Saturday, January 25, 2014

To kill (many) a mocking bird

For long I've been reading numerous articles, be it blog posts or news paper clippings mocking the madisar maami or the so called typical Aiyar slang or the customs that are performed by Brahmins. It was the case in movies, where any leading hero from the time of MGR till date has donned the role of a Brahmin character to mock the community and its ways to achieve box office success. Its been one community that has often been ridiculed by anyone and everyone who wants to garner attention and like a meek goat that never bites back at people who throw stones on it, there has never been any violent protests or road rokos and not even a bandh call that I am aware of. Not that I am a "know-all" nor do I follow the pre and post activities of any such controversy. Just the way, the so called "intellectuals" who mock the community to their personal glory, I am also generalising now with the above statement.

It often irks me when people criticise out loud any custom or practice of any faith or sect and not necessarily Brahmin. But since this one community often bears the brunt of everyone, even from those who belongs to it, it irritates me like anything. Do I have any credentials worthy enough to take cudgels in support? Apart from the fact that I too belong to the meek many of the same sect, who never bother even to lift a finger against those who throw tar on our beliefs and customs, I have nothing notable as a credential. I don't even follow the daily rituals, even the simplest of them, that are supposed to be practised. I'vent been to a temple since god knows when, literally and figuratively. Not because I've stopped believing in it but for a reason even worse - laziness. Do I even understand any of those rituals and practices. Honest answer would be a shameful NO. Am I someone who wants to put forth my point of view and defend it to its contention. Answer again is NO. I am the least bothered by all these people that makes me no less a partner in their misdeeds. So I thought, at least, let me voice our my feelings in my own blog, that has been bereft of any readers off late :D More like a note from me to my own self.

The straw that broke this blogger's back was a post that was shared in Facebook by a lady blogger, atleast that's what the profile said, whom I've never met or read before. She had ranted for pages about madisar maamis and their capabilities in different situation, be it tormenting Brahmin gals to get married or fleecing their kids to US and propagate that achievement and also about their hypocritical ways. Needless to say, it was a huge hit and was even mildly funny in parts. Nope. Its not a barb and my writing skills are in no league to review or criticize anyone else's writing. But the content was what that really ticked me off. Its been the umpteenth time, someone has cribbed about how nosy madisar mami's are and how they are desperate show-off's who shamelessly meddle in other peoples life. Obviously there are people like that and no one can deny that such people never exist or existed. But why attach the communal tag??!! Its almost a fashion statement for a group of yuppie Brahmin people to mock their own community and rituals just to project that they are "cool".

IMHO, there are many things that makes being a brahmin difficult in current day's world. Reservation comes right on top. It may or may not be good in purpose. But is surely out to screw Brahmin kids studies. There is no leeway at all if they are average in their studies. Forget about higher studies, even non professional courses would be out of their reach. Another pain point would be, avoiding peer pressure and maintaining being a vegetarian, which is one of the biggest struggles for anyone from this community. I've seen many a friend of mine succumbed to this by their friend. I have no respect for those who show off to the outer world as holier than thou and valaichi katti adichify chicken on their home. If you feel something is right, you should be bold enough to admit it. Any habit or event the knowledge of which, that you cannot share with your parents or children and still continue to do it, is nothing short of a crime, knowingly being committed. Those who do turn non-veg often criticise their veg eating counter parts of hypocrisy and counter it with "meaningful" scientific arguments about plants also having life and in that way that is no less a crime than killing animals for meat. Same with drinking and smoking. There used to be a time when Brahmins were treated with respect for their habits. Since it was also a period when caste played a major role and the atrocities committed by caste Brahmins in the name of superiority ruled roost, the reason for respect was often mistaken for its casteist connotation and never for its true reason. The same coin has reversed now. Anyone who tries to be a conformist adhering to the rules and regulations that comes with being who he is, is often touted as a dork and fake. Worse of all, its people from the same community are up against each other.

There is quite a fat line between raising questions for learning and mocking. I belong to that tribe who are unwilling to follow rules just for the heck of it. I try to understand why certain things need to be done the way they are required to be and till I am not satisfied I resist. Not to portray myself as the next Martin Luther nor am I in a mindset for a lutherian protestant brahminism. I wanted to register my thoughts on this topic. And hence the post. Its half cooked and even for that it has grown so big. Would love to dwell more on this topic. Maybe as a supplement in some other post.

P.S: The views exhibited are wholly and solely my own. Itharku verengum kilaigal illai. News feederla RSS nu vantha thappa artham pannikapdaathu. Varta.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Veeram - Review


That's how I feel to write posts nowadays and also that's what I felt after watching the movie.

Same old stunts, same old villain , same old tricks, same old hero worshipping crowd and really old Ajith. Ageing gracefully is one thing, but repeating the same get up movie after movie is blehhh. The USP of the movie was Ajith in rural role. He does look majestic on vella vetti vella sattai, with his trademark dapaanguthu dance steps for saavu melams. Whistle sound must've blasted many an ear drums on theaters. There are several pakka masss scenes written for target audience. Especially the tender quotation scene and the one in swing. Apart from those two, nothing else is noticeable in the movie. Tamanna..avvvv....ennachu antha kozhanthaikku. She looks whiter than before in a dumber than ever role of her career. Ajith's brother quadrants make up for the slots usually donned by friend gumbal in city based stories. And the story itself is almost 30 40 years old. Its a pakka remake of "Murattu Kaalai" minus the kaalai and ofcourse Rajini. Songs...duh..lesser said the better. DSP has become DTP of his own hit songs of yesteryears. Hyderabad's Harris Jeyaraj could well be his title.

Gils Verdict: Veeram is less on valour and more of Ajith.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Made in heaven - 2

" me her photo...phonela vachirukalla?"
"Pazham thinnatha korangu...panam vaangatha politician..fiancée foto vachukaatha fiancé..chaancey illa"
"Dei Adangariyaa..."
"Photo kaetta edhuku phoneai noandittu irukka"
"Its all in ..."
"Mmmmm...She looks so chamathu..epdida unkitta maatikitta..ohh.sorry..Maatikitaanga"
"She is one Santoshi Subramani..appa sol thattaathu...ivan usuala podra nalla pulla bitta vachu avanga appava correct ponna ushaar panitaan"
"Poraama poraama"
"Aaaamaaaa...apdiyee naanga poraama pattutaalum...ithana naala thaan enga kooda mokka pottutu iruntha..ippo thaan intha kodumaiya anubavikka aal arranged la..poi anga mokka podama innum ennada pannitrukka"
"Yen nelama..neengalaam kalaikara alavuku iruku. Avanga veetla orthodox..cardiodox..neurodox. Intha kaalathula ipdi oru paradox. Number dial pannavay neram paakranga..."
"Neram na..intha pistaah paatu varumay..antha padama? ur maamanaar Nazriya fana?"
"deii...kovam vara mathiri kaamedi pannathaynu santhanam sollirukaan...remember"
"Pinna ennada...avar thaan dial panna dinasari paakararana..unakennada...nee paatukka ammaniya kootitu oor sutha vendi thaana.."
"You see..basically naan romba nallavan.."
"Ithuku neeye un mela thuppikka..."
"Seri..eppo engaluku intro kudukka pora"
"Ada..nee vera...enakkay intro kudukka aal theditruken..."
"uhumm...ivan velaikaaga maattaan..nee phone number kudu..naangalay pesikarom"
"Intha mandaikkulla ivlo ariva...daii.. ennada mandailaam vazhukuthu.."
"Ervaamaatin potrukenn..koodia seekram paaru amazon kaadu maathiri adarthiya valara poguthu paaru"
"Paathuda...kathi podra edathula kodaali poda vendiatha poguthu..appo kooda..kaatu mannula maram valarum...un mandaila kali mannachay..athula epdi valarum?"
"unakku poraama"
"aaama..apdiye porama patutuaalum...dai..mandaikullara moolaiya valakka paaruda..apruma mandaikku mela ma.."
"shtttaaaaapppp...ithu "U" rated blog..Inga ipdilaam pesapdaathu"
"mathatha valakka parunga solla vanthen"

(as usual...verenna...thodarum thaan)

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Wish list 2014

If wishes were horses...well I would've lot of stable full of horses. That many wishes I got.

First in the list is AAP. ada..aappu ileengo..Aam admy party. The word aadmi has been purpose fully misspelt. I am a staunch believer that India would be better served only under dictatorship. And that should be me is an open hidden agenda:D:D We need to be ruled. Sorry. One correction. We yearn to be ruled. We need someone to spell out things for us. We need heroes to protect us from disease to demons. We always look up for some messiah and have hopelessly high expectations on them. We forget and forgive the scoundrel leaders and would give up on them and their misdeeds quicker than the number of chances that we give for scrupulously clean common people. Our aam aadmis are always "adimai"s and wouldnt allow the yoke to be lifted off them. And this is where AAP's role is going to face its biggest challenge. More than Congress and BJP trying to topple it, its detractors knew that it would collapse on the weight of its own expectations. Suddenly every single citizen of Delhi has become an auditor of the government and forgotten are the days when their "elected representatives" who were unreachable. Every single move of AAP and its members are under scrutiny and given the breed of cynicists that we are, people are just waiting for that "I-know-that-they-will-fail" moment. It makes the job of a person, hoping against hope that he would be as good as he claims to be, to deliver on his promises. If AAP fails that would be the last straw. If AAP wins it would be the real dawn. I don't need to wait till December. Given the rate at which people and opposition are bullying, either AAP will manage to succeed on its promises only to irk erstwhile incumbent, who would topple the government when it becomes too hot to handle or it would go the way of all other "illustrious" predecessors before it. Time will tell for sure. And its running fast.

Romance in movies is second on my list. I sincerely, seriously, furiously with religious fervour hope and demand that, there shouldn't be any more romantic comedies for tamil cinema for next 2 years. Government should infact declare tax breaks for directors who could conjure any other genre other than this. There should also be a ban (tax break sop sounds a juicier carrot) on movies which dwelve on or anywhere near TASMAC, even for a reference. I am sick and tired of all those crap that has been raking in the moolah at BO movie after movie. How much ever the critics pan it, even those crappiest of lot continues to rule BO for reason best known to the movie watching public. I really want to see some interesting themes and genres being tried and hopefully 2014 should set the tone.

If I am a Charles Dickens book, I would be "Great expectations". I am planning on major personality changes for this year. And I hope 2014 gives me opportunities towards that goal :)

Wishing you all wonderful times ahead :)

Saturday, January 04, 2014

From year that was to year that would be..

I had actually started with my year end roundup much ahead of schedule only to post it in new year. That pretty much sums up my blogging year. Been very lazy and reluctant to post for no reason. Anyways, an year back, on the last week of 2013, I embarked on the longest vacation of my life and probably the most exciting one. I didn't realise it much then, but when I look back now, I am awe struck with wonder. I've recorded all those days much in detail on this very blog. As I re-read those posts each time, I am super thrilled and feel blessed.

Agreed there was a bitter event on the very new year's eve that resulted in many a major decision in my life. As I look back to that event, it ties back to the conversation I had with my ex manager few weeks back on my personality. I am still sensitive and expect a lot out of everyone to behave the way I feel its correct. And I still take a long time to get over negative things. But the positives have always overshadowed the negatives. Though it has hindered my learnings out of these mistakes of mine, it always leaves me with good memories to fall back on. A version of my own on things that passed by and something that follows my script of a happy ending:)

2013 began in turbulence and I was feeling trapped in a chakra vyugam. Whenever faced with a problem, I always approach it as if I knew the solution, but only have forgotten about it. It increases pressure and stress but along with it comes tonnes of hope that its not an unsolvable issue. Halfway into the year, came a twist I never even dreamt of. I finally met my better half, surely the best of the halves and without even a contest I concede to that fact :)

2014 already promises to be an year of difference. It brings with it way too many changes and situations that I've never ever faced before in life. The unknowns always have a scary twinge to them and this one is no less different. Every year I want to make new friends and 2013 was no different either. I probably had the best ever birthday celebration I could ever imagine and was overwhelmed by the love and affection showered on me by people who were complete strangers few months prior. They became an inseparable part of my daily life and the relation continues till date.

Thank you all for being such wonderful friends and for all those nice times and memories. I wish you all a wonderful new year and may god bless you with happy life and interesting events to remember.