Sunday, February 23, 2014


In about 60 hours time, I am about to witness one of the most important changes in anyone life. This post, in that sense, is more like the meteorological department warning of impeding weather. I have always been the curious cat who can never savour a mystery and will jump to know the result. And this time its is no different either. There are so many thoughts running through mind. So many changes beckons. A whole new lifestyle. A whole new personality awaits. A whole new routine waiting on the wings. A whole new life itself just around the corner. Hopefully blogging should be one thing I can continue :) See you all on other side of February.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Sinkaatha Shippu

A guy n a gal were friends
Both had partners who initially were unmindful of their friendship
But as they still indulged in each others life much to their chagrin of their partners,
always having stories and anecdotes and little secrets to share and laugh and
often enjoying within themselves,
it all came down to whose affection was stronger.
one fine day their partners having enough of this relation, which they couldnt
quite agree as "just friends" gave them an ultimatum - to choose between the
They felt insecure on a relationship quadrangle where they also wanted to be
part on equal footing
They demanded time for their own, so that they will also have stories to share
They wanted the undivided attention of their spouses
They wanted to be the first person in their love list
The friends realised the logic on their request and
decided to take a break from each other
They wanted the world to realise that
even if they stay away from each others life
friends don't need to be on constant touch to
retain their friendship
Its that one unique relation in the whole wide world
which is so pure that it cannot be defined
Their partners were happy with the arrangement and
when they realised even when not in touch
the friends remained as happy as they were before,
they realised its not the presence or absence
that makes a relationship but the sheer love for each other
which transcends all space and boundaries.
There is a little bit of love in every friendship
If there could be an equal amount of friendship
in every relation formed of love,
world would surely be a better place.
If at all the aliens decide to invade us,
it may not be for the minerals
but for this beautiful mind set called friendship.

Happy valentines day :)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Every time I walk on the madaveethis of Mylapore, I feel the anniyan in me boiling with rage. Wish I have a bulldozer handy so that I can run over all the encroachments. By which I mean, every single store that has set shop, their free parking customers, on-vehicle bargainers, mid of the road pookadais and vegetable kadais, autowalas who abandon their VMD(vehicle of mass destruction) anywhere they care to urinate at any place of their want -be it school compound or temple or even garbage dump. The world is the urinal for them. The shops on the other side, jewellery section, are no saints either. Being the richer lot, they've extended their rule in concrete by stretching their stories right onto the sidewalks. The day is not far when they take over the entire stretch as their own and the paithiakaara poor pedestrians might be banned as trespassers on their own pathways. Every time I cringe when I am ordered out of the footpath on to the main road. And every time I crib here in blog about the same. I am clueless how to take this matter with whomsoever its concerned. In all probability that "whomsoever" might well be on their payrolls for being so "unconcerned". May be we should all form a sect called streetizens where each one should take care of their street and protest against any encroachment starting from their own self. Every one should take a pledge that they wouldn't buy a vehicle till they have a place of their own to park. Every one should understand that those who walk on the roads also are in a hurry to reach their destination and just because they are not on a vehicle, doesn't mean that they can be bumped off the map of earth. It must've been the umpteenth post in past several months I've polambified on the same topic. The more I write about it, I wish someday some meaningful idea forms to tackle this menace. Apdi unga yarukachum idea iruntha seekrama implement pannungappa. Intha traffic tholla thaangala!!!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Catch -22 again :)

Possibly my third or fourth post on similar topic in past 8 years :) Guess every 2.5 years I get bored with my way of life. Especially with my career. The moment I feel that I am getting very comfortable with what I am doing I simply cut off all the safety nets and rush headfirst into the unknown. All this bravado might suit someone who is really onto being such a rebel. But unknowns scare me crazy and every single bone in my almost 6 ft body is triple coated lazy. I am not someone who likes change. I would rather prefer steady state forever in my life. But the sheer weight of boredom far outweighs the fear of change and every time I force the change myself. Probably this is one main reason why i'vent made rapid strides up the ladder as compared to my patient friends :) Those who started their career with me are at an embarrassingly higher rank :) I could very well be the Indiana jones of IT. Not for his bravado but we share a common trait in going  after extinct things. I prefer dying or dead technologies that no one prefers just for the joy of knowing something different. All throughout I've been jumping from one tech to another with a tag of being niche. Now that I want to steer my course into the routine crowd, every one around me are donning the doubting Thomas role to perfection. They go out of the way to dig out personality traits in me that wouldn't make me one amongst them. Vanja pugazhchiya fact of lifea nu therila. But as always, its time for change. And it coincides with a major change in my personal life as well. Both changes I've wantonly brought upon myself. The more I think of me as the person responsible for these events in my life, it made me realise how vain I've been. When every single breath that we take in and out is determined by one up above. Suddenly life feels like a chessboard where everyone is a pawn trying to cut across squares to meet the only king called God. Ellamay ennala nadakuthunu yosikarapo saria edukkara decisions and thappa edukkara decisions rendumay stressfulla iruku. Edhukkumay naan karanamilanu yosikarapo feels like zero gravity. Either way, eager to know what the scriptwriter has written in my life :) So here is me praying for a peaceful present and a fearless future :)

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Simple'y' superb

For a long time I've been trying to write a story for children. Whenever I sit to frame a theme for them, I am stumped for one. I have a mental framework about how the story should be, based on the in numerous Tinkles, Champaks, Jataka tales to Ambulimama, Balamitra and Ratna bala. All those stories will have a basic setup -be it village or city. A simpleton or a greedy person or a miser or a lazy bone or a good Samaritan (an extremely good person in current days world) would be the central character. Mostly they would be either dim-witted or brilliant and the entire story would revolve around them. Their life would be so peaceful. In a span of few boxes of cartoons an entire life span would've been explained. IMHO Tinkle is the most under rated of all books. The kind of morals and values it imparts in the form those simple stories are nothing short of phenomenal. I wish Anu club gets included in science syllabus for school kids. Till date I remember that story I read in that about curd not freezing when kept in fridge.

The trigger for this post were two events. First one was a book I bought in Chennai book fair. "Thuppariyum Saambu". I've been longing to own one for a really really long time. I love stories with 70's and 60's backdrop. The kind of humour, the kind of people, their life style, their quirks, their customs, morals, their beliefs, their concept of heroes, villains..the list is endless. Its a magical world which can only be viewed in black and white. I felt the same sense of innocent effect while reading through the book which was supposed to be a detective novel. But with a caricature of a hero and his bumbling methods solely based on dame luck, the novel is more on the humour side than being a thriller. Even those episodes which involves kidnapping and ambushing villains have been told with a strong undercurrent of humour. Its impossible to imagine such a character in present day's world. Even the dumbest of the lot are shrewder than Saambu. Can life be so simple?? hmmmmmmm

The second one was a cho chuveet moment :) I had gone to my friends house to invite them for the wedding. Right from the moment i entered their house, they were prompting their elder son who is in first standard to show something to me. He blushingly came in front of me with his notebook. It had a ten line paragraph in it. He shyly told me that it was his story that he had written as part of his assignment. It was a story of a fox and a goat. The goat while grazing on a park, hears a fox which had fallen in a pit. The fox lures the goat inside the pit with promise of lush grass inside the pit. While the goat jumps into the pit, the fox climbs on the goat and gets out of the pit. Moral of the story being, never to trust strangers. I was stunned!!! It was so simple, so true and had such a valuable lesson. All in span of ten lines. It made me realise the reason for my struggles to come up with a story for kids. Kids life is very simple. It doesn't deal into the logic of why fox should talk in a language recognisable by goat or carnivore-herbivore relationships or what if there was really grass inside the pit!!! Same applies to my life as well, where I overthink every single step all the way. Its a lesson I struggle to follow in real life, but something I will not forget in a hurry :)