Friday, May 27, 2016


He immediately looked at Catherine and to his shock, she was bleeding in her arms but desperately trying to draw. Then only he noted the last two lines in the note..

Roses are blue
Violets are red
When the ghosts conspire
Mind and body transpire
The lot was cast and when I drew,
Lady luck said it should be you"


"When we found him, Prakash was unconscious and was drenched in blood. It was as if someone..." the expression on the doctor's face mirrored the goriness she was visualizing from her memory.

"Someone what.." queried Ram

"How do I say that...yuck...its as if some one bathed him in a bucket of blood. The scene was reminiscent of B grade horror flicks. And to make matters worse, ever since he regained consciousness, he had been uncontrollable. Thrashing wildly and kicking at anyone who tries to restrain him and always chanting the same thing again and again and again. Believe me when I say this. I've seen my share of difficult patients in my career. But none like this"

"Why do you say so"

"He always live in his imaginary world. Surprisingly it was so full of characters and real that, anyone who doesn't know him might think that they are actually real. You would often hear him talking to himself, shouting at people and would even have full length conversations."

"Sorry to put you through this unpleasant you recollect what he was chanting?"

"Here is the best part" she handed him a worn out notepad.

"Is this..."

"Yes. His diary. Strangely when he was quiet, he is the most subdued character in this entire building. No one would believe the violent streak in him. He kept this diary by his bed side and one day when I chanced upon it, he became violent again. We removed it from his possession few days back, before he went missing. You wouldn't believe, the book is like a record of all those demonic thoughts that possessed him. It doesn't follow a linear flow in many places. More like he tried to recapture whatever he could remember from his altered state. And when he is in his "mood", he wouldn't understand the reality outside of the book and his virtual world within it."

"And its followed by the violent streak occurs?" queried Ram


Looking at the dried blood spatter on the flap of the book Ram was tempted to ask "is this..."

"Oh..that was because of me" looking at the surprised look on his face, the doctor quickly added "too many mosquitoes here you see and its not like we walk around with a swatter all time"

Being a Gemini, he went straight for the last page. There was a 4 liner written in red ink. 

"Roses have wilted
All Violets dead
This never ending noise
doesn't stop in my head"

They were written so forcefully that the impression had fallen on several other pages. It was as if Prakash had written over and over the same lines on themselves multiple times.

He stared at the walls of the room where Prakash was held up. There were several streaks of lines scrawled on the wall, as if some unruly kid had tried its hand in painting. There were three red lines etched very deep. Looking at his curiosity the doctor explained that on that day, Prakash went so wild that he scratched those lines with his bare fingers on the wall. The blood from his fingers dried on those lines. It was then they confirmed that anything on red colour set his mood swings in fire. The doctor told, once when she came in a red saree, he was raving mad that, they had to give him shock treatment to subdue him.

Ram started reading the book from the cover and found 10 chapters of an unfinished story.

 #1 A haunted Memory

"Thank you doctor. You have been of great help"

"You are welcome. I wish, Prakash finds peace. Its sad to see him in so much pain. Please help to find him before he does any harm to himself or others"
"Will try our best doctor" Ram took her leave and was about to board his car. Seeing the doctor waving him to wait, he went back to the verandah where they had been talking.

"One more thing Inspector. I almost missed telling you. Prakash always used to shout Lissy when in his "altered mental" state. And this was a name that he referred even while being normal. Thought it might help in your investigation if you can start digging for details about this Lissy person"

"Definitely doctor. Thank you so much"

While going back to the station, his mind was furiously processing all those information and he was all the more curious to meet Prakash in person. When the case was assigned to him. he took it half heartedly considering it as another missing person case and was even more dejected to find that the missing person was mentally unstable and had escaped from a lunatic asylum. After having gone through the book and all the background information provided by the doctor, he was more than enthused to find out about Prakash. The 4 liner poem was stuck in his mind like an unforgiving chewing gum.

"Roses are red
Violets are blue
Find you I will
with more than enough clue"


The fury of the dark clouds loomed over the building inducing an eerie gloom. The wind was howling, giving the whole place an unnatural feeling. A tall man with the gaunt of a cop stood intently staring at the painting that was before him. Prakash was so immersed in the painting that he failed to notice the cacophony that the wind was orchestrating. What was strange was that, the painting before him seemed to reflect the weather outside. He turned back startled to hear a pleasant voice say

"Do you like the painting sir?"

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The question - part 7


"Inga romba sathama irukku..velila poi pesalama?" shouted Ram

"Can't hear you" Mimed Priya. Understanding that Ram is motioning her to come out, they both go outside the venue.

"Manasula enna OKK Dulqurnu nenappa"

"Naan Dulqura illama irukalam aana neenga Nithya Menon rangeku..." looking at her beaming face  

"...alatikareenga" chuckled Ram

"Idhuku thaan koopteengala...naan kelambaren..already late aaguthu"

"Athepdi..ithana neram ulla irunthapo late aagala..ipo oru nimisham kooptathum late aaidcha..romba overnga"

"Hallo..sanda podrathuku thaan koopteengala"

"Aaaha..aarambathulenthay vaasthu sari illa nenakren..kozhutha Rahu kaalathula first meet pannirupom pola....seri..ella kodum azhichachu..from the first...Ram" he extended his hand

Priya stood still and slowly extended her hand "Priya" said with a smile.

"Super.." before he could talk further the book launch begins and both rush back to the venue to catch a glimpse of the show.

By the time the event gets over, Priya had already left and much to Ram's dismay his third attempt at getting her contact goes futile.

@Ram's House: 

"Neenga epdi ma irukeenga?" Mahesh asked as he took the coffee cup from Ram's mother. 

"Enaku enna pa. Ivanuku oru nalla ponna paathu kalyanam panni vekkanum. Onnum seri pattu vara maatengudhu..." She sat down. And then added "Unaku ponnu ellam paathacha?" 

Going a little red about the subject "Paathute irukanga ma. edhuvum set aagala..." 

Listening to their conversation silently Ram suddenly gets a light bulb moment. "Mages... enaku oru ponnu theriyum. paakreengala?"

Both his mom and Mahesh are surprised by this info. "Yaaru da?" Amma asks. 

"Adhan ma Kaushiki. Mahesh ku poruthama irupa..." 

A pang of sadness crosses her face, she gets up and goes inside. 

"Indha pa. Andha ponnoda jadhagam kuda iruku enga kitta.." she hands the paper to Mahesh. 

Mahesh just looks at them like "ennapa nadakardhu inga?" 

Fast forward a few weeks. 

"Next month engagement Priya. Kandippa varanum"

"Na illama epdi.. Sure ah varen Mahesh. Aama ponnu yaaru?" Priya asked over phone.  

"ID solren..Facebook la search panni parunga..." 

"Nan than indha FB la lam illaiye.. apram epdi paapen?" 

"Aama la. Seri i will send you her picture on whatsapp."

"Apdiye address and location of the engagement hall-um anupidunga." 

Hanging up the call she receives pictures of the girl. Her eyes widen. 


She calls back Mahesh only to find his phone continuously engaged.

"Intha aal engage aavarar paatha ivar phone ivaruku munnadiye engageda irukkay" She decided to meet him up and pinged him in Whatsapp.

"Urgent me at CCD today evening"

@Ram's office:

"Hello matchmaker"

"Hey ..Kalyana ponnu Kaushiki..epdirukeenga..enna enakulam phone panreenga..unga aal kooda full time kadalai bore adichirucha"

"Cha..ennapa ipdi sollita..unnala thaana naanga meet panni match aagirukom..athuku formala oru thanks sollalaamnu koopten"

"If your thanks is spelled as "T-R-E-A-T" i am all ears"

"Konjam kooda vekkamay illa la unakku...kooptathay adhuku thaan..Mahesh and me both are inviting you for our treat...get-together..epdi venumnalum vachukalam...but unakku special invite...for its all because of you"

"Thedi TREAT nidham sendru..

pala mokka kathaigalai pesi...

bill pay pannadhu escape aagum...

vedikkai manitharai pol...

naan varuven ena ninaithaayo"

"DUH...ipo varengaria varalangaria..."

"hmmmm...Bharathi..sorryba...varennu sonen"

Kaushiki hangs up and watches Mahesh inviting someone on phone..."ok Priya..sorry once again..inniki meet panna mudiama ponathuku...please make some time for the dinner invite..if you can join the treat would be really great...ciao"

" ARE formal..."

"Apanake aneka dhanyabada"

"Hahahaa...that's sweet"

"You know Bengali..??!!."

"Enakku Bengali sweet"


~ To be answered

Friday, May 13, 2016

24 - reivew

"Dei ennada adhukulla padam paathutia..."

"Surya triple role..adhuvum vikram kumar (intha 13B, Manam padamlam edutha director) plus sci-fi genre in tamil...couldnt resist"

"Seri..padam epdi..enna kathai"

"Oc la 300 rupees save panikka paakria"

"Nee solrathu base panni thaan padathuku ticket book panlaama venama nu decide pannanum"

"Kathai ketapramum kaasu kuduthu padam paapia..."

"Adha pathi unakenna..matteruku vaa"

"Padam start pannrapo..first varathu scientist Surya..scuba diving pora mathiri helmetlaam poatukitu..School prayer assembly hall sizeku oru edathula ninnukittu enamo panraaru..adhu thaan avar lab..apdinu naamalay imagine panikanum...neria thagara saamaan thattumuttu saaman elaam electicity pass aagi..anga anga acid athu ithunu irukum..nadula nammaalu "Iron Man" pada Robert Downey mathiri etho pannitruparu. Oru kazhugu paranthu vanthu ethaiyo thatti kotti vitrum...oodala villain Surya..Virat Kohli hairstyle thaadioda entry in one Rolls royce cum beetler lookalike Mercedes car. 1990 sollitu ennamo 1890 mathiri buildup giving. En intha Surya ivlo kodura villain..Why despite coming in Mercedes he is ezhaai...but trainla ticket kooda edukama withoutla poitu saagara scientist Surya is panakaarangara magathaana logic no one should ask"

"Ohh..Surya sethuruvana...ada..soga padama ithu"

"Yov..athaan moonu Suriya sonenla..oruthan thaan outu..and kolrathay innoru Suriya thaan,,,moonavathu paiyan surya inimay thaan entry aaga poraru"

"aama Surya edhuku Suryava kolraaru..."

"Apdi theliva kekanum..elaathukum karanam oru watch"

"Watchkaga kolaiya..en adhu kattina eppovum nalla neramnu yaarachum surya kita solitangala? apdi irunthum antha watchoda owner Suryaku poraatha kaalam thana intha watch naala..logic idikuthay"

"Adhu logic illa..en mutti..innoru vaati ipdi edakka kelvi ketta nalla ratham varamathiri logic idikum"

"Seri vidu..appo ithu Ilaya Thalapathiyoda Puli mathiri oru sci-fi fantasy thrillernu solla vara..rightu..mela sollu"

"Puli mathiriya...dei...enna kolagaranaakatha"

"Oh..nee Thala fana ..seri..Vedhalam mathiri action adventure solikaren"

"Unakulam katha solla vanthene enna solanum..odi po"

"Seri..seri..why tension...kadhaia sollu"

"Adavathu scientist surya invents time machine watch..atha twin brother suriya tries to steal..he kills scientist suria and his wife..but before he could get the watch avanga sanda potukitu irukara trainla villain suriyaku accident aaiduthu.."

"Idhalaam thaan erkanavay sollitye..michatha sollu"

"Ithu time travel story..ipdithaan nadantha oray incidentaye maathi maathi vidha vidhama sollanum...Baby suriya is safe and sound with saranya who was also on that Suriya becomes one watch mechanic..with extra general knowledge for whom everything is sarva satharanam"

"Enda blade podra..kadhaiya mattum sollu"

"Halo..idhu baby Suriyavoda punch dialogue..padathula paathi vasanam ithan"

"Suriya punch dialog pesarathula innum babyavay irukarunu nalla terithu...mela sollu"

"Antha time machine watch currentla work aagum..Suriyaku shock adika his shock..antha veena pona watch time machine nu he kandupudichify"

"Enakkoru doubt..watchnalay time kaatra machine thaana..aprum edhuku time machine watchnu thirumba thirumba solra?"

"Firstlenthu thirumba katha sollata"

"venaam venaam...vitathuenthay sollu"

"Basically baby suriya who is a watch mechanic for whom everything is sarva satharanam because of his abarimitha GK..Baba pada rajinikantha mathiri..he uses time machine watch to freeze, forward and rewind time..sila pala songs happen...oodala samantha comes...summa sollakoodathu..after Thangamagan..ammani romantico rosakuttya pinni pedaleduthings...sruiya samantha romance sceneslam semma..he uses time machine watch to change cricket match result..time freeze panni he poo vachufies and pottu vachufies for samantha..parallela villain suriya wakes up from coma...aana summa sollakudathu..26 years kazhichum he remembers everything...time machine watcha kandupudika he tries and villain Suriya kitta watch mechanic suriya maatifies. Villain Suriya kills mechanic suriya and chops off mechanic suriyavoda hand"

"Aiiaooa..why vettify hand?"

"Kaiyoda watcha edhuthundu vaa nu scriptla potrunthriukum..aathaan vetti putaanga"

"Avlo thaana..athoda padam overa?"

"Hello..ithu interval block"

"Adapaavi...ithana nerama sonnathu poora interval varaikum thaana!!! baaki?"

"Adutha halfla enna usual kathai thaan...mechanic suriya time machine watchla date month year field add panni...goes back in time and...."

"Iru iru...athaan interval appovay mechanic suriya sethutaannu sonna..aprum epdi second half la revenjjju"

"Adhuva...antha time machine watch la 24 hours munna pinna thaan time travel panlaam..villain Suriya adhu teriama rewind panna mechanic suriya pozhachukuran...aprum samantha kooda konjam loves..sila pala songskaprum...villain suriya dies and subam"

"shabbaa...kekarathukay kanna kattuthay..padam semma mokkaiyo"

"Tamizhla oru sci-fi padam adhuvum commerciala edukanumna..ithaan template..konjam loves..konjam fights..kutti kutti logical twists..konjam sentiment..ipdi ellam poattu kindina padam ipdi thaan varum...."

"Paakalam solria venaamgaria"

"Its a timepass entertainer movie..avlo expectationda paatha nallarukum..atha vitutu logicalam yosicha velaikagathu..itha vida "Indru netru Naalai" moviela time travel concepta innum simplea supera sollirupanga..but Suriya thannoda star powera fulla use a producera kanjathanam pannaama granda padam eduthurukarathu visuala semmaya appeal aaguthu..its a rich movie without doubt..ezhaiyaana watch mechanic suriyavay avlo royala irukaru...kandipa oruthaba paakalam"

"Ivlo sonna music ARR aachay oru vaartha kooda sollalaiye"

"Music ARR potatha enna!! nee sollithaan teriuthu..kekarapo apdi onnum theriala..avar assitant potrupaaru nenakren..."

"Venaam..saami kutham aaidum..ithoda istaapppu"

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Manithan - review

Last week, happened to watch, "Manithan" movie by Udhayanidhi Stalin, a supposedly frame to frame remake of Jolly LLB, a super hit Bollywood movie. I wanted to watch the hindi version first as it had garnered pretty good reviews and even won national award. Arshad Warsi, who played the lead, is one of my favourite actors. His role of "Circuit" in Munnabhai series is one of the key reasons for the success of the franchise. Would Udhaynidhi manage to do justice to such a comic talent as Warsi was the lingering doubt with which i watched the movie. Needless to say, its a no contest. Though he is only a handful of movies old, Udhay bit more than what he can chew in taking up this role. But the fault is not entirely his. While the Hindi version is a supposedly satire on the Salman khan hit and run case, the tamil version suffers from "neither comic nor serious" doubt all throughout. Hansika has done worse before. But guess this would be her at her worst performance wise. Again, the lead pair are not entirely at fault. Major blame is to fall on the director who has also helmed the screenplay. Unable to decide on the tone of the movie, he has faltered majorly in messing up the entire plot. But he is also not to be blamed totally. Ennada, appo yaara thaan blame panrathunu kekareengala. Well, its us. As a society, some supported Salman, lot cursed him, some cried for the poor souls who died for no fault of their own other than sleeping on pavement on that fateful night not being able to afford a roof over their head, some prayed for the poor driver who was made the fall guy and eventually died a horrible death. Yet, none bated an eyelid at the judge who delivered the verdict that neither Salman, whom everyone knew was the culprit, having rash driven the car in his drunken stupor, nor the driver who was the only other person on the car responsible for the death of those innocents. People made memes out of this incident, mocking the justice delivered that implicitly referred the car was driving on its own and killed the footpath dwellers as the forerunner to the auto-car developed by Google. There were jokes made on Salman and after a while, the laughter died along with the incident. When he was arrested and sent to prison, the media people projected it as if his arrest would cripple the Indian economy as he had around 300 crores of movies budgeted around him!! Now the lives of innocent folks doesnt merit any money right and Sallu miah in all his glory is worth headlines even on his best days. Bad news is best news when it comes to main stream media and it was milked to its glory.

Coming back to the movie, its after a really long time a tamil movie with lot of court scenes was getting released. But Udhay being the novice he is, messes up big time. He is not short on his effort, but lacks the screen presence or dialogue delivery to carry such story. Prakash raj as the defence does a sleep walk of the role. Change his vakeel costume to police or politician or village sarpanch or beggar. He would still churn out same level of authentication in his performance. Radha ravi as the judge is borderline insane. He steals the march on everyone in his under played performance of the judge who knows all yet is driven to result only based on evidences and process. But trying to throw things at lawyers to keep them silent is ridiculous. Maybe it was supposed to be a funny take, but didnt match his profile per the story. Santosh narayan, the music director, is fast becoming the favorite. He has this knack of picking niche lyrics for his songs and they sound fresh and old at the same time. There is a sense of deja vu fast catching up with his compositions. Sooner he tries fresh voices the better.

Gils verdict: More than the movie, the concept that the downtrodden in Indian society, doesn't have any support, be it on screen or off it, is something that was hugely disturbing and no amount of repentance could bring back those lives lost. Shame on those who even turn up to argue for the wrong doers. As for the movie, wait for Vijay tv to purchase the rights. They would telecast it till the CD's burn dry.

Saturday, May 07, 2016

The question - part 6

Story so far

@Star Marks Express avenue – 300 days book launch:

With his first book "300 days" getting ready to hit the shelves, Bragz is seen walking here and there with a sense of urgency. Mahesh, one of the admins of Chennai Bloggers Club is seen organizing the audience into a group.

"Mister mages..enakkoru doubtu"

"Hello Ram...thanks for coming..enna doubtu?"

"Illa..Bragz nejamvay busya illa..intha mathiri occasionsla busya irukrathu thaan norm a?"

Mahesh gives Ram that "Ivlo per irukara kootathula athenda enna paathu antha kelvi ketta look" and moves away from that place with a smile for excuse.

He bumps into someone and immediately apologises.

"So bad. Romba sorry.."

"Ada paravaleenga..naan thaan beku mathiri paraaku paathutu vanthu unga mela modhikitten. Nice set up by the way"

"Thanks. Please be seated. Program ippo start aaidum..and once again..Sorry Priya"

Antha pera ketathum takkunu Ram anga thirumbi paathaannu sollithaan therianuma. Seri solren.

"Adai Anil anniki was just another chance meet up..overa karpanai pannikaathanu...ipo ennada solluva" nu manasukullaye Anil kitta cross question pannikittay..he thought of going to her but was in two minds "naamala poitu pesina enna nenachupa therialaye..oru vela maranthu poirunthaana semma damage aaidumay...enna pannalam?"

He saw another girl with curly mop of a hair style talking with Priya.

"heloooo madam" cooed the new girl standing behind Priya.

"Hey...poonai...nee epo vantha..."

"Halo..innoru vaati poonai sonna..praandiduven.."

"Ada...pooniaya poonainu sollama enna solratham.."

"Unkita thedi vanthu pesaren paaru enna solanum...aama nee epdi inga"

"Bragz ennoda blog friend"

"Same pinch..adhu matumillama enakku intha location romba pudikum. Star Marks is always my favorite book store. Semma classy setup"

"Nee blog kooda ezhuthuvia..singing..studying..blogging..officeku edhuku rest eduka poria??"


"ok tension..naan kaeta book kondu vanthia?"

"Unakaga bag leye vechindu suthitu iruken.. Nalla vela innaiku paathen…intha..nee keta "Love story"..eric segal bookslaye enakku suthama pudikathathuna ithaan... Ipolam thaan vaaara vaaram book launch nadakuthu...athula mukkavaasi books love story illa break up pathinatha thaan iruku..athepdi athana book irukarachay nee mattum thedi pudichi intha book select panna"

"You see...bright light edhu melyachum vizhunthu athu reflect panratha thaan namma kannu paakum..aana athey lighta naama directa paatha..mathathu ellam irutta irukkum. Oru sila bookslam antha bright light mathiri. Atha paathaprum vera edhuvum kannuku teriathu"

"soora mokkaiya irukku...intha quote engenthu sutta"

"hmm..Albert Einstein sonnathu"

Idhellam ketukittay olinji ninntruntha Ram felt like flying. If she could remember that mokka quote then.....suddenly he notices that Priya is looking in his direction. Not knowing whether to acknowledge or ignore..he gave a half smile half confused look at her.

"Hey...what a surprise...neenga epdi inga.."

"Bragz ennoda school mate.."

"Ohh..nice..naan kooda neengalum blog gumbal aalo nu nenachen"

"Namakku intha writinglaam varathunga...naan kadisia padichathu "Kanni theevu Sindbad" in dinathanthi..semma twistu today..."

“Sema joke-unga… Naalaiku reminder vechu sirikren..”

Realizing that he is yet to get any contact info of her..

"Hey..before i forget...annikay kekanum nenachen...neenga edhula irukeenga.."

"Neenga thaan bodhaila irukeenga nenakren..edhula illa..enga nu kekanum"

"Mokkaiya..ila mokkiaya nu keten..what i meant was..neenga Facebook, Myspace, Tinder ipdi edhula regulara irukeenga keten"

"Naan regulara irukara edam en veedu aprum appo appo college"

"Shabba...mudiala saami"

"Summa sonenga..enakku intha social networking pudikaathu..intha pathu varushathula form aana most of the relationships messaging service illati formay aagirukathu theriyuma..avanga avanga velaya paathundu sivanaynu irunthirupaanga...workout aaiduchina ok..illa kaalam poora edachum profile passworda iruka vendi thaan..namma policy epovumay ..kadamaiyai sei..kadalaiyai mara"

"You are the password to my life"

"Excuseme.." asks Priya in an angry tone

"You're the password to my life...Sudeep Nagarkar book..idho parunga" Ram showed her the book. Takkunu thalaiya thiruppi vera engayo paakra mathiri baavanai panni She tried to hide the smile forming on her face.

“Aaga motham enna venum ungaluku?”
 “Adhu…” before Ram could say anything a voice was heard through the speakers marking the start of the function.

 ~ To be answered

Friday, May 06, 2016

Roll of dice

God didnt play dice with the universe claimed the noodle headed nerd. I really wonder why not. Rain drops doesnt decide whether they should become pearl or sewage. No kids decide their parents. After they are created what and how they are maybe on that individuals hand. But the starting line is never the same. Some call it fate from previous births. While some say, by product of poor planning parents. We let loose our kids into this planet like sparks from a raging flame. Whenever I see kids trying to sell crayon books on signals or begging in trains, I wonder about what curse brought them to this planet for having been born to such parents. The moment they are born, there goes your claim to equality. It raises way too many questions. Not for a moment I doubt the capability of kids from such background. We also read of heart warming stories of IAS officers coming out of slum upbringing and kids of rickshaw pullers acing top exams. Will it erase the stigma of their background is the question I want to raise.

You see a beggar on road and begin to think of reasons why he is there in that situation? Did he had a bad hand in finance? Was he cheated of all his wealth? Was he a beggar from birth? Bad parenting? Kidnapped kid? Cruel children who wouldn't take care of him in his old age? his vices? Then it all shifts to the "How"'s. How does he manage his daily bread? Does he ever think of what he will do tomorrow? Who or how he will get his next meal? Does he even think of saving the pennies he gets as alms? Or does it all boils down to bad karma? On a side note, why can't he be simply lazy and chose to beg for money to make his day?!!

Its a no-brainer question to compare any two peoples life. But having been brought up on observe-record-infer mindset from school times its quite difficult to not be so. Even within the same family, neither siblings have similar lifestyle. Having same set of parents, similar brought up, by a lengthy shot even same financial set up, doesn't guarantee same results. For the variables involved in everyone's life are way too many to comprehend. Everything is so random that even a casual act of a passer by may have tremendously life changing effect on one while it may not be of any significance for many. Best example would be the apple with which i got hit when i was a school kid by my sister. It only caused swelling and no amount of mugging helped me with gravity related chapters in Physics!! Different apple different head different result. Napolean Hill might have studied the life of successful people to come up with his book. But no matter how many cameras one keep and record every day activities of any rich guy, no one can break the code as to what made them what they are. The very title of self help books like "7 habits" "10 things" that rich guys do itself makes a mockery of the reason for them. Had the author known the exact one thing that clicked, the title would simply have been the "1 idea" that actually worked!!!

I really do feel that God definitely played dice and didnt just stop there but made a poly dimensional polypoid of a dice of every single human being, leaving nothing to be taken for granted. Which side one rolls makes or breaks his life.

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Multicoloured animals in magic kingdom

There it was!!

Hidden behind the iron pillar.

I slowly crawled toward the yellow elephant. The path was slippery and wet and smelled of something funny that i vaguely remember from my hospital days.

I caught the elephant by its trunk and took a big bite. The taste was bland. It didnt made any funny sound, like the one it makes when its in the hand of the big guy with specs. I shifted the yellow elephant to my left hand and started hitting it on the floor. Suddenly there was a commotion behind me.

It was the red Tiger!!

He started playing his drums all by himself. There was a white object attached to the red tiger which was turning in synch with drum beat that caught my fancy. Dragging the yellow elephant, i crawled towards the tiger. By the time i reached him, he had stopped drumming and the white object also stood still. I threw away the elephant and took the tiger by his head and mopped the floor with him. Then i saw the huge brown monkey, gaping at me, hanging from the iron pillar.

That brown monkey always makes me laugh as i find his facial expression very funny. I started kissing him and his hairy face became all wet pretty soon. Suddenly the giant lady appeared in front and dragged the monkey from my clutches. She started saying something in her strange tongue pointing at monkey and then at her mouth and waving the finger. Probably she wanted to taste the monkey and was angry that i took it.

Then only i noted that chota bheem had been lying motionless for a long time. He used to be my favourite before the speaking bird came. That furry bird always repeats what i say and along with that dancing bow-wow its my new favourite.

Yaaaawnnn.. time to throw a tantrum and go to sleeppp.

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

The question - part 5

Story so far


"Naanay thaan...firstu thannilenthu velila vaanga"

Then only Ram realised that he was still standing on knee deep water.

"Inthada towel..thodachuka" said Anil

"Ilada..romba eerama iruku..vera dress maathikaren"

"Naan thodachuka sonnathu thanniya illa"

After glaring at Anil, Ram looked back to see Priya stifling a laugh.

"Oru two minutes wait pannunga..dress change pannitu vanthidren"

"Its ok. No prob.." before she could finish her sentence Ram ran to the changing booth.

"Sorry for shouting at you..neenga Ram friendnu theriathu enakku" apologised Anil

"oh..avar peru Ram ah" said Priya to herself.

"Cha..cha..paravalinga..en mistake thaan. Inga oray eerama irunthatha gavanikama i slipped"

"Ungaluku epdi Ram theriyum?" asked Anil

"Enakku avara theriathay"

Before Anil could come out of his confusion, Ram comes rushing back.

"Hi..sorry..romba wait panna vachitena"

" problem..actually naan thaan sorry sollanum..ok..enaku time aaguthu..friends waiting..kelamabatuma"

"Adhukullaya" unable to quickly think of a reason to delay her departure Ram quickly looks at Anil
for help "Anil..ivanga yaarunu theriyumla...naan anniki sonene.."

"Ennada sonna"

"grrrr....antha juice shop..incident..avanga thaan ivanga"

"Ohhh...un mela juice oothina ponna...enga..pona vaati juice oothinathuku ipo wash paniteengala"

Priya goes beet red in colour but couldn't control laughing looking at Ram's struggle to contain Anil.

"Haio..enna nyabgam vachuka vera reasonay illaya..romba sorrynga..for both the incidents" apologized Priya

"Avan chumma solraanga...ivan bright lighta nera paathavanga mathiri"

"Apdinna?" asked Priya confused

"Light edachum object mela pattu reflect aana thaan antha object namma kannuku theriyum aana athey light namma kannula nera patta..ellamay takkunu irutta thaan theriyum..Anil is like that"

"eppapapa...enna oru analogy...physics puli pola"

Anil was equally stunned as well "Enda..Newton's third law LKG pasanga kooda sollidum..adhaiyum enna paathu copy adicha paya nee...ipo epdida ithelaam"

"Anil..unna appovay un mudhal paiyan azharaantu un wife theditrunthaangalay...innum paaka pogalaya neee"

"Enda...unakku kadala poda disturb aaguthunu enda enna ennamo vayasana uncle rangeku build up panra...naan poren..nee un kadalaiya continue pannu" murmurs Anil and leaves that place

"Hmmm...actually annikay ungalta pesanumnu nenachen..when i came back to the shop after i...hmm... neenga athukulla kelambiteenga"

"Oh..apadiya...Seringa..naan kelambren..Unga kooda anniki juice shop vanthirunthaangalay avanga ungala theditu varanga" Priya points to Kaushiki and before Ram could explain further hastily walks back to her friends.

~to be answered

Monday, May 02, 2016

The question - part 4

M.K (Mun kurippu): As mentioned on previous part, this part of the story was sponsored by  
Rajathilagam who press word at ara katrika speaks. Blog titlekum aalukum entha sambandhamum illai endrum complan kudikamalaye avanga amithabh bachi thangachi endrum inge koori kolla kadamai patirukiren. Intha sentenckaga innum enalam pada porennu appalika will tell. Over to the story. 

Story So far


"hey andha survey vechu report ready pannitiya? Citation enna nu poturke? Konjam kuden" priya's friend entered her room to find priya sitting lost in her own world.

"Hello??? Madam... Boomi ku vanga..."

"Huh... Ennadhu boomika vandhurkala?" Priya was startled.

"Inga oruthi report ah kaatu nu kaatu kathu kathitu iruken... Nee enna da na roja kootam srikanth range ku kanavu kandutu iruke?"

Table mela irukra folder ah eduthu kuduthutu again priya was going back to her dream land.

"Yemma boomika... Ippo endha srikanth ah paaka pore?"

"Adhu illa de. Indha survey eduka oru juice shop poirundhen la? Anga oru interesting character ah paathen... Avana pathi than yosichitu iruken..."

"Yaaro Unkitta misbehave pannanga nu sonniye... Andha rascal ah?"

"Chi! Annaiku vera oruthana paathen. Avana than solren."

"Apdi enna avan sharukh range ku irundhana? Naalu naal ku apramum yosichitu iruke?"

"Aal paaka romba model madhiri ellam iruka maatan. Aana avankitta oru nalla aura irundhuchu. Avan mela theriyama juice ah kottiten... Romba cool ah eduthukitan. Vera yaara irundhalum tension aagirupanga."

"Basic decency maintain pannirukan... Adhuku Yen nee ivalo pongare?"

"Adhu illa... Avan enkitta konjam flirt panra madhiri pesinan. Per therinjuka. Avan kadala Poda try pannadhu kuda theriyama badhil sollitu Irundhurken na paathukoyen."

"Adhu seri. Avan per enna?"

"Adha kekarthuku munnadi than avan girl friend kitta irundhu avanuku phone vandhuchu nu kelambi poitane..."

Her friend just glared at her. "Podeengu... Idhu oru kadha nu ennoda citation work ah vitutu ukkandhu ketten paru... Enna sollanum..." Her friend left the room while priya went back to her train of thoughts.

A couple weeks later: 

"Dei en da indha koluthara veyil la queens land romba mukiyama?" Anil viyarvaiya thodachite polambinan. 

"Neethana queens land ku ponadhe illa nu sonna. Va aduthu roller coaster la polam..." 

"Adhu naama pasanga ellam group ah porom nu nenachitu vaaya vitten. Nee ipdi kothu viduve nu enaku enga theriyum?" 

Currently they were walking through queensland theme park behind Kaushiki and two of her friends. 

"Ippo mattum ennavam? Andha ponnunga than ella ride-kum porangale. Neeyum polam la? Unna yaaru bag pudichitu nikkura velaiya seiya sonna?" 

"Indha asingam unaku thevaiya?" Anil pointed finger at himself and asked. 
inimel ivankitta pesina velaikagadhu nu Anil called the girls "Romba veyil ah iruku. Shall we all go to the swimming pool? meedhi rides apram pogalam."  

Agreeing with him they all went to the pool to soak their legs and relax.  

@the swimming pool: 

"Hey apdiye enna oru photo edu Ram." Anil gave him the phone and posed while sitting near the pool. 

"Dei kannadiya kazhatu da. Kodurama iruku..." 

"Unaku porama.. ozhunga photo edu. FB profile picture maathi romba naal aachu." 

"Indha eduthachu" he hands over the phone back to anil. 

"Seri romba salichukadha... anga poi nillu, unna amsama oru photo edukren." 

Ram stands simply. 

"Edhachum pose kudu... konjam siri da..." 

he makes a funky pose. 

Just then a girl walking backwards bumps into Ram effectively startling him and making him fall into the water. 

Anil starts shouting at the girl while Ram swims and comes back to the ground. By then Anil had managed to gather a crowd around them. Completely drenched he looks at the person who had pushed him. 



~To be answered

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