Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sound of meejic

The hills may be alive with the sound of music...but if you've to stay alive after "start meejic" better rush to the hills!!!

Nunal should be the closest to appavi thangamani's of husband world. For like them, they also vaayal kedum. Ipdi thaan paarunga, one fine day, after finishing all household chores Rangamani (aka) Mrs. Thangamani..was sleeping super tired.

Appavi Thangamani was busy checking new movies on torrents when he suddenly heard that. Ennada ithu re-recordingla illama pudusa oru tune varuthaynu he heard hard, wondering probably it was that nuisance neighbour at it again, Mr.Faultist Flautist. He started swaying his hands ala Zubin Mehta conducting a choir to compose a soliloquy symphony. His gyrating movements must've triggered of electrifying pulses on the air waves, for suddenly Rangamani was up and awake.

"enna pannindurukkel"
"*silently..with a scary voice* ennaachuu"
"cha...missed it..."
"Enna missed"
"u know music?"
"konjam theriyum..rendu moonu keerthanai kathukitruken"
"what raaagam is this..
"therilaye...ithu ennamo vidhyasama irukkay"
"Iru...original lyrics poatta kandu pudikka mudiyuthaa paaru...

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Hello World...again :)

Yaay...I still remember the password for logging into this site!! :) Ethana saga bloggers post marriage kaanama poitaanga sollitu ithey blogla polambirukken..Didn't realise en caseum athey pola aagumnu :D Apdi onnum perusa vetti murikara velai illai, obviously :) Simpla solanumna Somberithanam saaasthiaaiduthu. Ipolam all polambals in Facebook itself. So blog pakkam vara vela kammmi aaidichi. Lets see how long the second innings lasts :D Hope it extends little longer than India's stint in England!!