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Dostana - Concluded

Wednesday, February 13, 2008
10:57 pm

Checking her appearance one last time in the mirror, Preeti walked back to the table she had reserved for the evening and steeled herself for the most important hour of her life. She looked stunning in her new backless LBD. In a few minutes, they would all be here. It was time for her to carefully weigh the merits of each case and decide on her future. Sheetal,Ramya, Kiran, Nikil,Joe and few more friends had settled themselves in the adjoining table and just ordered starters. The last conversation with her best friend Divya and those final words of advice rang loud and clear.

“So you told him yesterday that you would give your answer tonight?”

“Yes, I hinted at that.”

“Are you really sure today is the day?”

“Yes, Divya ! I have waited too many years looking for Mr. Perfect that I have given up. Surely he is not going to fall down from heaven on my lap. I got to decide with what I’ve got – Besides there is no point in postponing this.”

“But Preeti, you barely know this guy. How could you even be thinking about him seriously? C’mon, you met him during one of your training sessions and then work in the same team for sometime. Granted he is intelligent, going places with his career but don’t you think he suffers from a big “I-am-the-biggest-gift-to-womankind” attitude?”

“We vibe well, Divya. I think his attitude rocks. If he’s got it, I see no reason why he shouldn’t flaunt it. Also he gives me the space to do what I want, ya sometimes there seems to be too much of a distance that I need to get his attention ,but that’s ok”

“So does that mean Mr. “Funny n Romantic” is out?”

“Hmmm.. I have actually called him too. Yes, we did have some wonderful times together. Those coffee dates, those movie outings, those delightful mail exchanges – I don’t deny that he is special but then we have drifted apart these last 6 months. I always got the feeling he wasn’t serious about this whole thing – he kidded around too much for my liking.”

“Oh my god! You are just imagining things. Why don’t you just ask him?”

“Maybe today I shall”

“Is that all or has anyone else also invited to this Swayamvar ?”

“Don’t kid me Divya. Of course, you-know-who is also coming. I just mailed him today morning and he said he would join me.”

“What??? Don’t tell me. Has the puppy still not stopped following the lady? Its been a year, Preeti. What more proof do you want? Can't you see he is madly in love with you."


“So how are you going to choose between them?”

“God knows. Shucks, gotta rush coz I don’t want to be late. Maybe I will just choose on a first-come-first-served basis considering you know how finicky I am about being on time.”

“You are so impossible Pri.. Whatever happens, darling, just remember to go with the flow. Follow your heart.”

Friday, February 13, 2009
11:54 pm

…Everything I do……I do it for …. Youuuuuu.” The lilting music came to a slow stop and the audience instantaneously broke into raptures. The handsome crooner took turns bowing to various sections of the audience, lapping up the well-deserved applause. Sitting at the far end, Preeti watched as all the people jostled towards the centre of the dance floor where the huge 10 feet cake had been laid. It was almost midnight and Preeti glanced at her watch yet again. There were a lot of things that bugged her in life but men coming late for a date was one thing she had never been able to tolerate. "How could people mess up on what is probably the most important occasion of their lives?" she pondered aloud for the umpteenth time, staring at the three empty chairs in front of her.

And just as she was resigning herself to making a quiet exit, she saw them coming. Surprise. "They have all made it finally - but hey, am I seeing it right ? Are they actually coming in together ?” Viewing them suspiciously as only a woman can do, Preeti's instincts told her that something crazy was about to happen.

Friday, February 13, 2009
11:58 pm

Girish was first. Nervous that he clearly was, fiddling with his hands in his pockets, he ventured “Hi Preeti. Sorry I am late.” And just as he was done with the sentence, Harsh, who had a big bouquet of Preeti’s favourite orchids, rushed in. Seeing Girish around, he quizzically turned towards Preeti seeking an explanation and had barely started a question when Vijay trooped in. Seeing the other two, he was totally puzzled.

And then it happened.

The green-eyed, handsome crooner who had been wading through the crowd of admirers joined the group and introduced himself. “Hi, I am Aditya…

Ten... Nine... Eight....

Turning his eyes to Preeti, he said “ I’ve been observing you all evening. You’ve been waiting for someone for the last few hours. Some people spend their entire life times waiting to find their soul mates. I have found mine today. When I saw you from that corner , I realized you were my future. I realized my existence would be meaningless without you. Will you marry me ?”


Saturday, February 14, 2009
00:01 am

“Yes…… I will.”

P.S: intha ponnungalay ipdi thaan...kutunga esamaan kuthunga :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Dostana - part 2

Friday, February 13, 2009
10:22 pm

Harsh sprinted down the stairs, taking them two at a time. Reaching the bottom of the last flight, he turned and ran towards the door. Harsh, the smart suave CA who changed careers from Audit to Sales, found that Sales was his calling and rocked in the company. Smart and hard working, already moved into middle management at 30.Govind, the night-watchman wished him Good Night. Half-acknowledging the greeting, Harsh eyes searched in vain for an auto. One look at the deserted streets and it dawned on him that today was the auto union’s strike. Damn. What a day to give your car for servicing, he thought..Dammm..Silently cursing his bad luck, Harsh tried calling up his friend Shiv to summon help. Damn. The mobile was not reachable. Murphy’s Law had always worked against him and today seemed to be no exception. “I’ve got to hitch a ride. Preeti said 11 and I am already running late. Maybe I should buy her some flowers”

Walking purposefully towards the florist at the nearest chowk, Harsh saw a nice, sleek Black Santro a few metres ahead at the intersection. It appeared as if the driver seemed to be stuck in an argument with a traffic cop. Sensing his opportunity, Harsh moved in and said “Any problem?”

“Hey mate, I have no clue why this guy pulled me over but now he refuses to let me go and I can’t seem to figure out what he is saying.”

“Let me handle this” Harsh was a localite and spoke to the cop in Kannada and settled in just 2 minutes.

Harsh settled the issue by bribing the cop to ignore the “minor offence” of speeding,

“Thanks a tonne, mate. I am terribly late but I really owe you one so maybe you want me to drop you off somewhere?”

“That would be wonderful. Any chances are you heading towards Kormangala- Forum?”

“Touchwood – pile on”

“Wow. Thanks. So who’s the lucky chic?”

“Am just meeting a friend of mine – what about you, Mr. Flowers-In-Hand Romeo?”

Harsh grinned but did not reply back. It had been three months since he had first met Preeti in a training session and as usual, he had started off flirting shamelessly with her. Working together in the same department, Harsh had realized that he shared so much in common with Preeti as far as career goals and ambitions were concerned. Even so was their personal likes and dislikes. They both loved dancing, partying, but same time respecting and giving each other’s space to pursue career goals or other hobbies. Preeti still falls for his wonderful cooking, especially the chicken kebabs. They found tons of things likeable in each other So it didn’t surprise him too much when he actually found himself increasingly thinking seriously about the relationship. He had casually brought up this topic with her on a few occasions but had seen no green lights. Maybe something nice would happen today – his instinct told him there was a happy ending in store.

Friday, February 13, 2009
10:46 pm

"F&^%, crazy son of a gun..f#$%^& !!!!" shouted Harsh from the side.


"Hey, what’s the matter with you, mister? Your girlfriend dumped you or something and you decided to end your life in front of my car. Would have happily run you down except that I’m just not in the mood for it - You better explain" said Vijay as he rolled down the glass and shook a fist at the visibly shaken guy standing in front of his car.

"S-s-sorry folks. I was just lost in my memories. I should not have strayed onto the road. I am sorry. I am kinda late for a date and I could not find an auto" mumbled the lanky jeans clad guy "Btw, the name's Girish" and proffered his hand.

"No time for all this. We're bloody late. I am heading to Kormangala- so if you want a ride, jump in" said Vijay.

"That would be really useful" said Girish, climbing into the rear and settling down after moving aside a big bouquet of flowers.

Watching him closely in the mirrors, Harsh asked "So. Where exactly are you headed?”

Fingering an exquisitely etched wooden casket, Girish exclaimed "Valentine Day party at Firangi Paani- There was so much work at office that I could not pick up my date for the evening - had to call her and fix up to meet straight at Firangi Paani. I just hope she is a good mood. Especially since I plan to ask her to marry me tonight."

Shifting gears and maneuvering the car ahead of a slow moving bus, Vijay remarked "Good luck mate". Harsh turned back and smiled. Returning the smile, Girish leant on the soft cushion, closed his eyes and tried to recall the strange phone conversation he had had with Preeti yesterday evening.

"Hi Girish. Guess who this is"

"Hmmm.. sounds familiar but please, I am no good at these guessing games. Can you please spare me this suspense?"

"Hey, its me - Preeti. Long time nuh..How are you doing ?"

""What a pleasant surprise. Hi Preeti. I am doing fine. Where were you these last six months ? I had called you up at office and even left behind numerous messages. You never called me back after that Barista date where I serenaded in front of everyone. Was I so awful that day ? We were supposed to see Dhoom:2, together, remember. What happened ?”

"Sorry yaar. But I shifted jobs and had to leave for the US on a short term assignment for my new company. You know how these things happen right ? I just came back on Wednesday and you are the first friend I am calling here."

"Great to hear that. So..Hmmmm...Whatcha doing tomorrow nite ?"

"Nothin' really...You've got any plans ?"

"Why don’t we hook up for that party at Firangi Paani? And I am leaving for Mumbai.
This is my last weekend in Bangalore.”

“Oh Really??/how come??

“Ya.I got promoted as a manager  “


“So pucca na- Firaangi Paani?”

"Deal. But hey, I have to meet an old friend of mine so I will join you there directly. Shall we meet there at, say, eleven p.m."

"That sounds real cool. Ciao. Will catch ya then"

(To be concluded in next part :D )

Friday, July 24, 2009

Dostana - part 1

P.S: This is a story by a friend of mine with hosting rights given to me :D I've split it into 3 parts as it was quite we go :) njoy the story and feedback your comments :)

Friday, February 13, 2009, Friday
08:00 pm

"Chadthi Jawani..." blared the stereo. The gongs struck 8 in Vijay’s sub-conscious mind. He had never needed an alarm to wake up for dinner - Anand always took care of that. No sooner would Anand enter home after work, than he would switch on the damn radio. Snuggling deeper into the sheets, Vijay tried to ignore the music which had now risen to intolerable volumes.

“Don’t you want to shave, take a shower, and grab a bite and leave? You don’t have much time, dude and Preeti despises late-comers, remember” piped Anand from the shower.

Getting up from his bed, Vijay grabbed the towel and ambled on towards the other bathroom. Looking into the mirror, he reflected silently on the events of the afternoon. He had returned from work for a lil early today due to a bad headache and was checking mail for the last time before his siesta, was surprised to see a mail from Preeti. She recently got promoted as a Manager and was leaving to Mumbai for good. With her folks settled in Mumbai and growth in career, she was very much excited to get back there. All it said was

“Dear Pumpkin,
Its my last weekend tomorrow in Bangalore – in case you didn’t realize.
Wanna meet you @ 11 in the Valentines’ Day Special Concert by Aditya Kumar @ Firangi Paani.

Aware that the evening might not transpire into anything remotely romantic, he had very reluctantly agreed to join her. Now, on second thoughts, he wasn’t so sure it had been a great idea. For one, he knew he still didn’t have it in him to bare his heart to her and more importantly he has this strange fear that something awful was going to happen that day.

“Hey Anand, I don’t think I should go.”

“You moron, this could be your last chance to tell her. You have been Preeti’s friend, philosopher and guide for 4 years. Need I remind that it was precisely this date that you broke off with Divya 7 years back. You’ve waited long buddy. Just go get her.”

Tidily decked in an ironed, dark green shirt (Preeti’s favorite color for a man) and reeking of expensive CK perfume, Vijay pulled his car out of his basement and set off to go.But on the way,he saw the DVD rental shop and stopped by. Got a few CD’s and went back home to watch Bergman’s Wild Strawberries. An hour into the movie, Vijay changed his mind and decided to go to Firangi Paani after all.

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Expiry date :)

I checked one game in facebook. As per that my expiry date is somewhere in April 2013 :D and i would die peacefully in my sleep. Interestingly my friend tried and for him it predicted violent death in 8 years time :D :D How interesting it would be if people actually knew their expiry date!! Either everyone will turn reckless, knowing that anyway they are going to die on the given date or everyone might start reflecting on their deeds and try to lead a happy fulfilling and useful life. Total anarchy and mayhem or total bliss and salvation :)

Extinction has always been a fascinating concept for me. I loved the Jurassic part series..especially the novel.. for the sheer imagination with which Michael Crichton recreated the mysterious world of Dinosaurs. It was so believable that it never felt like fiction. But books on death/afterlife is almost always dull and dreary. Either they go too deep into spirituality or its totally vague. The concept of cheating death is way too interesting and exciting and that would be the ultimate thrill, like in the movie Final destination :) Though it was a crappy movie..the concept was interesting. Anyways..i jut got my new office ID today and guess has an expiry date printed right next to my birth date ;))

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Its Kavuja time folks

P.S: entha blog pakkam ponalum..oray aangila kavujai mazhai...nangalum kavuja poduvomlanu oru kola verioda kelambinathin vilaivay ithu...usiru mela aasai iruntha ithuku mela usaara padinga...ambututhen naan solikarathu

ஒரு திங்களன்று
வெள்ளி முலைத்தது போல்
அச்செவ்வாய் தேன்மொழியாளை
அவளை கண்ட புதன் கிழமை
அன்றிலிருன்து அழகானது
காற்று வீசிய திசைகள் தோரும்
காதல் வசம்
மழை கண்ட மண்ணில்
கிளம்பும் வாசம் போல
அவளை கண்டபின் என்னுள்ளும்..
புது சுவாசம்..
கண் சிமிட்டும் நேரமும்
காணாதிருக்க இயலாமல்
தூக்கத்தை தொலைவில் தள்ளிய
அவள் பெயர் சுமந்ததால்
வெற்றுகாகிதங்களும் வாழ்த்துமடல்கள் ஆயின
கண்களின் மொழி கற்பித்தாள்
மௌனத்தின் சப்தம் உணர்ந்தேன்
கைகோர்த்து நடந்த நொடியில்
கவலைகளை மறந்தேன்
அவள் குரல் கேட்ட நொடிகளில்
செவிகளை வாழ்த்தினேன்
தொலைவில் அவள் வருகையில்
விழிகளுக்கு வணக்கம் வைத்தேன்
விடை பெற்று செல்லும் பொழுதெல்லாம்
பிரிவின் வலி அறிந்தேன்
மீண்டும் அவளை சந்திப்போம் என்ற
நம்பிக்கையில் நொடிகளில் வாழ்ந்தேன்
நிகழ்காலங்கள் வாழ்ந்த காலங்களாய்
இறக்காமல்..எதிர்காலத்தை பற்றிய
சிந்தனைகளை தூண்டிய பொழுதில்
சங்கடமாய் வந்ததொரு சேதி...
தெளிந்த நீரொட்டத்தில்
புயல்காற்று சுழலாய்..
சில நாள் பிரிவென்று
சாதரணமாக தொடங்கியது
அவள் மண நாள் குறித்த மடலாக
முடிந்த பொழுது..
வாழ்க்கையின் எல்லை
என்ற வாக்கியத்தின் பொருள் உணர்ந்தேன்
வேதனைகளே வழிதுணை
இனி வாழ எதுக்கு துணை
என்று விரக்தியில் இருந்த பொழுது
துலிர்த்து எழுந்த சிறு செடி ஒன்றை கண்டேன்
வெற்று விதையே பூமி பிளந்து
புத்துயிராய் மணக்கும் பொழுது
ஆறரிவு கொண்டவன்
தொலைந்த அன்பிற்காக
உயிரை விடுவது
அறிவீலித்தனம் என்ற உண்மை உணர்ந்தேன்...
நிஜங்கள் மறைந்தாலும்..
நிலையில்லா அலைகளாய்..நினைவுகள்...
நேற்று நடந்தது போல்..
நினைவில் இன்றும்...
இனி மறக்காது..

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Interesting thought

Imagine a world where your complete understanding of interacting with people was turned on its head. A world without Twitter, LinkedIn or FaceBook. This world wouldn’t have online “social media” sites as you know them today and would not allow you to interact using short message bursts or text messages. How would you survive? How would you manage? How would you go about identifying company contacts and leads?

Ok. You can open your eyes now, take a deep breath and exhale. This is not some crazy nightmare I’m asking you to relive (although some of your hearts probably skipped a beat). This was our reality back in the old days before we all became fans of:

- LinkedIn: founded in 2002
- Twitter & FaceBook: founded in 2007 or so.

Here’s another news flash for you — people actually knew how to network pre-tweet. They actually spoke to people on the phone and gathered company information including contact names. They used the Yellow Pages and 411 operators on the phone to get company phone numbers. There was even a printed copy of the White Pages that had phone numbers for people (imagine that!).

This is all fine and dandy but what’s the point of the history lesson? You should care about this quick trip down memory lane because in order for you to be successful in your job search, you need to utilize the same basic principles. It is not good enough to have 5000 first level contacts on LinkedIn and a network of 150,000,000 if they don’t know you well enough to refer you for a job lead. It doesn’t matter if you have 25,000 followers on Twitter, if they don’t read your tweets, RT or think you’re interesting enough to pass you on to a friend. FaceBook is basically an empty book if you don’t parlay that into business or job leads. You have to figure a way to make these contacts worth something, turning these “friends” into your personal marketing support team. In order to do this, you have to identify those you think will have the biggest impact on your career. You have to strengthen the relationship beyond the connection, friend and follower online - initiate a real conversation, pick up the phone. Help them know you better, get to know them and discover how you can mutually help each other further your careers.

What was that? You’re not sure how to find a phone number? Go back to 2002 and pick up a phone book if you have to. Remember this is not a popularity contest (for the record I did win best dressed in junior high and high school and have the picture wearing a Members Only shirt and pleather pants to prove it) and you can’t be concerned with interrupting or taking up someones time. You are responsible for your career and you need to pull out all the stops to find that job. If you have 5000 followers and nobody wants to help you find a job, give them a reason to change their minds.

Source: http://www.careerun wordpress/ index.php? p=484