Monday, November 28, 2011

Kolaveri remixed :)

Echusme..ippovay sollidren..padichoma kaari thuppinomanu deejenta irukanum. Auto anuparathu lorry anuparathu all no no..No voilence. Gilsu paavam :)

Why this delivery delivery delivery di
Why this delivery delivery delivery di

White coloru clientu clientu
Clientu currency greenu
'IT'na jolly lifeu lifeu
All smokeu screenu

Why this delivery delivery delivery di
Why this delivery delivery delivery di

Client always tellu tellu
Requirements in peiceu
Retypingu codeu codeu
Lifela goneu peaceu

Why this delivery delivery delivery di
Why this delivery delivery delivery di

Onsite trippu
Lifela grippu
Dreams of gooddu future

Round the clocku
Slaveu lifeu
Fully filled with torture

Hearu hearu
Oh my dearu
To your mind voiceu

Restu restu
All the restu
Absolute noiseu

Thissu songu for all thoseu
who no take risku
Try to break the mouldu  mouldu
Be for once boldu

Why this delivery delivery delivery di
Why this delivery delivery delivery di

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tipping point

As i was channel hopping, stumbled on a typical "seen-one-seen-all other' SRK movie. Shockingly it was running on Lok Sabha Channel!!! May be DD got bugged with airing '80 somethings' shouting matches and kiddish brawls and decided to take a break themselves. Watching movie without any ad breaks was a weird experience. I've been tuned to press the buttons on remote every 15 minutes and how much ever one complaints, the ad breaks do serve one purpose at least - to break the monotony of the movies, considering that even the shortest of our commercial potboilers run for close to  120 plus minutes. The movie was 'Kabhi Haa Kabhi Naa' and probably it was taken at a time when SRK was a lesser known face and an up and coming actor. He looks way too young in the movie and his support cast were regulars on DD-National's tele series like Circus, Nukkad, Fauji and lot more. Watching the movie felt like revisiting one's childhood photos.

The story line so simple and characters so lovable, reminiscent of erstwhile hindi movies, with the 'original' chocolate boy hero and Miss goody two shoes heroine, syrupy sentimental sis who carries an invisible placard that her 'bhaiyya is the best in the world' in every frame she comes and gives him the new born puppy looks whenever they share the screen with violins squeaking their twines out, middle class parents whose looks and life actually defined the term middle class to the masses plus friends who wear atrociously loud colored costumes (considering my penchant for dresses ala thalai you can imagine the scene i am trying to describe here :D ) which were once considered 'coooool' and throw in a funnily eccentric character with heart of gold and a villain who is more of naam ke vaaste type, you got the entire container load of scripts of the hindi movies of the 90's and believe me, each one of them were box office blockbusters whose songs and scenes have been branded in memories.

Needless to say, me a sucker for such movies :) and whenever i get a chance i revisit them to brush up my memory of course :) and also to get a dose of reel life innocence of which kind is a rare commodity in moviedom these days. I always believed that movies are the resemblers of the society and not the converse and one look at today's kind of movies is ample proof for the statement. In the name of being 'yathaartham' the kind of stories that are being picturised and force fed on audience, well not always but at times, appalling. Being raised on scruples and hypocritical values and risking the chances of sounding much more older :) i tend to cringe when school going kids mouth profanities without even realising their meaning and horror of horrors the acceptance of such things in daily vocabulary!! Every issue or belief or news or information is torn to shreds and is scrutinized under the microscope of logic and if it doesnt pass muster such thoughts are unceremoniously and publicly dumped. Feels offlate that the virtual world, having grown outside of the computers, have reached outside of the 4 walls and have taken the streets and lanes as well and people are fast loosing their sense of sacredness. For that matter, is there anything sacred or innocent anymore? Science has taught us to question everything. But falls short in the solution providing department. There are still lot many things in life like emotions of love, innocence, bliss, peace, calm, romance, passion, happiness, joy, harmony, togetherness and the negative of each of them, which can never be explained by any theorem or machine.

I believe certain things are meant not to be tampered with and even if it doesnt make sense i am still happy the way things are. Let there be some mystery left. Let there be some quest to search for later. For i guess life is much too shorter to be spent only to decipher its meaning. Feels good to be lazy once in a while and to go with the flow enjoying the course.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Murpagal seiyinn :)

Felt it made interesting sharing here :)

This took place in Charlotte, North Carolina.

A lawyer purchased a box of very rare and expensive cigars then insured them against, among other things... "FIRE"..!!

Within a month… having smoked his entire stockpile of these great cigars... the lawyer filed a claim against the insurance company.

In his claim, the lawyer stated the cigars were... "lost in a series of small fires'.

The insurance company refused to pay, citing the obvious reason, that the man had consumed the cigars in the normal fashion.

The lawyer sued... and... WON...!!!

Delivering the ruling... the judge agreed with the insurance company that the claim was frivolous... but he stated nevertheless, that the lawyer held a policy from the company, in which it had warranted that the cigars were insurable and also guaranteed that it would insure them against fire, without defining what is considered to be acceptable explanation of the term 'fire'...(as in the act of actually smoking the cigar) and was obligated to pay the claim.

Rather than endure lengthy and costly appeal process, the insurance company accepted the ruling... and paid $15,000 to the lawyer for his loss of the cigars that were... "lost in a series of small fires'.


After the lawyer cashed the check... the insurance company had him arrested on 24 counts of ARSON...!!!

With evidence of his own insurance claim... and testimony from the case being used against him… the lawyer was convicted of intentionally burning his insured property and was sentenced to 24 months in jail and a $24,000 fine...!!!

This true story won First Place in the "Criminal Lawyers Award" contest in the following year.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

NRI - New Relation Induction

Olagathulaye easyaana topic and also the most difficult one apdinu ethachum would self introduction i guess. Everyone can talk their heads off about themselves, but knowing where to draw the line is something known only to a select few. This technique comes in handy the most in case when a new relation is entering ones life. How much is too much or how little would be considered insufficient info? If prioritizing the points is suggested a solution, which one to share and which one to leave behind to be understood on their own? What to showcase and what not to? How truthful should one be or rather which points to hide? The art of creating a good impression, revealing as much or as little information and yet be safe enough to create a positive impression is something i crave to inculcate for a long long long time and falling woefully short. I've never ever made a decent first impression and have heard my good friends tell at a later point of time in our interactions that they never believed we would stick around with them for so long. Often one end up projecting a totally contradictory picture of their real self and have to catch up all along later to correct the impression.

Had a recent conversation with a friend of mine who is getting engaged in few days time. Now read the above paragraph from her perspective and i hope it might throw some picture on how our conversation would've gone :) Getting a new person in ones life is something of a life changer. If its going to be ones life partner, nothing would ever be the same again. In continuation with my previous post on Future shock, which basically talks about change and adapting to change, marriage is the biggest wanton life altering event in anyone persons life i guess. If one looks at milestones in each persons life, marriage would definitely be the major one which changed the course of their existence. Its the most complex of relation and brings with it as much pleasure and pain and still people world over take the plunge into that maddening ocean. Its proved by the mere fact that, though every one craves for 'Paradise regained', 'Paradise lost' has sold more copies than its sequel :) Its a whole big lottery, inviting a person into your life without bothering about the consequences, wholly resting everything on hope that it would work out in the end and surprisingly it works for the vast majority!!

I dont see an end to this topic so winding up with a wonderful quote suttufied from somewhere - 'Sorrow can take care of itself. But to get the full value of happiness, you should have someone to share it with' (and to add to it, if that person also happens to be your companion for life, well, that is a life well spent i guess).

Wishing my friend all the very best on her quest towards a new beginning. God bless you.

(Just now saw the count on publishing this post!!! Guess what..this also happens to be post number 500.. :D :D :D  )

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Future Shock

What an intriguing title :) I mean..not for this post. But in general. The one who coined the phrase must have been a genius. And so began my introduction to the book by that name - Future Shock by Alvin Toffler. I have never been a big fan of self-improvement books. Pannandu varusham iskoola padichi onnum kizhikkala. Oray oru book apdiye lifea thala keezha porati potrumnulaam advertise panni ethachum book vantha i simply avoid them. Rather than reading the success stories of people to follow ditto, i guess one should prefer to read the failures life history to avoid repetition or even better, take up what was unfinished and try to complete it too!!  Coming back to the title. This book, to describe in one word is just WOW. And an amazing thing is that, i checked with most of my book reading friends. Surprisingly, none of them had read this one!!! Felt like Columbus introducing his America to them when i sent them the soft copy (Be it Magellan or Amerigo Vespucci or whoever it was the original founder..aana famousaana name Columbus thaana :D )

My reading patter goes like this. First read - skimming the pages, stopping only at paras which sound interesting and directly going to the end to see how it finished. If impressed, second read would go bit slow to cover the missing sections. Third read would be the slow savouring one..goign through the minutest of word plays and marking the quotes. This book, Future shock, is around 280 pages long and even after 2 months since i began reading it, i am still at page 80. Not that its that boring a one or i was super busy. But i simply dont want this one to end. Gaali aaidum sollitu konjam konjama saapdra chocolate bar mathiri..i just read a few paras, get stunned with the content and close it off. Overa hype panra mathiri teriuthu. But still..this how i feel when i read the book. Not necessarily it might have an exact impact on others for they might've experienced the situations mentioned in it and might even be self aware of them. From all those adventure/thriller novels i read usually, this was a major major deviation and first ever attempt at something of this genre. So that could basically be the reason behind my awe. Anyways..

After all those bittu in previous para atleast onnu rendu vaarthaiyaachum book enna solluthunu solanumla :)
This book is from the 1970's or an even early period. But the content is so relevant even after half a century from its publication. It talks about the single most important concept, ever - CHANGE. How change invades everywhere and the domino effect it has on every single thing around. The examples he had used and the situations he talks about, some are outdated and some doesnt even make sense in current day's world. Which i guess adds more credibility to the what the book tries to convey - ACCEPTANCE. There are many interesting anecdotes/view points on the book (in the first 80 odd pages i have read so far) and it was simply amazing to note the way the author conjures them up into such a logical sequence. I've always romanticized the 70's as the best decade in human history. There were lot many 'firsts' which came in from that decade which are common things in today's world. This book adds more fuel to that thought.

I would love to hear from you folks as to what do you feel about this book. Let me warn you again. The content is a bit dry subject and unless you are in the mood to grasp it, might feel a let down. But definitely worth a try is what i feel so far.

Thursday, November 03, 2011


"Close the door and have a seat"
He came and sat on the rolling chair which, having lost one of its wheels, was see-sawing.
Just like his life.
Some months ago in a different location, similar situation, he was on the other side of the chair.
Possibly giving even better advice.
"You've again put me in an awkward position"
"Going by the seating arrangement, i guess that should have been my dialog" he said.
"Wisecracks are not going to help you. You should realize what you are doing. I've told you even before. Losing temper in front of everyone is not going to help you anyway at all"
"Well this way at least i would get some help in finding it back"
"Finding what?"
"My lost temper"
"Enough. See..had it been anybody else i wouldn't be having this discussion at all. I strongly recommend you to introspect and try to find a way to control your temper. Take a notepad"
"Why? you want me to write imposition?"
"Dont push your luck. Now write down the absolutely honest reasons why you loose temper. Try to evaluate yourself from a third party perspective. Imagine you as a witness to your outbursts and as someone who is fully aware of the reason and write your comment"
"Hmm....interesting. Weird. But interesting. Different from that yoga-meditation thing.  Will give this one a shot and let you know"
"Nothing doing. Start writing. I've booked this discussion room for the next hour. I will be back in half an hour's time. Finish it before that. Your time starts now"

With only the whirrring sound of Air cooler for company he sat alone on the discussion room. It was more of an over sized wardrobe with false ceiling. At first his mind wandered to every place he could think of, other than the notepad and finally looking at the time, he decided to write something to escape from an even more boring lecture.

He begin to write - Why does he get angry? Is it because he was always right? He felt definitely no, as he would be the last but one person and the last person to accept that. He made a list of people against whom he had raised his voice in recent past. Few of them were his subordinates and some his peer. None in the cadre above him Was he trying to bully people into submission? The more he thought about the surer he became that the answer was a definite 'NO'. He began to trace back his emotions to understand the underlying cause for his outbursts More often than not, his interpretation of the issue which angered him, would have actually been his reaction had he been on the other side. The more he dug in deep, the found that, the root cause for every single reason behind his anger was , surprisingly, fear!!! At the core, he realised, every short tempered person were basically meek and frightened and to cover their fear, they hide behind the guise of anger. Fear of losing face, reputation or image created havoc on the mind and it goes to the extent of projecting a macho virtual personality to protect itself.

He sat in silence and realised the amount of truth in the answer he became aware of. He found the questions becoming difficult with each passing moment and cursed himself for getting sucked into the situation.

He struck everything he wrote and started thinking about the solution.

He wrote - What made him happy? Pat came the answer- Appreciation. Recognition. He realised there is no better cure or more addictive drug in the world than the sound of applause. Every time his name got called up for a good performance, his heart would beat faster and he would tell himself that the bar has gone up a notch higher to keep him in reality check. The next question flew in automatically and so did the answer. What made him sad? Discouragement. Being the worst self critic, he hardly needed any more fuel to burn his   pride.

He stared at the paper and sat in silence. His thoughts were disturbed by the sound of door opening.

"So, seems like you had a busy time writing, huh? May i see it?"
"No" and he teared the paper into shreds.
"Cool. So.. you actually did contemplate on what i said and seems it has worked out a bit too?"
He smiled and walked away.
Before closing the door he turned back and said "Thank you".

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Revolution 2020

Looking at the title itself you can realise how cheesy the content is going to be. But as they say never judge a book by its cover (or by its title for that matter) than muyarchiyil satrum manam thalaraatha gils ploughed into the story.
The intro was again a let down. It was a xerox of what he wrote on "3 Mistakes of my life". Same scenario. Same result. Flashbackla katha solla kudigaara narratora vitta vera optionay teriathaa mishter Baghat?!!! Intha aal schooldaysla romba kushtapatrupaan nenakren. Something about his education is plaguing him. Oru katha udaama elathulayum education systema damage pannitrukaan. Not that the system is so great or pious to be ridiculed. But oru changekavavathu vera theme yosikalam. Bloody boring it has become.
A triangular love story. One ozhukkaseela character, topping in studies (which he makes it sound like the worst thing or the uncoolest event at the best, to ever happen in that characters life), one sumaara padikara heroine and one suthama padikatha hero. This guy is the narrator cum central character of the story. He comes in every single page of the book. He cribs about his life, cribs about his average score on the entrance exams, cribs about his dad, cribs about his unnreciprocated love for the sumaara padikara heroine, cribs when she reciprocates, cribs when he realises the ozhukka seela nature of that dummy piece character, cribs when the heroine cheats on her boyfriend and sleeps with him and finala ditches the heroine so that Mr.ozhukkaseelan has aatharavu in his life. Oops..spoiler alert. Dont read from the 3rd line of this paragraph. Athaan motha kathaiye.
As always, in this story too, the girl has affairs outside of her relationship and gets ditched in the end. Wonder the reason behind this deliberate picturisation on all his novels. There is hardly any hollywood movie where the hero and heroine dont kiss. Even then, it never look vulgar. Aana namma oorula bittu pada poster mathiri kiss adikara sceneye prathaanama vachu padam oatuvaanga. Atha mathiri thalaivarum try pannararo? It sticks out like sore thumb in this otherwise decayed story line.
The concept he has taken deserves a lot more respect and lot better treatment. This one is written with B grade masala bollywood movie making in mind.

Gils verdict - YUCK.