Monday, March 29, 2010

Question hour

Here is your ready with the brickbats....pinja serupu.azhugina muttai..thakkali et al. Thought i will skip this one ..but cudnt resist Kattabommi's request. you go..13 questions on how well u know me(??). Be warned that the wittiest answering person's name will figure in my next mega mokkai story as the lead characters name ;)

1. Who are you?
2. Are we friends?
3. Something I have and YOU want?
4. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
5. Describe me in one word.
6. What was your first impression of me?
7. Do you still think that way about me now?
8. What reminds you of me?
9. If you could give me anything what would it be?
10. How well do you know me?
11. How do you see me in the future?
12. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn’t
13. Are you going to post this in your blog and see what I say about you?

Friday, March 26, 2010

Color color what color u choose..

If someone asks me to pick my fav color..i would be really stumped. I can think of colors only based on the dresses i've and every one of them would be a favourite. And i am very bad at choosing favourites. Almost socialist when it comes to favoritism :) Read somewhere that what we perceive about colors tells a lot about our psychological frame of mind. I was thinking of few colors and jotted down whatever first came to mind when i thought of them. I have no clue as to what they tell about me :D if someone can decipher that would be great :d How about you folks giving it a try..lets see how much we match :)

Disci: Sila descriptionlaam padichitu vaasthu padi ithu workout agathu athu ithunulaam solapdaathu. As usual ithu oru mokkai post.

Red: First thing which comes to mind is kumkum powder on a wooden bowl sort of thing. Maybe because i am used to see those shops near by the temple on my way home all these years?? Though phonetically Red rhymes with Blood..enaku visuala thonarathu enamo kumkum thaan. To me this color symbolises..erichal..irritation..or something really dark. sort of messy.

Green: Plants obviously comes to mind at thought of green. A sense of chillness and cool accompanies when i think of this color. Something which can be revisited again and again. To me color of life is green. Green symbolises beginning to me. Treasure. Priceless. Somehow expenditure, if it had a color would look green to me :) Thinking on dollar terms?? maybe :)

Blue: Color of mirage/fake. This color is bit dubious according to me. Everyone compares something big and monumental to sky and blue occupies the proud position of being its color. But how far in the sky is actually blue?? Beyond a small portion its all dark. This color boasts of being one of the many colors of the sea and again for a short period of time. In short this color is like power hungry people who attach themselves to sources of power but wouldnt dare to occupy the throne themselves. Enjoying the benefits without dirtying their hands sort of color. Color of parasite.

Yellow: Brightness. Joy. Smile. Somehow whenever i think of yellow the smiling emoticon only comes to mind. May be because i am addicted to Net :D Sign of positiveness. Energy. Whenever i wear yellow, i feel charged up that day. Again my perception.

White: Blank. Scary. Weak. Somehow White color scares me more than black!! Maybe because of my detest for hospitals which are white throughout. Again purity is associated with this color which i somewhat disagree. This is the weakest weak that even a slight addition of anything else will change it. Color of high maintanence.

Black: Truly the king of colors. 99.9% of everything known to man is associated with dark. Even gods are construed to be dark. Something which is infinite and immense and unmeasurable. Dense. I would call it the color of pure unadultrated truth. A poor thing which is often linked as sign of evil. Color of silence and strength. So powerful a color, words wouldnt do justice.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Maaruvathu Manam

Vazhakkathai vida satru athiga decibelil kaetta Ammavoda voice woke Ram up from sleep.
"Ennama prachanai..kaalangaathala en ipdi sound udra?"
"Unakennada poachu...artha raathiri..pisaasu mathiri 2 manikum 3 manikum vantu adichi poata mathiri thoongida vendiathu. Veetla enna nadakuthu poguthunu konjamaachum akkara iruka"
"akkara irukatum..konjam sakkara thookala oru coffee pleassee"
"coffelaam kedayathu"
"Kitchen sinka poi paaru" nu solitu amms stormed off.
Thooka kalakathoda Ram goes to kitchen. Sink sink aagara stagela irunthichi.
"amma...Kitchen cabinet ipolaam sink typela varuthaa enna? en irukara pathiramlam athula poatu vachiruka?"
"Antha kadanagaari rendu naala velaiku varala. Namma veedu thavira micha per ellar veetukum poiruka inga matum varala. Kekarathuku munnadiye coffee.saapaadunu poatu..kekarapolaam kaasum kudukaren paaru..athan. Ithu ilicha vaai. Epo venumnalum varalam polam onum solaathungara thairiam. Erkanavay marunthu selavuku vaangitu pona kasaiye inum thirupi tharala. Inniki matum varaama irukatum. Avaluku iruku" endru porumi thallinaal amma.
"Amma..oru naal varalangarathukaga sandai potena aprum vera velaikari vara varaikum nee thaan kashtapaduva. Konjam porumaiya iru. Naan venumna athu vantha stricta solli vakren."
"Aammaa..nee nadurathiri moonu maniku vara varaikum ava wait pannuva paru. Inniki iruku avaluku" endru karuvi konday ullay sendraal amma.

"Vara vara ammaku kovam jaasthia varuthu" endraan Ram
"Unna mathiri thollai pillaiya porantha kovam varama enna varum" endru nakkaladithaal Uma.
"Overa pesatha. Oru naal ila oru naal enga veetuku nee vanthu thaana aganum. Apo paakren nee epdi manage panrenu"
"Athelaam naanga pathukarom. Jokes apart. avangalukum vayasaguthulla. Velaikari varalangarathu project deliverable anniki escalation varatha vida peria matter. Athelaam ungala mathiri pasangaluku puriavay puriathu. Enga veetla enga amma rudra thaandavamay aaduvaanga. Enakum semm paatu vizhum. Athelaam this earla vaangi that earla viturrathoda seri"
"Paravalaye ipovay maamiyaruku parinji pesara...pozhachuppa nee. Seri naaliku naan leave. Ipovay soliten aprum en solalanu enna paduthaatha."
"Enna thideernu leave?"
"Chumma..bore adichithu. Erkanavay egapatta comp offs unclaimeda iruku. Ethuku wastea viduvaanennu thaan."
"Dog. Firstay enkita solirunthenna i would've also taken off"
"Un imsailenthu oru naalachum escape aalamnu thaan intha planay..aaah...killaatha"
"Iruda...varen" endru kashtapatu ezhunthu thooka kalakathodu kathavai thirantaal amma.
"Saniyanae...varathay nadu jaamathula...ithula enda ipdi vera kooptu en maanatha vaangara"
"Enna iniki seekrama vanta?"
"Amma ithu unakay overa therila..mani 11.45 aaguthu"
"Usuala 2 maniku mela thaana varuva athaan konjam thoongalamaynu kanna moodinen..correcta vanta..seri po..lunch boxa sinkla podu..shoeva kazhatti standla vai..socksa thooki washing machinela podu" endru kattalaigalai sara maariyaga poatu thaakinaal amma.
"Emma..nadu rathiri kuda epdi order maarama athanaiyum list panra"
"Romba mukiam..fridgela rose milk poatu vachiruken..kudichitu paduthuko"
Kitchenukul nuzhaintha Ram gaali sinkai paathu "Enma..iniki nee thaan elathaiyum clean pannia? antha lady vanthucha ilaya?"
"Paavamda ava. Paiyonda school admissionukaga queuela mani kanakka ninnu oru manika vantha. Paakavay paavama irunthichi. saapdrathuku saatham poatu anupi viten. Naaliku seekrama vanthirenu soliruka. koluthara veyilla ninnutu inga vanthu paathriramlam theikanumna kashtam thaana. Avalum manushi thaana. Pona pogatumnu Bus ku kaasu kuduthu anupi viten"

Ram went to sleep with the happy feeling that "No wonder my mom is the most loved lady in the neighbourhood".

P.S: Idea behind this little attempt of a story is to spare a thought for the unorganised sector and the vast discrepancy and the benefits enjoyed by the organised one.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Athithi devo bhava

Whatever you do at the beginning of the year, you would do it throughout the year.
I've become a firm believer of the above statment :O) I started this year by watching a movie and its been an all out movie watch since then :) This is my 4th consecutive Weekend Movie Watch!!

Last saturday went for "Athithi tum kab jaoge" movie with fellow bloggers rt and ggg. Title keta "ek gaon mein..ek kisaan" epect varuthula :) Its a Ajay Devagan-Konkona sen- Paresh Rawal starrer. Intha family entertainerngra term will fit this movie like anything. Full of slap stick humour and decent enough screenplay. Movie also romba kutti..little over 2 hours.

Ajay and Konkona, both being working parents, have little time to teach their kid. (Though that is not shown as a major concern, its one of the sideline section in the story) And neither do they get any guests. The movie begins with a light hearted dig on guests who over stay their welcome and how people are actually terrorised of guests- some even going to the point of planning a vacation to relatives house "as" guests to escape from being hosts. And one fine day Paresh rawal enters the devgan household as an uninvited guest and all hell break loose. The scenes are right out of any Hrishikesh mukerji movie. Paresh's early morning antics, bajans ("beedi jalaile" omkara movie song remix was a pleasant surprise), driving the house maid up the wall with his cleanliness and having heart of gold..ditto. He does a neat job of an elderly person with a noble heart. Konkona sen hardly has anything to do but spray the room with freshners. Ajay looks disinterested throughout, as if confused whether its a movie or an epsiode from "Tarak mehta ki ulta chashma" :)

I personally liked the movie for 2 reasons.

First. It reminded me how much i miss MUMBAI :(((( Especially the scenes with ganesh chathurthi, marine drive and road side pav baji. And even the apartment where they had shot the movie looked ditto like the one where i stayed. avvvvvvvvvvv.

Next one is the reason behind the review, for an otherwise timepass slapstick comic movie. I am very very very bad at playing host. Especially when it comes to my relatives, i would hardly bother to come out and chat with them. I would even re-read old novels rather than entertaining them. There are many a personal reason for that. Still, as a host, i fail MISERABLY. I do try to make people feel at ease but beyond few routine things like offering to eat/drink i am stumped. I simply dunno how to be a gracious host :( One reason could be because, just like in the movie, we hardly had any guests or even if we did, i never bothered to take note of it. Hospitality is an art. And as a guest its really heart warming when your hosts treat you with respect and are courteous. I hope, someday, i do get to enjoy playing a host too.

IPL is underway. Enjoy the cricket carnival folks :) I hope CSK wins this time (i am discounting the first match defeat as a hiccup).

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Payanangal Mudivathillai

Elo makkaas n makkis..

oru vazhia chennaila crash land aaiyaachu :) romba naala blogpakkam varalaya..chain smokerku thideernu dhammu kedaikatha epectla iruku :D athuvum inga no blog.. no net..ada computeray ilapa. Etho color pottiku current connetion kuduthu vachirukanga. pora kuraiku fone kuda not allowedaam :( enna koduma ithu. Epppppiiidiii iruntha gils..ipdi aaitene :(

(blog courtesy g3...intha bloga kuda g3 ubayathula thirutu connection use panni postaren...intha linea include panna thaan post panuvennu avanga kolanthaiaya meratinaangagaratha naan inga sola maaten)

Mumbaiku kelambrathuku evlo izhuthu adichi..delay panni...poga ishtam ilama poneno..kelambrathu was direct opposite..lightening fast. Thanks to my team mate who booked ticket for me. Afternoon 1 PM ku book panraana munthina naal night 1 AM ku book panna parobagaari vaazhga. Athuvum domestic traveluku international connecting flighta book panni en mela iruntha kadupelam oray ticketla pazhi theerthukitaan. I booked cab for 10PM thinking it might take me arnd 3 hrs to reach airport. Aamaanga..naan iruntha areala night 12 maniku kuda traffic jam aagum. Ambutu sanam. Aana en neram naan kelambinapo suthama road gaali!!! oru vela gils oora vitu porennu elarum sogathula kwaatter adichitu kupra paduthutanga pola!!! usuala 1.5 hrs edukara journey aniki 30 minsla over!! aaha 2.5 hrs enaada panrathu airportla..romba bore adikumaynu yosichathu thanga micham..aarambichathu yezharai!!

Rooma vitu kelambrachay roomie piriyaaa vidai tharapo suitcase combination lockla etho nondi vida..correcta security checking apo en baga thania kooptu vachu open pana sonanga. (Entha jenmathulayo vaangi poata) time peice ullara iruku. Atha eduthu velila potrunu solitu antha mama pootaru. "Time sari ila" nu solvangalla..literalla atha realise panen. Combination maaritathaala bag no opening. Police mama "poota udaichirupaanu" coolaa solitu poitaru. Seri..evlovo panitom..itha panna maatomaanu.."poota udaika ethaachum thaangapa" na..naanga enna pattaraiya vachirukom..athuvum ithu international airportu..inga blade kooda irukathunu sollings :( gils oray verthu viru viruthu.." ennada panrathu ipo" nu muzhichapo..mandaiku mela iruntha athanai lightum oray samayathula flashed. Ulla varachay..dangerous goods checking section onnu paatha nyabgam. Seri namala maathiri apprani ethachum anga ipdi maati ethachum item vitutu poirukumla..anga thedi pakalamnu ponen. En neram anga rendu screwdriver irunthichi..atha vachi poota udachi..timepeicea velila eduthapo..etho operation mudinji tumoura edutha doctor rangeku verthu pochu! I was about to throw the peice wen that same police maama cake and told that.."en thambi thooki podreenga..batterya matum kazhati vachurunganu" . Ada aapecrungala..ithukada en suitcasea udaika sonengannu oru pakkam kovam..inoru pakkam ipo open panna suitcasea epdida checkin panrathunu oray kaanpoosan. Same maama came and told.."atho paru..orama wrapping section iruku..anga ponena..plastic cover poatu un suitcasea suthi tharuvanga..verum 200 rs thaan oru baguku" nu solitu again vanished.

Seri..agarathu agatumnu...wrap panitu weight check panna 7 kilos over weightaam!!! Bombay vanthu naan than weight potuten paatha..en bagum weight potruchi :( ennada panrathunu appavi thanama muzhichatha paathu (ada usualavay en face apdithaanga irukum) kondu vantha bagsla oru perumutation kaambination potu..7 kilo extrava 3ya kuraichi..michatha cabin bagsa allow panna antha Air india puniyavanuku opice pakkama oru kutti kovil katanum. Seri ithoda mudinjuthu check inla adutha koduma. Aaamanga...oru fligthuku onbthu checking :( apo mani 12.30 aidcihi...semma thookam vera..i was sleep walking and metal detectorla mutikiten. Security atha pathu tension aagi..enaku matum special treatment. "enna thookamaa" nu nakkalaa keta antha daabara pathu.."dei dogay mani 1 aaga poguthu..thookam varamaa ennada varumnu" keka thraani. so silenta repeated that same appaavi look. "naangalam vidia vidia thoongama inga vela pakanum..unaku oru naalikay kanna katutha..po po..polachi po" nu thorathi vita antha puniavana muraichikitay velila vantha..ennoda oru cabin baga kaanum....avvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv.....

Inuma intha koduma mudialanu return came. En bag oru orama anathaya irunthichi. Eduthutu kelamba paatha inoru security ekka came running. "hey u..i fool of the idiot of the fool of the ass" nu vadivelu kanaka etho solichi. Sathiyama purila.."ek gaaon mein ek kisaaaannn" nu naan start panatha paathutu.. "ur bag..shaving kit hai..u keep it out hai..then bag coming with u hai" nu athu maadu meikka...bagay venam saami..neye vachukanu naan kelamba..shaving kita matum eduthukitu..baga en kitaye kuduthuchi antha ekka. Elatha vida kodumai ennana..."have a nice journey" nu apo solichi parunga..azhugaiye vanthirchi :( Athennapa ivlo partiality. Domestic airportla kathi,kabada nu etha venumnalum eduthutu polaamam. Internationalna..shaving creamku kuda thadaa!!! Americala avanunga kodu poi idichathu domestic fligth thaangaratha nyabaga paduthanum.

seri...kodumailaam over..flight vanthachu...ini ess thaannu nenaikareengala..nanaum apdithaanga nenachen :( oru maniku taannnu flightla eri ukkanthachu..ada paravalye semma puncutala irukaaangalaynu nambi konjam kanna mooditen. oru half hour kazhichi mosquito kadi thaangaama kanna muzhichi paatha..planeum enna mathirye ukkantha edathulaye iruku!! oru vela chennai vanthirucho..namala ututu elarum erangitaangala?? ithu veraa international flight aachay..stopping miss agi america kootindu vantangalanu..aairam kostinoda alari pudichi cabin crew kita enada matterunu keta..inum oru prayaani varaleenga..inoru anju nimishathula vandia eduthiruvomnu solranga!!! Sathiyamaanga..oor bus thothuchi!!! Ullara ukkanthiruntha athana faarin passangersum egyptian mummy rangeku udambu poora thunia kum athukum..moving mortuary mathiri oru epect planekulla!! pakkathula ukanthiruntha paiyan kita enda ipdi elarum thunia suthitu ukanthirukeenga keta.."v r afraid of indian mosquitoes" nu marana beethiyoda told. Ada pavingala ithu terinjiruntha munnooru varusham adimiaya irunthiruka maatomaynu manasu oru pakkam weightaga..flightu lighta jerkoda kelambichi. Oru vazhia chennapattanam arrived. Kodumaikelaam mutrupulli nu nenachaa...adutha set of kodumais "tho vanten" nu waitingu...atha pathi next postula meet panrapo solren...varta..

Monday, March 01, 2010

Karthik Calling Karthik-review

WOW. This was my reaction when the movie was reaching towards its climax. 2 days and 2 impressive movies :) Gils getting luckier i should say :) The reviews were half hearted over the movie. So was not very confident when i ventured in. But few minutes into the movie, it felt as if i was watching myself few years back!! My first job..tryant boss..a team where people didnt even remembered me after being there for 8 months..unapproachable beauty queen..Ditto. Everything fitted in so well that it was engrossing to watch and eager to see how this guy's story unfurls.

Farhan does the job of being a loser so well that, for a moment you forget how successful that guy actually is in real life. Coming from such a background, where with his midas touch, he has hit jackpot with whatever he had tried, this role would've been tough on him. But he fits into it so well!! Nice job Farhan. And yeah..the gals and ladies "ooh" aah"s him whenever he is on screen!!! Deepika padukone borrow a quote from one Danush movie, "pongalukay vedi veikaravan..diwalina kekanuma". She looks a million bucks. Oh. Pona postla athey comment Trishaku solitenla. Seri. She looks a billion bucks. My seat was third row corner seat from the screen. Those cute dimples looked so huge i fell in love with them again and again. (Control gils..blogspot nananji poachu!!) The third main character in the movie- ofcourse the villain, is telephone. The entire story is spun around the phone. Premise very simple. Hero gets calls from someone sounding like himself advising him on his life and how to live better, but warns never to reveal about the calls to anyone. But our noble hero thinks otherwise and discloses the secret to heroine. All hell breaks loose. His life becomes murky, messy and total collapse follows. He runs away from all this to lead a life in isolation for a while and once he gets confident that he is out of the clutches of the phone maniac, he pings heroine again. But little did he knew the repercussions. Its a very predictable thriller with an even more predictable end. But its a thriller nevertheless. And the ending couldnt have been anything else. Very logical flow of scenes. Farhan rocks as the confident guy and also is at ease as the loser. The lead pair sizzles with their chemistry. Their romantic scenes, especially the coffee date, where Deepika tries to describe her dream lover with Farhan, coughing to remind her of himself..loved it. "Uff teri ada" goes right into 2010's top songs.

Gils verdict - Allow the movie to thrill you and dont try to guess the ending. It surely is a nice movie and a very decent attempt. Definitely not the routine run of the mill stuff.