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Ai - song review

Very rarely does a song does full justice to its tune. Songs are like rasam. It has to be a perfect blend of all ingredients. Don't ask me for recipe. I neither know it from the music side nor from culinary section. But being an ardent foodie, I can vouch for those that enthral my taste buds. This particular song from Ai - Pookalay satru oivedungal, fit right into all the right sections. A typical ARR song after a really long time.

Tunewise its a mix of "Kaathal anukkal" from Enthiran and "Khamoshi raath" from Thakshak, both credited to ARR who has done a Harris jeyaraj with this song ala rehashing his own hits. Since both songs are some of his best compositions, it doesn't hurt to hear the same again with different lyrics this time. After listening to "Mersalaaitten" in Ai movie, I really did became "Mersal"!!(??). Now that one think of it, almost all of ARR's songs have been of excellent language quality when it comes to lyrics. B…

Should noble necessarily mean no bill??

Again, Neeya Naana takes credit for the theme of this post. Few weeks back, the team didn't just open the Pandora's box, but set it on fire when they raised the question of unnecessary master health check ups amidst a group of doctors with the antagonists in victimised public. Hell hath no fury than a bunch of doctors scorned. They took to every form of media available to pour their ire on the show, host and its director. I happened to watch that episode, which actually had a poignant moment, when a poor couple had brought their blind kid, blinded by negligence shown by the very doctors. The premise of the show, to examine the real reason and motive behind the numerous health check-ups ordained by doctors got lost in due course when people started preaching about the goodness of the medical profession and how holier than thou they are as compared against their colleagues from other work streams. They kept quoting Hippocratic oath in various versions of it, than spelling out th…

Who is the white sheep?

Neeyaa Naana is my favourite hunting haunt for blog topics. Usually me a big fan of debates, especially the tamil ones like pattimanram. Neeya Naana is a modernised version of pattimanram except that its biased to the core by its anchor Gopinath. He wouldn't allow any thought process against his own view and perception and makes sure the show is always unidirectional. But at times, it raises above its mediocrity, courtesy some really good speakers, who manage to sneak in their point, right under his nose. Recent one on "How to identify Nallavan" was one such topic that caught fancy.

It was a dumb show by any standards considering that the speakers were competing with the anchor in bringing the script down to the extent possible. It was a callously handled attempt to such a wonderful topic. The very first question posed to one section of the audience was an interesting one that failed to live up to its potential - "define nallavan". Every single one of the spea…