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F for - Fun

Mokka podaatha naala oru naalavay consider pannapdaaathungarathu I the very strongly feel about. Eppo paaru seriousa irunthaalum bore aaiduthula. Letting go of ones inhibitions and konjam kooda kavala padama oru naaliku oru anju nimisham iruka mudinjalum..those 5 minutes would worth living for I guess. is to a day filled with mokkais and fun and laughter :) Have a blast :)

E for -Ennna koduma saaar ithu

"Arangetra velai" padam paathirukeengala?

Athula Sakthi Nadaga Sabha owner VK Ramasamykku adikadi wrong calls varum. Each time he would answer the phone only to get pissed off.

Same thing with our landline number. Ours and enga area Oriental Bank of Commerce number differ just by the last digit. On an average we will get atleast half a dozen calls per day. And when we tell them that they've the wrong number, at times people refuse to believe and would argue how can the number they dialled be wrong when they are so sure of it!!! Adai...thappa dial pannathu nee...enna kaetta enaku epdi theriyum nu badil solli maalaathu. Oru stageku mela ivanunga imsai thaangaama..the moment they say Oriental we used to cut the call saying wrong number.

Ipdithaan one day, we got a call for the bank.

"Hello..OBC yaa?"
"huh? ileenga naanga MBC"
This time the line got disconnected from the other end.

Annilenthu eppo call vanthaalum ithaan response. Namma oorula caste name…

D- for Dream

Abdulkalam sir sonna rangekulaam ilaanaalum..adikadi oru dream varum.

I used to read lot of comics. Lot is less infact. Avlo comics used to read. Athula Lion comics na romba ishtam. I forgot which story it was but it went something on the lines of "I am legend" movie by Will Smith. Some deadly disease wipes out half the planet and only those with a weird blood group only survives the apocalyptic scenario. Athuku mela how the story unfolds I've no clue. But that theme of a few people surviving doomsday got stuck on mind and I used to have my own version of it running as a recurring dream. In all those dreams I would be standing on top of a jagged cliff, with the entire landscape down below surrounded by a greyish hue, smoke emanating from burnt down places and no sign of any life form on the horizon. No birds, no clouds, no moisture in air and the sky would be having an orangish kind of color. It would be so realistic that half the time I wouldn't even realise I had …

C- for Crush :D

Azhagendra sollukkku Albava Andreava!!
 My first crush ever...Rachel Green  :) (Jennifer Anistona pudikathu..but Rachel is avvvvv)
 Thirteen is unlucky number for many...but not for HOUSE MD series...Olivia Wilde..really wild!!
 And current crush...Coby Smoulders (no pun :D ) from How I Met Your Mother...Hot she is!!!

P.S: Intha postkaana hit count thania track panni paakren :D

B- for bulbu

Vaazhkkaina bulbu vaangaama iruka mudiathu.
Aaaana....bulbu vaangarathaiye vazhkkaiyaai kondavarum irukaa thaan seiyaranga. Ithula gils entha categorynu u the know.

Thavam irunthu kadavul kitta varam kooda vaangidalam..tatkalla irctcla ticket kedaikarathu atha vida kushtam. First namma stationkaana codelenthay keragam start aaidum. Entha code karumam poataalum kaundamaniya paatha senthil mathirye bekka bekka nu irukkum. Aprum arai manasa accept pannikitu train listlam kaattum. Ithu varaikum..oru thadava kooda nenacha dateku ticket vanthathilla. Panjaangam paathu payanikkarathu poitu ipolam irctc paathu thaan, amma naal kurikarathay. Whichever day we get tickets, automatically becomes the auspicious of dates, for its blessed by the divine irctc server itself!!

Ipidi Thamaai thavam irunthu, vetri kodi katti, oru Porkaalathula book pannina ticketa Pokkishama paadhukaathu, took it without forgetting on the day of travel. Usuala will forget the ticket or book it on some day and would miss …

A- for avatharam

What is the meaning of the word Avatharam - was a question I read somewhere, but couldn't quite reach to the answer section. While reading the Meluhan trilogy the question again came to mind. Do you guys know that the real meaning of the word "Avatharam" is "descent"?!!! While we worship most of the avatharams as Gods, originally they are a step down from their own divine self. Of course if you take a whole lot of stuff from infinity what remains is still infinitely more. Still why the avatharams are a step down from the divinity called god?!!

To start with, the reason why the avatharams had to be taken by god in first place. Myth, story, fiction or imagination whatever the case maybe,  the mistakes made by gods more often than not are the reason for them to "descend" down to earth. Apart from the first 2, the rest of the cast of the dasavatharam would've been to destroy evil. In other words, the avatars side with the good to root out the evil. Th…

The Meluhan trilogy

Finally completed the third book of the Meluhan trilogy - The oath of  Vayuputras. I actually wanted to write a review on the second once it was done. But since the final part of the series was also launched by then decided to club it together. There is another reason to it. Its the way the trilogy has been structured.

When I first heard of the book, the name was very catchy - Meluha. And the cover had a picture of muscular Shiva. Infact all the 3 books have Shiva on their covers. But interestingly none has his face visible. Another thing that irked my curiosity was the way the trilogy had been structured. By now every one knows that its based on Shivapuranam. But what I didn't like was they way it was split into 3. The author might've weaved a wonderful imaginative story but at its heart its still the Puranam in its original form. He might've given his interpretative twist to it, but anyone who has read the original know the story and how it ends. Its for this very reason…

Its all in the name - icebreaker

After coming back to Chennai, I've re-joined Toastmasters. In a span of 11 months, the people who were my "batch mates", have improved leaps and bounds and it feels so happy to see them sauntering on the stage, as if they own the place. The kind of confidence that they exude is amazing and having seen both ends of their performances I am Live witness to their growth story. I wanted to start afresh and was pestering the folks to give me a chance to get back into the groove. It took a whole 6 weeks for them to even consider my "petty-shun" and finally they told me, if I could find a mentor I can start giving my prepared speeches. Luckily the best speaker of the lot was available on the very day I was searching for my guru and he willingly agreed. Another victim unknown of the proverb "look before you leap".

Ice breaker is the first topic in the Competent Communicator manual, per which one has to talk about themselves for close to 7 minutes. Somehow th…