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180 - movie review

Producer(Prod) of topnotch movie company to his assistant: "Hey..i want to make a movie. Get me a guy who can handle the camera decently"

Assistant(Ass): "Yes sir". Soon the director is identified.

Prod: "Hey many days your previous movie ran"

Director(Dire):"huh..i am an adman"

Prod (rolls his eyes):" many days your ad ran then"

Dire(looks confused):"Well..almost all long as they sponsor some program in tv"

Prod:"Wow..YOU ARE THE MAN. I want you to make a movie"

Dire(Couldnt believe his ears):" you. So what kind of.."
Prod interrupts the Dire midway: "I am not done yet. See the budget for the movie is 10 crores ok. Now THAT is going to be the USP of the movie. I want two heroines. Get one who looks bit like Trisha and Neha Dupia favs..and get one mallu looking heroine..wife is mallu u see. I want some part of the movie to be based abroad and some …

FOUNTAINHEAD ~ A book to remember

There are many situations and reasons which make me crave for time travel into past. Future never interests me more as compared to past. Guess it would feel like watching highlights or replays of our own life and of our ancestors. Never i thought, reading a book would make me want to hop into my time machine. But i'vent read Ayn Rand before. Thanks to Durga, i got introduced to FOUNTAINHEAD. Looking at the size of the book, i kept it aside for months and one fine day, being bored to the core, wanted to know, what could be there in that story to be that big in size. And before i could realise i was on to page 100!! Not that the story was racing fast. But the concept, the characterisation and the word play was so bewitching that, right from word go i began to root for David Roark and was eagerly awaiting the next scene where Peter Keating would bite the dust. The best part about the book is that, it is 75 YEARS OLD!!! I triple checked the dates to confirm that its a s…

Belated Bday wishes thala :)

This blog, though carries the title "Variety is the spice" doesnt fully do justice to the saying. And there is this blog, which is fast becoming the bible for dummies like me, for whom the very B in business sounds boring. The success of this blogger lies in the effortless ease with which he mixes the crux of the topic with subtle earthy humour, in a language which even laymen can pickup. And you dare not straitjacket it as a business theme blog alone. This man gives every decent sports commentator a run for their hard earned money. Right from gilly to golf there is not a sport he doesnt follow. What shines over his genius is his humility. Politeness never looked so good and so true.

Happy bday thala. Hoping to see more and more and more and more posts from you.

Here is a little tribute, if at all it qualifies as one, to the ultimate blogger adored by one and all.

I have never ever turned the business columns in newspapers. NEVER, EVER. To me, business meant B.O.R.I.N.G. Then…


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Chumma oru try-1

மன்மதன் ரதி புடை சூழ
மண்ணுலகம் வந்தாள் மேனகை

அச்சம் காண செய்த
முழுப்பிறவி பற்றிய
கதையை கூறுவீராக"

கௌசிகனாய் பிறந்து
வசிட்டனை சினந்து
போர் முனைந்து
அதில் தோல்வி அடைந்து
முடி துறந்து
துறவரம் புணர்ந்து
வேள்வியே வாழ்வாயிருந்தான்

காயத்திரி மந்திரம்
போதித்த பெருமகன்
சக்ரவர்த்தி திருமகன்
"பலா அதிபலா" கற்றான்
குரு மரியாதை பேணி
அவனே கோதண்டபாணி

சீதை கை பற்ற
உடைத்தான் சிவ தனுசு
சேதி அறிந்து
பலர் மனசு

சீடனின் திருமணம்
செவ்வனே நடத்தினான்
தவமே துணையாய்
காலம் கடத்தினான்

ஸ்வர்கம் மீண்டான் திரிசங்கு
அவனுக்கு உதவியதில்
இவனுக்கு பெரும் பங்கு
மீண்டும் தன் தபோ பலம் இழந்தான்
அதை புதுப்பிக்க
மும்முரமாய் விழைந்தான்

அவன் வாழ்வில்
அழகாய் வந்தது ஒரு வினை
பெண்மை அதன் தினை
இல்லை அவள் அழகிற்கு இணை
புன்னகையும் பொன் நகையும்
தவழும் மேனி
அவளின் மணம் முகர்ந்து
வாடும் மலர் நாணி
என கூறி முடித்தான் கௌசிகனின் கதை
மேனகை மனதில் விழுந்தது காதலின் விதை

E Pluribus Unum

A: "Hey you know there is a guy in our apartment who looks ditto like you...slouched back..long face..and a forever-lost-in-thought frown".
B: "Interesting coincidence..You know another coincidence..there is a rabid dog in our street which recently gave birth to a litter and each one of them looks ditto like you..both appearance wise and otherwise..curious??"

The justification to such a not-so-polite response is that, it might be an over the top reaction for an harmless question. But when every tenth person you meet repeats the same it kind of gets on the nerves. That conversation made me wonder. If asked to describe in not more than ten words, how would i describe a person. For that matter even my own self. And not just that. Will that uniquely identify me? We say every person is unique in his/her own way and obviously by the looks too. But when it actually comes to putting it down in words, how do we list down the distinguishing factors? Is it the physical appeara…

Vox Populi Vox Dei

The title translates to - 'Voice of People is Voice of God'. Supposedly the working motto of any democratic institution. Just like how the pigs did in "Animal Farm", an extra word got conveniently added to the quote and it soon became 'Voice of Select People is Voice of God'. This is what is happening in Indian democracy also. While the fact that millions of people are dying in hunger is a mere statistic and tonnes of food grains are rotting in government godowns is 4th page left corner one paragraph news, "hunger strike" by super special people hogs the media limelight these days. The irony of the fact could not be more hurting. When Gandhiji went on strike in post independent India, Nehruji wryly commented on the cost of keeping one man hungry as millions thronged the pandal where Gandhiji was fasting. The crowd which came in were united in their zeal and were staunch believers of the principles of the Mahathma. Those faceless millions didnt pose …