Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bye bye 2011

This happens to be the latest year ending post in past few years :) Usually my winding up-for-the-year post would be much much earlier than the penultimate day to the year end. A reflection on my dwindling interest in writing things down may be.

I never carry any particular timeline to achieve my targets/resolutions and definitely wouldnt want to confine myself within a jan to dec window. But still when i get to finish them i feel happy whenever it happens. Like the time when i wanted to have kulfi in pouring rain. It was always my fantasy to know how it would feel like to have kulfi in rain. Really wanted to test that you-will-catch-fever theory. But like all sane parents mine never allowed this 'experiment' of mine. I tried having a kulfi in chilling Bangalore rainy season few years back and it was worth every rupee spent. You should've seen the look on the shopkeepers face :) that was worth more than the amount i paid. Sometimes it really riles people up, when they see people do things which they would love to do, but dont want to, for it may not go well with their image. I was at the receiving end of this situation when my team went for an outing last month.

There was this game called Zombie ball (or was it zorbie??) wherein there was a 10 feet plus tall huge balloon kind of ball that had 2 openings through which 'participants' (aka bakras) would be thrown into it. And the ball would be rolled up and down some slopes with the inhabitants getting tossed around inside the ball. They did had some safety harness but the people outside never gave time for those who got thrown in to tie themselves up. I couldnt quite understand this idea of fun, of watching two people struggling to find their footing, falling and hurting all over themselves getting thrown around, without any letup from those outside. It comes no where even in the same pin code of being termed funny for me. I told my damager who wanted me to give it a try that its a sadistic game and i dont want to be party to it. He was so shocked that he forbade others to force me into trying it. Later i apologised for the word used and explained why i felt that way. The more i tried to explain my feelings, the more wrong i sounded myself. Whats so sadistic about a 'game' where in the participants had no issues in being 'tortured' and others had no remorse. In the end they all felt exhilarated and happy. It struck me that it almost sounded like marriage!!! I dont know if i am sane or not but i am happy to be single :D

I always thought i would never be able to sit through any sitcoms or serials. Then F.R.I.E.N.D.S happened :)   and here i am still smitten with it, almost 9 years after i started watching it. I again thought this would be my only craze. But 2011 proved me wrong multiple times. My sitcom count has quadrupled this year to House M.D (7 seasons done), How i Met Your Mother ( 3 and counting), Dexter (4 and counting) with Two and half men and Entourage to follow. I feel like a native of New York now and can pick their inside jokes too :) I was introduced to these series by two good friends of mine with whom i competing to match their season watching spree. Hope to catch up with them soon :) Enna oru magathaana resolution for 2012 apdingareengala..hehehe...i always aim high u c!!

The second half of the year had lot more revelations for me. Everyone, i am sure, have their dream lifestyle. Some maybe lucky to lead such a life, while the vast majority would be contented about their life, though it may not be the one they dreamt of. Well, i happened to witness someone leading my perfect life :) Their house was exactly the one i had dream designed mine to be, their family, their relatives even the furniture in their place matched my dream picture. I felt so happy to see my dream walking talking in real time and made me realise that there is more to life than watching others live it. Is there anything different that i could do to realise my dream? I dont know. But i sure want to explore and give it a try.

2012 has been the most hyped about year for a while now with its doomsday December. Would love to see if it lives up to its billing. The unknown always provides us with two choices - to be scary or cheerful. We ALWAYS have the choice to decide how it has to be and its what we choose, that really make it happen. It can never be always scary or always cheerful, for either way it would make life boring. So here is to the new unknown - may it keep all of us interesting. Advance wishes for a wonderful time ahead folks. May god bless us all. Catch you next year :)

Monday, December 26, 2011

The Dirty Picture

When this movie was in the making i was thinking so cheap about Ekta Kapoor for stooping low to such extent that she has to resort to these sort of gimmicks and hated Vidya Balan for taking up the lead role. I liked her so much in Munnabhai and Parineeta that i couldnt believe that she could carry on this role leave alone take it. And when the movie got released and was declared a hit felt it was another win for the soft porn industry running within our movie land. But when i read the reviews, the feedback was unanimous. Right from hard core movie critic to casual movie watcher, every one had spoken so highly about the movie that the curiosity was kindled. I happened to watch the movie yesterday and needless to say was mightily impressed. First i thought should i even tell anyone that i saw this movie. This movie ultimately was NOT 'that' kind of movie which no one wants to talk about in public, but whose kind rules the net.

Its hard to believe this movie was not a novel-to-screen kind of script. The story is right out of any Sidney Sheldon books. It has all the ingredients in right proportions. A lead lady character, as in all his novels, who hails from a not so great background, with dreams of reaching the sky and beyond and with determination to take anything head on to achieve the dream, which they eventually do, with pomp and splendour, but at the cost of a pound of their soul and some self respect and like in all his novels they have an almighty fall. While the ones with positive ending allows the characters the luxury of a phoenix like resurgence, this one ends as a tragedy where the lead takes her life committing suicide. Though the story is claimed to be based on the life of 'Silk' Smitha, donned by Vidya Balan and Naseerudin shah's Suryakanth is supposedly a take on Rajini, the story line could suit any struggling and aspiring artist who are hell bent on achieving success even at the cost of losing their morals. This movie unwraps those gray and shady world of the cine industry and not just that, it turns the spot light on that world, minuting it to the detail. Its that kind of story that can be called a true open secret. Everyone, be linked with movie line or not, is aware of the casting couch and the kind of behind the screen activities that happen and those which are kept under wraps, literally and figuratively and the story is a real example of a true open secret. Yet, not many movies have taken up this theme and not many have done it with this finesse and are watchable to say the least.

There is always a risk of the movie crossing into the art film territory if it lingered beyond the normal commercial boundaries and a tad more on this side would've pushed it into a totally different category of its own, away from the general public and would've got it buried into the realms of a different industry altogether. It takes courage to portray your own people in bad light, talk about the shady deals happening around you and if you also happen to be a leading lady the pressure is all the more serious. Vidya Balan deserves a big round of applause for taking up this role. Not that the other actresses couldnt have done more justice to the role, but she always had this image of a homely character artist and to shed that image and take up the other extreme of her on screen persona deserves tremendous courage and probably a bigger pay cheque. Right from the opening credit scene where she gives that 'voice over', its Vidya's show all the way. Naseeruddin shah is almost invisible in the movie, though he occupies the second longest screen space. Call it on his performance which is thorough or Vidya's dominating screen presence, whichever way, he does what he does best - get into the skin of the character. But at times he almost looks bored, wondering what the heck  he is doing in a movie like this which is totally heroine dominated. Tushar kapoor owes one more to his sister for giving him a role in this movie. His is more of a cameo for which he was adequate to say the best. Emraan-serial kisser-Hashmi, gets a chance to wet his lips again and he does it with gusto.

But the movie totally belongs to the screenplay writer and the dialogue writer. Wow. The movie has so many good punch one liners that you can make a book out of it. They are liberally strewn all over the movie and saves the movie from drowning into a sorrow mode. If we have such original screenplay writers abound Bollywood would soon give its illustrious original, whose name it has plagiarized, a run for its Oscar money.

Gils Verdict - This is that kind of movie, which makes one realise the heaviness of the mask they wear and the starkness of reality. Remove the word 'Dirty' from the title and rename it as 'The picture - for hypocrites', it still makes more sense. Not a movie for family watching though for we are all hypocrites aren't we :)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Where would you be??

Past few days i had been wondering what would i be doing in exactly an year's time to this day, which every ancient and modern civilization has predicted as the end of the world. As like many incidents of my past 6 years, which have been kind of chronicled on this blog spot server, thought of posting something to look back on, hopefully, from the 365th day :) Just as i am typing this post Star Movies is airing 2012 movie. These guys surely are masters of timing i should say. That movie is one of the spookiest movies i've ever seen. Though typical Hollywood disaster masala movie, the graphics and content scared the hell out of me and for several nights i had dreams of drowning in flood waters.

There were only two topics that ruled the day yesterday. Believers or not, Saturn is one planet no one takes risk against with and the transit of the lord was widely discussed yesterday. For the dooms day enthusiasts, it was a field day to say the least. Each one had a 'vision' of their own as to what would they want to do on 21 dec 2012. Best one was from the guy who wanted to get married on that day, as according to him, whether the prophecy comes true or not, either way his world would be well and truly gone. There were many wisecracks on taking hefty bank loans and live the skin off their lives for the next 12 months and face the dooms day with the contented thought of having lived their life king size. How much ever it was joked about, the inherent fear, the very idea of waters gushing in, roads cracking up, sun coughing up fire balls, volcanoes roaring into life, ice storms freezing around, was palpable. Nature for all we know, always had been THE most destructive force on earth. How many ever number of nukes any superpower country might have, its nothing compared to the havoc which a mere gust of wind can create. But, on the brighter side, Nature has always been the most PROTECTIVE force too.

Rather than fearing over the destruction, wouldn't it be prudent to take life one day at a time and enjoy every moment of it? Why does it always require a calamity or a devastation to make people realise the value of every single minute of their life? Till the time, they loose their loved ones, no one bothers to give the relationship the respect it deserves. Till the time, they are inflicted with weight related problems, no one bothers to hit the gym. Till the time, they face a necessity, no one bothers to sharpen their axes.

I always have standard New Year Resolutions, to watch all the new movies getting released that year and to read newer books, apart from making newer friends. This year in addition to this list, would want to include one more point. To get in touch with all those i've lost contact. In the course of past few years, life has grown layer over layer and i've lost track of many a good people who had enriched my existence by permitting me space in their worlds. I've always wanted to visit them, but kept postponing the trips.

So come 2012, i intended to renew the lost contacts and even if the world ends in an years time or not, i would love a happy ending anytime. Merry Christmas folks :)

Saturday, December 17, 2011


I boarded the cab preparing myself for another hour long dull and drab journey pitching into my comfort zone of my playlist. Usually my 'touring' party of cabmates leave me as the last guy to get down from the cab. My place being like 20 plus kms away from office, i usually get down the last, having visited half of chennai, courtesy my travel desk for whom i am like thengai in kerala cuisine. They would fit me on any route and would  argue that, its the shortest route to my place. This one was no different, atleast to begin with.

The first surprise was that i was the one to get down first. Those who commute by office cab will vouch for me,  for they can realise the joy of getting down first and the pain of a long distance commute. There were 2 other people, who were my cabmates for the day and one of them happened to be a short term acquaintance i had picked in this new office. Since there is always a standing policy that ladies should never be the last to get down i checked with her if she is fine with the route as hers was the last drop. The guy who was silent till that time, actually carrying a quizzical look, asked her politely, "Excuse me, arent you Stephen's sister?"
Now it was the turn of the lady to takeover the frown. The "yeah" which followed was more of a "who-the-heck-are-you-and-how-the-heck-you-know-me?"
"You people were living in Gopalapuram right?"
Now the lady became somewhat interested with a curious bewilderment.
"I've come to your house many times. Your elder sister still works for ABC inc??"
Without realising she began to respond to the conversation "No. She moved out to another company few years back"
"Oh..thats great. Hows your elder bro..still at the same place?"
"Yeah" She was still unable to ask the question camped at the tip of her tongue - "who the hell are you?"
"Dont you remember me? I used to come and pick Stephen to college everyday"
"Is it? I knew almost all his friends..sorry couldnt recollect you"
"Hahaha..not a problem. Hows Stephen"
"You know him right.. usual dreamy self". (Something on her tone made me felt that either she cares less about this Stephen person or their age difference is not much or she finds him more comfortable than her other sibling(s) possibly, for her tone was more friendly while talking about her brother. I was proved right soon)
"Been a while since i spoke to him..last i had a chat with him was on Facebook..when i was in US. After i came to India didnt had a chance to meet him"
There was a studied silence from both of them which was broke by him.
"Does he still play cricket?"
" i used to come to our house in track suits right?"
He grinned and said "Yeah.."
"Couldnt recognise you in formals and ofcourse you've put on weight"
"hahaha..blame it on lack of match practice. We used to slog in 45 degree sun plaiyng 50 over matches..getting up at 4 in the morning to reach college by 5...antha fitnesslaam poachu"
"Yeah..Stephen used to be crazy about cricket"
"Had we known that things like IPL and all will come in future..we would've continued with cricket. I thought Stephen always followed it more vigorously"
"Yeah..he did. It was our elder brother who forced him to take up MBA and sent him abroad. You know what, the day after he left there was a letter from TN govt inviting him to take part in the Ranji team for TN. I feel sorry for not supporting him that time and siding with our elder brother."
"Oh that would've been heartbreaking isnt it. Sheer bad luck."(By this time this Stephen character has assumed the role of a tragic movie hero on my head and wanted to know more about that person)
"You know both of us had joined college on sports quota. And though the entry was many humiliations we had to suffer and how many days we had to stand outside the principal and P.T office for want of letter accrediting points for us to appear for exams, despite helping the college to win many a cups. We never took any of those issues to heart for there was only thing on our mind, playing cricket"
I was so engrossed on their conversation that, i almost felt a part of the story by now.

That guy then rattled on names of almost all his classmates and was inquiring whether she knew any of them.  Since most of them happened to be their team mates from cricket and having visited Stephen's house, she seemed to be aware of majority of them. This made me more curious about the Stephen character. He sounded just perfect for a loser hero, who had been deprived off his passion and has been sent to rot in the routine monotonous world, having been robbed off the one thing on his life where he could've made a difference.

"Hey..i thought you were into Bio come into IT now?"
She smiled at him " seem to remember everything. Yeah. I wanted to do masters in Zoology..but ended up here."
"Not a bad place to end up i should say"
"Definitely.. No regrets. Same with bro pushed me to take up Bio tech..i was steadfast in taking up my masters from UK..but that damn bomb blast screwed up everything. Even without my consent..they filled up forms for me and got me admitted into a course. I gritted my teeth and survived through the first year. But decided enough is enough and told my bro that i want to live my life my way and took up a diploma course and here i am"
"Brave decision i should say. Stephen cant get a job here? "
"I tried..but they rejected him saying he is over qualified"
"hahaha..hey..should we take the bridge or go under it? are you familiar with this route?" he asked me.
I was so immersed into their story that i didnt realise that he was posing the question to me "err..No. we shouldnt take the bridge.." and explained the route to the driver.
"Sorry..i couldnt help but overhear your conversation..just long you studied your under graduation?" i asked him.
"Three years..why?!!" he asked with wonderment
" seem to remember the entire attendance register of your college..thats why"
" man. sports is such a bonding factor..anyone who had been part of a team in college would be known or would know almost all the other people. It provides us the chance to interact so much and so many incidents and experiences add up to the list which makes them all the more memorable"
There was a momentary silence.
"Hey..does Stephen has your number" asked she.
"Dont think so..i have changed it after coming back from US"
"Can you tell me your number. Stephen would blast me if i tell about meeting you and not getting your number. Hey forgot to ask you..what are you now? Doesnt look like you are into cricket" she added with a grin pointing to his bulky figure.
"Yeah...i had to choose between cricket and career and i chose the latter. Family pressurenulaam solla maaten. It felt a safer choice at that time. Cricket can be played anytime but career..cant be played around with. But i always was jealous of Stephen. He was still playing when i decided to take a break. I was hoping to see him donning national colours some day. But guess life had different plans for all of us"

By that drop point came. For the first time i felt bad for getting down first. There were so many questions raging on mind about Stephen, that guy and that lady, both whose lives were a study of stark contrast. While both budged to peer/parental pressure and bowed to decisions taken for them, one succumbed to it while other resisted and came up trumps after initial hiccups. In a span of an hour's journey, felt as if i had traveled through the lives of 3 people, all along through their successes and failures and i couldnt help but to compare my own life with them.

Guess there is more than one person created from the same mould of God's debris.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Controversy be Damned

Periyar and God have never been on the same side of any coin. You name a dam after Periyar and thrust it on the border of God's own country and still wonder why the controversy?!!! You got to be kidding. The current situation on TN Kerala border reminds me of 'Quantum of Solace' James Bond movie. The story line would lead the viewers or at least the movie characters into believing that the villain group is after the oil sources while they would actually be after the procurement of water bodies. Never had i guessed that water wars would hit so closer to home. The situation is such that both the parties have valid fears. The scores of villagers who are afraid of the aftermath of a dam break are equally at peril while compared to those who want the dam to be raised to water their crops. Media being the naughty Naradar as always, play their part to perfection by fanning the fire on both the sides. Again the allegory traces itself back to 007 movie where the villain is a media baron hell bent on creating havoc just to have catchy headlines for his newspaper/media. It might bit of an overkill to label the entire media as villain but as far as most of the issues are concerned there is not a half decent article which is unbiased and throws light on the truth. I've never seen a debate which is constructive and informative to assuage the fears of the public. I've never seen any leader taking the right step in dousing the tension. And i am not even sure what for everyone is waiting!!! The move has potential disaster in making, with TN already at war with Karnataka over Kaveri and depending on AP for the meager supply provided by them. At the cost of playing I-am-the-Boss, the politicos are messing up with already wafer thin fabric of national unity and the day is not far when their self created monster will go after the Frankenstein's. ( Just noticed..Frankenstein never named the monster!!! It has always been referred to as the creators creation rather than by its name. Please correct if wrong)

The situation reminds me of an crude story, albeit an apt one to describe the current scenario i guess. Once the organs of the body had a fight amongst themselves as to whose service is the best. Each one argued the best with their functional description as the reason why their's should be the best. Eye, ear, mouth, tongue, throat, hand, leg every single organ participated in it or rather competed. To prove their might each one decided to  go on strike one at a time to gauge the impact of their non compliance. When eyes refused to see, the body lost its balance. When ears refused to hear..well you get the drift right. One body part was a silent spectator to all these drama..namely the buttocks. It decided to teach the other parts a lesson for not even considering it in the race. It simply..well..decided to keep its mouth shut, in simpler terms.  The call of nature was loud and clear and within matter of minutes every organ realised the might of the now silent organ and begged for forgiveness and unanimously elected the buttocks as the undisputed leader.

Moral of the story ( If at all there is one ) - any ass can become a winner when the time or the situation suits, but that doesnt necessarily mean anything. One need to take things into perspective before arriving at any decision and hopefully sanity will prevail..for Mera Bharat is always mahaan..

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Jillunu-oru-kaathal-kathai- 5

  Story so far
P.S: after a gap of nearly 18 months...JOKK is back :) at least this time hope to finish it soon :)

"Dei Ram..ennada ithu..kondu pona luncha apdiye thirupi kondu vanthirukka. Unakkelaam vadichi kotren paaru enna sollanum"

TUNG!!! slams the lunch box in sink followed lot of mumblings and grumblings from mom.

"Ipdi kandatha thinnutu udamba keduthukka vendiathu..kondu pora luncha apdiye thiruppi kondu vara vendiathu. Naaliku udambu sari illainu paduthuntu en uyira vaanga vendiathu. Ithey pozhappa poachu. Ungappa varattum..inniki irukku unakku"

"Yenmaa..naan enna dailya...." Ram wakes up from his sleep, looks around confused for a moment and realises that it was a dream and falls back onto his pillow. One glance at the watch warns him that he is already running late for office. Cursing Earth for spinning so fast during night he drags himself away from bed. Opens the door to get newspaper and yawnningly shouts..."" only to realise that mom has gone on pilgrimage for next 2 days. He rakes his mind to remember the list of tasks she had grinded on to him, made him memorise a zillion times before she left.

"Was the first one regarding milk or newspaper?...hmm..she said something about milk. what was that?" he wondered around and after a while gave up on remembering the task and started for office. The moment he stepped out from their apartment, his feet stamped on something soft and SPLASH. It was milk all over the verandah. YIKES. Mom had told him to take the milk packet from the bag and since it was not on the bag he had skipped checking for it. The maid had kept it near their door step and now it was all over the verandah.

"Ennapa Ram..usuala veedu clean panna water thaan use panuvaanga..unga veetla aavin paalaa vachaa? hahaha" laughing at his own joke the neighbour walked away.

Feeling irritated at being so careless, Ram stomped away from the house. He stopped on the way to request the maintenance person to get it all cleaned up. He could hear his mom's mind voice chiding him "Irresponsible as always..when will you grow up Ram? I leave you alone for one day and within the first hour you create so much mess. What am i going to do with you in life". He forced his mind to hit the pause button on the voice and diverted his attention to listening to songs on his ipod.


"Machaan Ram one help da"
It was Anil. Ram's Colleague.
"Yeah man..tell me"
"You know that i am going to US on my first international assignment right. Athuku friendskellaam catchya oru mail adikalaamnu iruken. Idea kuden"
"Kaalangaathala ivan tholla thaangala" nu manasukulla porumiavaaray "Catchya enna..renday wordla convey aagara mathiri solren.. BUTTER FLY nu mail anuppu"
"Butter flya?? purialaiye" ena thalaiya sorinjaan Anil
"Aaama..nee oru vennai..nee fly panna porangaratha itha vida simpla sollavay mudiyaathu"
"Unkitta poitu idea kekka vanthen paaru..enna sollanum" ena pulambinaan Anil.
"Guys..dont forget. We have team dinner today sponsored by our client. Arrangements have been made to commute to and fro to the restaurant from office. All of you schedule your work accordingly" ena announce seithuvittu.."aprum Anil..onsite pora..oru mukkiayamaana vishayam solanum unkitta. Namma oorla beach orama kannagi selai kaila selambu vachitu nikkuthu..antha oorla kaila theevatti vachikitrukum..ponnunga kitta paathu nadanthukko" ena bittu potu vittu ess aanaar damager.
"Aaama..ennamo ivan kaiya vittu kaasu podra mathiri ivlo alatikaraan" said Anil.
"Naan varala..neengalam poitu vaanga"
"Dei Ram. Enda ipdi paduthara. Veetla thaan yaarum ilaye poi enna panna pora. Come join us today. Oru thadava vanthu thaan paaren. You always skip any team outings. Who knows you might enjoy it" said Anil.
"Enda..avlo kadupadichene..unaku kovamay varalaya?"
"uhummm...NANBENDAAA" ena solliavaaray he hugged Ram. Unable to control smile, Ram palmed his face.


"Naangallam Amitabh bachchan mathiri. Naan enga nikkareno line angenthu thaan start aagum" ena peter vittavaray vanthaan Anil
"Dei vennai..oc la soru podrangantu ooruku munnadi vanthu ninnutu unaku dialog oru keda...odi po"
Irritated with the loud music blaring from the speakers, Ram settled with his plate in a corner well away from the noise, taking in the scenic view outside of the restaurant from the terrace.
The weather was pleasant and he closed his eyes for a moment enjoying the cool breeze.
"Ahem...weathera romba enjoy pannitu irukara mathiri teriuthu"
The voice brought him back to his senses and he blushingly realised that he had been smiling with his eyes closed. Wondering how stupid he would've looked, his embarrasment turned to anger and his face turned blood red in color. It was Priya. "Anniki paarthum paakatha mathiri pona..ipo thaana vanthu pesaralay"nu manasukull kuzhambiyavaaru paarthaan Ram.
"Hey...relax. Sorry naan ungala disturb pannitennu nenakren"
"cha..illa Priya. I am sort of allergic to noise. Athuvum ivlo sound..uhumm..cudnt stand there. Athaan came here"
"Me too Ram. I like dance beats. Aana these guys are over kill. Its so noisy that i couldnt hear myself out there. Saw you standing here. Athaan disturb panlaamnu vanthen" she said smiling.
"Disturblaam ileenga. I was just enjoying the weather. The only plus point in Banglore"
"Hey..cmon. You are talking to a localite. Banglorela ennamo vera ethuvumay nalla illatha mathiri pesareenga. There are so many good things" she said with a wink.
"Thanna pathi sollikaraalo"nu manasukkul sirithavaaray "Okay. I accept my ignorance. You tell me. Apdi ennlaam good here" he asked with a competitive twinkle in his eyes.
"Hmmm...first of all as you said weather. Aprum..hmmm...hmmm...ipdi thideernu keatta solla mudiathu"
"hahaha..ok..take your time"
"Dont laugh ok. Its far better to your cauldron chennai. Tar melting heat. Epdi thaan anga makkal survive panraangalo"
"True. Thats the only bad thing there" he said with a smirk.
She threw a fake punch at him and he feigned a pained look and both ended up laughing at each others antics.
"How come i never saw you in any party before?"
"Because i never used to attend these things" endraan Ram.
"Athaan ennu kekaraen"
"I find them boring..noisy..irritating to see such criminal waste of money"
"ho ho hold on. Unna mathiri naalu per..uhumm..nee oruthan porum. Ipovay yearly once thaan they have such outings through office due to budget cuts. Nee pesaratha keata athaiyum cut paniduvaanga"
"I've never seen you this relaxed before. Officela kooda eppovum you will have a tensed no nonsense look on your face"
"aaha..appo ivalum ithana naala nammala note pannirukaala"nu manasukkul sirithavaaray.."hahha..True. At present i feel so relaxed that if i convert to Sikhism i will name myself Relax Singh"
"cheee.. bad PJ. But wow. I didnt knew you could crack such marana mokkai kadis too. You ARE interesting"
"Hey..enna adikaria" he winked at her.
"Aaama intha nenapu vera iruka. Oru ponnu praise panni oru vaartha sollida guys will float in air"
"Un kitta onnu sollanum. I saw you sitting in reception on the very first day you joined here. It was a bit of shock for me and didnt knew how to respond. Athaan pesaama poitten. I didnt knew how you would respond on the alliance getting cancelled. Sorry"
"che..ithula sorry solla enna iruku..apdinulaam lighta solla maaten. Actually it was bit hurting. Not on the cancellation but that you didnt stop even after seeing me. Now that you raised the topic, i am more than curious to know why the alliance was cancelled. Your parents knew mine were eager to finalise. Apramum negative resultna..was it you? Ivlo directa ..ivlo personalaana question kekaraennu thappa nenachukaatha. If you feel uncomfortable you need not answer. I can understand"
"hmmmm...will you take offense if i ask a very personal question?"
"depends on about who?"
"hahaha..if its about others its gossip. I dont do that. Unna pathi thaan kekanum"
"Epppaadi..evlo bittu. Ipdilaam cutea keatta ennatha solrathu. Kelu"
"If you are feeling uncomfortable i wont expect you to reply. I will understand"
"hahahaa...enakkay repeatta...shabba...enna kekanumo keattu thola. Kandippa etho mokka poda porannu mattum terithu"
"Have you ever fell in Love? Yaarukaachum propose pannirukkia?"
"Enna Wow...ennada first time pesarapovay ipdilaam kekaraalaynu paakria..cmon..tell me..there is no spice in this party..atleast conversationlayaaachum  irukatumay..have u ever fell in love?"


Monday, November 28, 2011

Kolaveri remixed :)

Echusme..ippovay sollidren..padichoma kaari thuppinomanu deejenta irukanum. Auto anuparathu lorry anuparathu all no no..No voilence. Gilsu paavam :)

Why this delivery delivery delivery di
Why this delivery delivery delivery di

White coloru clientu clientu
Clientu currency greenu
'IT'na jolly lifeu lifeu
All smokeu screenu

Why this delivery delivery delivery di
Why this delivery delivery delivery di

Client always tellu tellu
Requirements in peiceu
Retypingu codeu codeu
Lifela goneu peaceu

Why this delivery delivery delivery di
Why this delivery delivery delivery di

Onsite trippu
Lifela grippu
Dreams of gooddu future

Round the clocku
Slaveu lifeu
Fully filled with torture

Hearu hearu
Oh my dearu
To your mind voiceu

Restu restu
All the restu
Absolute noiseu

Thissu songu for all thoseu
who no take risku
Try to break the mouldu  mouldu
Be for once boldu

Why this delivery delivery delivery di
Why this delivery delivery delivery di

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tipping point

As i was channel hopping, stumbled on a typical "seen-one-seen-all other' SRK movie. Shockingly it was running on Lok Sabha Channel!!! May be DD got bugged with airing '80 somethings' shouting matches and kiddish brawls and decided to take a break themselves. Watching movie without any ad breaks was a weird experience. I've been tuned to press the buttons on remote every 15 minutes and how much ever one complaints, the ad breaks do serve one purpose at least - to break the monotony of the movies, considering that even the shortest of our commercial potboilers run for close to  120 plus minutes. The movie was 'Kabhi Haa Kabhi Naa' and probably it was taken at a time when SRK was a lesser known face and an up and coming actor. He looks way too young in the movie and his support cast were regulars on DD-National's tele series like Circus, Nukkad, Fauji and lot more. Watching the movie felt like revisiting one's childhood photos.

The story line so simple and characters so lovable, reminiscent of erstwhile hindi movies, with the 'original' chocolate boy hero and Miss goody two shoes heroine, syrupy sentimental sis who carries an invisible placard that her 'bhaiyya is the best in the world' in every frame she comes and gives him the new born puppy looks whenever they share the screen with violins squeaking their twines out, middle class parents whose looks and life actually defined the term middle class to the masses plus friends who wear atrociously loud colored costumes (considering my penchant for dresses ala thalai you can imagine the scene i am trying to describe here :D ) which were once considered 'coooool' and throw in a funnily eccentric character with heart of gold and a villain who is more of naam ke vaaste type, you got the entire container load of scripts of the hindi movies of the 90's and believe me, each one of them were box office blockbusters whose songs and scenes have been branded in memories.

Needless to say, me a sucker for such movies :) and whenever i get a chance i revisit them to brush up my memory of course :) and also to get a dose of reel life innocence of which kind is a rare commodity in moviedom these days. I always believed that movies are the resemblers of the society and not the converse and one look at today's kind of movies is ample proof for the statement. In the name of being 'yathaartham' the kind of stories that are being picturised and force fed on audience, well not always but at times, appalling. Being raised on scruples and hypocritical values and risking the chances of sounding much more older :) i tend to cringe when school going kids mouth profanities without even realising their meaning and horror of horrors the acceptance of such things in daily vocabulary!! Every issue or belief or news or information is torn to shreds and is scrutinized under the microscope of logic and if it doesnt pass muster such thoughts are unceremoniously and publicly dumped. Feels offlate that the virtual world, having grown outside of the computers, have reached outside of the 4 walls and have taken the streets and lanes as well and people are fast loosing their sense of sacredness. For that matter, is there anything sacred or innocent anymore? Science has taught us to question everything. But falls short in the solution providing department. There are still lot many things in life like emotions of love, innocence, bliss, peace, calm, romance, passion, happiness, joy, harmony, togetherness and the negative of each of them, which can never be explained by any theorem or machine.

I believe certain things are meant not to be tampered with and even if it doesnt make sense i am still happy the way things are. Let there be some mystery left. Let there be some quest to search for later. For i guess life is much too shorter to be spent only to decipher its meaning. Feels good to be lazy once in a while and to go with the flow enjoying the course.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Murpagal seiyinn :)

Felt it made interesting sharing here :)

This took place in Charlotte, North Carolina.

A lawyer purchased a box of very rare and expensive cigars then insured them against, among other things... "FIRE"..!!

Within a month… having smoked his entire stockpile of these great cigars... the lawyer filed a claim against the insurance company.

In his claim, the lawyer stated the cigars were... "lost in a series of small fires'.

The insurance company refused to pay, citing the obvious reason, that the man had consumed the cigars in the normal fashion.

The lawyer sued... and... WON...!!!

Delivering the ruling... the judge agreed with the insurance company that the claim was frivolous... but he stated nevertheless, that the lawyer held a policy from the company, in which it had warranted that the cigars were insurable and also guaranteed that it would insure them against fire, without defining what is considered to be acceptable explanation of the term 'fire'...(as in the act of actually smoking the cigar) and was obligated to pay the claim.

Rather than endure lengthy and costly appeal process, the insurance company accepted the ruling... and paid $15,000 to the lawyer for his loss of the cigars that were... "lost in a series of small fires'.


After the lawyer cashed the check... the insurance company had him arrested on 24 counts of ARSON...!!!

With evidence of his own insurance claim... and testimony from the case being used against him… the lawyer was convicted of intentionally burning his insured property and was sentenced to 24 months in jail and a $24,000 fine...!!!

This true story won First Place in the "Criminal Lawyers Award" contest in the following year.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

NRI - New Relation Induction

Olagathulaye easyaana topic and also the most difficult one apdinu ethachum would self introduction i guess. Everyone can talk their heads off about themselves, but knowing where to draw the line is something known only to a select few. This technique comes in handy the most in case when a new relation is entering ones life. How much is too much or how little would be considered insufficient info? If prioritizing the points is suggested a solution, which one to share and which one to leave behind to be understood on their own? What to showcase and what not to? How truthful should one be or rather which points to hide? The art of creating a good impression, revealing as much or as little information and yet be safe enough to create a positive impression is something i crave to inculcate for a long long long time and falling woefully short. I've never ever made a decent first impression and have heard my good friends tell at a later point of time in our interactions that they never believed we would stick around with them for so long. Often one end up projecting a totally contradictory picture of their real self and have to catch up all along later to correct the impression.

Had a recent conversation with a friend of mine who is getting engaged in few days time. Now read the above paragraph from her perspective and i hope it might throw some picture on how our conversation would've gone :) Getting a new person in ones life is something of a life changer. If its going to be ones life partner, nothing would ever be the same again. In continuation with my previous post on Future shock, which basically talks about change and adapting to change, marriage is the biggest wanton life altering event in anyone persons life i guess. If one looks at milestones in each persons life, marriage would definitely be the major one which changed the course of their existence. Its the most complex of relation and brings with it as much pleasure and pain and still people world over take the plunge into that maddening ocean. Its proved by the mere fact that, though every one craves for 'Paradise regained', 'Paradise lost' has sold more copies than its sequel :) Its a whole big lottery, inviting a person into your life without bothering about the consequences, wholly resting everything on hope that it would work out in the end and surprisingly it works for the vast majority!!

I dont see an end to this topic so winding up with a wonderful quote suttufied from somewhere - 'Sorrow can take care of itself. But to get the full value of happiness, you should have someone to share it with' (and to add to it, if that person also happens to be your companion for life, well, that is a life well spent i guess).

Wishing my friend all the very best on her quest towards a new beginning. God bless you.

(Just now saw the count on publishing this post!!! Guess what..this also happens to be post number 500.. :D :D :D  )

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Future Shock

What an intriguing title :) I mean..not for this post. But in general. The one who coined the phrase must have been a genius. And so began my introduction to the book by that name - Future Shock by Alvin Toffler. I have never been a big fan of self-improvement books. Pannandu varusham iskoola padichi onnum kizhikkala. Oray oru book apdiye lifea thala keezha porati potrumnulaam advertise panni ethachum book vantha i simply avoid them. Rather than reading the success stories of people to follow ditto, i guess one should prefer to read the failures life history to avoid repetition or even better, take up what was unfinished and try to complete it too!!  Coming back to the title. This book, to describe in one word is just WOW. And an amazing thing is that, i checked with most of my book reading friends. Surprisingly, none of them had read this one!!! Felt like Columbus introducing his America to them when i sent them the soft copy (Be it Magellan or Amerigo Vespucci or whoever it was the original founder..aana famousaana name Columbus thaana :D )

My reading patter goes like this. First read - skimming the pages, stopping only at paras which sound interesting and directly going to the end to see how it finished. If impressed, second read would go bit slow to cover the missing sections. Third read would be the slow savouring one..goign through the minutest of word plays and marking the quotes. This book, Future shock, is around 280 pages long and even after 2 months since i began reading it, i am still at page 80. Not that its that boring a one or i was super busy. But i simply dont want this one to end. Gaali aaidum sollitu konjam konjama saapdra chocolate bar mathiri..i just read a few paras, get stunned with the content and close it off. Overa hype panra mathiri teriuthu. But still..this how i feel when i read the book. Not necessarily it might have an exact impact on others for they might've experienced the situations mentioned in it and might even be self aware of them. From all those adventure/thriller novels i read usually, this was a major major deviation and first ever attempt at something of this genre. So that could basically be the reason behind my awe. Anyways..

After all those bittu in previous para atleast onnu rendu vaarthaiyaachum book enna solluthunu solanumla :)
This book is from the 1970's or an even early period. But the content is so relevant even after half a century from its publication. It talks about the single most important concept, ever - CHANGE. How change invades everywhere and the domino effect it has on every single thing around. The examples he had used and the situations he talks about, some are outdated and some doesnt even make sense in current day's world. Which i guess adds more credibility to the what the book tries to convey - ACCEPTANCE. There are many interesting anecdotes/view points on the book (in the first 80 odd pages i have read so far) and it was simply amazing to note the way the author conjures them up into such a logical sequence. I've always romanticized the 70's as the best decade in human history. There were lot many 'firsts' which came in from that decade which are common things in today's world. This book adds more fuel to that thought.

I would love to hear from you folks as to what do you feel about this book. Let me warn you again. The content is a bit dry subject and unless you are in the mood to grasp it, might feel a let down. But definitely worth a try is what i feel so far.

Thursday, November 03, 2011


"Close the door and have a seat"
He came and sat on the rolling chair which, having lost one of its wheels, was see-sawing.
Just like his life.
Some months ago in a different location, similar situation, he was on the other side of the chair.
Possibly giving even better advice.
"You've again put me in an awkward position"
"Going by the seating arrangement, i guess that should have been my dialog" he said.
"Wisecracks are not going to help you. You should realize what you are doing. I've told you even before. Losing temper in front of everyone is not going to help you anyway at all"
"Well this way at least i would get some help in finding it back"
"Finding what?"
"My lost temper"
"Enough. See..had it been anybody else i wouldn't be having this discussion at all. I strongly recommend you to introspect and try to find a way to control your temper. Take a notepad"
"Why? you want me to write imposition?"
"Dont push your luck. Now write down the absolutely honest reasons why you loose temper. Try to evaluate yourself from a third party perspective. Imagine you as a witness to your outbursts and as someone who is fully aware of the reason and write your comment"
"Hmm....interesting. Weird. But interesting. Different from that yoga-meditation thing.  Will give this one a shot and let you know"
"Nothing doing. Start writing. I've booked this discussion room for the next hour. I will be back in half an hour's time. Finish it before that. Your time starts now"

With only the whirrring sound of Air cooler for company he sat alone on the discussion room. It was more of an over sized wardrobe with false ceiling. At first his mind wandered to every place he could think of, other than the notepad and finally looking at the time, he decided to write something to escape from an even more boring lecture.

He begin to write - Why does he get angry? Is it because he was always right? He felt definitely no, as he would be the last but one person and the last person to accept that. He made a list of people against whom he had raised his voice in recent past. Few of them were his subordinates and some his peer. None in the cadre above him Was he trying to bully people into submission? The more he thought about the surer he became that the answer was a definite 'NO'. He began to trace back his emotions to understand the underlying cause for his outbursts More often than not, his interpretation of the issue which angered him, would have actually been his reaction had he been on the other side. The more he dug in deep, the found that, the root cause for every single reason behind his anger was , surprisingly, fear!!! At the core, he realised, every short tempered person were basically meek and frightened and to cover their fear, they hide behind the guise of anger. Fear of losing face, reputation or image created havoc on the mind and it goes to the extent of projecting a macho virtual personality to protect itself.

He sat in silence and realised the amount of truth in the answer he became aware of. He found the questions becoming difficult with each passing moment and cursed himself for getting sucked into the situation.

He struck everything he wrote and started thinking about the solution.

He wrote - What made him happy? Pat came the answer- Appreciation. Recognition. He realised there is no better cure or more addictive drug in the world than the sound of applause. Every time his name got called up for a good performance, his heart would beat faster and he would tell himself that the bar has gone up a notch higher to keep him in reality check. The next question flew in automatically and so did the answer. What made him sad? Discouragement. Being the worst self critic, he hardly needed any more fuel to burn his   pride.

He stared at the paper and sat in silence. His thoughts were disturbed by the sound of door opening.

"So, seems like you had a busy time writing, huh? May i see it?"
"No" and he teared the paper into shreds.
"Cool. So.. you actually did contemplate on what i said and seems it has worked out a bit too?"
He smiled and walked away.
Before closing the door he turned back and said "Thank you".

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Revolution 2020

Looking at the title itself you can realise how cheesy the content is going to be. But as they say never judge a book by its cover (or by its title for that matter) than muyarchiyil satrum manam thalaraatha gils ploughed into the story.
The intro was again a let down. It was a xerox of what he wrote on "3 Mistakes of my life". Same scenario. Same result. Flashbackla katha solla kudigaara narratora vitta vera optionay teriathaa mishter Baghat?!!! Intha aal schooldaysla romba kushtapatrupaan nenakren. Something about his education is plaguing him. Oru katha udaama elathulayum education systema damage pannitrukaan. Not that the system is so great or pious to be ridiculed. But oru changekavavathu vera theme yosikalam. Bloody boring it has become.
A triangular love story. One ozhukkaseela character, topping in studies (which he makes it sound like the worst thing or the uncoolest event at the best, to ever happen in that characters life), one sumaara padikara heroine and one suthama padikatha hero. This guy is the narrator cum central character of the story. He comes in every single page of the book. He cribs about his life, cribs about his average score on the entrance exams, cribs about his dad, cribs about his unnreciprocated love for the sumaara padikara heroine, cribs when she reciprocates, cribs when he realises the ozhukka seela nature of that dummy piece character, cribs when the heroine cheats on her boyfriend and sleeps with him and finala ditches the heroine so that Mr.ozhukkaseelan has aatharavu in his life. Oops..spoiler alert. Dont read from the 3rd line of this paragraph. Athaan motha kathaiye.
As always, in this story too, the girl has affairs outside of her relationship and gets ditched in the end. Wonder the reason behind this deliberate picturisation on all his novels. There is hardly any hollywood movie where the hero and heroine dont kiss. Even then, it never look vulgar. Aana namma oorula bittu pada poster mathiri kiss adikara sceneye prathaanama vachu padam oatuvaanga. Atha mathiri thalaivarum try pannararo? It sticks out like sore thumb in this otherwise decayed story line.
The concept he has taken deserves a lot more respect and lot better treatment. This one is written with B grade masala bollywood movie making in mind.

Gils verdict - YUCK.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Review time :)

Three movies for this weekend :) One Telugu, one English and one Tamil :) Plus finished reading Chetan Bagat's latest "Revolution 2020" and started with "Arthamulla Indhu madham" by Kannadasan.

100% Love (Telugu Movie) - When my friend gave me the DVD i thought it would be another of those rusting discs unwatched in my collection. But was feeling so bored that wanted to give it a try, remembering his promise that it had subtitles. And WAS impressive to say the least. The story from the Geetha films is nothing earth shattering and typical candy floss (more eye-candy i should say :D )romance from the stables of Allu Aravind. Its the love story between a boy who has been topping studies from kintergarten to college and his uncles daughter, who not only competes with him on his studies but at every step there onwards, only to get his attention to win his heart. The guy doesnt relent till last reel as he wants to be one above everyone to win her attention. Endingla - subam. The movie belongs to Tamanna. Be it paavaadai thaavani or jean or saree or...any costume or lack of it ;) she is just...mesmerising (for lack of better words). Has started acting a bit too apart from flashing that syrupy smile :) sodabutty kannadi is wat comes to mind. Doesnt even know his name. Evan paathaan avanelaam :) Comedy scenes in the movie were too gud. Especially the ones with the kids, left with the nerdy brainy weirdo, to improve on their ranks. The way their names get replaced with their ranks, beginning their lunch with prayer on algebraic formulae, ellaamay cute. Movie oozes with cuteness in songs also. Typical romance masala movie for weekend watch.

Bad teacher - Cameroon Diaz paathu emaanthu paaka ponaa...avvvvvvvvvvvvvvv. Marana mokkai movie. Dont even go near its poster.

Now for the main course :)

Velaayudham- Intha deepavali releasela onnu kooda paaka maatomonu nenachitrunthapo thaan..namma movie sponsor, cum companion this time, messaged me :D Ennoda movie watching plan on deepavali releases went like first preference to Velayudham next Ra one and last for 7th arivu. So the plan has began with the right sequence for now.
One word to describe the movie - Vijay. He is well and truly back. Vijay is that type of actor, who very well knows his limitations on what he is good at and what he is not. At times he over does the "i-am-adutha-mgr-cum-rajini" bit and ends up biting the dust more times than one in recent past. To me THIS movie should have been his 50th. It has all the ingredients for a festival release and in perfect proportions.
The movie opens with Af-Pak border sequence, wondering if it belongs vijay or vijaykanth. Cut to the intro scene for Vijay. I was actually scared to watch the movie any further considering the strong "resemblance" of the scene to one, from another dud from Vijay "Kuruvi". With the hero racing against train, flying across the field to enter it..poachudaa nu nenakrapo, the comedy scenes begin. And man..they are sure to find a place on the classics list. Its such a lengthy portion and tickles every single second of it. Forget the fact that, some scenes were lifted from "Singgh is Kingg". It is a sure laugh riot. Santhaanam-Vijay chemistry works out big time and he helps to carry the comic tempo into the second half. Fights are inserted at regular interval to stop the movie from becoming a laughathon. Hansika Motwani as the mora ponnu does the role of other vijay movie heroines to the T - looks cute, chases vijay like Hutch dog, wears skimpy clothes and has dream duets. Genelia  dons the journalist with a will to change the naadu for the better role and stares and stares and stares throughout the movie. Paavam antha ponnu. Terinja oray acting is to flash her pearlies. Sirikavay koodaathunu 144 poattu nadikka sonna. Looks cute on the songs though as she gets to smile. Saranaya mohan - paavam. Aayusukkum ini sister role thaan. She does the cute and thyaaga sister role as per the formula and doesnt disappoint. Now comes the Villain. Tamil cinema villainsoda genes eduthu 7aam arivu mathiri ethaachum padam kathai yosikalam.. Even nuclear bombs wont kill them for 2 hours and 55 minutes of the movie only to die hearing the hero mouth his words of wisdom and not due to some stray bullet. Intha padam is no vithi velakku. Vijay bashes him to his bloddy bones. He comes back. He again bashes him. Villain comes back. Finala Villain bashes vijay and prouthathu pothumnu vijay chops the villains head. Itha oru one hour munnaidye pannirukalamay. Athennanu terila.. "Manohara" kaalathulenthay cinemala cement panjam pola. Be it Sivaji or any hero for that matter..chain poattu katti vacha..oray izhuppula sevuthoda pichitu vanthiruthu. "Imsai arasan 26 pulikesi"la vara blacksmith use panni chain panraangalo? Vijay TVla solra mathiri adutha padathuku Rana Tor muruku kambi use panna suggest pananum. Lastly - Vijay. Konjam weight potrukara mathiri teriuthu. "Kaavalan" kudutha confidence nalla terithu in performance. I can go out on a limb and say, this could well be his next big break post "Ghilli". Dance stepslaam CDyaa poatta gym classesku use aagum. Comic timingla current cropla Danush and Vijay adichika aalay ila. They rock if the script helps them. Danush aana comparitively better actor thonuthu.
Konjam Anniyan saayal climax plus motha movieyumay "Azad"nu pazhaiaya Nagarjuna padathoda remixnaalum.."Remake" Raja lives upto his name. Oray kurai..the length. More than 3 hours. First half semma racy and lengthy..second half less racy and more lengthy.
Gils verdict - Enjoy the show with a bucket of popcorn. Logic paakaatha masaalaa movie.

Intha listay jaasthi aaitathaala..Books review thania paathuakalaam :) varta

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Happy Deepavali wishes

Konja naal ezhutharathuku ethuvum thoanalaina writers blocknu solraangalay...West Bengal legislative assembly peru Writers Buildingaamay. Athaan Kolkata innum urupadama iruko?

Vanakkam makkalay.Ellarum Navaratri celebrate panni mudichitu Deepavali celebrate panna readyaaiteengala? :) I love this time of the year. Especially the week preceeding Deepavali. The moment you step out, its almost as if there is an unmistakable sense of eagerness on if people are hurrying towards happiness everywhere. Every single shop flogs their workers, draining them to their last available ounce of strength to manage the crowds. Oops. No more negative sentences here, however true it maybe. Dont want to spoil the festive spirit. Point is, for a while now i've been getting mixed feelings about festivals. ( Udanay vayasaanalay ipdi thaannu mokka poata pichi puduven. Mokkai putting is Gils territory and trespassers will be subjected to more severe mokkais)
Irrespective of religions almost all festivals fall on the year end - year beginning period. Its as if our munnors had decided that mid of the year epdiyum sikki seerazhiya year end and year beginning gujaalsa irunthidalaamnu. Few years back, tv channels ensured that the crowds stayed indoors watching all the mega hyped movies. But with the advent of online streaming and multiplexes on every corner, pudu pada mogam also has taken a serious beating. Patti mandrams too have lost their sheen with talk shows on every alternate weekend. Star Interviews have also outlasted their welcome. Either the so called chinna thirai reinvents itself or TRP's would soon be RIP. Those who were cribbing that television has effectively killed the concept of families going out to enjoy outdoors will be happier.

Advance Deepavali wishes makkalay. Narakaasuran death celebrationo illa Ramaroda Ayodhya returnkagavo illa Amma ullaatchi therthalla amoga vetri petratharkagavo..illa velaayudham paartha verila yaar mela vediya veesalaamngara kovathunaalyo..illa vera entha reasonukaga irunthaalum seri...paathu pattaasu vedinga. Enjoy your vacation with your families and friends. You know you all deserve it. Catch you all in another mokkai soon :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hmm...aprumm? :)

"Hmm..aprum? vera enna matter?" Usuala this question is the favourite icebreaker topic for any idle chit chat or conversation to begin. If used once, it would very well serve its purpose as the initiator but i've come across scores of people who almost use it as a delimiter. Every single pause would be filled with it. Even if you reply in the negative saying "onnumila..usual life" then also it wouldnt subside. CBI CIA visaaranaila kooda avlo thadava thuruvi thuruvi kelvi kekka maataanga. Adhuvum if the person happens to be someone who contacts you after a long gap..sethaanga. Makkalay...ennadaa ivan ipdi solraan..oruthan manushana mathichi phone panni pesa vantha ivan ivlo scene podraanaynu nenachukaatheenga. Intha feedbacklaam enaku vantha feedback. Naan entha alavuku mokka podrengaratha..kodumai thaangaama surrender aana oru victim sonna vaira varigal thaan mela sonnapattavai :D Me one self confessed conversation moron. I do have a problem in spacing my speaking vs hearing parts. Either vaaya mooditu kaetukitay irupen..or pesarathula kaathula ratham vara alavuku mokkai :) And kodumai is..i am absolutely aware of it while conversing !! Thats a real pain if you can understand what i am saying here. Speech silver .silence golden. Elaam of carrying out a good conversation is platinum cum diamond mix. Romba romba kushtam. As much as possible i try to move the chat to my comfort zone - the written format rather than verbal. Saatharanamaa orutharoda oruthar sagajama pesikarathu avlo kashtama? over scena irukaynu yosikareengala...hmm. its something which i am afflicted with right from my school days. I have always had fear of sounding stupid and was never a confident speaker as such. Blogla mattum apidi ennamo athi methavi mathiriyaakumnu solreengala..athelaam kandukapdaathu :D The kind of career line i am in currently it requires me to have a good command over my words verbal or written. And unable to carry out a good conversation is a big handicap. Schooldaysla suthama vaaya thirakaatha paiyanlenthu..i went overboard into a thona thonappu case :) I bombard people with questions to such an extent that it has become my identity. Ivan kitta maatina kelvi keattay konnuruvaannu paathalay odiruvanga :D In a way it has acted as adeterrent against my lack of skill. Okay. Ethuku ivlo bittunu paakareengala..matter oru line silpaansikabilpaansi matter thaanga. Me have joined one speech club in aapice :) Athula every week we have to give prepared speech. Athula competitionlaam vera undaam. Schooldaysla sernthu senjirukara velailaam ipo me the doings and enjoyings too. First day self introduction topicla pesinathukaga oru Gel pen prize kuduthaanga :) I was so happy. Veetla vanthu amma kitta kaatitu inniki speechku prize kuduthaangamma sonnapo felt as if i went back to my schooldays. I've missed many things in my school life without even realizing their absence. Onnu onna ipo compensating for them :)

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Mayakkam enna...

A movie, much panned around for it crazy song lyrics written by the bro duo of Dhanush and Selva, also boasts of a gem of a song below. Sung by Harish Ragavendra, a person who brings so much sincerity and dedication to all his efforts to sound correct with his pronunciation and tone, it literally melts your heart. At the risk of sounding blasphemous, i would still go on a limb and say that GV could be the answer to the successor of Ilayaraja kind of music. In almost all his tunes, its the voice that sounds over the music and he allows the talent of the singers to score over his tunes. Enjoy the lyrics of this wonderful song :)

என்னென்ன செய்தோம் இங்கு
இதுவரை வாழ்விலே
எங்கெங்கு போனோம் வந்தோம்
விதிஎன்னும் பேரிலே
காணாத துயரம் கண்ணிலே
ஓயாத சலனம் நெஞ்சிலே
சில நேரம் எண்ணியதுண்டு
உன்னை தேடி வந்ததுமுண்டு
சன்னதியில் சலனம் வெல்லுமா
அன்பான புன்னகை செய்வாய்
அழகான பார்வையில் கொல்வாய்
நீ என்பது நான் அல்லவா
விடை சொல்கிறாய்
கல்லாக இருப்பவன் நீயா
கண்ணீரை துடைப்பவன் பொய்யா
உள் நெஞ்சிலே உனை வணங்கினால்
கரை சேர்க்கிறாய்

வாழ்க்கையின் பொருள் தான் என்ன
வாழ்ந்து தான் பார்த்தால் என்ன
கதை சொல்கிறாய்
பயம் கொல்கிறாய்
காலை சூரியனின் ஆதிக்கமா
பாடும் பறவைகள் போதிக்குமா
உனது அரசாங்கம் பெரும் காடு
உலகம் அதிலே ஒரு சிறு கூடு
உன்னை அணைத்து கொண்டு
உள்ளம் மருகி நின்றால்
சுடும் தீயும் சுகமாய் தீண்டிடும்
சில நேரம் எண்ணியதுண்டு
உன்னை தேடி வந்ததுமுண்டு
சன்னதியில் சலனம் வெல்லுமா
உள்ளிருக்கும் உன்னைத்தேடி
ஓயாமல் அலைவோர் கோடி
கடல் அலையா
மலைகள் ஏறி வரும் ஒரு கூட்டம்
நதியில் மூழ்கி எழும் பெரும் கூட்டம்
என்னில் கடவுள் யார் தேடுகிறோம்
பொய்யாய் அவரின் பின் ஓடுகிறோம்
கண்ணைப்பார்க்க வைத்த
கல்லை பேச வைத்த
கருணை மறக்கிறோம்
அன்பான புன்னகை செய்வாய்
அழகான பார்வையில் கொல்வாய்
நீ என்பது
நான் அல்லவா
விடை சொல்கிறாய்
கல்லாக இருப்பவன் நீயா
கண்ணீரை துடைப்பவன் பொய்யா
உள் நெஞ்சிலே உனை வணங்கினால்
கரை சேர்க்கிறாய்

Summa irunthavana silupi vitta True void avargalay..aduthu vara pora azhugina muttai thakkaaligaluku neeray reponsible :D Oru kolaverioda current cut aana kaduppula ezhuthinathu. Literal translationa pannama konjam masala mix panni try pannathu :)

The things we do..
The places we go..
Blaming it all on fate
Living a life full of hate
Drowning in the sea of sadness
Loosing calm mind to madness
In search of a safety pod
To reach the lotus feet of God
Amidst reality so gory
Seeking the divine glory
To cross the sea of pain
The destiny we strive to attain

Searching for the meaning of life
Living on the edge of a knife
Lost in the concrete Jungle
Where good and bad mingle
Longing for elusive freedom
To reach thy divine kingdom
Where fire breathes coolness
and air relishes its stillness
Where smoke settles and solidifies
and falls, that gravity defies

Throwing the key in the dark
Hoping it would reach its lock
Forgetting the helping hands
Joining the maddening bands
Wanting to get a glimpse of the bend
Living to die to reach you in the end

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Apple - Jobs less

I am not a gadget freak. All those that i use fall on the essential category, borderline basic models. Till date i dont have a single Apple product in my kitty. But Steve Jobs has been one man in the techno world whom i've followed with keen interest all along. His rise to fame is a stuff made for legends. A man who was truly a visionary of our times. A person who dared to dream and make them into reality too. A maverick who cared less for failures and was never afraid to lose sight of the shores in search for newer horizons. To me, as much as the product, the best part about all those Apple products were their names too. Couldn't think of a more personal way to name a product, with each of them prefixed with "i". To many he was the tittle over the i on all their products. Here was one guy who forced people to share his dreams by out thinking the demand. He created his own market and forced his competitors to run his race. The amazing part of his life is that, as much as his success, his failures too were modern day folklore. We've never lived in the era when giants like Edison,Marconi,Graham Bell walked around. Could this guy along with the other great salesman called Gates be our generations answer to them?

America has lost millions of jobs to recession. But the loss of this one is and will be felt worldwide.

Here is an excerpt from his now famous speech at Stanford University. COMMENCEMENT SPEECH AT STANFORD UNIVERSITY, 2005"Remembering that I'll be dead soon is the most important tool I've ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything -- all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure -- these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.""Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma -- which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice."

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Engeyum Eppothum - Review

Sometimes...amidst all the magnificent fireworks which light up the night sky, a simple candle steals the heart. It not just serves the purpose of giving useful light, but also looks beautiful too.

Engeyum Eppothum is one such movie. Right from first frame the movie oozes with freshness and a serene calmness only to be shattered by a saddening climax. Anjali and Jai form such a lovely pairing that whenever they come onscreen it makes you smile unconsciously. After Kani (Angadi Theru) Anjali scores again as Manimegalai in this movie. A dominating yet subdued lady lead, a first for our kind of cinema i guess. Jai plays the innocent villager role to the T and all his scenes are a laugh riot. Loved the exchanges between him and Anjali. Especially the scene where she asks him to meet one police constable. After the meeting she asks him does he knows who that police constable was. He innocently replies "if he is a constable for me, will he be D.I.G for you". Believe me, the instantness of the reply was so tickling i literally laughed out loud. The way Anjali bullies him into getting things done are really funny and original. Their characterisations have been etched deep and neat. The same cannot be said about the other lead pair though. Ananya is out to steal many a heart with her performance for sure. She does full justice to the role of a pony tailed barbie doll from a non-metro, who goes wide eyed with fear with the very thought of the fast based city life and literally takes her cousins words about meeting strangers as law. Her goofups and her misunderstanding about Sarva create real life fun situations which would have happened in anybody's life. On the other hand, its hard to believe anyone would be so naive to go to this length to help a girl, how much ever good looking or genuine she may be, on the very first meeting itself. The director has one the extra mile to prove that city dwellers are as good as villagers when it comes to helping people. But it is the only character which sticks out in the entire setup as artificial. The other major character, infact the momentum shifter, show stopper, chief villain of the movie, is the BUS itself. It plays the role of love vehicle to perfection turning villain in the end and the entire Ananya-Sarva romance sequence is built on their bus journeys.

To me, the success of this story lies in its abilities to light up every single minute details of our daily life, which we otherwise tend to ignore. Be it the sleepy co-passenger who irritates us asking for his destined stop at every single bus halt only to miss the stopping sleeping or the father who is desperate to meet his loved ones, being apart from his family for years, trying to assure his kid that he is really on the way to meet them or the newly wed husband, who is smitten with the love bug that he cant stay away from his wife :) best of the lot being, the site adiching paiyan and the responsive ponnu and how they trade their phone numbers and details. Every single character is sethukified by the director and shows how much observant he has been. He also does a neat job on distinguishing between the village and city culture. All of these are brought to a shattering halt with the accident which throws every single character off balance.

There are many theories on what the title means. Some of my friends even felt that the movie ends abruptly as if they over ran the budget and decided to stop. But i feel that only makes the movie more perfect. Life happens everywhere. Its all around us. Engeyum Eppothum is all about it. It tells us to see the world around us and soak in its glory. It asks us to pause to smell the roses. It shows us that life is not confined to the confined spaces of home or office alone.

It also gives a heads up that accidents are incidents waiting to happen. After watching the movie, i felt like reading about the recent plane crash news in which lot of people from Trichy lost their life. The rate at which accidents happen in our city, i almost always ignore such news and even curse the broadcaster for never missing a chance to beam such gory incidents when so many other important ones lie sleeping on the back burner. But, had our own, touch wood, been in any of those accidents, would we be so callous? Its not that we need a 140 mins movie to teach us this basic human concept. But it sure pushes the paper in its own sweet way.

Gils Verdict: Its a movie for all ages and a must watch. Go for it.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Corporate Culture in Ramayana :)

Lord Ram..sitting on the seashore with a worried look.
After convincing the Sea Lord to support him on his mission to build a bridge over sea, he is now left with the arduous task of actually building the bridge. He is seen comforted by Sugreeva, Hanuman, Jaambavan and Sugreeva offers his monkey sena to perform the monumental project. Hanuman is appointed the project manager. Nala and Neela take the role of chief architects. Millions of monkeys take to quarrying for stones and form an assembly line to build the bridge. They toil day in and out, cheerfully performing their tasks. There lived a squirrel family close by to the sea. Watching the monkeys helping the Lord in his quest, the squirrel family decides to throw their hat in the ring too. Without further much ado, they jump into the fray and begin to carry small pebbles. Lord Ram, moved by this noble act, takes the squirrel on his hand and lovingly smoothens its fur.

Legend has it that, the marks we see on the backs of the squirrels are the fingerprints of Lord Ram when he stroked them.

Ithula enga corporate culture vanthuchunu paakareengala. Matteruku varuvom.

Monkeysoda natural tasks/lifestyle enna? Kadalla kalla poatu bridge katratha?? Kandippa illa. Irunthaalum..avanga big boss..Sugreevan sonaarnu ellaam, went out of their way to do the task. Annual appraisalkaana goal setting document padi, bridge katrathu would have never been a part of their daily routine. Apdi paatha elaamay exceeded their expectations in that project. Like any project, project manager (Hanuman) gets the maximum appreciation here also and well deservedly too. Like any IT projects, intha bridge projectlayum, architects pathi yaarum kandukitta mathiri therila. (Wonder how many knows that Nala and Neela are the engineers of the vaanara army). Finala, no one knows any one of the zillion monkeys which did the actual work of throwing stones into sea and constructed the bridge. Akin to "Normal" developers who punch in lakhs of lines of code without even getting to see the light of the day and get rated as "Meeting expectations" at the end of the year.

Sila per are like the squirrel. They may or may not be directly involved in the project. Aana vara vendia nerathula..seiyya vendia velaiya..seria senji..aththanai limelightaiyum allikittu poiduvanga. And their contribution, however minimal, will be spoken about for generations.

Ithunaala thaan solrathu - "Don't be a monkey. Be a squirrel" nu.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Social Network

He logs into FaceBook and posts "Bored with life". It receives 20 LIKES. Few of his 300 and odd friends asks permission to repost it. Majority agree with "Same pinch" replies. There are few wisecrack comments. More LIKES follows. One of his long lost friend posts "You still alive. Call me" without giving his number and also POKES him.

Few days later the status message reads "Life sucks". This one receives more LIKES than previous one and is responded with philosophical quotes copy pasted from other posts. His long lost friend POKES again.

Soon the status message reads "Planning to commit suicide". Of all the three posts this one receives maximum LIKES. "Can i be by Su's side when you commit to her" wisecracks a friend. That mokkai receives more likes than the original status message and the topic digresses away. One guy posts YOU TUBE video of a person streaming LIVE his suicide and recommends the same. It gets the maximum likes. The long lost friend POKES again.

He really commits suicide after a few days. All his friends post about it on their status messages wherever they can. A Gtalk status reads "HE MAN u r THE MAN" another one went like "You rocked buddy. Will aaaalways be in my memories. Will never again forget to wish you on your birthdays". Some of his friends FACEBOOK statuses read like "what a tragic loss", some wondered "Was he alive all these days?", "When did i add this guy in my friends list??!!" and scores of "RIP" and a steady stream of "HEARTY CONDOLENCES" crowd up His FACEBOOK page. His long lost friend posts on his page "dei alive? weekend meet pannalama?" and POKES him AGAIN.

Few days later, FACEBOOK prompts about His birthday. Majority of the responses read "Advance birthday wishes", while some go to the extent of wishing a "Long and happy life". Others want Him to "have a blast". His long lost friend, angry with Him for lack of response blocks Him from his friends list.

Few more months down the line.

She posts in FACEBOOK "Bored with life". Can you guess what the reaction would be? ;))

Thursday, September 08, 2011

A moral dilemma

I've always had my reservations about death penalties. Not exactly convinced on their usage. Always felt that taking another life is god's realm and humans, especially those in garb of black gown sitting under a smiley oldies photo, have no business in it. But this particular issue, a severely sensitive one at that, is irking me so much that, thought of posting about it.

I am talking about the appeal raised against the capital punishment sentenced for the (erstwhile) LTTE trio. There are so many reasons, valid and humane at that, with which it can be argued as to why their death sentence should be annulled. But our shameless dirty pigs of politicians have decided to bleed the sentiment, dry out of this one too, which has already cost a poor lady's life. I dont understand how can speaking a common language and belonging to a war ravaged country, contaminated with ethnic cleansing and lead by the worst psychopath of a leader, who would make Khmer rogue guerrillas sound like kindergarten kids, make them qualify for a waiver of a crime they've committed, which has been proven beyond any doubt with authentic evidence.

Those poor guys have already spent not one, not two, but TWENTY years of their lives in prison. If there is anything worse than death, its awaiting it day after day, not knowing when the hangman's noose is going to kiss your neck. These people have undergone that torture for 2 decades of their life. The prime of their youth wasted in the shadow of death. Some might say, the delay was caused by the umpteen mercy pleas raised on their behalf. But again, its easier to be an armchair commentator than to actually live their lives. Saying all this, i do not support their motives or means and definitely not the result. They ARE terrorists, who killed not just a charismatically corrupt leader but 18 other people along with him and resulted in landslide victory leading to formation of a corrupt government. Their single act of terrorism. earned the wrath of his widow, which has now resulted in the eventual doom of their entire organisation. Had it been any other country, these three would've been long dead and might have even reborn.

By passing a resolution, recommending waiver of the death sentence, there by bowing to political pressure AND continuing the game of one up man ship with DMK, the ruling party has set such a horrible precedence, which sends shivers in me to even think of the events to follow. If belonging to the same ethnic group, speaking the same language are good enough reasons to pardon criminals, that too with state Government's endorsement...i couldnt get myself to even finish describing the absurdity of the scenario. Even before i could post this one, there is some organisation asking presidential pardon for Afzal Guru, on similar grounds.

"THILLU MULLU"la Thenga Sreenivasan solra mathiri ..."Murugaaa...intha naatta nee thaaanpaa kaapaathanum"!!!!

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Situational song :D

Last weekend i happened to see "Mangaathaa" movie and had posted a review on the same under the review and WMW tag. The generous sponsor of the free pass was rt, a fellow blogger, who is truly the Jill of all trades. Any place worth hanging out in chennai, any decent restaurant or shortcut routes to any place in chennai, she is my google cum wikipedia :) (Ipdilaam bittu poatta..aduthavaatiyum ticket sponsor pannuvaangannu oru nappasai thaan :D )The generous sponsor, though couldnt make it to the movie as she had other engagements. I was left with not one..but two movie tickets for the hot cake movie of the weekend. Yet i couldnt find any takers for the other ticket!!! All the people i knew were either in want of both the tickets or werent in a position to make the show timings. I am never punctual to any place but almost always make an exception for movies for obvious reasons :) Here too, for 10.15 show, i was there by 9.45 and to kill time, was listening to songs in radio. As if reading my mind, 104.8 fm decided to air this very song. Always been a fan of Westlife and this one in particular, played the role of situational song to the T :D

Loneliness is always looking for a friend
It found me once and it has been around since then
Loneliness is never waiting by the door
It sweeps right through and it will never be ignored
Why, why was I chosen?
Why am I left without?

Loneliness knows everything I keep inside
My endless thoughts in the silence of the night
Loneliness is the one who made me see
Ain't nobody else who can make a change but me
Why, why was I chosen?
Why am I left without?

Less is more and that would be the vacant space
The cried out tears and a never ending maze
I have found what only loneliness provides
A strength within knowing I will find

Monday, September 05, 2011

Flights of fancy

The noise was deafening and the crowd inside was suffocating. Yet, each one managed to squeeze whatever little space they can to catch a glimpse. The moment they saw "it", the kids who were sitting close by to the window had a happy glow on their face. Some of the elders had a longing look. While some had the look of pride, with recollections of their past experiences on "it" shining on their eyes. Some had a look of irritation wondering what the heck is so special about something so trivial. Either they would have given up all hope of ever coming anymore closer to "it" than they actually can or they must have got fed up that their otherwise peaceful journey being disturbed by the over enthusiastic audience. I witness these scenes almost 5 days a week on the way to office, whenever the bus crosses Meenambakkam airport.

When cellphones first came into our college campus (well..actually it was pager which came in first) looking at the cost of usage, i thought if i earn enough to own a pager life would be settled. So was the case for cell phones till a few years back. Though being latest gadgets to enter the daily life and despite such an unaffordable rate at which they were introduced, industry realised their potential and what has resulted in an never ending price reduction war, which has actually benefited both the buyer and the seller. Same applies for cars too. I would call the automobile industry as racist, elitist and whatever more "tist"s i could think for yet to make a fuel efficient at the same time stylish looking safe car. Different story for different post. Point wanted to convey is, all these things, though considered as luxury once, has now been made available. If not exactly to all the people, atleast to a vast majority. Now, i dont want to get into that muddle of, how useful they are and who benefits from them. So let me skip into the point i wanted to post about, which is air travel.

Of all the basic amenities, i would love to include air travel in that list, flights are still beyond the reach of common men. When Air Deccan was introduced as low cost airline, felt so happy and despite its misgivings as to unhygienic conditions and inconsistent schedules, it was quite a revolution and many benefited because of it. But rather than the revolution spreading, its been nipped very fast in the bud itself and whatever remains, hardly resembles the original idea anymore. I wish to see the day, when i have the options to choose a super fast bullet train or a low cost airline, where in both compete with each other on their pricing, for a trip to any major city in TN or anywhere in India. I want to have options in my travel which are both affordable and enjoyable and dont just remain with in the grasp of a select few. I want air travel to be so common that, next time when the bus crosses Meenambakkam, people should look at flight with the same curiosity as which they see a car or a new model bike and not with yearning. Agreed that, even car and bike are not something affordable by everyone..but..i am sure u get the drift. And yeah..this post is not in response to any cancelled onsite trips of mine or long pending visa interviews :D

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Mangaathaa daa... :)


Guess this would be THE catch phrase in days to come. Right from the first frame Ajith owns every single screen second. Such is his screen presence that, its almost as if he is the only person in the three hour long movie. He is truly the King of Spades midst the deck of remaining cast. No mean achievement considering that the movie boasts of not one, not two, but THREE cute heroines in Andrea, Anjali and Trisha, how much ever miniscule their roles be. The movie well and truly deserves to be a landmark movie in Ajith's career. Its his show all the way through. Its very evident that he had a gala time doing the movie and pity that people dont wait till the screen credits which is actually funny and nice.

He cusses with vengeance...dances as if no one is Salaman a run for his unbuttoned brawn in fight sequence..unabashedly cheats on his girl friend(s)..drinks gallons and smokes tonnes of cigarrrttes..not giving a damn to the usual squeaky clean hero image. If said in one word - MACHO. His persona oozes with manliness. Couldnt think of any other tamil hero who could command such a personality. Not even Vikram with his body(builder) language. Infact, his character in the movie is not just grey but an out and out negative character. Just because of the fact that its Ajith, who, with his charm and charisma, makes you root for the villain rather than the hero. Come to think of it. The movie has no hero :) Every one is a part of the heist and has their own role to play. Just that few succeed while rest die doesnt make them any noble.

The movie has all the ingredients of a typical festival release or a summer blockbuster. Though three of the 5 songs are a let down..the other two more than make up for the album. "Vilayaadu Mangaatha" is already ruling the playlists. For long i've wondered when tamil movies will have songs good enough to be played in parties. Not that there werent any. But Bollywood had stolen a long march on party mix compared to tamil. Yuvan Shankar Raja, i feel has more than bridged the gap in past few years. Be his "Where is the party" number or few other Simbu hits or the pre-release single from this movie, his music rocks. But he should be vain to take the audience for granted for sneaking in "Mission Impossible" theme in re-recording. Bad choice. Mathabadi sollikara mathiri padathula onnum ila. Story is desi version of Oceans Eleven series with bit of other english movies thrown in. Arjun repeats the quintessential cop for the millionth time. Except for the twist in the end, the charm of which is that its not actually a twist, the movie has nothing credible to speak of from the screenplay department. Choreographer Jayabaratham Furnitures or Pantaloons la vela paathirupaar nenakren. Song picturisations resemble ads for these showrooms more than anything. Lakshmi "Item" Rai does what she does best. Premgi amaran is fast running out of ideas. Loved the scene where Ajith mocks him with exactly the same dialogue. Trisha..avvv. Looks like a pongaluku paint adicha veedu. Avlo makeup. Vinnai thaandi varuvaayala paatha Trishava ithu :( Anjali naalay azhuvaacchi thaannu decide panitaanga pola. Andrea wasted like anything. Aana who cares. Movie belongs to Ajith and its paisa vassool for Thala fans. Its an out and out guys movie and full meals for thala fans :)

Gils verdict: Mangaathaa - Full house.

ETA 1) Guess what this post happens to be the 50th review post @supershankis :) just now noticed the label count :D :D

ETA 2) What i saw in the movie..came out as bits and pieces in the post. But how i saw the movie is a story of its own. Antha polambal in a separate post :) Ticket courtesy rt :)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

2011 Anna Domini

So..the mighty have fallen..FINALLY. And another old man with (almost) bokkai vai ends up all smiles akin to the smiling oldie on all our currency notes. What next is the question on everybody's lips. This is the problem with all major demonstrations involving mobs. They unite for a single common cause and the mob hysteria moves them towards achieving it. But once they reach the pedestal, thats when the common misgivings and selfishness and confusion creeps up. The villain all through the show was corruption. Yeah! Right. Corruption is the root cause of all evil and should be overthrown..demolished..destroyed at the root level. All said and agreed more than hundred percent. All these beg a simple question. WHAT IS CORRUPTION? People are so used to fight against individuals as villains, like protests against dictatorships or even election rallies in Tamil Nadu for that matter, that they picturise corruption also as a human and this time they have painted the Parliament with that colour. So before coming to the definition lets see who are corrupt.

So all the 500 and odd people elected - are they corrupt? Answer comes a resounding NO. Is it the PM? cha cha..Manmohan Singh and Vajpayee will always be right men wrong party or even wrong situations for that matter. But they can never be wrong. But yeah..they can be criminally negligent. Athu vera topic. But corruption..Nah. Is it Advani or the communists then? uhumm...he could be blamed for instigating the worst blood bath in post independent India but again..corruption..chancela. Communists might be castigated for burying their head in sand against industrialisation or for being hypocrites of the first order. Irunthaalum..corruption?? cant point any. Lalu? yes. Kalmadi? YES. Avangala thaan ukkathi vachaa chay. So vera yaaru thaanpa corrupt? Appo yaaru thaanpa corrupt? Ivanga rendu per mattum thaana? Oru vela Anna Hazareku permission kudukaathathunala Sheila diskshit and Delhi govt corrupt sollalama? Illa for not hearing the pleas for a commission to finalise the bill to pass it in Parliamentkaaga PMO va sollalama? Illaati, considering that the bill would be a "sontha selavula sooniyam" none of the opposition joined the party against the government, even at the cost of losing credibility in front of the nationgarathaala motha oppositionayum solalaama?

Corruptionna enna? Is it just bribe? Getting caught while accepting bribes and giving bribes are the only incidents which media is interested in showcasing or which attract criminal charges. These incidents are those which carry more masala for media to make hay and nice scoring points for political parties to throw muck at each other. So if everyone who takes or gives bribe is brought to justice India will become corrupt free state?? What do you call a minister who hardly has any time to visit his constituency but has ample time to attend all crap opening ceremonies or to accept OC doctrate pattams ? What do you call a government official who comes to office at ten leaves for lunch at 12 returns back to take nap at 3 and leaves for home at 5. DISCLAIMER: Namma naatla 50 Lakh Govt employees irukaangalaam. Dont want to quote stats like Gabtun Vijaykanth. This particular barb is pointed at those who are as mentioned and criticised and not to paint a generic picture. So dont come up with cudgels to bash me. Coming back to the topic.

So..the ramlila maidan crowd has finally achieved the impossible. Enabling the deaf ears of the government with hearing sense. WHAT NEXT? Abolishing corruption is a vision statement. A very very vague Project charter, in my line of works terminology. Next step would be, i believe, to define the scope. Going by the likes of it and with the titbits of info i got from reading biased newspapers and watching all those craps floating around on news channels, i guess they are planning an alternate government. Alteast thats what it sounds to me. C'mon. You never vote to save your life and elect all idiots and bestow them with power to decide your fate and now want a separate panel of members to guard how your supposedly servants work??!! Rubbish. 5 Million Government staff under Lok Ayukta panel!!!! How many staff would be required to supevise 5 Million people?!! Who would provide the infrastructure? And above all, how does one form such panels?? After all the elected reps dint came from Mars and from right amidst us. So whats the guarantee that the new panel would be any different from the old one? Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

I love this people protest against corruption. There has been jasmine revolution rocking the Arab world ricocheting till China. There has been bloody massacres in Syria and Libya and countless other African nations with population not even the size of Tamil Nadu. Yet, the biggest democracy in the world, shows again how battles are won. It proves once again the power of Satyagraha and for those who never had a chance to witness the every smiling oldie on our currencies, in flesh and blood, Anna was god sent. He gave them,us, a chance to redeem ourselves, re-live the pre independent struggle and gain satisfaction for doing something for the society with the belief that they are doing the right thing. Anna has achieved the first of the ten impossible things - unite people from Delhi to Dharmapuri. The next 9 tasks are no less demanding. He has opened the Pandoras box and the story has suffered a reversal here. HOPE was the last thing to come out of it. In this case its the first one to spring out. And all the miseries of the world are just waiting in their wings to spread out. Anna would do well to remember that, even Gandhi couldn't control a Chauri Chaura and for that matter, as much as the fact that he held his fort pretty much well against the British, he was assassinated by a local and not by them.

This movement like any other in past or present, is and should NOT be an ONE MAN SHOW. Anna Hazare and handful of people..avangala nambi thaan motha movementumna..its a waste of time. It needs more and more foot soldiers to take up responsibility than to expect a messiah ala Anna in every street. Corruptionku againstana fight sollitu..rather than targetting individuals, the movement should focus on principles it aims to achieve. Like any project, the first step of winning the project against competition is not alone sufficient. Its just the tiniest of victories. The real victory comes during Post Go Live. I hope and pray with all my sincerity that this doesnt end up all in waste. For when this one fails, the first thing to take a beating would be peoples HOPE against goodness in public life. So next time, when you light a candle supporting the movement or raise a slogan against the government, think for a second that WE ARE RESPONSIBLE for BOTH of THEM. We are the Frankenstein and we created the monster and the monster reside in each of us. And whatever crusade we undertake would again be, against us, involving us and may result in curing or cursing us again. Its an imminent paradox and is something worthy to resolve.

Godspeed people.