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"Menu" needhi

There is a scene in "Azhagan" movie where Mammooty opichufies the menu to Banupriya. He would repeat everything on the menu, category wise. Similar scenes are there in "Server Sundaram","Pudu Pudu Arthangal" and many more movies. (Just realised all three are KB movies. May be KB has a fetish for this type of recital?:D)

The point is, nowadays, there is hardly any communication between the waiter and the guest. The menu card is shown to the guest and he picks and chooses his wants. The art of showcasing the memory might of the waiters, hardly exist. Mylapore boasts of many famous hotels, which are well known for their specific menu items. Be it Sambhar or even coffee, tea for that matter. The name of the hotel would be synonymous with the dish. I've never frequented hotels as a kid as my mom's cooking was way too tasty to even consider going out to try options :D But on those occasions when i did went, i used to be amazed at the speed with which the…

Happy birthday chennai :)

Kudalai kumattum koovam irunthaalum

Kuppai koolangalil roadu marainthaalum

December maatham vanthidin

aagidum enathu chennai "sing"aaram.

Happy birthday chennai :)


"In 11 out of ten stories, its always the hero who chases the gal..confuses her..convinces her..makes her fall for him. What would be the guys reaction had the same been done by the gal. Imagine a gal, repeatedly running behind a spite of him rejecting her.. multiple times and managing to win his heart in the end. What would you think about such a gal?"

So began the great coffee day debate :)

"Is she good looking??"
"That girl you were telling about"
"Let's say..Yes. She is"
"Is she hot?"
" and cute and etc etc"
" the guy married?"
"No...i know wat u will ask next. a big noooooo to that too"
"Thats a rather "straight" answer..hehehe...then this is a theoretical impossibility. No good looking gal will go after a guy, even after multiple rejections and no sane single guy would accept such an offer"
"What is insane in a gal going after a guy a…

What you you reap :)

Last Wednesday turned out be a day of surprises :) Well actually we had planned a surprise bday party for 2 of our team mates. So the day began in right earnest..with cake hunting to card selecting. There was a mini pattimandram as to which one to buy vanilla or chocolate. Vanilla is my favourite flavour..but that chocolate cake was too enticing and the fact that the baker just then poured yummy smelling hot chocolate sauce on top of the cake took my vote. (Just not to annoy my vanilla favouring sense i bought a separate piece the size of the original bday cake... just for my tiny self hehehe). Along with another team mate, I entered office like a foreign spy on an clandestine espionage mission, to hide the goods from the eyes of the bday babies. I just about managed to hide the gifts when i heard my name being called on the PAS. Then only i noticed the unusually big crowd in the middle of the wing. First i had thought it was just another Bhaashan session going on..but looking at the …

Inconsistent Yuga

At the fag end of the Mahabaratha yuga (Dwabara yuga??) after the great war finally got over and Pandavas claimed the throne of Hasthinapura, soiled with their own kith and kins blood, one fine day 2 farmers were presented in the court of Yudishtra, who obviously had been crowned the king.

Thus spoke the Minister " Dear lord, oh mighty Yudishtra, the noblest and Just person ever, Son of Dharma, here i am faced with a peculiar case. I am not able to give them a proper solution and hence its been presented before you"

"Noble minister, pray tell me what is the issue"

"Well, standing before you to, your right is Bhola, who had sold his land to his cousin Baalu standing to your left. All the settlement has been done in a proper and just manner and the transaction has been completed in the most proper manner possible"

"So..whats the issue here?"

"Yesterday while digging a corner of that land, Baalu had found a pot of gold treasure hidden. He had gone …

Fire in ice

Like few of my fellow Indians, who number in millions, i am also a silent spectator to the happenings on Kashmir. After the masthead in any newspaper, death of a person in Kashmir would've been the most consistent news for the past few decades. Whether that person was a terrorist, or a case of mistaken identity..who cares. Its as if, if there is someone in that cursed place they are either a terrorist or those who are expected to die a violent death sooner or later. Show me a Kashmiri who had died in peace i can bet you it wouldn't be on his native land.

I dont represent any international peace agency. Nor do i have a professional degree or training in broking peace. One fine day i decided to follow, what the heck is actually happening there. The reason for the dawn of that "fine" day being, i saw a picture of one pink salwar clad lady, throwing stones on some security guys, who in turn, where throwing back the stones. For the first time i saw such a raw anger in thos…


Sometimes i wish i could board the next available time machine slot and travel back in time to my most happiest years. While waiting in the platform i take time to ponder..which phase of my life i actually want to revisit. Schooldays ..that option itself is not there when clubbed under the category "Happy" :) College days..hmmm ..interesting..but to be clubbed Happy..something is missing there too. Post graduation period was a farce. So let me not dwell into it. There was an interim period before i got my job and while i was doing my UG. That was the time when i took tuition classes. For a very long period of time, those were the several continuous days of sheer fun and delight. Every evening i would look forward to those tuition classes as much as the kids..err..friends i should say :) True to my college founders motto (one mr.Viveka :D) aim, as far as my class was concerned, was not just to teach them..but to induce the curiosity in them to do things on their own. When…