Friday, October 08, 2010

Ipidyum irukumo?

It was that time of the year..when all of a sudden Lord Hanuman woke up to find Lord Muruga and his consort Valli next to him.

He was perplexed and asked " come you are here?"

"I was waiting for you to wake to up to ask the same question..look there"

What he saw was even more shocking. Lord Vishnu in his Varaha Avatar form was seen talking with one rolly polly person with a bald head. Seeing the shocked look on Hanuman's face, Lord Vishnu smiled at him and said "Why blood..Same blood here too. By the Mr.Laughing Buddha"

Hearing some commotion near by everyone turned to note something even stranger. Lord Ganesha was seen in a heated argument with another rolly polly guy.

When enquired, that rolly polly guy said, "Aiya..I am a Chettiyaar. I had kept a food stall and had asked my wife to take care of it while i was sleeping. I dont know where she went and when i wake up i saw Lord Ganesha eating all the stuff from my stall. He is not paying for what he ate. Please provide a theerpu for this"

All the while Lord Ganesha was laughing and when Hanuman asked him for the reason he pointed out in a direction which witnessed even more confusing scenes.

There was a T20 match going on between the dasavatharam versions (minus Lord Varaha ofcourse) of Lord Vishnu and some team full of humans and human team was winning!!

To add up to the confusion, suddenly someone yelled "Ketti melam..Ketti melam" and a wedding ceremony, which all the while was silent, came into scene.

All the gods showered their blessings on the newly wedded couple, who were wondering where to go for honeymoon.

As both Vaikuntam and Devalogam both were nearby they were having a debate as to which place to visit.

Finally the better half won and it was finalised as Devalogam. While they were taking leave of the crowd, suddenly the entire place shook and it was all light and brightness.

A booming voice spoke like asareeri.

"Amma..first pullayaar bommailenthu start panren" and a hand came and took the Ganesha doll and placed him in Golu.

Happy Navarathri folks :)


UmaS said...

Naan athe thaan panninen...enga amma veetula - start from pillayar. :) :)

Unga veetula kolu unda ????

Nice LOL story...had an impression of a weird mine... ;) ;)

Enna sundal inniki ????

Ramesh said...

super post thalaivare. Best navarathri post in the entire blogosphere

evanescentthoughts said...

"T20 match going on" ? :P too much.. Happy Dasara! :)

Deekshanya said...


lostworld said...

Chettiyar bommai is always my favourite!

ambulisamma said...

Wow wonderful gils.
Very nicely woven story.Loved it.

Aaarti said...

Ippadi ellam eppadi saar varuthu??? too much....puthu office inspirationa??;o)

golu unda??

Swetha Guptha said...

wow gils wow!! first thought this was one f ur dreams :P...Happy Navarathri!!!

R-ambam said...

which is the latest bommai this year ??
Golu .. nothing but fun ultimate ! :)
Happy Navrathri gils !