Thursday, December 13, 2007

Paarvai onray pothumay

edho blogla short story kaampeteesun paathen...seri..pazhaya postaye anupidalamna..pudusa thaan mokka podanumnu soliputaanga..ennatha panrathu..unga vidhi ungala padathuthu :D

poaatila particpatea inga clickunga..

"Kazhugu parvai..ivan kanna pudingi kuppaila poda..." rama padapadathaal.
"endi rama..en ivlo tension agara.."
"anga parudi uma..antha aala nanum rendu naala watch panitu varen...nanpora
edathukelam pinala varaan..murachu pathukitay irukan..vekkamay ilama.."
"ithula ennadi iruku..ava ava thanna yarum paaka matengarannaynu feel paniturukarchay..unaku oru admirer irukartha neanchu nee perumai padanum..aanalum
ivlo super figure naan pakkathala irunthum una avan paakaraanna...hmm..avan eye
sightla enaku doubt varuthu"
"thu..un kita poi sonene.."
"hey unaku venati en kita vitru.. naan deal panikaren..enaku ok"
"enamo panni thoala..enthan ipdi alayariyo..."
"love makes life beautifuldi..siddu chellam kuda bommarilu padathula solirku"
"kanraavi..neeyum un logicum"

Marunaal...athey bus standil...

"enna rama..enna thedara.."
"ila...innikum.. inga engayachum irukana paathen"
"ennama..route maruthu..."
"che..athelam onumila...un pinaala nai vantha konja thoram ponaprum inum thorathutha ilayanu check panuala antha mathiri thaan.."
"enamo po..atho par un hero vantaan.."
Avargalai paarthavaaray avan cellphoneai eduthu yaridamo thanakku
thaanay sriithu kondavan angirunthu vegama sendran..

Silanaal kazhithu..

"hey..ennadi panna antha aala ipolam kaanum.."
"romba miss panra pola"
"cha cha..enna panni antha imsai kitenthu viduthali vangi thanthanu thiernjukka
"naan onum panala...avanay anniki nee pona udanay vanthan..."
"unkita pesinana..enna sonan"
"nee kekara josh paatha..sari ilayae.."
"avan una paaka varaliyam..un sisteroda boy friendam...neenga rendu perum
twinsngarathu theriyama un pinnala suthirukan..sorry solla sonnan..."
Theruvora vilaku pragasamaga erinthukondirunthathu..

Monday, December 10, 2007

Happy days...part II

Sorting Ceremony:

There's nothing hidden in your head
The Sorting Hat can't see,
So try me on and I will tell you
Where you ought to be


Time flew..and soon we were facing our terminal exams...Just like the sorting hat ceremony in Harry potter series we had our own sorting ceremony called the terminal exams.

"Whoever kept the name as terminal for these exams...must be a real genius.." commented Guna sagely...
"haha...if you dust your books once a year atleast and see whats inside it wouldnt sound so hopeless..where is Shiv."
"He is off to check out his part time job..someone should tell him..he is spending more time in that part time job than even a full time employee...hardly comes to classes..he is so money mindedda...i hate that guy..."
"Danny..we shouldnt be judgemental on people without knowing the reason behind their actions..Shiv has severe financial problems at home"
Everyone went silent..It was rishi who broke it..."He could've told us machan...why he wants to alienate us from his issues...idiot.."
"You should appreciate his willingness to work out these issues on his ownda..ok..come lets go...else we might have one more paper in arrears list tommorow..hahaha "

"Macha...tommorow we have the team selection for this yearda..exam mudichitu elarum ground vanthirunga...From our class atleast we should have 3 representatives.." said Rishi..
"Dei..Arun epdiyum select aaiduvan for opener slot..bowlingku namma muthu select aanana supera irukum..lets be there to cheer them...dei Sridhar..nee thaan dakaalti party...mavanay escape aagalmnu paatha tinnu thaan.."
Sridhar just smiled and kept quiet..
"ivan sari pattu vara maatan...naliku exam mudinja udanay ivana katti thookitu vanthirungada...Ram intha task unaku....our crowd should be present in full strength..podra soundla ground alaranum...entha eventuku ponalum anga naama yarunu kaatanum..namma ganga paathu nadunganum...thookanumda..ella prizeum thookanum.." "thundered" Rishi.....he was the natural task manager in the group..we were so sure that he would make a gud organiser if not a manager..from that time onwards till the end of our term he was the event manager of our group...whether it was a movie or any outing for that matter he was the incharge.
"dei..kaakka kaaka pandiya mudi weight kuda ila nee...unakenda intha sound...adanguda.."
The gang dispersed amidst peals of laughter...

The day of team selection came..PT master was the hero of the day..usually twice a year he hogs the limelight..during the day of team selection and also before the year ending exams..when folks without attendance follow him day and night for his grace to get the required attendance percentage to avoid condonation by getting on duty days.
on the day of team selection our crowd was present in big numbers to cheer Arun and rest of our mates..every hit was greeted with huge cheers and misses were cheered even more ...ground was reverberating with cries of A...R..U..N...had there been a prize for being the best cheerleading squad we would've won it hands down...
Next day we all gathered near the notice board...even before the staff could pin up the list we took it from him and read through the list.. Arun's name was not there in that..everyone was furious except Arun..he was sitting quietly in the class...
Danny was the first one to talk.."macha..we shall strikeda..this is too much..not even a single rep from our class..we will mass bunk till Arun is included in the team...ennada solreenga"
The resolution was passed unanimously with voice vote..with Sridhar being the lone absentee..
"No need guys..yesterday after you all left..PT spoke to me...he wants to include a final year guy as opener...that guy is from middle classs background and if he gets selected in our college team he can join university team and can use that to get some job in some sports quota...enaku ithu passion aaan avanuku ithu vituten..."
I always thought of him as a person who never thought above that moment he looked like a true hero to me..

Based on the scores we were allotted specialisations of our choice or had to end up with what was left over. Raj had set his eyes on classical maths course coupled with theoretical and practical mathametics. Since i had applied for a course similar to his we shared many of our classes. Language classes were the time off periods amidst the chaos of numbers and theorems and axioms. Arun and some from the gang had applied for electronics.
In the midst of class Arun woke from deep hear the prof talking about kovil..
"Maams..why suddely that old man is suddenly religious...talking about kovil and all.."
"dei...that is coil...we are in electronics class..transformers chapter.." Arun was in splits on hearing this..suddenly the duster flew and landed safely on his head..when he looked up it was the prof who was standing next to him...
"Tell me how do you start a DC motor..."
Arun rubbed the sleep out of his eyes...and looked at the proff. blankly...
The entire class errupted in laughter..only the proff didnt see the joke in that and bellowed..."GET OUT OF MY CLASS.."
Arun cooly got up and the same time a senior student came looking out for Arun for net luck would have of the seniors calledup sick and PT immediately called Arun for backup..his happiness knew no bounds that day..and so was ours..we felt as if it was our own achivement..first time in our college history a freshman playing in the team...there were talks that he had the potential to represent the state and even the country with luck...may be..but that wasnt what it was meant to be.

For almost all of us in the batch, computer science was a compulsory subject in first year..i was not very keen on computers and took the class just for the heck of it..that too we had mostly theory and very less lab sessions. Most of my batchmates where already pundits in PC operations and were eagerly awaiting comp. sci classes..once when the prof was seriously teaching about precedence of operators i yawned a bit loudly unable to control..the entire class started laughing..the prof turned back from the board and before he could ask anything shiv stood up and said he had a doubt...
That diverted his attention..
"Yes ...whats your doubt?"
"thats the asterisk symbol is it..the one on farther left?"
"i think u left one more line in the should have six lines..u've put only five"
The prof stood staring at him for a moment..he smiled and said..."What did you think..if u make wisecracks like this i will send you out of the class is way...the punishment for you is to sit through the class for the whole hour...guys..make way for our new front bencher..inimay en classla nee inga than ukaranum..if i see u missing even for an hour i wouldnt allow you to take the"
I thanked my lucky stars and..went back to sleep :)

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Happy days

Makkalay...P.S podlamnu pathen..aana end varaikum padika evlo peruku porumai irukum here is P.S (Pre script) hehee.

P.S: Enatharumai Blog makkalay..ungal gilspaandiyin anbu vanakkangal..Eric segaloda "Class" padichitu oru aarva kolarula..athey mathiri me the trying..avar 500 page ezhuthinatha naan oru 5 pagela mudikka try panren...ungalalaam nenacha enaku pavama iruku...avvvvvvvvvvvvv :D

The Class

An aspiring writer..
An ascetic monk
A bumbling salesman
An allround star
One with superior inferiority complex
One who lived his life by the day...never knowing what he missed and never bothered about what he needed...content with what he had and lazy to acheive more...a willing passenger in the ferry of life...reaching for the unknown destination and
Another 70 of them..who are mere names now with barely recognisible faces...

I thought the sparrow's note from heaven,
Singing at dawn on the alder bough;
I brought him home, in his nest, at even;
- He sings the song, but it cheers not now,
- For I did not bring home the river and the sky.


Golden Jubilee batch:

Is it a mere coincidence or quirk of fate that we ended up as the golden jubilee batch of the most prestigious university of the country. A boisterous bunch of 70 odd people..eager to take on the world..armed with..Nothing!! We also happened to be the first batch of the new millenium. We were a group of 6 who made a unspoken vow within ourselves to remain in touch. The university centenary celebrations coincided with our ten year completion of gradution.We all decided to use this occassion to meet up. Word spread around. Inboxes where on fire. Emails flew thick and fast. Details were collected ina trice.Promises were made to make time availble. With the same eagerness with which we entered the college on day one we entered the venue again..this time with lot more confidence and lot more fear..On a personal note i was curious to see the faces after a gap of nearly a decade. More scared than
curious. I'd been a silent witness to their glorious deeds blazing their path in their own careers. I had nothing to show but few grey hairs. I sat looking at the
clock as it struck 12 for the night. I still had 9 hours more for the meeting. My heart went back ten years to the day when i set foot on the university for the
first time.

First year - Admission day:

I was impatiently waiting for my turn in the queue, with my dad by my side. For some strange reason the college management had insisted on bringing the parents on the day of admission. I was soon to witness the reason why.It was the turn of the peson before me...
"Rajesh..."..the interviewer gave him a questioning look.."who has come with you"
"My dad sire.." before he could complete his dad got up from his seat with bowed head and introduced himself..
"ok..Rajesh..which group are you applying for.."
"B.A English Lit. sir"
" you drink?"..
Rajesh and his dad give a startled look..
"Do you smoke?.."
Rajesh dad got furious..."halo..sir..what is called my son for interview and are insulting him like this..." and he started raving and ranting about his
family pride and prestige..
Calmly the professor who was interviewing him answered..."Look here sir..its not our intention to insult anyone..we just want to make sure ..peopel who apply for lit group are usually trouble makers and we have a reputation to uphold..."
without even bothering to listen him completing his sentence Rajesh and his dad stormed out. Next it was my turn. I was bit startled by all these and was wondering whats going to be my question.
" have applied for major in Maths is it..why maths...when with your score you could get into engineering if you wait for a while..."
I babbled something about maths being my strong point which evidently didnt have the impact i thought it would evince in the interviewer..
"So you like maths..hmm..ok..." and he scribbled a problem in integral calculus in a piece of paper and asked me to solve it...which i did.
"impressive..try this..."
After a few more problems he felt satisfied and gave me admission to take up the course. When i came out i felt as if i have been in a sauna with all clothes on. Some consolation for my dad who badly wanted to join me into an engineering course. That he was not happy was evident on his face..
There were few other students who were standing near the entrance giving me an odd look. I thought they might be seniors waiting to rag new joinees and silently managed to give them a slip. Next day was my first day in college. Maths department was on the farthest corner. The hall where we had our first session was ..huge would be a small word to describe it..
".... knows Oxford dictionary by heart and he is a moron when it comes to socialising with people...guess they invented the word oxy moron for him.."
Some guy was commenting about,a thick bespectacled lean kid sitting on the front bench. Somehow i was immediately drawn to that person. He looked shy timid and nervous..i despised the brashness of the person who passed the comment in my heart and went and sat near the specs guy...
He looked at me with suspicion and replied cautiously.."yes?"
"My name is Ram...hope you are as nervous as me...quite a hall isnt outnerves me...u?"
A relieved look came in his face.."I am too...u r from which school"
The ice was broken and by the time proffessor came we knew our basic background. Then came THE proffesor.
He walked in slowly into the hall. A tiny little person with a raspy little voice. His appearence and the ambience of the hall was quite a contrast. But the moment he entered the hall a hush fell and it was pindrop silence in a matter of seconds. Guess reputation preceeds people. He was the legendary disciple of Alladi Ramchandra, the greatest mathametical exponent of the previous century. With a brief introduction he quickly covered the syllabus and went onto give an overview of what we will be doing for the first year. Sridhar was hooked onto each and every word uttered by the prof. It went so smooth that no one noticed how quickly the first hour flew. Without realising we were through with our first hour. The first half of the day went through quickly with each prof giving intro on the subjects they would be taking..the second half of the day was off. We set off to take a tour of the campus though we were advised not to for the fear of getting ragged by seniors. Sridhar left for home. The college was well known for its strong cricket team. I went to the ground to watch the future heroes in action. There was a small group from my class already seated in a tree shade cheering the batting team. I approached the most familiar of the faces.
"Hi..surprising..i thought u wud be afraid to come this side alone."
I politely smiled..
"ok.. gang introduce urselves"
"Danny.. Shiv...Guna...Rishi.."
"And Arun...welcome to the gang"...He had an infectious enthusiasm and it soon caught on. I forgot for a moment that he was the one who passed that comment on Sridhar.
Danny was sitting in the shade of a tree busy writing something..Shiva and Guna silently went behind the tree and spied what was he writing...without a warning shiv plunged and flicked the book from Danny...
"Love songs compose panira machi"
"Fool...give it back to me.."
"Catch me if you can..." with that shiv took off with Danny and Guna in pursuit..
Sridhar was silently watching all this and turned back and headed to the library. I was curious to find out what was he doing at that time in the library when hardly any classes had begun.
"Sridhar..." i came running behind him..
Startled he turned back and smiled.."Hi Ram.."
"What are you doing..arent you joining us for lunch.."
"Where are u guys goin.."
"Ananda bavan"
"Its not Ananda Bavan..every dish they serve is so cold..they should rename it as Ariya bavan.."
"hahaha...nice one..ok..pack up..we are moving now..we are all going to a movie after that..come lets go"
"No carry be honest i dont much enjoy these outings and background doesnt allow me these luxeries and i badly need to win this years scholarship for my survival here in this concrete jungle...above all i have taken a dual degree program..and got tonnes to read..if i have offended you sorry man" He went inside the library...
I was wondering if i would be so sure of what i wanted ever in my life..

Innum varum................