Sunday, November 28, 2010

Two songs to cheer you up..

Two songs are set to rule the radio waves in coming times. Two totally contrasting genres but the result is same - an awestruck feeling which transports you to your happy place right from the first chord.

I usually avoid new songs and would bother to give them a try only after reading the review. But fell for this one hook line and sinker right from line one. Infact after the first stanza was having a worrying feeling about how the song is going to continue and whether will it match the expectation set at the first para, when i was hearing it for the first time. I feel this song has a strong impression of "Kurai ondum illai kanna" song. Here are the lyrics for u. Song ketutu solunga how u felt nu :) Have made the para's which were most impressive in BOLD. Its from the movie "Mandhira punnagai" by Karu palaniappan. Even the movie review sounds offbeat. Should give it a try.

enna kurayo enna nirayo
edherkum naan undenbaan kannan
enna thavaro enna sariyo
edherkum naan undenbaan kannan

enna vinayo enna vidayo
adherkum naan undenbaan kannan
adherkum naan undenbaan kannan
enna kurayo enna nirayo
edherkum naan undenbaan kannan

nandrum varalam theedhum varalam
nanban poley kannan varuvaan
valiyum varalaam vaattam varalaam
varudum viralaai kannan varuvaan

ner kodu vattam aagalam
nizhal kooda vittu pogalaam
thaaladha thunbam nergayil
thaayaga kannan maaruvaan

avan varuvaan kannil mazhai thudaippan
irul vazhhigalile pudhu oli vidhaippan
andha kannanai
azhagu mannanai
dhinam paadi vaa

undu enalaam illai enalaam
iradum kettu kannan sirippan
inaindhu varalaam pirindhum tharalaam
uravai poley kannan iruppaan

pani moottam malayai moodalaam
vazhi kettu paravai paadalaam
pudhiraana kelvi yaadhilum
vidayaga kannan maaruvaan

engum nirainthiruppan
avan isai mazhaiyaai
ennai udan inaippaan

andha kannanai
kanivu mannanai
dhinam paadi vaa

Second one was another lucky listen like the previous one. "Whos the hero" from Manmadan Ambu. Andrea (aairathil oruvan, pachai kili muthu charam heroine) has the best strike rate for hit songs in recent times. Whatever she sings are becoming chart busters and this is one song where she has really let loose her wild self. I can bet, you can't sit in one place and listen to this song. Semma energy and so contagious :) highly mood uplifting song. Chk this one also and let me know how you feel.

P.s: thalaiye here is the link Mandhira Punnagai

Literala translate pannala..irunthalum theme convey agara(??) maathiri oru attempt..
For those who can't follow tamil.

I am in loss
I am in gain
I am in Joy and
I am in Pain

I am in problem
I am in solution
I am in dormant and
all things in motion

I am the sadness
in times of pain
I am the gladness
which mind attain

I am the confusion
in times of chaos
I am the clarity
amidst all pathos

I am the straightness
in all the curves
I am in the lifeblood
through your nerves

I am the shadow
in the dark
I am the grass blades
all in the park

I am the beginning
in the end
I am the straightness
in the bend

I am in the single
grain of sand
I am the rocks in
the mountain land

I am the rain drop
in the ocean
I am the plenty in
all the ration

I am in life
I am in death
I am the experience
all life bequeath.

Think i am odd
You people call me God.

P.S.S: pakkathu veetu paapa...abcd ongappan thaadi nu paaditrunthichi...athoda inspiration thaan intha rhymes :D


Ramesh said...

Lazy gilsu. Link kodunga thalaivare !!!

Nice songs. Didn't know you had a taste for the classical style.

Thanks for doubling my knowledge of Tamil heroines. Asin, Andrea .....

Aarti said...

Innum intha paatu kekala... heard 2 other songs from the movie, kamal kavithai n one more... :)

lyrics semaiiya irukku...

RamMmm said...

The Kannan song is very nice (neenga sonna maadhiri, influence of kurai ondrum illai and maybe additional kannan songs) and a excellent tempo. Sudha Raghunathan does full justice to the song.

Your translation captures the essence very well. A B C D, ungappaan thaadi maadhiri ellaam illai, nesammmaa.

I am still stuck in Andrea's "Idhu Varai" from Goa. :-) Heard the first minute or so of this song. Tempo rolls pretty well. She is pretty talented and has a good hoarseness in her voice which she exploits it very well in her songs. Fullaa kaettuttu, will comment later. :-)

R-ambam said...

first song like o 'like .. second innum kaekala :)

Anonymous said...

hey gils translate soooperu ... !
Like :) inniki thaan padichein..