Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Zany Tag :D

Happy new year fellas...intha varushathuku boni post zanyoda tag :) here goes ...ituh 2009oda last posta vanthirukanum..konjam late aidichi :D so context maintain panikunga :D

Q1:Are you better than where you were when the year started?
A: I want to answer Yes..so Yes it is :)

Q2:Did you get a notch up on the ladder of wisdom?
A: Enga areala antha magazine vikkarathilla..so lost in touch for a while :)

Q3:Did you laugh more till you cried or cried more till you laughed?
A: how can one cry till they laugh???? rhyminga vantha enna vena ketrutha :D

Q4:Did you meet new people?
A: Sj Suryah and Simrana thaana kekareenga..ileenga :(

Q5:Did your friend list swell a little?
A: Yeah..many of them became fat :D

Q6:Did you have to let go of people?
A: Absolutely

Q7:Did that hurt you a lot?
A: Would've in the past..but not nowadays :D

Q8:Did you have to put up a false smile and bear things with a grudge?
A: I work in a client place..wat else u expect!!!

Q9:Did you have to act happy when you hurt inside?
A: Read 8th answer

Q10:Did you achieve something great this year?
A: nothing..but considering tht all these years i've been consistent..tht itself wud be an achievement rite :D

Q11:Do you regret anything you did this year?
A: yeah..kandasamy padam atuhuvum..night show ponathu!!

Q:Did you fall in and out of love, necessarily not in that order? :p
A: in ok...not out yet..stl waiting for sameera :D

Q12:Did you grow?
A: kandipa..pantlam pudika arambichidichi..

Q13:Was this one of your best years?
A: i always look for betterment..so this could be one of those "better" years

Q14:Did you learn something new?
A: little bit i guess

Q15:What was the most memorable in this year?
A: most memorable...hmm...its 115 post full of info :D

Q16:Would have done anything differently this year if given a chance?
A: a lot of stuff..but i am ok with how its now..so no regrets actually..

Q17:Did you travel a lot this year?
A: kanna pinaanu traveled

Q18:Will you mark this year as one filled with fond memories or bitter ones?
A: a bit of both..

I am tagging ajcl, swaram, athivasi, pikali, g3, vastu,carpe diem , suruthi, rambam , avada kedavara , raammm, tamil mango,rat, divyapriya,uncanny....vera yaraciyachum vitutenna?? kitathatta elariyum korthu ututen nenakren :D enssaaii

Monday, December 28, 2009

And so went '09

Daiiii...ithey topicla inum evlo postda poduva nu kekareengala...athu pona postu.....ithu intha postu :D hehehe...well..2009 ambutu pudichi poachunga. Silenta santhadi ilama..singlesa thattiye thideernu half centurynu mattaiya thookara Hussey, Dhoni mathiri..onnumay nadakatha mathiri iruku aana egapatta mattera nadathi vachitu 2009 ess aguthu. I always used to believe that..If you want something, with whole your heart, with absolute belief that you need it, you are sure to get it. This year only reaffirms my faith :)

More than anything there were too many learnings for me in this year. Neria realisations. Main matter onnu solanumn..which has actually set a precedent for me to follow in my life.

A was reporting to B 5 years back. In fact B was his teacher who took A through the basics of what he is doing currently. In a quirk of fate..it so happened that B is now in the same team of A who has to assign work to B!! Without feeling hassled B took it so professionally that he even went to the extent of reporting each and every activity of his to A and was so very supportive to A who was feeling pretty uncomfortable and queasy assigning any task to B at first, who was actually his guru. Being a witness to all this from close quarters..i felt really impressed with the way B handled the situation and his attitude. Wow. It takes really big heart to be so magnanimous and humble!! I learnt a very big lesson. Irrespective of what you become..keep doing whats expected to be done to the best of your abilities. I feel if we enjoy what we do.. the result will automatically take care of itself.

Second one was with my purse :) Purse(it) of happiness It restored my faith in "whatever rightfully belongs to you will reach you...however long it takes" :)

Moonavathu matter silpaansiki bilpaansi...supershanki ku intha Decemberoda 4 years and one month aaguthunga :) (ipovachum nambareengala..naalu vayasu kozhanthainga naanu...avvvvvvvvvvvvv :D ) and this also happens to be the 350th post (whistllllllluuuuuuuu....)

Possibly this would be the last post for this year...so meet u all in adutha varusham...Dear fellass and felleess.....wish u all a very aaaapppppppyyyyyyyy new yearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :) May 2010 be the year you've always been dreaming of and may all your dreams be realised :)

Tk Cr..

Gils ;)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Stars shine down..

The invite was fluttering in the late December breeze..lying aimlessly near the window sill.

It was from his school alumni association.

"No..i am not going"

"Ram..stop being a kid..is this the age to protest against going to school" laughed Uma.."and by the way there wont be any classes for you to attend.."

Ram kept quiet and started switching channels in TV..his usual way of ignoring Uma.


"Raaaaaammmmm RRRRR....how many times should i ask you...whats the formula for vinegar" bellowed Chandra mam.."cha..who allowed these people into science group ...fit only for commerce..inga vanthu en kazhutha arukuthunga"

There was wide spread giggles. Thats nothing new for Ram, as it was a daily affair, for whom chemistry spells che"mystery". But had it not been for his science teacher..no one in his class would've even noticed him.

Ram - the perennial underachiever in a class of super bots. His parents, with the wish of giving him the best education possible, enrolled him in a school which was an assembly line for producing top notch performers. The previous 4 years IIT toppers where from that school and that year batch was no less different. Somehow Ram managed to clear the entrance test to secure a seat. Right from day one he felt alienated in that class of 33 IIT-is-my-birth-right students (3 gals and 30 guys).

"Hey Ram..you've Irodov's book with you? i wanted to check one problem in that..but forgot my copy at home" asked Kapil.

"Euro what?"

Kapil stood with his mouth open, as if Ram had uttered the most horrific swear word known to mankind, and perplexed, as if how can one not know Irodov . He walked back to a gang who was busy debating on some Fermoss theorem, shaking his head. Later Ram came to knew that it was "Fermat's" theorem .. someone revered by every Maths student.

It didnt take Ram too much time to realise that he simply didnt belong there and soon faded out from the memory of this batchmates when his science teacher got bored with pouring her ire on him. Infact it was rumoured that she had recommended him to be sent away for the sake of maintaining the school's clean state reputation of all IIT grads.

One day during lunch time, Ram was happily reading a Archie's comic, he didnt even realise someone was standing next to him. He turned back to see Gautam standing behind him with a sheepish grin on his face.

Ram was too stunned to speak. Gautam was THE blue eyed boy of THE class. He had been hailed as a genius by no less than Chandra mam and was touted to be the next IIT number one ranker.

"Sorry if i have disturbed you.."

"izaaoookaayee" slurred Ram, surprised that the Einstein of his class was actually talking to him.


"Its ok..fine i said..you want to read this you can have it..i have read it already"

"huh..u read the same thing again?"

"just like chemistry for you..its comics for me"

"hahaha..the guys are right..you ARE weird..wish i could read this now..but got lot of assignments pending..by the way..arent you also supposed to submit it today? you're done with them already is it?"

"duh..as if chandra mam would care..anyway..i couldnt understand a single damn thing in that list which she gave yesterday"

"hmm..actually i am talking about the one she told in the first hour today which we are to submit before the post lunch period...good luck by the way" grinned Gautam and went to his seat.

All hell broke out that day..and unable to cope up with the insult barrage, Ram begged his parents to take him away from that school and joined elsewhere. He completed his final year of schooling in peace and to everyone's surprise took up graduation in Science. But no one was surprised to see the result of his erstwhile batchmates. Gautam became the IIT topper that year and out of the 33 (minus one) students..25 of them made into IIT.. rest of the 8 decided to try again the next year. As was the norm of those days..the IITians next claimed their rightful place for M.S at the American Universities which welcomed them with red carpet.

He felt a hand on his shoulder and realised that he had dozed off watching TV.

"What..again you went into your dream world is it..didnt even switch off the tv!!" Uma asked with a false mocking tone.

Ram kept quiet and went to the kitchen to drink water.

"Why are you so serious?..anything wrong??"

"No...nothing..you go to sleep..let me stand in the balcony for sometime...need some fresh air"

Few days back in one of the social networking sites, he had came across the profile of Kapil. The profile wore the proud colors of Cambridge. There he saw the list of all his batchmates..each one making his mark on some ivy league institute and happily settled in US, their dream destination. He was sweetly surprised to see a friend invite from Gautam, who was now a researcher cum faculty at Stanford University. On this backdrop, came the invite from the alumni association. Ram was quite surprised that they still had his name on their rolls.

Next day morning..

"Yes dear..tell me"
"My teacher wants to talk to you"
"Did you do any mischief in class"
"No..no..she said she wanted to talk to you regarding our school Annual day"
"Yeah Ram..she told me too when i went to the PTA last week..i forgot to tell you" said Uma.
"Why? they want any donation? arent they robbing us enough in the name of fees?"
"Dont be a prude..you remember how much struggle i had to go through to get Shyam into this school"
"ok..ok...i will meet her today before i go to office."

At the school...

"Hi Can i talk to the class teacher of 1 B"
"Yes..you are....i am Geeta..may i know whose parent are you?"
"I am Shyam's dad..he said you wanted to meet me regarding annual day function..if you can tell me how much donation you want i can give you a cheque for that"

Geeta looked puzzled.."we dont want donation Sir..i spoke to your wife last week. Didnt she tell the reason why i wanted to talk to you?"
"No...whats it regarding? Shyam's studies is it? he is behaving properly right?"
Geeta could notice a touch of apprehension in his voice.
"No..No..relax..actually we wanted to know if you could be our chief guest in this years annual day. When we asked your wife she said it would be better if we talk directly with you. So we called for you."

Ram was stunned for a moment. He was not sure how to react. For a popular public speaker he was lost for words at that moment. He accepted the honour and mumbled his thanks confirming his participation. His mind was too agitated and was in a happy state of turmoil. on the way back he subconsciously drove past his old school...leaving its shadows behind.

Merry Christmas folks :)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Review time again :)

The movie watchers world was split into two last weekend - Those who saw AVATAR and those who couldnt get tickets. Luckily i was in the first group :) YES! Seen tht movie...wwohoooo...that too in 3D...woohoo woohooo. OK. Hype subsided. Now to what the heck was that movie all about.

First thing first. This is one movie where the producer cannot complain where in the world did they spent 2000 crores of his money. Well its not exactly "in the world" its literally out of the world!! As i came out of the theater i wasnt exactly sure whether i liked the movie or not. What was the fuss all about this being the mother of all movie going experience? The story was hardly new. Its the Lawrence of Arabia meet Red Indians (Blue ones rather as per the movie). Little by little it started trickling in. Hey..wait a minute..the entire movie is shot in some alien planet right!! Oh yeah...Then the realisation came. None of them is real!!!! 90% of the movie is graphics and is so goddamn original that you wouldnt even realise.

If there is ever an oscar for best imagination..James Cameroon will win hands down as the worlds best "imaginator"!! But i doubt whether he can be accredited with that title for this movie. Except for the floating mountains, none of them seem new. Flying dragons, the most violent of which can be tamed only by hero (sounds like hippogriff from Harry potter?)..thinking trees (ala Lord of the rings)..Mosquito like helicopters (ala terminator 4)..that jockey stick controlled giant roboman (ala matrix)...even those weird looking animals and trees and those jellyfish like characters..you would've seen them all in Discovery Ocean life series...you can keep listing things down. For that matter this is not the first ever 3D movie also. So whats so special about this 2k Crore movie, which has an age old story, retold to suit the taste of the current generation?

Well..the answers lies exactly there. Its definitely not a brainy movie. But the screenplay is what makes it so endearing. James cameroon must surely be a romantic at heart. Even though he spent money like/on water in TITANIC..more than the ship its the love story which stormed our hearts. Here also its no less. The success of the movie lies in the climax..when the villain commander dies criticising the hero for siding with the aliens, against his own race, humans. The audience, actually clapped!!! There lies the success of Cameroon, the story teller. I couldn't remember the last movie, where humans where shown as villains against aliens and still the movie got appreciated... barring "E.T" maybe.

Unfortunately we got only front row seats..tht too for a 3D movie!! first ten minutes i was trying to catch/hit every single thing which moved on screen..only to be reminded by my roomies that the entire theater can see me as we were in first row :D Who Cares :) i had my tickets worth of fun :) This movie is a visual delight. It has so many things to see in the first few frames itself that, watching everything in one sitting is tough. You have to see it more than a few times to actually enjoy every inch of it. And i am sure it wouldn't disappoint you. But i doubt the DVD sales for this movie..unless they come out with something unique for that also.

To come out of the effect of watching AVATAR..saw VETTAIKARAN on the same evening. It negated the effect of a good movie watch and brought us back to real world. Only USP of a Vijay movie are his watever-i-eat-i-wont-put-weight-physique and dance movements. Both takes a hit in this movie. Puli urumuthu song picturisation was a major disappoitnment. Mathabadi..kathaiya?? apdina...baass..vijay padamnu firstay solitenla..kathaiya kekarenga. Konjam Sivaji..konjam bagavathy..avlo thaan padam. After seeing "Arundhathi" i had some hopes over Anushka. Intha padathula..uhum..terara mathiri terila. Anyways..seekrama Suntvla poduvanga. Apo marakkama TV off panitu ess aidunga.


Friday, December 18, 2009

The Great gamblers

Algorithm of an arranged marriage:

1) Check the foto if like it goto step 2
2) Check the horoscope if it matches goto step 3
3) Visit the gals/guys house for free snack session and have an officially sponsored violation of privacy with the sort of questions that would've made you beet red in anger had the situation been anything otherwise.
4) If step 3 finishes satisfactorily..get the 2 bakras married!!!

There are many people around who dont believe in placing bets or who consider gambling as an evil. But still they have no qualms in going in for an arranged marriage. It still beats me..how can one judge a person with just a few minute talk and above all get CONVINCED that he/she is going to be his life partner??!!! Even to select a team mate we have 4 rounds of interview!!!

Before you guys jump on me..let me hide behind the disclaimer. I've absolutely no issues with this concept which has worked well for my parents..their parents..relatives...and majority of people i knew and i am more than happy to have this off my plate rather than taking this into my hands!! Think unless one takes the plunge cant tell whether he can swim or drown ;) Still from the shore it looks so weird and scary and at times.. nothing more than a gamble. The other option of a person selecting their own partner themselves (aka love marriages) doesn't sound so fool proof either. The only difference between the two being, you got someone else to blame in case of former and only yourself in latter!!

What do you guys think? wud like to hear it from the (married) horse's mouth :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Review time

After seeing "Fight Club"..my first reaction was ..."huh, What a movie??!@#$%". A little later i was wondering whats that movie was actually about. One meek guy..tired of his boring life, which is so boring that he cant even sleep, meets an interesting character who shows him a new world of thrills and action. And lo behold..arises a new mighty meek. That same fateful night of the meeting, the meek's house blows up. He is left stranded on the streets. He calls up his new friend and meets him on a bar. After a couple of drinks, the new friend invites him to his house but on a condition that they should have a fight before that. A bloody fisty and feisty fight ensues after which the meek settles with the new guy in his house. Many onlookers who witness the fight get enthralled with the idea of the fight and soon an underground club of fighters is formed - The Fight club. Rule no. 1 of fight club, You shouldn't discuss about it to anyone. Rule no.2 of fight club, You shouldn't discuss about it to ANYONE!!! there are some more rules which i forgot. And so begins a violent game of fist fights which leaves everyone bloodied. The people who participate are everyone from normal walks of life...chefs..drivers..doctors...salesmen..even cops...your average Joe in other words. The new character whom our meek met, starts "Operation Mayhem" which is to vandalise all and sundry in the neighbourhood. And it also spreads to other cities too. In the midst of all this, the meek (Edward Norton from now on)meets another weirdo lady, who happens to be the female lead in the movie, constantly on cigarettes (i think by the time the movie shooting wud've got over, she wud've lost a lung!!) The new character (Brad pitt) and this weirdo lady sleep together. One fine day Edward realises that something is seriously wrong with the club, when one of its members is shot dead. He traces back the origins and tries to find Brad Pitt, who is suddenly missing. He finds lot of air tickets in Brad's name and tries to trace him. But wherever he goes, he finds that Brad had already been there and had left just before him. And not just that another big surprise awaits him, which turns his world upside down. The realisation about who is Brad dawns on him and he desperately tries to stop "Project Mayhem". In the end, did he manage to stop it? and who,actually, is Brad pitt? what is his true identity, forms the crux of the film. Yes. The climax defines the movie!! This is one movie which will really test your nerves i should say. But the ending..!!!! WOW!!! When I realise whats the movie all about..my final reaction was ..."huh, WHAT A MOVIE!!!@#$%"
I am sure, everyone of us have at some point of time..felt an urge to be like Edward. This movie is a simulation of a "what happens if" scenario. Wonderful screenplay. Very neat..Very violent i should say. Still all those violence somehow feels justified. No wonder its a cult movie!!

2012 - i think, the release of the movie, couldnt have been better timed with this climate meet going on in Copenhagen. Read somewhere that this movie is the biggest ever grossing hollywood movie in India. Guess we generally have a fetish for disaster movies in India. This one is the mother of all disaster movies. Planter earth has been shown as destroyed in many movies..but never in this detail. This movie leaves little to imagination and almost paints a realistic picture of disintegration of earth. Its seriously scary to see those flood scenes. The lava portions look amateurish and those scenes almost resemble a video game with the hero and his family dodging fire balls. But its the floods which takes the cake. Right from my childhood days me very scared of the sea!! Considering that my family has stayed just a km from the beach for close to 50 years many would find it hard to believe. I almost grew out of this kiddish fear when tsunami occured!! It was seriously traumatic. Watching this movie reminded me of that. Especially the scenes where sea water towers over mountains, sinking them on the way!! WOW...glad that i didnt see those scenes on theater. Kandippa terror aairupen. Storywise its a stupid movie with wafer thin storyline. But it brings to light the harsh realities in case of such a doomsday scenario..with rich people buying their way into the ships meant for escape. There is one amazing dialog.."Humanity is lost not with the death with of the last human but the day when we stop helping each other".. Loved it. For those who are totally oblivious towards environment..this movie should really serve as an eyeopener. Not with its story but definitely with its content and the presentation.

Friday, December 11, 2009

From Confedration towards Confused Nation


"avvvvvvvvvvvvv.....enaku antha bommai venum..."
"chellam...adam pudikathada..saapdu"
"saapda maaten po..enaku antha bomma vaangithanthaa thaan sapduven"
"chamthula..saapduma...amma paavamla.."
"avvvvvvvvvvvvv.....maaaten maaten"
"ipo sapdla..udha vizhum"

The kid ultimately prevails and the doll is bought.


"Fast unto death"..."wont even drink a drop of water...till telengaana is achieved"..."blood will flow.." blah blah blah...

And this time the government yields to the demand.

Thottil pazhakkam sudukaadu mattumnu summava solranga. Ithuku thaan chinna vayasulaye nalla naalu kaatu kaati iruntha intha mathiri caselaam adangirukum.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jillunu oru kaathal kathai :) -3

Mu.Ka.Su (MuKathha SUlikarathoda short form ila ithu....Mun Kathai Surukkam....kathaiya padichitu vara reactionlaam titleye expect pannapdaathu okva..:D )

Story so far...First partla Ram and Uma are leading a happy married life..Ramoda love letter paathu Uma kindal panra. That triggers the flashback where Ram narrates how he fell in love with Uma. Second partla Ramuku ponnu paaka poranga avanga family. Ponnu sidelenthu further news varama proceedings abrupta stop aguthu. Aduthu ennaachu?? here we go..

Ram, Siddharth, Arun and Amal are all sitting in Pizza hut. It was Arun's treat.

"Exxxcuse me.." calls Amal at the waiter.

"Can you get me another bottle of sauce..this one is over"

"dei..sauce kekanumna saatharanama keta poratha..kaila kathiyoda kekara..pizza vetta kathi kudutha irukaravangalalam vetiruvaan polarukay..keezha vaida" endru athatinaan Arun

"machi..kathi kaati kaasu keta thaan thappu..sauce keta koodava"

Peals of laughter followed.

"Onnu note paneengalada..namma tablela evlo livelya sirichitu satham poatutu irukom..micha perlaam paren..evlo silenta soagama irukaangannu"

"dei..avangalam..sontha kaasula saapdrangada..inga billu katra Arun munjiya paarunga..athey pola than iruku"

"maganay intha mokkaikagavay un billa neeye kattu.."

After the customary "bye" "take care"s when they began to leave..Siddarth called out for Ram.

"Unkita konjam pesanum.."

"Solu machi"

Sid waited till everyone else had left...

"Saw your mail yesterday about that Uma. Again??? Are you nuts Ram??..ithenna cinema nenachitrukia? paakamaly love athu ithunu olaritrukka..what rubbish"

"Hey..relax Sid. Yen ivlo tension.."

"Pinna..nee panra kaariyamelaam madathanama iruku. Uma nu oruthi chatroomla ivar pudichaaram..apdiye friend aagi..ipo love pannavum aarambichitaaram.. By the way, athu oru real charactera ila is anyone pulling your leg by creating a dummy profile, antha debateay inum clear aagala. Arent you aware of how many fakes are floating around in Net? This could very well be a fraudster for all you know"

"Quite possible. But that person has to be a damn good actor for maintaining such an act for.. close to an year now. Its not that i dint had my doubts. Infact ava kooda fonela first time pesinapo kooda doubt clear aagala. But athey fone chats became lengthier and at one point fonela charge theeruthaynu chargerla poatu arattai adikara alavuku vanthapo thaan i got convinced that it has to be a real person. And the kind of personal details shared was too real to be a fake da...ipo oru novel padikara vaiyen..athula vara lead character unaku pudikarathillaya..athu polathaanda ithuvum"

"dei fool....ithu un lifeda..not just any story...Avlo pesara aalu ava en foto share panala"

"well..naan kooda thaan anupala en fotova"

"Aarrgh...i still cant believe someone can fall for a person whom he hasnt even seen and not even sure whether that person is real or fake. Seri..ivlo pesara aalu..ponnu paaka en pona..veetla solla vendi thaana..intha mathiri enaku oru virtual lover iruka..avala naan internetlaye.. password maathi kalyanam panika porennu"

"Veetla compulsion..so had to go..paatha ponnu was also not bad..but enaku iva Uma va iruka koodathaanu thaan apovum thonithay ozhia..couldnt wipe her thoughts from my mind da..."

"u proposed to this Uma person?"

"inumilada...aana want to meet her before that"

"enamoda..i hope u dont get into any trouble because of this..all the best..."

"Thanks machaan"


"Ennada...foneum kaiyuma romba nerama suthitruntha..interviewva" endraan Amal.

"Amaada..oruthan fone pesina porumay..udanay interview ilaati kadalai..vera optionay iruka kudatha" endru sirithavaaray koorinaan Ram.

"Sirichitay pesaratha paatha positive news pola teriuthu.."

"dei cashewnut..konjam mooditu iru..oata vaaya vachitu ularitrukaatha..yes..interview thaan..from TCS...and i think its almost through. Salary negotiationukaga waiting"

"Sooper..treat treat..."

"Parakaavatti..wait pannu...mudhalla offer letter varattum"

"Hey..waitaminute...nee kadisia ponnu paathiye..antha ponnu kuda ithey company thana...AaHaa..now i know why you were so keen on this offer"

"Mannagatti..there are 10 branches for that office each with 3k people atleast and 6 of them are in chennai..what are the odds.."

"Intha Alaipayuthay calculationskkelam naan varala..enamopa..nalla iruntha seri"

The last day at office was a pretty emotional day for Ram. Having spent a good part of his 10 year career at various branches of the same office, he was as familiar to the staff next only to the company logo. There were lot of group foto sessions sprinkled with emotional moments. After surrendering his card, he collected all his belongings and left that office for the final time. Since he had to relocate to chennai for his new job, he vacated his house also on the same day. He loaded all his stuff on Amal's car and headed off to chennai. Being a real chum, Amal came all the way to his house and even helped in unpacking. After he made Ram promise that he would soon look for a suitable position for him in the new office, Amal took leave of him.

First day at new office. Ram briskly walked into the lobby and flashes his best smile at the cute rerceptionist..

"Hi..my name is Ram..i am here to meet Vijay.."

"Please wait for sometime i will let him know" pat came the reply like some pre recorded message and she went on with her work as if the lobby was empty.

"Adakkivasi maams..first day..first impression..dont screw up..relax" Ram said to himself. He took a deep breath and sat relaxed on the chair. The very moment Priya came out of the lift right in front of him..she was looking stunning in her pink salwar that it simply took his breath away. "what are the odds dude..now u tell me.." He could hear Amal's voice mocking him on his mind. "Kann ethirla figure irukarachay kandavana pathi yosikariyeda fool" spat his own mind voice. Before he could even react, Priya left hurriedly outside...without even noticing him. He went near the receptionist to enquire about her. Without even opening her mouth, that lady gave one "can't-u-wait-till-i-call-you" stare which silenced him.

He called Amal.

"Maams..avala pathenda"

"dei..serious escalation oditruku inga..etho pulla mudhal naal opice poitu fone panuthaynu edutha..avala pathen poria pathengara...anga enna ayutha boojaya nadakuthu"

"adai arivuketa Amal..naan sonathu Priyava..naan kadisia paaka ponene antha ponnu. Nee sonna mathiri thaanda aidchi. She is in the same office as mine"

"soooper...nee nadathu...seri..evening call panni sollu enna aachunu.."


Tuesday, December 08, 2009


393 thaanda adichirukom.......leg sidela podathaada....

machaan ivan enga poataalum adikaraanda...

South Africaaaa..saaamaaan nikaaalooooo

Mela eri vaarom ada odhungi nilluu...
keezha eranga sonna ada egirum palluu....

Monday, December 07, 2009

From minds "I"

Each passing year, surpasses the previous year with the speed with which it whizzess past. Feels just few weeks back i went for this
outing and now..in few weeks time its bye bye 2009...SO FAST this year has gone by.

2009 year..hmm..made me realise that, whatever situations i dreamed of in 2008, aren't actually fitting me now. Life is like an expanding waistline :) how much ever you gym, the Battle of the Bulge is always won by TIME. It teaches you that, age is something that is not just in numerals but in the numerous experiences which one encounters day in and day out. Whatever held good 5 years back, sounds so boring now. I think once in a while one should just break around everything and rebuild one's castle. Else it becomes claustrophobic.

Each year, year end post podrachay, will think about something significant which happened tht year. Officela appraisal time also happens during this periodngarathu is sheer happenstance :) In either case, i wouldnt be able to dig out more than a couple of points worth mentioning. Does that mean, a WHOLE YEAR had goneby without anything significant? noteworthy? I ask myself how can it be possible??!! But come to think of it..i cant recollect more than a handful of incidents. Few meals which remains etched in memory..few calls which wud linger forever..fewer words which still remain unspent and weighing heavily in mind..few more words which proved so costly that i am still paying for it..The "NO"s where it should've been "YES" and viceversa..Personally i think, though it would be nice to LIVE every moment of life, it seems to be very few moments where i had actually "LIVE"d. Rest of the time, merely converting oxygen to carbon dioxide.

Am i livid with myself for leading such a life?? Not really. I still havent found any alternate way which can better my present lifestyle. Yeah. There were few events which literally uprooted me and almost shook the very existence out of me. Still..like a cockroach which can withstand even nuclear holocaust, life goes on... adapting to every situation so that the status quo is maintained. When you pause for a moment and wonder what the heck is that "status quo" you realise you are actually walking on a tight rope several 100 feet high and its akin to looking down. So I continue towards my unknown destination..looking out for some familiar signs of success on the way..hopefully left behind by others..wondering to myself that one day my own sign should be there on the way for others to look out for.

I think if there is one place where people can strike gold and come out with success each time, it should definitely be blog spot. There are so many "golden heart"ed (new word for OED :D ) and conscientious people here that, one might not be mistaken to think, he is in an abode of angels :) (over ice la :) u guys deserve it fully though) I think writing brings out the venom and nectar present in us..leaving us devoid of all gangrene. We became what we are originally meant to be and how much ever difficulties the real world poses, the virtual world offers us the remedy towards rectifying it. I hope and wish and pray and i am sure that 2010 will bring in more such people into my life :) and i say thanks in advance for all that.

So..all set for another rollicking year..which i think is going to be quite a ride for me as i hope to cut through many a safety net around and try to clear the comfy cobwebs of my life. And hopefully by end of 2010 i should have many more memorable moments to share :) God bless.


Evlo abstractana post!! avvvvvvvvvvvvv...konjam rants..konjam pheelings..konjam polambals..konjam thinkings..mothathula..padichi paatha enakay onum purila..ungaluku ethachum purinja sollunga :)


ajcl/athivasi :) this is my way of getting back at you 2 for putting all those i-cudnt-understand kavithai and kathai- posts :D