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Re-wind to future..

As the first decade of the new millennium ticks towards closure, took a minute to turn back at the time traveled. Luckily 50% of those moments are captured right here in blogs ville itself.

I weigh the same weight i was in 2001 :) Feels worthwhile to mention it here since there was a 15 Kg drop in weight few years back.

I am back in the city where i started my career. Being NRC (non residential Chennaiite) for most part of my career this again felt noteworthy.

The people i befriended 10 years back, i still hang around with them. Feels nice to have a familiar bunch around and thankful for those poor souls for still bearing with me :) semma stamina i should say :)

I am back to 15hrs a day work schedule. Feels nice to have the deadlines whooshing over head and the pressure hours are well and truly back :)

I still go to the same saloon for haircut. Though the rates have tripled in ten years, happy that i still have enough hair to retain my grisly look :)

I am still unpunctual and lack the b…

Praise the lord :)

"I know you are tense. But you are never gonna be this tense ever again. So enjoy the moment."

These lines could've been right on top of the best one liners in hollywood movies. Sure as tomorrow's sunrise, the listener knew that he had heard the best advice he can ever get on a battlefield. The words did their magic and today the listener answers to the call of Virendar Sehwag. And the little big man who uttered those pearls, has just completed his 50th test ton. Of all the praises and paeans showered on him..this one by one of his several million fans, i feel, is the best.

"Commit all your crimes when Sachin is batting.They will go unnoticed because even the Lord is watching"

When he arched back and raised his bat to the heavens for the 50th time in 20 years of test was almost as if in a silent plea to God..."when are you going to send in the showers". And God duly obliged..a tad late by which time Dhoni and Bhajji are already gone :(


Solladi sivagaami

"Ivar jaadagha padi...ipo time OOHOOO nu iruku. Adutha konja kaalathuku sooper time. Athukaprum thaan time konjam nalla ila. Athuku sila pala parigaaram panni palagaaram panna saria poidum"

Idhu namakkay teriaatha...itha oruthan solli kekarathukaga oruthan kita poganuma!!

Been hearing this standard dialog for the past umpteen years that i can recite them by heart and even put on a better modulation and who knows might sound convincing too for a bakra or two :)

The fact that mine is a horrorscope is well established. Everytime when i see or hear news of a new planet discovery i would feel like "Duh. They should've checked for it in my horrorscope". I believe people got a good chance of discovering newer planets just by putting my doc under microscope rather than craning their neck upwards to the sky. It got all the constellations and galaxies lurking in it and somehow all is not hunky dory amidst them. At times its lord Rahu or Kethu but all credit to lord Saturn. …

Akkadaanu naanga udai poatta..

Than muyarchiyil satrum manam maaratha Vikramaathithan mathiri Gils enters office sharp at 10.30 for 9.30 shift. Damager looks at Gils and sighs (the exhaust air includes wildest of swear words which cant even be represented by all the wild characters in keyboard and finally ends with "ivan ethana thadava sonalum timeku varamaataan so tholayuthu").

"Gils..inniki enna day?"

"Today aapicer"

"Ketrukavay koodathu..adaii daii daii...inniki enna daaayyyy"

Damagera kaalangaathala azha uda venaam solitu "Monday aapicer"

"Monday anniki potukitu vara dressa ithu? Saaku mootaiya pirichi vitta mathiri oru pant. Chessboardla rangoli veladina mathiri oru sattai. Unnalaam roadla naai thoratharathaalaa thaan nee intha timekaachum office vara nenakren"

"Aapicer..intha dressku enna kurachal aapicer"

"Ellaamay jasthi..arent u aware of dress code?"

"Kodu poata dress neria iruku aapicer..atha solreengala"

"Adi vaanga por…