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Just a thought...

As much as its weird to foresee the next ten years for this industry, its hard to imagine the past decade without IT industry. I remember one discussion within our group when my friend used to say that his ideal job would be to get a paycheck of Rs 10,000 per month, sit in an AC room and sign documents. He ticked the first two checks in the grandest manner possible. He earns almost 75% of his initial monthly target on a daily basis, surely has a spacious AC room to sit and he does a bit more than signing documents being the account manager of one of the biggest accounts in his company. Being a mechanical engineer by education, wonder where he would've been and how close to his dream estimates had it not been for IT.

The more I think about this industry, the more it baffles me. Appo en apdilaam thinkara..unna evanda thinka sonnanu kraas kostinlaam pannapdaathu.

Was having a discussion today over lunch with my friend from another account. I asked him the purpose of his project. This…

The right season

If at all I've learnt anything being in this potti thatting industry, one thing is sure that you need to have immmmmmeeennnnsssseeee patience. Not that you can make haste in others, but here its not just the patience that counts. It has to be at the right time and at the right amount.

There are always periods of intense activity which will wreck many a decent nerve. Even those can be managed. But then will come a period of lull, a relatively calmer period which would test your patience. A period of uncertainty about the next project, a period which will make you realize why you should've socialized more when you were breaking your head to meet deadlines, a period when you would need so much information about the company health status and where the next work will come in and yet all you will be fed with would be gossips and rumors, a period when people will ask you to enjoy and relax after having slogged your asses off for the previous project and yet would secretly want you t…

Punch and counter punch

Born on a "twins" sign, there is always this inherent tendency to think and counter think, for any a Gemini. Probably, yes or no questions would be THE most toughest quandary for them. Whenever they form a belief, the other twin raises questions to the contrary and poor Gemini's are always stuck in the purgatory of beliefs.

All this bittu putting is for the jimple fact that me the Gemini.

If at all news media has a sun sign, going by the characteristics described above, it would undoubtedly and rightly be Gemini. There should always be views and counterviews to balance the flow of arguments and guide the readers towards the truth. When news was restricted only to few newspapers and Doordarshan, there was a straitjacket view of what the viewers should see or believe. With 24 hour news channels, that first barrier was cracked open. When media moguls learnt the power of manipulating news, channels prospered in premium ad rates and politicians relished the prospect of reach…

Circa education

How many planets are there in the solar system?

Who invented aeroplane?

Who invented electric bulb?

Who is known as the father of electricity?

Who invented telephone?

Who is known as the father of internet?

Ennada ivan thideernu competition success review rangeku kelvi kekaraannu paakreengala. Avlo ariva valarakra bloga itha maathara mathiri entha ideavum illa. Still, coming back to those questions. These would be the basic GK questions, ever since time immemorial and probably all kinds of school syllabus will have some or other chapter dedicated to each of them. The problem now is, what would be the correct answer for these questions?!!!

Should it be a 9 planet solar system or 8, considering that pluto has been knocked off!! (yaara kettu panraanga ithelaam?? ennoda jaathagathula pluto dosham irunthuthu..Ippo athukku naan parigaaram pannanuma venama??!)

Wright brothers nu answer sonna americalaye adika varanga. Ohio, North Carolina poga Connecticutum sandaikku varuthu. Mudiva entha o…

A review that isnt!!

Paakatha padatha review panna mudiyuma?
That's what anyway all those religious outfits do, in the name of banning movies just by guessing their content.
I am not calling for a ban, not yet anyway :)
Rephrasing the first kostin..can you review a movie without watching it fully? OK Kanmani feels like a movie capable of it. I wouldn't comment on the movie per se for, as I said, I am yet to see it. But I am ill at ease with its theme - live in relationsships.

Erkanavay intha aaloda Alaipaayuthey paathutu, evlo pasanga veetukku theriyama register marriage pannikitaanga!! Many of my college mates contemplated it, several did, one ended in a disaster which claimed his life and other is still going strong. Padatha paathu mada thanama decide panra makkalukaga we can't change our movies. But sitting in the closed auditorium with your friends group, with romantic nerve tingling music blaring from speakers all over and cutey cute looking heroines along side their handsome hunk heroes…

Greetings - the Gilsbert way

" miss recruit to our team" introduced our senior damager.
Gilsbert was standing a good yard away and bowed his welcome with a nod of his head.
She took a few steps forward and held her hand to say hello. We shook hands and that's the end of the story. At least that's what he thought.

The moment that girl turned away the senior damager looked at him and said "namma aal pakka graamathaanu prove pannitaanda"
He was not sure whom or about what he was referring to and wore the same look that we all make use of in our team meetings - borderline blank.
"Enda..antha ponnu avlo thairiyama kai neeti shake hand pannuthu..nee ennamo pattikaatan mathiri thalli poi nikkara"
"ellaam oru bayam kalantha mariyaathai thaaan"
"shake hand panna mariyaathai illainu yaar sonna"
"appo bayam mattum fix pannikalam"
"enda dei..nee aaru adi irukka..athu arai adikku irukku..yaar yaara paathu bayapadanum..accept that…

A day in the life of a husband

"Work life balance is a must you know. Eppo paaru officea kattindu azharathu enakku suthama pudikala..veetuku paathoma..relax aanomaanu irukanum. Office timela office..veetukaana timela veedu..ashtey lifeu" Ram was proclaiming his declaration to his team.

"I don't want to see any of you anywhere even on the pin code of office this weekend..go and enjoy"

When he started for home, then only he realized he didn't book office cab for that day. Since he started early, he decided to take the bus. As usual MTC tested his patience and by the time he boarded the bus along with a million other people, he was half dead from hunger.

He came home late from aapeece, dead tired from travel. Ithula enna matterna, velai naala tired aanatha vida, travel naala tired aanathu thaan unmai. Looking at the number of sandals and shoes outside the house, he got a fair bit of idea on the crowd inside. He counted at least 6 different voices, having several combinations of …

When imitations fail to flatter

Recently got to read a book named "House of Silk" shared by my birend mister mages of teerthadanam fame. Its the latest installment of yet another author trying to add to the Sherlock Holmes novels. Read from Wiki about the author and was surprised to find that the novel was commissioned by Conan Doyle's estate themselves!!

Titlea padichitu ivan ennamo peria lord labakku mathiriyum matha writersa kora solla vantaanu nenachukaatheenga. Me crazy about Sherlock Holmes novels. This blog id was originally called Sherlokshanki :D I've read almost all the volumes written by Conan Doyle and have re-read each of them numerous times to the point of recital, once upon a time. With huge expectations I read this novel, probably that set the tone for the review.

If ever there is a checklist for writing a Sherlock Holmes novel, the author ticks every single one of them. Right from the Watson-Sherlock meet, to the way he guesses..err..deducts people's life story, to the manda…