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He immediately looked at Catherine and to his shock, she was bleeding in her arms but desperately trying to draw. Then only he noted the last two lines in the note..

Roses are blue
Violets are red When the ghosts conspire Mind and body transpire ......
The lot was cast and when I drew,
Lady luck said it should be you"

"When we found him, Prakash was unconscious and was drenched in blood. It was as if someone..." the expression on the doctor's face mirrored the goriness she was visualizing from her memory.
"Someone what.." queried Ram
"How do I say that...yuck...its as if some one bathed him in a bucket of blood. The scene was reminiscent of B grade horror flicks. And to make matters worse, ever since he regained consciousness, he had been uncontrollable. Thrashing wildly and kicking at anyone who tries to restrain him and always chanting the same thing a…

The question - part 7


"Inga romba sathama irukku..velila poi pesalama?" shouted Ram

"Can't hear you" Mimed Priya. Understanding that Ram is motioning her to come out, they both go outside the venue.

"Manasula enna OKK Dulqurnu nenappa"

"Naan Dulqura illama irukalam aana neenga Nithya Menon rangeku..." looking at her beaming face  

"...alatikareenga" chuckled Ram

"Idhuku thaan koopteengala...naan kelambaren..already late aaguthu"

"Athepdi..ithana neram ulla irunthapo late aagala..ipo oru nimisham kooptathum late aaidcha..romba overnga"

"Hallo..sanda podrathuku thaan koopteengala"

"Aaaha..aarambathulenthay vaasthu sari illa nenakren..kozhutha Rahu kaalathula first meet pannirupom pola....seri..ella kodum azhichachu..from the first...Ram" he extended his hand

Priya stood still and slowly extended her hand "Priya" said with a smile.

"Super.." before he could talk further the book launch begins an…

24 - reivew

"Dei ennada adhukulla padam paathutia..."

"Surya triple role..adhuvum vikram kumar (intha 13B, Manam padamlam edutha director) plus sci-fi genre in tamil...couldnt resist"

"Seri..padam epdi..enna kathai"

"Oc la 300 rupees save panikka paakria"

"Nee solrathu base panni thaan padathuku ticket book panlaama venama nu decide pannanum"

"Kathai ketapramum kaasu kuduthu padam paapia..."

"Adha pathi unakenna..matteruku vaa"

"Padam start pannrapo..first varathu scientist Surya..scuba diving pora mathiri helmetlaam poatukitu..School prayer assembly hall sizeku oru edathula ninnukittu enamo panraaru..adhu thaan avar lab..apdinu naamalay imagine panikanum...neria thagara saamaan thattumuttu saaman elaam electicity pass aagi..anga anga acid athu ithunu irukum..nadula nammaalu "Iron Man" pada Robert Downey mathiri etho pannitruparu. Oru kazhugu paranthu vanthu ethaiyo thatti kotti vitrum...oodala villain Surya..Vir…

Manithan - review

Last week, happened to watch, "Manithan" movie by Udhayanidhi Stalin, a supposedly frame to frame remake of Jolly LLB, a super hit Bollywood movie. I wanted to watch the hindi version first as it had garnered pretty good reviews and even won national award. Arshad Warsi, who played the lead, is one of my favourite actors. His role of "Circuit" in Munnabhai series is one of the key reasons for the success of the franchise. Would Udhaynidhi manage to do justice to such a comic talent as Warsi was the lingering doubt with which i watched the movie. Needless to say, its a no contest. Though he is only a handful of movies old, Udhay bit more than what he can chew in taking up this role. But the fault is not entirely his. While the Hindi version is a supposedly satire on the Salman khan hit and run case, the tamil version suffers from "neither comic nor serious" doubt all throughout. Hansika has done worse before. But guess this would be her at her worst perfor…

The question - part 6

Story so far

@Star Marks Express avenue – 300 days book launch:
With his first book "300 days" getting ready to hit the shelves, Bragz is seen walking here and there with a sense of urgency. Mahesh, one of the admins of Chennai Bloggers Club is seen organizing the audience into a group.
"Mister mages..enakkoru doubtu"
"Hello Ram...thanks for coming..enna doubtu?"
"Illa..Bragz nejamvay busya illa..intha mathiri occasionsla busya irukrathu thaan norm a?"
Mahesh gives Ram that "Ivlo per irukara kootathula athenda enna paathu antha kelvi ketta look" and moves away from that place with a smile for excuse.
He bumps into someone and immediately apologises.
"So bad. Romba sorry.."
"Ada paravaleenga..naan thaan beku mathiri paraaku paathutu vanthu unga mela modhikitten. Nice set up by the way"
"Thanks. Please be seated. Program ippo start aaidum..and once again..Sorry Priya"
Antha pera ketathum takkunu Ram anga…

Roll of dice

God didnt play dice with the universe claimed the noodle headed nerd. I really wonder why not. Rain drops doesnt decide whether they should become pearl or sewage. No kids decide their parents. After they are created what and how they are maybe on that individuals hand. But the starting line is never the same. Some call it fate from previous births. While some say, by product of poor planning parents. We let loose our kids into this planet like sparks from a raging flame. Whenever I see kids trying to sell crayon books on signals or begging in trains, I wonder about what curse brought them to this planet for having been born to such parents. The moment they are born, there goes your claim to equality. It raises way too many questions. Not for a moment I doubt the capability of kids from such background. We also read of heart warming stories of IAS officers coming out of slum upbringing and kids of rickshaw pullers acing top exams. Will it erase the stigma of their background is the qu…

Multicoloured animals in magic kingdom

There it was!!

Hidden behind the iron pillar.

I slowly crawled toward the yellow elephant. The path was slippery and wet and smelled of something funny that i vaguely remember from my hospital days.

I caught the elephant by its trunk and took a big bite. The taste was bland. It didnt made any funny sound, like the one it makes when its in the hand of the big guy with specs. I shifted the yellow elephant to my left hand and started hitting it on the floor. Suddenly there was a commotion behind me.

It was the red Tiger!!

He started playing his drums all by himself. There was a white object attached to the red tiger which was turning in synch with drum beat that caught my fancy. Dragging the yellow elephant, i crawled towards the tiger. By the time i reached him, he had stopped drumming and the white object also stood still. I threw away the elephant and took the tiger by his head and mopped the floor with him. Then i saw the huge brown monkey, gaping at me, hanging from the iron pillar.

The question - part 5

Story so far


"Naanay thaan...firstu thannilenthu velila vaanga"

Then only Ram realised that he was still standing on knee deep water.

"Inthada towel..thodachuka" said Anil

"Ilada..romba eerama iruku..vera dress maathikaren"

"Naan thodachuka sonnathu thanniya illa"

After glaring at Anil, Ram looked back to see Priya stifling a laugh.

"Oru two minutes wait pannunga..dress change pannitu vanthidren"

"Its ok. No prob.." before she could finish her sentence Ram ran to the changing booth.

"Sorry for shouting at you..neenga Ram friendnu theriathu enakku" apologised Anil

"oh..avar peru Ram ah" said Priya to herself.

"Cha..cha..paravalinga..en mistake thaan. Inga oray eerama irunthatha gavanikama i slipped"

"Ungaluku epdi Ram theriyum?" asked Anil

"Enakku avara theriathay"

Before Anil could come out of his confusion, Ram comes rushing back.


The question - part 4

M.K (Mun kurippu): As mentioned on previous part, this part of the story was sponsored by  
Rajathilagam who press word at ara katrika speaks. Blog titlekum aalukum entha sambandhamum illai endrum complan kudikamalaye avanga amithabh bachi thangachi endrum inge koori kolla kadamai patirukiren. Intha sentenckaga innum enalam pada porennu appalika will tell. Over to the story. 

Story So far


"hey andha survey vechu report ready pannitiya? Citation enna nu poturke? Konjam kuden" priya's friend entered her room to find priya sitting lost in her own world.

"Hello??? Madam... Boomi ku vanga..."

"Huh... Ennadhu boomika vandhurkala?" Priya was startled.

"Inga oruthi report ah kaatu nu kaatu kathu kathitu iruken... Nee enna da na roja kootam srikanth range ku kanavu kandutu iruke?"

Table mela irukra folder ah eduthu kuduthutu again priya was going back to her dream land.

"Yemma boomika... Ippo endha srikanth ah paaka pore?"

"Adhu illa de.…