Saturday, April 30, 2016

Demonizing demography

Intha newspaperkarangalaam headline newsnu etha venumnaalum poduvanga. Majora edhum sikalaina Page 3 itema munnadi thooki poatu intha hero vs antha heroine, yaar ipo yaar kooda irukagannu ulagathu karuthu solla aarambichiduvanga. Summa pozhuthu pogalaina intha NewYork Times, Washington Post ivangalam will start aaraichi on the demography of the Amrikan country. Evlo per vellaikaaran evlo karupu evlo brown nu irukara oru color vidama ellathiyum eduthu vachitu will perform analysis like in the year 2257 how would be the demography. Yentha kootam adhigama irukum. Adai padhargala bhooma devi siricha at a time athana perum ulla poiduvom apdiruka intha aaraichi thevai thaananu oru paya ithu varaikum kekala.

But one couldnt miss the sinister angle behind such articles, from the view point of a paranoid. Till now whatever article i've read, always quote that while the "colored" section of the population has been growing leaps and bounds the milky complexioned ones have seen steady decline. And at times the articles also press the panic button on the same point and calls for quick action from the government. Porakara pasanga vellaiya porakalaina government enna pannum!!! Ekkacahakkama villangam panrangaiyaa. Seri apdiye colored makkal neria vantha thaan enna? Amrika is free world. Free world is Amrika nu thaana koovu koovunu koovaranga. Vellaikaranay antha ooruku foreigner thaana nyayapadi paatha? Red indians ipdilam kavalapadra mathiri theriala. Pattalum irukara micha sochathiyum oothi moodiruvanga. Athepdi entha continent entha country entha ponaalum entha centurya irunthalaum intha velaaikaranunga mattum oray mathiri thaan thiriyaranga that the world revolves because of them.

Seri intha mathiri imsaivathigal lam Amrikala mattum thaan pola nu nenacha namma oorla innum maahanubavargala irukaanga. Hindu count kammi aagitruku Muslim and Christians increase aagitay poguthu itha counter panna Hindus should make more babies..sathiyama ithelam headlines statements saamingala. And sonnathulam popular public figures. Ipdi solrathunala popular aagarangalanulam cross question pannapdathu. Kooda religious conversion apdinu vera koluthi poatu oora rendu pannama vida maatanunga pola. Matha religionlam kalyanam pannikita avanga madhathuku convert panni yethukaranga nammalthulayum apdi pannanumnu oru gumbal. Athuku againsta, Hinduism religionay kedayathu apo epdi convert panrathunu inoru gumbal. Vara vara naatula makkalam romba insecure aaitanga. And neria peruku neria time vettiya irukunu mattum nalla theriuthu. Social medianu onnu vanthaalum vanthuchi avan avan karuthu solraanpa. Yaarupa adhu side gapla intha bloga paathu nakkala sirikarathu. Naangalam appolenthay karuthu solravangalaakum.

Ipdi intha count antha countnu ellam categorylaiyum aalungala ethitay pona Bhoomi thaangathu makkalay. 7 billiona 70 billion aakkama vida maatainga pola!!

Friday, April 29, 2016

The grand reveal

A while back, had mentioned about this book - 300 days, authored by my friend blogger Bragz here

The wait is almost over with him releasing excerpts from the book in his blog

Do read and post your reviews on his blog.

Eagerly waiting for the book launch. Way to go Mr.Bragz.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

The real game of thrones

Just like the Iron throne which is at the heart of the Game of Thrones drama series, the tag of being branded as minority is something which every caste group with more than one person is aspiring for in present day India. Be it Mandal or Ambedkar or any of those luminaries who set about in restoring social parity amongst all classes and caste in India, in their best intentions, framed rules, intending to benefit the needy. Now that every single person has become needy, needy for power and freebies, the very rules that were supposed to safe guard has become moth ridden.

The problem is, though the concept is based on numbers, one cannot simply look at it purely from numbers perspective. Minority doesn't just refer to lesser count of people. Theoretically, practically and for all literal purposes, though that is the definition and the way in which its perceived, its highly impractical to view it from numbers perspective alone. How does one quantify a sect/religion/caste as minority? How does one demarcate the area where the data is driven? Does it happen at street/district/state level? Or is it a mere extrapolation? Every succeeding census rates the percentage of minorities to be on the rise. But that happens at religion level and not at caste level. India is always projected as a Hindu majority country, though the opposition may beat itself to death in crying hoarse against it, labelling the nation as secular, making Hindu a bad word, which would be for a different post at different time. The problem comes with the way Hindu religion is structured. Firstly its not a religion secondly there is no structure. You cannot simply compare it against organized religions like Islam and Christianity. But the mere mention of Hindu as a religion always brings with it the connotation of upper class and Brahmins in particular. If you take a step back and look at the vast number of castes and subcastes that constitute the crowd labelled as Hindus nothing would be more confusing for there are in-numerous sects and sub sects of upper castes and lower castes and several layers of strata within, that are having much less number of people than the popularly acknowledged minority factions. Does Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis all are categorized as Hindu? I guess not. Are they more in number than Muslims or Christians. Don't think so. Then are they all minorities? Absolutely not. There are towns and cities in coastal TN, infact i find this similarity across almost all coastal places that i've visited in multiple states, where in Christians are the dominant sect. There are entire villages down south that are fully converted into Islam. Does one call them as majority in those areas? Considering that political parties take advantage of this fact while selecting candidates for such regions, one might be tempted to think so. But the answer is no. Even if 99% of a locality comprises of people from sects classified as minorities, they still don't get quantified as majority and yet they get to enjoy the benefits sanctioned by the government. Brahmins, have been one minority clan, all throughout, by design and rule, who have held sway over the rest. Though, numerically, they would constitute as minority across any locality, they are never classified as one and are often at the wrong end of any policy involving the numerically smaller groups.

Those in favor of reservation for minorities would credit the fact that, the so called upper castes, when a dominant force, let loose social inequalities and they abused their wealth and power to the extent possible. The very reason for the concept of reservation being, social justice and equality, merits a mention. But the law and the rules guiding it have been used more of a punishment by the rulers (couldn't call any government as elected representatives any more) against the upper castes. With population explosion and numerically widening gap between the classifications, does the concept of implementing reservation in the name of social justice finds place in this decade and in times to come? Can such a statement bordering on being ludicrous be passed so freely, sitting and viewing the world from metro cities? Has the ground reality on villages changed any bit from where we were pre independence? With caste related murders and "honour killings" happening amidst our so called urban civilization is it really required to revisit the law? Has the time arrived to move away from the concept of social equality towards economy based approach which is the reality? With every single caste vying and fighting to be tagged as minority to get government benefits and with obliging leaders, will the original idea of social justice survive into the next decade? Will the politicians allow such a realistic approach, sacrificing their dirty petty vote bank politics? How much time should the law makers wait and how will they measure the success or failure of their actions? With so many critical administrative positions being held vacant, be it by force or for want of options, how long can the government machinery rumble with all those grumble? With increasing automation will digital era finally manage to achieve what wasn't even imaginable in erstwhile times?

When the first commission results were announced the nation was in a boil and considering that the 90's was not that much media savvy, most of the events were blacked out. In this decade of dime a dozen media houses, will the country survive any such meaningful change whenever it happen?

To quote from the drama series, the winter of eventual change is fast approaching. The rickety throne of power needs an iron willed leadership who can guide the country in those troubled times.

Note: All the points mentioned above are based on my casual chats with my friends and peers from different groups and none are fact based with data driven metrics. That with my little googling, i did find them to match with my view points is a side note i want to mention. But that in no way is to substantiate any point made here. As always, the intention behind the post, is to voice out my personal opinion alone which i honestly believe is not prejudiced or biased.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The other side

As a follow up to the previous post there was another thought process that was running through mind while half way into the post. The familiarity factor.

Till few years back, the same concept of recruiting lads from local villages, grooming them up so that they can find feet in their own business set up was the norm in another industry - hotels. Most of the Bhavan group of restaurants used to bring in people from the native of the supervisors or the owner so that they would be loyal to the group and also would be flexible in their work. Majority of those kids were abused to say the least and were paid pittance in the name that they are being given job and are taught tricks of trade free of cost. Same applies to all those school kids who for the sake of supporting their families slogged on the provisional stores. But off late that crowd of local faces seems to have all been replaced with people from North east. Makes me wonder if calling all of them as North easterners is also racism. It could be better off than mocking them as chinese or chinkis. But again, its as easy to differentiate someone from Karnataka and Andhra as much as one can identify a Manipuri from Assamese. Then again, what is the reason for the sudden spurt of people who are as alien as any foreigner in this part of the country into a place which has not even an inkling of commanality, be it culturally or language or even life style wise. How come they managed to occupy one of the most coveted work spaces in any city - the kitchen. They are found working in even some road side bajji kadais. How in the world they communicate and manage to convince the store keepers to employ them beats me. Its a lesson worth learning for anyone down and out on the job market. Its akin to a tamilian finding job on a Shanghai meat market. Shucks. I couldn't even think of a decent comparison. Its that weird for me. To make a point clear, i am not against any of them taking up job opportunities here. Nor am i having any intention on being the flag bearer for local jobless people whose jobs are getting "stolen" by these people. The idea behind the post is merely to voice out my thoughts on where have all the local labourers gone!!

India being a country with only a handful of major cities, its no surprise to see people thronging the metros for gaining their livelihood. The very reason why people throng places like Chennai, so far off from their native is ample fact to the accommodating nature of the city and the security which it provides, as against places like Mumbai where the localities take up cudgels against anyone not from their own. Can't blame those people either, when the entire city is bursting at seams unable to cope up with its own people, any person more would only call for trouble. But from the perspective of the people who move from their native in search of job to places so far off as Chennai, is it really worth it? Are their villages so worse off that, they allow themselves to be exploited to the core, at times even risking their life and family in finding job at places, which though claim to be part of the same nation are as alien as any foreign country? They are looked upon with suspect and are often ill treated. Whenever there are news items involving robbery or any malpractice involving the so called "outsiders" people jump on the rest of them and involve in rash activities. These people can never fully merge into the society and the best part is they are well aware of it as well. In an era of suspicion and deceit where in even a familiar local face speaking common tongue is looked upon with fear and doubt, it would only make the case of people from other states even more pathetic.

It doesnt help for the fact that the image about the rest of the country that have been implanted on us since childhood. I grew up hearing that people up North are filthy and are always spitting and spewing paan wherever and whenever they can and one aspect i am sure many of you would also have heard is that they all "smell" as none of take bath regularly. The only way i could get these thoughts dispelled was when my job took me on travel across cities and i saw for myself how wrong those prejudices were. Whenever i read news about how MNS is thrashing up Bihari's and UP waalahs, preventing them from plying autos or running their own business, under the guise that the "outsiders" are stealing the jobs meant for locals, the irony irks me like anything. For a person who is employed for the very reason that some Angrez babu decided to earn more profit by paying less money to get the same job done, there by effectively transferring the work done by his local person and offering it to me, who am i to deny the same happening to a Bihari or Manipuri. We all remember that we are Indians only during cricket matches and war. Rest of the time, ours couldnt be a much divided society. We are worse than Europe, where in at least the borders are clearly demarcated as different countries. In the name of one nation, multiple states, we couldnt treat our labour population any worse. For the sake of cheap labour, we have chased away all the local people and started employing people from other sake, exploiting their poverty for our profit. No wonder its becoming an impossible scenario to find manual labour nowadays to do any physical work and its pretty obvious that the cost of per day labour have shot up.

Its high time people started realizing the structure of our country and probably redefine the concept of India. Does it still make sense to continue with the demarcation based on languages? You do have many documentary evidence to validate ones claim for citizenship of this country. But how does one define a citizen of a state? Should they be born in TN to be called tamilians? Many of my friends whose mother tongue is Telugu and doesnt read or write a word of tamil and who even identify themselves as Telugu people and not tamilians are born and brought up here. Does speaking the local language makes one a localite? My neighbourhood Barotta master from Manipur whose Tamil would put most of us to shame would slightly disagree. Should one have settled for generations in the same place to qualify to be called a localite? If so there should be clear specification as to how many years.

I am sure none of these questions have any direct and correct answers. When so many contradictions and corrections are needed within one single country, wonder how the world would tackle migrant crisis of Syrian proportions!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The entrepreneurial annachi

Till last decade, any Provision store or petty shop in our area would've some or other kids doing all odd jobs. Over a few years time, by the time they are in their late teens, they would've formed their own network of clientèle amongst the regulars and would soon branch out with a store of their own. Those kids, who won over their clients, with their cheerful attitude and going the extra mile in providing service, especially during odd hours and inclement weather, for elderly people, were often known by their name and i've seen in person, many of them grow into big time shop keepers in my area. There was a sense of trust which was easy to build and maintain, the reason for which could well be attributed to the character set of people on either side of the relationship. But at the base of all lay the familiarity factor. Even though those kids were totally unknown to the customers of the shop, with the shop being the only visible, viable link, they spoke the language of the native customers. They looked like their customers and knew when and how to help them and provide service that really added value. It was only natural that they were able to quickly form a bond with them and with support, confidence and courage they soon branched off on their own. It was a thriving environment of positivity that boosted entrepreneurship, without killing of local businesses. When a Mohan stores cropped up on the street next to Perumal stores, it didnt end up wiping off each other. Rather both the stores grew in patronage. They didn't see each other as competitors outwardly at least, as both sold the same goods at almost the same price, give or take a few rupees. Their customer service, their base, their approach, almost were similar. For past few years at least, i rarely see a familiar face in any of the shops i visit.

When i say familiar, i mean in terms of regional and language. For that matter, the so called annachi/naadaar maligai stores have all either vanished or became departmental stores promoting "self service" or have been replaced by "supermarkets". Even though i frequent MORE supermarket in my locality, even though i appreciate the fact that i don't have to wait amongst unruly ladies who never follow queue discipline, always cribbing for more and quick attention to get their things done first, irrespective of where thy stand and when they came, even though i've a more hygienic way of taking the things i would want on my own rather than waiting for some sweat bathed lean teen, slogging since dawn on a cramped area, juggling to pack all and sundry, even though i could enjoy the benefit of switching between multiple cash counters rather than getting mobbed near one kalla petti where the owner would be sitting and would count cash in no hurry, chatting away to glory, some how the supermarket-self service mode feels all monotonous and artificial, devoid of any charm. There is hardly any connect with the owner for there is no single person who owns the store. There is no annachi or naadaar who sits on the kalla petti and provide information on the happenings of the locality, right from which house will become vacant when to who is getting married to whom. Some how they had the pulse, not just the grains, on what's happening on the locality, sitting at the same place, all the time.

As a kid i was always fascinated by that thread bundle, hanging from the shop's ceiling, which would spin like a top when they tie up the parcels and the mastery with which any provisional item would be packed neatly into a conical paper cup. Probably the Annachi stores ensured environmental safety as well in this manner of packaging effectively and efficiently without any involvement of plastic. At times, I  even found many rare coins on the rice mootais that would form the wall in front of the store while playing fort in them, that form part of my coin collection. And my dad used to tell me, as a kid when he used to carry me to the store, annachi would give dry fruits in small pottalams for me to munch for free. Needless to say, he would've factored in the cost in some other form on the items we bought. But the goodwill it sowed was priceless. With the advent of supermarket and hypermarkets the shops have grown bigger in size but lost are those precious person to person interaction. End of the day, we all  want a convenient way to shop, yet wouldn't mind the occasional chat with a friendly owner. Subconsciously it gave a sense of confidence to start business on own and probably none of those kadai owners were MBA grads either. They were role models and idols for those who were not so keen on studies yet were industrious and street smart. Blame it on big corps or bigger profits, we've made extinct what was uniquely our own way to encourage entrepreneurship. No point in spending crores on studies and starve for a start up idea when it was dying right under your nose.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Desperate times

The outside temperature yesterday in Vellore was 43.7 degrees centigrade. That's right. 43.7 and we are only in April!!!!! Its scaring the sleep out of everyone to hazard a guess as to what May and June have in store. Add to the sweltering unforgiving raw white heat, comes water shortage. Is this the city that was drowning in a deluge of rain water few months back!! Almost all the wells in our area, that was one of the worst affected have gone bone dry. There is not even an inkling of water nor even any remote evidence for its presence on any of its wells that resemble those huge water pipes, left to rot on the pavements by our water board, in vertical position. The icing or rather the hot chocolate lava topping on the scenario would be power cuts during night times. The sheer humidifying raw heat that permeates the surroundings is maddening. And to think that the worst is yet to come..!!

Be scared. Be very very scared. Whenever i read about doomsday scenario of water shortage in 100 years time, my mental arithmetic always consoled me with the fact that, i wouldn't be alive then, so why bother!! Yup. Its embarrassing to spell it out. But that's the truth. Now that it has hit hard where it hurts, its hauntingly scary to imagine coming days. What whipped the frenzy was to see advice notifications from government asking people not to venture out in afternoon, due to foul weather. Hot sun was NEVER ever classified as foul weather, to my peanut brained knowledge, at least not in the cities. Again, it shows the callous attitude till date towards this ever increasing threat phenomenon till it started knocking on doors and yeah, i am beating myself with that fact. The sci-fi english flicks, which shows people in future venturing out only in night times to do their business on desert like setup that were created due to solar flares are fast becoming realities now.

This year, since March, every single day has been hotter than previous date and is in running for record to be hottest ever year till date, which many bet would stand to be broken next year. For a person who comfortably sits in A/c office and types blog posts, it may not sound sincere. It really pains to see anyone walking bare feet on road for even to take the dried clothes from the line, its hard to stand for a few minutes without sandals. Another health issue that is about to set the scales even for the A/c comforted corporate folks as against those who slog under the sweltering sun is that, as much it provides relief it screws up the health big time with the temperature mismatch inside and outside office.

As an individual, as much as working out options to protect my near and dear from inclement situation is the immediate priority, as a human being residing in this planet for past three decades and above everything as a parent who would be leaving behind his kid on this very same planet in some time down the line, the immediate priority prolongs into future as well. Should one blame the governments of the world for inaction? Or are they already aware of all this and taking any action? Rather than spending billions, searching for intelligent life forms in outer space, wouldn't it be prudent to look for ways to secure the planet we are assured for ourselves? Even if there is another planet that is inhabitable, how in the world one shifts so many people to another world, literally!!!

Given a choice, i would want to encourage some serious research into identifying alternate for drinking water. If one spends a little bit of all those efforts that goes into finding replacement for petrol, diesel and coal driven energy into finding how to replenish the demand for water which is fast becoming a commodity scarcer than the crude oil, we may even have some hope for the future. Have made it a point to share as many documents as available online in social media to spread not just awareness, but on ways in which we can keep our homes cool and protect our water reserves.

The time is nigh when people start realizing that even with increased earnings, there are certain things that can never become unaffordable. Was shocked to read the news sometime back that Bangalore, the supposedly cooler city as compared to Chennai atleast, is now hotter than Chennai. Brought back memories of post rain travel in Bangalore, where even a slight drizzle will cool the city so much that it would be such a refreshing feeling to walk out aimlessly on roads, enjoying the slight shower. When i last went back there, the famous Wind Tunnel road was devoid of trees in entirety!!! It was a shocker to see the stretch barren. Does development means, wider roads that makes people travel faster to earn more money only to loose out on precious things provided free by nature?!! Time to seriously rethink on the priorities of life.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Playlist forever

My playlist would probably be one of the most dynamic of the song lists ever i guess. No song stays in the list for more than a day. Despite my shuffling and changing, certain songs always manage to find a way into the list. There are always, associated memories with each of them and when they do get played, as the song goes forward, mind rewinds and relishes those situations. Its a tough choice to pick from memory and whatever best i could recollect have compiled as my all time favorites. Restricting it only to tamil and 3 hindi songs without which the list would always be incomplete. Obviously there are more. But this would be the top of the lot :) Here goes..

Kaadhal konjam..Kaatru konjam from pachaikili muthucharam

Maalai neram from Ayirathil oruvan

Paadava from Little John

Enna idhu from Nala Dhamayanthi

Oh shanthi shanthi from Vaaranam Aairam

Kaathirunthaai anbe from Naveena Saraswathi Sabadham

Osakka from Vanakkam Chennai

Thendrale from Kaadhal desam

Veesum velichathile from Naan E

Kaatru kuthiraiyile from Kaadhalan

Poove vaai pesum boathu from 12B

Title song from vinnai thaandi varuvaaya

Hosanna from vinnai thaandi varuvaaya

Swasame from Thenali

Uyiriley enathu Uyiriley from Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyadu

Oru ooril azhage uruvaai from Kakka Kakka

Minnale nee vanthathenadi from May Madham

En mel vizhuntha mazhai thuli from May Madham

Oray nyabagam from Minnale

Venmathi from Minnale

Vizhiyil song from Kreedam

Nee illai endraal from Dheena

Smiyai magnet vizhiyaal from Kandukonden Kandukonden

Kaadu thiranthu from Vasool Raja

Tere Bina from Guru

Heyrathe Ashiqui from Guru

Jashne bahara from Jodha Akbar

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The question - part 3


"Hey i just met you..
And this is crayyzzeeyy..
But here is my number...
So call me maybe.." Ram keeps humming the song much to the annoyance of Anil..

"Nee pannitu vanthiruka velaikku intha Carly Jepsen song saria varaathu.....Aambala padathula Vishal paadra mathiri "pazhagikalam whats your name and your number" thaan karecta varum"


" Enda dai....juice oothina mathiri sooda tea coffee oothirunthaalum ipdi thaan paadirupio" asked Anil


"hmm..naan oru velangaathavan..phenol oothirunthaalum nee ipdi thaana iruppa"


"Nee yaara pakka pona..ennathukaga pona nu konjamachum yosichia raasa...unga veetla..kattam paathu katadam paathu katti vaikka ponnu thedi pesitu vara anupi vacha..kattika pora ponna vitutu kottitu varavala sight adichitu vanthiruka..rascal......shabbba..soda please..evlo "ka...Athepdida...oray oru smile..athukulla lovea"

"Sattena vizhunthathu Nenjam"


"Kannathil Muthhamittal padam pathirukia..."

"Nee Madhavan andtha ponnu Simrana...kola vizhum"

"Antha song situation pathirukia...Munthina scenela Maddy would propose to Simran..antha proposalay scenea irukum...Simran will ask "enna pudichirukarathala kalaynam panikaria ila Amudhava adopt pannikka kalyanam panikaria nu..Maddy will say rendu kannathula entha kannam favoritenulam solla mudiathu nu...Simran will say "ennakku konjam conditions iruku" nu..before she could finish her sentence Maddy will give her a bear hug and antha very instantla antha song varum..Sattena vizhunthathu nenjam..."

"Nethu KTVla padam paathia...ithukum naan ketathukum enna sambantham"

"mara manda...lovela vizhratha pathi poetica sollitruken..lusu thanama kekaran paaru...unakulam epdida ponnu kedaichuthu.."

"Serupaala adipen...unga veetla ketta enna solluva..ivlo pesaraye dog..antha ponnuku kalyanam aadicha boy friend background enna..edachum theriyuma...verumna Priya nu pera mattum vachukitu ena panna pora"

"Simple..ava peru panra edam theriyum...vera enna venum..just go there and ask..ella detailum kitti..simple matter"

"aama..ivar poitu...aapeecer aapeecer...anniki en mela juice kottina ponnu Priya pathi details sollungannu ketathum avanga athanaiyum sollitu thaan adutha vela paapaanga paaru..."

"Chinna thirutham...kekkaporathu nee"

Anil picks his phone and starts speaking..."Hello Dubaiya..naan inga romba free..itho kelambi varen..bye...seri machi...konjam velai iruku..i am starting"

"Nanbenda...naan details collect pannitu va sonathum udanay kelambita..i appreciate" without waiting for Anil's response Ram leaves that place.

"Dei..dei....deii.....naan enna solren..ivan enna sollitu poraan..." looking at himself on the mirror..."Unakku vekkamay illayada...oorla evlovo friend irukaan...aanalum ivan kita maatikitu naan padra paadu irukkay...Boss engira Baskaran Santhanathukkay velicham"

@Ram's house:

"Kaushiki kitta enna pesina...edachum decide paneengala rendu perum"

"Illama...antha ponnu varathuku late aaidichu..vazhila vandi problemnu..romba neramlam pesala... decide panra alavuku innum discuss pannala...thirumba meet panlaamnu solliruku antha ponnu"

"Apdi vera ennathaanda pesikiteenga rendu perum"

"vela pathi..padichathu poranthathunu generala pesinom..athuvum sollithu...naanum sonen..finala ipo decide panna venaam...konjam yosikalam...and then lets meet up sollitu she went...yes num sollala no num sollala"

"ithuku mela vera enna pesi decide pannanumaam? intha kaala pasangaluku konjam edam kudutha overa thaan panreenga...pazhaiya panjaangama iruka venaam..unga life neenga pesi decide pannikunga sollitu decenta vitta..itha saaka vachu izhuthukittay irupeengala...enga munnadilam pesa koochapaduveenga sollitu thaana ungala pesika solrathu...ithelaam aagaratha ila..avanga appa amma kita kekkaren..ennatthan solra unga ponnu nu"

"athaiyae avanga thriumbi keta? naanum onnum decide panalaye ma"

"Unakaga naan decide panniten..avanga ok sollita..ithaan ponnu..ithuku melalaam ennala wait panna mudiathu" sollitu amma goes to kitchen before Ram could argue further.


"Dei Ram...engenda poi tholanja..un phone evlo thadava try panen..edukavay ila" growled Anil

"Sorry machi..un number thaana urupidia oru matterum irukaathunuthaan vandi la varapo edukala..emi matteru?"

"Unakkintha avamaanam thevaya" Anil points finger at himself like vadivelu and cribs.

"Sorry machi...traffic sathathula kekkala..kochikatha..what matteru tellu"

"Antha juice kada ponnu pathi solalaamnu thaan koopten"

"Hey..nejamavay visarichia..enna sonnanga...yaar ava..enga irukka...enna panra"

"Paaarra...ivlo kelvilaam nee code panrachay requirement documentla ketruntha project uruptrukum..."

"dei..mokka podama matter solra..."

"Antha juice ponnu anga work panra aal ilayam...MBA coursekaga edho survey eduka internship mathiri anga vela paathuthaam"

"Paathuthunnaa? ipo illaya?"

- To be answered

P.S: Adutha part would be ghost written...che..guest written. Yaar enna matterngarathu will be revealed later :)

Monday, April 18, 2016

All that matters is love..seriously.

This weekend happened to go to a function. It was similar to Shastiabdha poorthi in concept, but the thing is, instead of the couple hitting the 60 year old mark, it was an event to celebrate the fact that, they had been celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary!!! 60 years of wedlock. Wow. There are a few more things that makes it even more Wow-ier, if at all that's a word.

They were the land lord of the house we were previously staying. The entire street advised us against taking that house for rent, for the notoriety of the house owner was that much well established in that area. He was like Manal Kayiru S.Ve.Sekar, with a huge list of conditions for tenants and he would ensure that, whoever resides would either vacate unable to follow his rules or would get into a fight with him on the very first month with reasons aplenty and would vacate out of frustration. No wonder people hated him. Right from the milk man to the tailor to the news paper boy, he fought with every single person he interacted on a daily basis. His neighbours cursed their luck for having to put up with him and when he put one of the apartments for sale, there were hardly any takers.

What was that made him so infamous and how we managed to stay in that house for 4 years is stuff of a legend. Firstly, the so called rules that he laid for the tenants were all practical and any person, who built their house, brick for brick with care and love, would ensure that no harm comes to their labour of love. He had a garden on terrace that he took care as if its his own kids. The fact that none of their 4 kids stayed with them is a side story. In the rental agreement, he had a clause stating that, if the tenant had any kids, they shouldn't play in the terrace for there were delicate horticultural arrangements. He had a point that mentioned that the main door would be locked at ten sharp and whoever comes after ten had to open the lock with their own key. Being a diabetic, he took his medicines on time and would be asleep dot at ten. After which idiye idichalum he can't hear. Not wanting to be disturbed from his sleep, he made it a point on the agreement itself. There were so many other nitty gritties each of which had a valid justification from his end. Somehow, me and mom were able to cope up with all of the conditions and after the first year, he became so friendly that, he used to request mom to take care of the plants when he went for pilgrimage with his wife. When we were about to vacate the house, it must've been too much of an ego to overcome, he even hinted that we can stay for as long as we want at the same rent. We had to move on as the house was on first floor and it took too much of an effort for mom to climb up and down everyday. The entire street were stunned to see us surviving him and his rules and managing to stay in that house for 4 years. When we vacated, people openly told us, if we can survive him, we can stay anywhere in the world.

To my shocking surprise, for the event that i mentioned previously, to celebrate his wedding anniversary, the same bunch of people turned up and every single one of them, fell at the feet of the old couple seeking their blessing, unmindful of the fact that their dislike for them is an open secret known for all. The only reason for the turnout was nothing but, the love and affection that the elderly couple had for each other. Being Saurashtrian, whenever they used to shout at each other, half the time, we wouldnt even know whether they are conversing or cursing at each other, for their tones are a direct rival to Arnab Goswami at whisper level. The bigger secret would be not how we managed to stay at their house for 4 years but how they managed to stay wedded to each other for so many years!!!

Despite all his materialistic misgivings, our landlord, with his unflinching love for his wife and his respect for his marriage, won over everyone. The same people who were all in praise of them during the event are going to back bite, come next day. He would still be that monster house owner, out to torment tenants. But on that day, everything was forgotten. For the right reason. Love.

Wishing them much more decades of happy married life :)

Friday, April 15, 2016


A while back there was a discussion thread in FB where people were crying hoarse on what makes a good literature. Or in other words, how do you filter out something as literature from...hmm..crap, to make it simple. Though i keep hearing many words, whenever controversy arouses around them at that time only i try to gauge the real meaning of them, rest of the time riding on contextual sense. Wiki says that literature means a collection of written production that are perceived to be aesthetically excellent, contrary to belief that every single creation is a literature. Literally-a-ture nu artham pannikiten pola. I can put vidhandavaadha query as to what if there is only book/poem written by a person which becomes super duper hit in celebrated authors circle!!?? That throws back the question, who decides if a production is aesthetically excellent. What makes the review of a select few the norm for others to follow. Allowing time for the question to settle and moving on to that thread discussion.

Well, there are people who never miss a chance to trash Chetan Bhagath despite the undeniable fact that his books have sold more than the sum total of the next ten authors in top ten sellers list. His language, some call simple, many pathetic. To call his works as modern literature classics would be declaring war on thyself with hoards of grammar nazis and self proclaimed mega critics crying bloody murder. From the view point of a fan of his books, who appreciate his writing simply for the matter that you dont have to rush to a dictionary to know any meaning of a difficult word and nor you've to scratch your head into imagining unexplained worlds, the definition could be much different. His works are simple and very contemporary. He hit jackpot with his first book and rest are all mere mish mash of the same theme with different settings is world known. One may not equate Chetan with Shakespeare. Its ridiculous to even make that reference. Can he be compared with Amitav Ghosh or Ravi Subramaniam or Ahswin Sanghi. Now that would be an interesting debate for almost all of them have as many haters as followers.

To me personally, i was unable to follow any of those books that are classified as classics and have cult following. None of those books, even in the non-detail form, were of any interest to me, for basically my grasp on the knowledge was pretty poor to say the least and understanding similes and metaphors on an alien tongue was not even in my least favored pastime activity. Yet. Buvaakaga padika arambichi, oralvuku puriara mathiri kathukitten. There are many works in Tamil, my mother tongue, which itself i find very difficult to understand and to even get the meaning from contextual sense. Does the general criteria for a book to be called a literature means, it should be difficult to understand for paamara makkal like me? Does it mean that any thing which is simple to understand can't be termed as a literature or classic? Is having metaphors and hidden meanings that is left to the imagination of the reader the major criteria for a master piece? If the argument is towards having books that makes you think, can't it be countered that as much as people find it difficult to come to a conclusion on a classic, the simpler stories makes them understand the content. Shouldnt that count for anything. If a person with good vocab enjoys and understands layered content and exclaims its beauty, terming it a literature, in what way its rated higher than a simple joy that a book with easier to understand content allows? How does one rate the enjoyment factor with not a single common variable?

In the name of review, i often trash or speak high of many a movie or book in this very blog. There could be millions and billions of others who view things totally different than as perceived in this blog and who knows, inadvertently i could've posted blasphemous statement against those that may be considered as classic literature to many. The very reason that i am lured to those works may not always be based on the content or quality but more often than not on the publicity surrounding such works. So to qualify as a literature, should it be endowed with people having good marketing skills?

Personally, after 800 posts, if some one asks, has my writing improved or not, i have no answer. Whenever i get to read some of my earlier posts, there are certain coinage of sentences that stump me to understand the thought process behind them. The list of words that i use have always been pretty static and if i keep writing, using the same set of words, yet conveying the intent behind the post, do they qualify as litter or literature?!!! Avvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv.....

Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Man for every season

Epdi start panrathu..hmmm...When i was in US of the America i stumbled on this blog group called CBC - surukkama Chennai bloggers club. Chennai vantha epdi pozhuthu pokrathunu balatha sinthanaila irunthapo it was a pleasant surprise to find so many like minders in one group. Antha groupla silar became friends for life. The best part about that group is, any one can become friends with them. Such a warm bunch of people who would go to any length to keep the people around them feel secure and happy. This guy, is bit more special amongst that bunch.

He is much more mature for his age and lot more child like in his approach to life - two best qualities anyone will cherish to have in their repertoire. Added to his amazing social skills, he is an inherent leader, which is quite obvious from the heights the club has reached under his administration. Needless to say he is well supported by equally dedicated fellow admins, but i would stick my neck out and say he would surely be the first amongst those equals. Many can have the intent, some may have the passion to organize things, very few will have the creativity to stage the show, the network to take it to people, the compassion to goad fence crawlers to join hands and participate and the will the succeed. But find to find them all in one person, that would be mister   Bragz- also known as Bragadeesh Prasanna (wonder how many remember his full name!!! I for one have never used it fully!! hehehe) Now that i think of it, for some one who seldom does it, his nick name is bragz!!! Irony with a capital I :D

One may have all these qualities, yet to make people listen to you, it requires something more. Some may call it charishma or on good looks. Its hard for me to put a word on what makes it tick that people always listen and obey certain people and not many others who may possess same or similar quality as them. Probably its the way they make others feel important, yet at the same time, try to get their points conveyed. More like Anil Kumble, who during the Sydney gate famously quoted "only one side played in spirit of the game" which literally broke the spirit of Aussie team who went on to lose their citadel of Perth in the very next match. For a person who is so easy going, he values his self respect above everything and manages to hold on to it without hurting anyone is no less a feat.

His knowledge of eateries that doesnt harm your purse yet might throw your diet regimen to dust might put "Boys" pada Senthil to shame. He is well versed in his nellai thamizh and is a die hard fan of good tamil literature. Though he doesnt rate himself much for his English vocabulary, he has already written two novels in English !!! For those who are lead to think, is this what he does for living, he runs his own company and is in the process of taking the next step towards expanding his business. Add to this the fact that he is super punctual and is almost always present an hour in advance to any of the meetings and never misses any get together, wonder how the world he manages to find time and stamina.

Ithana kathaiyum ethukunna..tomorrow is his birthday. To me, Bragz wouldnt just be the man friday, but man everyday of the week all through the year. Some one you can count on without second guessing and a person i literally take for granted. At times i dont understand how can he be so understanding, not just to me but to everyone around. His pressure point would be the other extreme of Arnab Goswami i guess and their ECG's when AG is in full flow would make interesting reading of a contrast :D

Here is my bday wish for you buddy. May you've as many Rosemilk's from kalathi kadai to your fill this year (Note: we use the same essence bottle at our house. You are most welcome). May you achieve your personal goals on publishing front. Very eager to see the abridged/edited version of 300 in hard copy and wish it happens this year. Hope you share soft copy of the other book also in OC like this one...hehehe. Will be the first to buy both the books when it hits the stores. On your professional front, wishing  you much more than good luck and hope it all materializes pretty soon. Mathabadi..hmm...helmet poatutu vandi oattu. Vizhunthu vaarinathulam porum. Have a funtastic year ahead. Wanted to make this as 800 th post, lighta late adicihi. Mannichu..
You know my punctuality :D

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Game of Thrones

"Naalai mudhal kudikka maaten...sathiyamadi thangam" nu sollitu daily sarakadikaravan mathiri, i keep insisting that i've seen the last of my drama series, only for the list to get newer additions.

Have been hearing about GoT a lot over a really long while and had been resisting the temptation all along. Some of my friends who started watching the series, dropped off midway, stating they couldnt quite follow the storyline. But those who continued, well, that's a different feeling to cherish altogether as, yours truly, falls in that category.

I've often wondered how the European kingdoms would've been. Their lifestyles, culture, art, warfare, relationships, strategies and tactics. Compared to Indian counterparts, they've all been pretty low lifes bordering on primitive has been my unshakable mindset. While our guys were busy establishing their foot hold across the world, empowering masses, building magnificent structures and literally creating history, the Europeans have been known for their barbaric nature. Its not my prejudice that's is talking but i am merely stating the facts made known. Against such a backdrop i started watching GoT.

The first thing that struck me was the magnitude of the amount spent on production. Each episode was nothing short of a Hollywood movie in itself. There were more outdoor scenes than those in set and even the sets have been nothing short of fantastic with amazing CG to compliment. Next was the storyline. True to my belief, it is brutal and almost validates the picture that i had visualized of medieval Europe. The final clincher being the unabashed hero destruction by the author. Whenever there are few episodes in which a certain character warms up to the audience, the viewers would be forced to held their breath only for the inevitable to happen. The author, obviously not a fan of hero worship, makes sure that any character that is seen to reach cult following, dies the goriest of deaths possible towards the end of the season. With each possible contender for the throne getting chopped and churned right from the first season, it piques everyone's interest to see who is that worthy of the iron throne. Another plus that i note for the series is the strong write up and scintillating dialogues. It probably has derived the best out of author based series on the lines of Harry potter and LOTR. I was sold on the below conversation.

"Which is or five" asks Robert Barraetheon to Cersei.
"Five of course your grace" replies Cersei
He makes a fist out his right hand and spreads all five fingers on his left and asks "Now tell me..which is stronger"

Whistle.Claps..hooot hooot. I saw it few months back. The scene still prevails on mind whenever i think of it.Such a powerful message. So simply told. WOW.

My personal favorite is the Stark family, of the several families vying for the throne. Though the Starks don't implicitly fight for the thrones, they are the good guys of the lot who gets killed season after season with only  a few characters left now. Next in line comes Danerys Targariyen. If there is one thing i hate its the names of the characters. Bloody difficult to pronounce and type. She is the mother of the dragons and YES. There are dragons in this story. With war in almost every alternate episode and how classically they have all been shot is a treat to watch. There are animals that talk, people who can do "koodu vittu koodu paayrathu", black magic, zombies, chivalry, love, deceit, madness, bravery, you name it you got it. There is this person Peter Dinklage who appears as Tyrion Lannister. He is a dwarf by birth and plays a similar role. At present he is in the running for people's favorite. With season 6 about to begin, there is every major doubt if he would live to see the season finale.

Entha languagea irunthalum..raaja raani kathais are always interesting. Eagerly waiting for the fresh instalment.

Monday, April 11, 2016

After the Darkness - book review

Book vanthu pathu varusham aaguthu. Ithaan un takka nu kelvilaam kekkapdaathu. Had a chance to read it only yesterday.

I learnt most of my English diction by reading Jeffrey Archer and Sidney Sheldon with little bit of vocab from Hindu editorial. While Sheldon's novels were usually the same template of having a lady protagonist, who, even while being a Brunette will start off as a dumb blonde, trusting everyone at drop of the hat, only to be screwed royally by the very same on whom she will wreak vengeance with help from unexpected quarters. Of course, there would be a mandatory jail sequence, where either she would be beaten or violated or both and would escape from prison in laundry box or some truck that take things in and out. Almost all of the novels would've some explicit "matter" scenes and in some editions the cover of those books would put Mills and Boon to shame. Even with such a masala framework, with almost predictable storyline, every single character created by Sheldon stands out even after so many years. Be it the Suave, charming villain Constantin Demiris of Memories and Memoirs of Midnight (guess the only sequel he ever wrote) or the scores of lady protoganists - Lara, Jennifer Parker, Kate Blackwell, Megan, Tracy whitney and many more, its not just their names, but also their sufferings, their determination to avenge, the locations where the story is set, everything sets each other apart. Its like watching a Rajini movie, knowing very well how its going to end yet rooting for him.

Personally i felt, the last few of his novels were mere mismash of his previous ones and when he passed away there was a sadness associated with nostalgia of the first ever novel that i read in English, which was his "Master of the game", an amazing story nevertheless. There was an arugment sometime back with a friend of mine when he quoted the new book and credited Sheldon as the author. I was more than sure that it can't be Sheldon as he had passed away long back, yet when i saw in the label that it was indeed carrying his name, was kind of confused. Later realized that another author, inarguably an ardent devotee of Sheldon, had started writing novels in his name. Felt like a wonderful gesture of tribute to the master at the same time cashing in on his name for quick sales. An imitation can be the best form of flattery, but even for it hold its place, it should muster bare minimal scrutiny is my opinion. On to the book review.

If you remove the covers and read the book ,you could almost believe that it was written by the master himself. Such is the methodical approach with which Tilly Bagshawe have approached this story. The template is almost perfect. There is the grand opening of court scene with the lamb for slaughter heroine lead to receive the verdict. Even without the result, which appears after some 100 pages into the book, is released, its quite obvious that she would be declared guilty. Typical Sheldon touch. Jail scenes - Check. Breezy romance with the hero/anti-hero/villain - Check. Bitching relatives /friends/co-workers with many a who-dunnit possibilities of the murder - Check. Heroine being helped in jail by inmates -Check. The supposedly naive heroine, solving case like Sherlock - Check.
Still the story falls short of what would've been a thriller by Sheldon the original.

There are quotes from Star Wars and references to Yoda. That felt odd for any quotes in either Sheldon or Archer novels, usually used to make me google for them. They wouldnt be so straight forward is my opinion. The more the heroine feels for her husband it became pretty obvious that the twist would involve him as the villain. But the mega twist of him being alive only made the story sour as it didnt quite justified him as being so ruthless and reckless towards the heroine. The climax punch that is typically Sheldon was also missing as the ease with which the heroine goes about finding the missing link, considering that she was characterized as a dud all throughout doesnt quite gel with the narrative. Also the fact that she doesnt get to punish any of those who did her wrong only leaves an incomplete flavor.

Gils verdict - Thought the story line was almost 80% true to the thought process of the master teller. But there is a reason why he is the master despite flipping and flopping over the same story line. Its those niche plots and subtle tacks that which is missing, makes this novel fall at the last hurdle towards the pedestal of success. But a damn good attempt to recreate the magic of Sidney Sheldon.

Sunday, April 10, 2016


"Hey...ennada semmaya weight potuta"
"Hey...epdida ipdi weight loose panna...back to gym?"

These are otherwise normal questions but since they are being mentioned in this post, obviously they are not, as they were both asked to me on the same day, but of course by different people.

The first questioner was a friend who met me after a small gap of six months. We bumped into each other in Citi Center and the pleasant engagement began with this very question on my weight. How nice it always feels to meet people so concerned about your waistline and weight. It literally moves me to tears. Self promise.

While we were talking about what we missed in past 6 months on each others life, came in the second questioner, who has been meeting me after a really long while. Not sure if the first guy noticed, the question again was on my weight but the reaction totally different.

Dont know if its a common occurrence, but it happens to me often which leaves me confused if i should reduce weight or regain. Vikram, Kamalhasan ku aprum ivlo frequenta weight ethi erakarathu naana thaan irupen nenakren. Atleast ivanunga kudukara build up lam paatha beach balloon thothurum.

Second thing is about my hair. "Ennada ipovay ipdi narachi many grey hairs". Enna panrathu oray paasakkara makkals around me but the questions seldom change. My hair started greying right from my senior secondary school. And those who have been acquainted with me would know that i never "dye" my hair. But even then, it often comes as surprise that how come its so much grey.

The thing that beats me is what is the point they want to convey!! That my hair style is bad and needs attention or they are worried about any vitamin deficiency that is causing it or being their peer, they wouldnt want people to doubt their own hair colour on being seen with me?!!! It reminds me of one story i read long back. When asked a military man how come his moustache is all black while his hair style is salt and pepper, he replied that his moustache is 15 years younger.

Senthil mathiri kelvi kekka try panravanga, beware of goundamani style response. Aaama solliputten.

Friday, April 08, 2016

Sethupathi - movie review

When i heard about the movie, i thought it would be yet another cop movie and yet another movie star who wants to increase his fan base and play to the gallery. Couldnt quite imagine Vijay Sethupathi as a strong police officer, after seeing him as the local ruffian in innumerable number of movies. Also he doesnt have that vocal strength to carry punch dialogues that are essential for a cop hero. Considering the fact that from the time of MGR till Surya, every single aspect of a cop's character being done and dusted, there are hardly any scope for a new script in cop genre any more in Indian cinema as such. Amidst all this non-expectation hype came the movie.

First thing that struck was the meesai. To me, that murukku messai of Vijay sethupathi would be the USP of the movie. Enna gethu. Just a twirl and a cut to a few tuft of hair, it transforms him into a totally new persona. As mentioned above, a strong voice would've added icing to the character. Even while shouting his is squeaky at best. Another strong aspect of him is his eyes. Without mouthing much dialogue they spew menace and love and sentiment and confusion all at the same time. Vijay sethupathi rightly falls into the category of actors who have their looks to their advantage, especially their eyes. Storywise, barring a few twist in screenplay its the same old done and dusted cop story. But one glaring aspect would've been the villain. For all the bravado he comes across as a comic stupid one rather than a strong brainy negative character we've gone accustomed to in recent releases. He would've been more at ease on a mega serial than a movie. About his henchmen, the lesser said the better. The rocking lovely chemistry between Ramya Nambeesan and Vijay from their "Pizza" movie carries over into this as well. Utterly believable pair. "Naan yaaru..Naaan yaaru..goyyala...Naan yaaru" the best mass song of this year possibly. The first half BGM falls on its feet when it comes to hero worship and especially during stunt scenes its mediocre. The second half more than makes up for it. The title card gives more than sufficient hint on how the movie is going to be with its unabashed worship of cops. Avlo nallavangalum illa..apdi onnum mosamillai is the public verdict and its not just for the cops but also for the movie. Epdiyum terinja kathai thaanaenu scriptlayum perusalam onnum menekedala. Apdiye arivai kasakki puzhinji thuppu tholakki kandupudikara velailam ila. He just thinks and acts and solves. Ashtey matteru.

Gils verdict: Despite its inherent flaws and aracha maavu story, when it ends, it does leave a feel good factor and a happy mind. Athukagavay Sethupathiku special salute.

Wednesday, April 06, 2016


Ettu Etta blog posta padichiko
Ipo entha hospitalil admit aagiruka terinjiko
Ikkada raa raa raamaiyaaa
800 post poatachu raamaiyaa

Hehehehe....My dear makkas and makkis...kitta thatta oru pathinoru varushathuku munnaadi..yarumay illatha kadaiya aatha aarambicha tea...innikum..athey positionla irunthaalum...inbetween gapla oru 800 posts thaandidichi. Ithukaana muzhu mudhar kaaranam, kandippa oc la net connection kuduthu officela blog open aaga allow panra admin punniyavaangalaye saarum. As a patron, sila pala perai ingey kuripitaaga kadamai pattirukiren.

First - Thala Ramesh. Ivar comment podatha ennoda postay illa solalam. Of the 170K hits..he should be credited with a major portion of it. Oru commentukum innoru commentukum idaila evlo post irunthalum...athelam evlo kolaveri mokkaiya irunthalum..padichi comment podra punniyavaan. Avaroda perunthanamaikku en siru siram thaazhthi nanri. Ipdilam usupethi uda aal irukarathala thaan kadai innum oduthungarathu side matter

Mister mages - sameeba kalama sikkirukara adutha appracenti vaasagar.Ivaroda english pulamaikku equivalent mister shesu paiyar mattumay. Irunthaalum..intha thanglish blog padichi karuthu kooruvar. avarukkum mikka nanri.

Micha perlaam yaar padikaranga ennanay theriala saami aana hit count mattum pozhuthukku 30 40 hits kaatuthu. Pora poakkula padichitu comment podama ess aagara idhara vaasagaas..ungalukum nanri.

Innum ethana naaliki kadai odum therila. Odra varaikkum ungal othuzhaippu thevai atharkana advance nandrigal :)

Monday, April 04, 2016

Jill Jung Juk - review

Somehow the so called movie critics have an altogether different view point than average movie watchers like me. Maybe watching movies day in and day out make them more immune to watch out for finer aspects in any movie and make them miss out on simple sheer fun aspects of a masala movie. You can also factor in the charm of the lead or clout of the production house, which results in, almost always, a not less than 3 star rating, for any hindi movie with a who's-who cast. The critics pour their pent ire on any other B-grade movie which they would've never watched otherwise. Till now, Tamil movies are somewhat insulated to this concept is my naive belief for i often found the review to match the movie content. Jill jung Juk, came in the aftermath of chennai floods and with over pouring sympathy and support for Sid for his true efforts during the floods, the word of mouth support for the movie was tremendous. The teaser for the movie was unique in its deadpan way and was a rage. Wish the movie had managed to live a percentage upto the expectation magic created by the teaser.

It coud've been a cult movie - had it been a hit, had it been shamelessly more dumber, had the lead been unabashedly more foolish, had the second half that had bit more logic than first half been more stupider. The problem with the movie is, it starts on an absurd premise, promises to dwell more into absurdity towards the interval block only to step back into realms of logic. Blame it on the stardom of Sid, that claimed the movie or on the playing it safe fear that caught up with the director who couldn't more stretch what was at best a short film script. No wonder the sidekicks who team up with Sid garner all praise for their characters remain true from start to finish. They are the dumb and dumber to Sid and had his been made the dumbest, the movie would've been a riot. It could've gone on to prove that you dont need intelligence to win while at times the dumber attempts do reap rewards. It could've been the "Dude where is my car" or "Dumb and Dumber" of tamil cinema had the script stuck on to its original absurdity. Though cherished as a cult movie, i really wonder if either of those English movies made any money at BO. If the producer Sid showed bit more strength to swallow any further loss on the movie and suggested a more lunatic script, it might've actually worked.

Storywise its nothing special as i've mentioned numerous time, its the absurdity that runs the script. For some reason the movie is set 4 years into future. The wacky trio had to take a road trip to Hyderabad to deliver a pink, dope coated, ambassador car to chinese mafia on behalf of a local dada. The rival of the dada is brought into the mix unknowingly by the trio due to the backstabbing shenanigans of the black sheep in the local dada group. How the trio escape sure death by setting off each of the rival groups onto themselves form the story. Whatever is the outcome of the movie, its no ordinary script and no producer in his sane mind would've taken it up. Kudos to Sid for taking that bold step. More than bleaching his hair blue, had he put on bit more effort on acting front, this could've well been the movie of his career.

Gils verdict: The movie is neither too stupid and for its Tarantino-ish finish is not any brainy either. Wish they could've cut down on the length and released it as an one hour long one as the story could only stretch so far.

Saturday, April 02, 2016

The question - part 2




"aaha..ulaga athisayama seekrama vantene...enga ukkararathu.." Ram starts scanning for a place to sit.
"hmm...romba orangatti seat paatha already pala thadava ushaar panna try pannirupano nu doubt varumo...natta nadula seat pudicha privacy irukathay..epdi pesarathu...intha seat a/c ku directa keezha irukku..namakkau nalla naallaye naaku thallum..ithula ivan vera antartica effectla temperature set pannirukaanay...pesama ninnukittay irupom..antha ponnu vanthu enga sollutho anga ukkanthiralam...avvvvvvv...ponnu select panratha vida seat select panrathu peria kodumaiya irukkay...intha imsaikku thaan earlya vara koodathu solrathu..."

Ipdilaam egapatta mindvoice mandaikulla oditrukarapothaan he realised.."aaaha...per thaana theriyum...aal theriathay..enniko photo paathathu...atleast phonelayachum save pannirukalam...number save panena" while searching his contacts he gets a call from some new number.

" it Ram"

"Aaama..neenga yaar pesarathu"

"I am Kaushiki..."

"Adada...englishlaye badil sollirukanumo...oor naattan pola pesitomay" nu nenachavaaray..."Yeah Kaushiki...tell me..where are you now"

"Actuala sorry solla thaan koopten..paathi vazhila vandi mucker mechanic shop now...already late aaiduchu..very sorry..will try to come as early as possible"

" problem...enga irukeenga ipo...naan varatuma? you need help?"

"Sweet of worries..vandi almost ready..will reach in ten...bye nga"

"Sutham..edachum order panni saapdalama...paathi saaptunu irukarachay vantaana theeni pandaram nenachukitaanna...idea...pakkathu cafe la poitu saaptu vanthiralam.." Ram came out of the cafe and went to the next juice shop near by.

@the counter

In the already crowded shop, the attendant girl knocks a really big glass of juice on Ram.
"Oops..sorrynga...achucho..unga shirtlalam spill aaidichi...very sorry"

Gritting all of his 64 teeth yet managing a smile Ram replied "its ok..venumntu panuvangala"
The supervisor of the shop starts admonishing the girl in public only for Ram to intervene and settle things. When the supervisor offered him complimentary food on the house, he politely declined and settled into a comfortable corner with menucard, watching replay of an Indian cricket team victory on Star Sports.

Seeing the girl visibly shaken by the events, often stealing a sorry look at his direction, he called for the girl.

"Sorry sir.."

"Hello..order eduthukareengalanu koopta sorryngareenga..appo order eduthuka mateengala"

"Aio illa sir..sorry sir..i mean sorry for the juice.."

"shabaa..mudiala innum unga sorry puranam..kottina juice kaanju poi half hour aaguthunga..."

The girl bit back the quick smile and asked him for his order

"Do you've anything on date?"

She mistook it as him asking her for a date and stood stiff.

"Pardon sir"

"Ada...intha paereecham pazham poattu juice item edachum irukaaa keten...aaha...englishla ketta vambaaidum polarukkay"

This time unable to control, she started laughing. The supervisor who passed by gave a curious glance and went ahead.

"Unga per enna nu ....kekkalaamna muraikareenga...atleast feedback formla kandapadi thitti ezhuthavachum pin ipdilam kanda edathula kuthi vachikatheenga...aprum ungaluku thaan prachanai"

"Adapavi...oops..sorry name is Priya"

"Priya...what? or What Priya?"

"Vaathumilla kozhiyumilla..Just priya"

"Aaaha..en paatukkaey esapaatta...usualla per vachu naan thana mokka poduven" Before he could ask anything further his phone ringed. Then only he realized his purpose for visiting the place. He quickly settled the bill and rushed out.

"Yenna Priya...nee oothina juice vida antha aal un kitta romba oothikitu irunthaan pola" asked the supervisor

"Apdilam ila sir..sorry sir..crowdla yaaro enkita misbehave pananga..athula thaan balance poidichi"

"Nee kottina juicekum serthu bill potrunthaalum antha aal pay pannirupaan"

"Paatha apdi therila sir..he was decent"

"Adhaan vantha udanay thaan avanoda girl friend nyabagam vanthu adichikitu odinatha"

"Girl frienda..ungalukepdi theriyum"

"Pakkathu cafela thaan ponaananga avanga rendu perum"


"Ok..sounds not ok..enna matter madam?"

Without responding she attended to the call from her allotted table, diverting her disappointment into her duty.

- To be answered

Friday, April 01, 2016

Parody called sports

"So..did you saw the match yesterday"

Whenever India wins or loses a key match, be it the semis or quarters or the very rare and occasional finals appearance, this would be the question on every lips. (Note: Every refers to followers of cricket. And it doesnt cover the Naan- goli- gilli- thavira- vera- edhuvum- paakamaaten- how- can- you- generalise- my- clan- into- your- "every" crowd. Vara vara posta vida disclaimers perusa poda vendirukku.)

The question is the equivalent of "Ganga snaanam aacha" on Diwali day or "Ponga paana vachacha" on sankaranthi. Such is the madness for the game that, during the match time, major cities in the country forget its mad rush routine and stops short to catch a breather of excitement, paradoxically. The adrenaline rush from the restricted confines of the stadium more than makes up for the mad max races on road.

Now that India has lost, kudos that they did put up a good total to defend whilst their attempts at defending came a cropper, it no longer leaves that churn in tummy when the newspaper headlines scream bloody murder at the loss. No longer does it leave a sinking feeling to watch them stumble in the semis and it more feels like, one match less to watch. The expectation of wanting the team to win every game they play is no longer there, is the reason for such a change in mindset. More than making it a do-or-die scenario, creating mental havoc on public and players alike, had the match been seen as a one-off bilateral series, maybe the question on line one wouldnt have been the focus of this post. Sports section in newspapers deserve stories, tragic or victorious. They need heroes and more than that they need villains/victims who stumble unable to cope up with the pressure.

Sporting gesture no longer is associated with sign of positivity as the gestures made on field often are cause of reprimands and suspensions. No one takes a game gamely and sportsperson are equated with gladiators and warriors making epics out of yet another game.

But what is life if not for these little eccentricities and enjoyments. To each their own poison.

P.S: avvvvvvvvvvv....epdilaam post poatu manasa thethikka vendirukku..paradesi pasanga aniayama thothutaanga. No ball poatta kaala vettanumnu kovathoda postaren