2 phone calls and an amazing week...

Its amazing how much a voice can convey..apart from whats being said. In past 2 weeks i had 2 such conversations over phone which made me feel like...WOW!!

First one was more emotional and sentimental at the same time very positive and heartwarming. The distance of several thousand kilometers was nonexistent for the entire duration of the call and even after that call it still feels the same. I am happy for the day i got introduced to "People Network" through which we made our acquaintance and me the forever greedy would pray for more such days. What began as a call to console soon turned out to be the best motivational talk i ever had. That person recounted incidents from their personal life and how they overcame it to be what they are now. It was touching and a rare gesture that i felt so happy that they were kind enough to share it with me. It immediately shook me out of my gloom and i was soon back to normal. I am indebted to that person for that call and for the support provided and feel honored at the same time for the trust on me to share their most personal feeling.

The second call was much more recent and was funny too in a way.) It was more like a (midnight) wakeup call for my conscience :) and made me realize a totally different perspective on my otherwise unidirectional sense of thought. That person read an article from a famous weekly magazine which was tallying with what has been going on in my life for the past few weeks, but in an almost 360 degree different angle :) I was being continuously urged since last wednesday to get a copy of that magzine and since i couldnt get my hands on one, she was kind enough to read out the passage to me. Even if i had managed to read it on my own, i doubt if it would've had that effect on me. In a clear unquavering voice, with crystal clear diction, and in a tone which would've made the author proud, i got to hear the contents. And there were pauses in the middle to explain those portions which were meant for me and her perspective on them. It always feel wonderful when people care for you and its even more special when they go to this length to ensure that message is delivered. I feel humbled by the amount of faith which they have on me and it makes me want to feel more responsible.

I can't think of a way to repay these kind gestures. Just be there for me, like now, always. Can't have enough of you :)

Last week turned out to be the best of this year :) with still more than a dozen to go i can safely say it would continue to top the charts for me. Doting sisters, caring friends, wonderful colleagues, a very special person to add to the list - and i am not done yet :) "Mugavari" is my all time fav Ajith movie. There is one dialog in that, "Nammala suthi irukaravanga ellam naama nalla irukanumnu nenaikaravanala iruntha atha vida vera enna venum lifela". Me at such a phase of my life. Last weekend went to one mokka movie with the gang and more than the movie the kind of pranks which the folks did, made it more worthwhile to watch :) The movie was about college kids and there we were, behaving even more kiddish than the actual kids :) The nine hour outing went in a whiff. Remembered the song "On a day like today...you never wanna see the sun go down" (by Bryan adams?) Thank u guys for all those wonderful time and happy memories.


Ramesh said…
Very nice gils - may you have many many more weeks like this one.
Deepa said…
I can smell something reeeeeeeeeeeally fishy! :)Especially the second call! If it is what I think it is, then bless you and revel in the moments! And even if it is just those random moments with friends, wish you many more!
RS said…
May the good times last.....longer than you'd want them!! :)
Anonymous said…
Lovely read for us!
Second call.. even I smell something there.. who is that gils? So can we expect to hear some good news from gils soon? ;)
Aaarti said…
very interesting
ennamo nadakkuthunnu mattum purinjuthu...ennannu puriyala!!

nadathunga saar... :D
gils said…
thanks thala :)


gils said…

uhum....i the skipping this one :D :D the caller at times reads the blog ;) thanks for ur wishes :)
gils said…
athiavsi...epo kadaiya thoraka poreenga??


gils said…
yo AK :) u n deeps are one of a kind :D
gils said…

avvvvvvvv neengaluma!! :)
RS said…
baas, my kadai already open. once upon a time, not a very long ago, had sent you the link. /you must have missed the mail.....

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