunathu.... Its not fair... because men sweat it out for 5 sets while the women counterpart play just 3 sets and get the same amount of money. Women physical ability avaluv than appadinu romba yosikama poiten... thiruppi yosicha... I too feel that if equal money is given then either they need to make the men play 3 sets or make the women play 5 sets...
I respect women but at the same time men should not be ilichavayans....

Regarding your friends point of if women pull more people then they should be given more money... I dont think I would support this... this is spoiling the sport... slowly it might endup becoming like the steaming music video.... Sports should be seen as sport and nothing else...

gils said...

makkalay KKvoda intha replya Sat pirichi menju thallikitu irukaanga...end result enna agarthunu satru neram kazhithu kaanga..ithu varaikum matter ennana...boologathlenthu bramma logam varaikum discussion poindruku...mudivu ennanu therinja udanay solren :0)

பொற்கொடி said...

aiyo thalai suthudhe!

பொற்கொடி said...

andava gils enna oppicela niraya aani pudungi ippo freeya? ore topics of indiava podringa?? :)

women are crowd pullers nu solli if you pay them more, adhu konjam asingama iruku, vitudlam!

i guess rules should be more or less the same, so also the pay.

sat enna koovaranga nu appalikka vandhu kandukeeren. :)

gils said...

:D :D sat koova romba naal aagum...avanga aapicela blog blocked...neriya katha adichathula kadisila enna decide pannoamnu therila..KKva thaan kekanum :)

Priya said...

enna gils ivlo kutti post? fulla innum padikkala..
Wimbeldon prize money pathu mattum comment:
I welcome this decision. Women 3 set dhan vilayadaranga - men 5 set nu sila per argue pannuvanga. Physical a men and women equal kidayadhu. Appadi irundha edhukku thani thani tournament? Ellarukkum onna vachi ore oru championship kudutha podhume? Women kku natural a irukkara physical ability kku - 3 set vilayada avangaloda effort men 5 set vilaya podra alavu dhan. Moreover, practice etc. ellam 2 perukkum same dhan.
I'm glad Wimbeldon atlast eradicated the discrimination.

KK said...

Bramman mela than thappu... Wimbledon mela kidayathu... Bramman rendu perayum ore maathiri padaithu iruntha intha prachanaiye irunthirkathu than yenga conclusion...

Syam said...

KK solrathu osikka vechaalum...bharani solrathu ennamo niyayamaa paduthu...naan ellam tennis paarkarathey women game kaaga mattum thaan :-)

Syam said...

enna women ku men ah vida double prize kuduthu avangala 6 sets aada veikalaam..venumna first day 3 sets next day 3 sets...innum nalla irukum
rendu naal site adikkalaam :-)

Arunkumar said...

i tend to welcome the decision not because women are crowd pullers (which in my opinion is not 100% true) but simply because competetiveness in women's tennis is equal to men's and also the way brahma created us, it requires more physique and stamina for a women to play 3 sets than a man to play 5.

edhua enna irundhaalum steffi paathu jollu vittutu thaan indha game-ae paaka arambichen :)

Arunkumar said...

indha discussionla enakku dideernu thonuchu...

kuttai pant potu sania tennis vilayadna jollu vittu paakurom, full pant potu neraya sanias cricket vilayadranga. namakku cricket pidichaalum avungala paaka maatrom. enna kodumai saravanan?

Arunkumar said...

this is spoiling the sport... slowly it might endup becoming like the steaming music video..
indha point naan surea othukkuren. just read yday.... mandira bedi akka indha WClayum studiola iruppennu sollirkaanga !!!

gils said...

:D :D nakkala solranu nalla theriyuthu :)

neenga oppose panra mathiri comment utut support paneeteena kadisila :D :D

LOL...start d meejic again

gils said...

notaamai...unga thangamani pakkathila irukangala? aprum ootla french opena close panida poraanga :)
//rendu naal siting//
kalkiteenga..namma katchi sagavum atheye thaan sonnar

same pinch..steffi mattum tennis viladirukalana...naatla paadi makkal tennis pathiruka maatanga

gils said...

oh..pheelings of india for womens cricket... :D :D of all the sports, now tt women take part in everythin men does, tennis and athletics are the main events which attract media attention as far as women sport events are concerned...cricketlam stadium security kooda pakrathila..maybe given more media coverage things mite change..

gils said...

!!!mandira bedi to carribbean...!! soooooooooooperapu...match evan paaka poraan inimay

Karthik B.S. said...

Gils, first of all, sorry for late commenting!

ACtually, technically, mechanically, electronically, I was quite bijee.. adhaan vara mudiyala! :(

Karthik B.S. said...

@ G3

aama rommmmmbbbba sanshoshama irukku! :)

Karthik B.S. said...

unmaya sollunga.. Yahoo messenger'la "SAve as" option use panni dhaane indha posta poteenga? ;) ;) ;)

Karthik B.S. said...

aamango Women dhaan real crow pullerS!!

Sharapova... aaha aaha aaha! :) sooper figure! :)

Karthik B.S. said...

sania'va ellam oruthyan rasikraan'na avan kannula kolaar'nu artham! :P

Karthik B.S. said...

aana Sania'voda thangachi... hmmm.... ;) ;) ;)

Karthik B.S. said...

inna thala, Dipika pathi onnumey sollala! :(

dipika dhaan future'la crowd puller! Idha naan adichi solluven! :)

Karthik B.S. said...

Ippo appeatu, appalika repeatu! :)

prithz said...

hmmm.. interesting..

frankly, i feel the prize money should be proportional to how much one sweats in such physically challenging games... if u take chess, prize money could be the same, it requires more of mind work.. but for tennis, if girls play lesser no of sets, they are paid lesser... dats fair enough..

ultimately it all depends on the physical make up of the individual.. girls might not have as much physical stamina as guys... but thats how nature has it.. n it jus makes sense to respect it..

above all this, be it guy or girl.. ultimately sports is about performance.. the better you perform, more is ur reward..

i completely agree with kk :D

Sat said...

wat is this!!!!!!!!!!
evaalo periya posttu!

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Hahaha..That was a loooooooong post. Nice one though..

KK said...

Prtihz ithukaagave ungalukku spl Veggie sizzlers :)

Ramya said...

2 cents for feminism ?
Indha pichai engaluku vendam! Indhaanga, I add 4 more cents for the chauvinists !
Naan unga blog la romba minaadi commentirken ! Will be a regular from now on ! :D

gils said...

@bsk: was actually a small post..nee varathukulla valanthiruchi :D no..not was gtalk..junior horlicks saapdriyo...kareeta kandupudichita :D dipika pathi poda thani websitey nee vachirukarapa simplea oru line poda manasu varala athaan :D

politically correcta pesara...first para n sec contradicitng :D

namma postellam godzilla mathiri:D size doesnt matter :D

gils said...

naama moonu per adicha conversation ithavida perusu...i missed a chance to hit another ton :D
oh..neenga erkanavay vanthirukela..soringa...che sorrynga..nyabgam for picha kaasu...appo pocketla irunthathu avlo thaan...athaan mothama kuduthuten...ipo unga puniyathula acct increase its green :D

gils said...

dear makkas n makkis...remba naal aacha kadha solli..and tt too draftla thoosi padinjundu kidantha story onnu kareeta intha time kannula pada..apdiye athuku konjam pottu poolaam vachu make up panni next post potruken...chk it out