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Conjuring - review

It always beats me to wonder why people like to get scared?!!! Why is that people knowingly go for rides in the name of adventure and thrill? Is there a definitive line between thrill and scary? Is it just the adrenaline rush or the false sense of bravado that their heart can withstand sudden surges of beat, with blood rushing through their body, sending a cold chill up everywhere? Where not the very same people spend the rest of their lives in search for peace and calm and happiness? Is it the one of scenario where they want to taste the other side? If its one off case, I cannot understand the presence of thriving innumerable thrill parks and blockbuster scary movies.

Horror has been a successful genre in itself and has often tested the darker side of human psyche. Even atheists who deny god, bound to get scared of ghosts, which I guess is totally oxymoronic. For those who deny existence of positivity, how can they allow negativity to scare them?? Horror movies of the past where mor…

Kalyana samayal saadham - review

A bold topic. That would be an universal opinion of whoever watches this movie I guess. That its the third movie on trot that I've seen which is heroine oriented to a major extent is another interesting aspect about it. The theme was very English/Hollywoodish and probably could be remade in English as a very decent addition to the American Pie series. The hero discovers he has ED problem while trying to do "thappu" with heroine before marriage. What follows next are series of howlarious attempts by the hero and his gang of well wishers (that includes his mamanaar as well!!) to get his problem fixed. Forget about double meaning dialogues and double entendres. Inga ellamay direct meaning thaan. Stand up comedy couldn't have been taken more wittier, literally :D The way the hero stands up (sic) for heroine in getting the wedding venue shifted is a witty twist and cute. The way she takes up the issue lightly is too filmy for the chemistry or the love between the lead pai…

Concert concern

I just said one comment, that I felt  Carnatic singers are bit tedious on the ears because they keep repeating the same lines of the lyrics while instrumental for the same song is bit easy to latch on. And that innocuous comment took the same form on FB and thus began the grand debate. (Just hyping up a mokka conv thread :D ..achucho..mokkanu summa sonenga...kochikaporaanga)
There was a view point that Carnatic music is elitist and people were really onto that subject. That set me wondering, forget about it being elitist or not, I frankly don't understand what that word means. The point that people where shadow boxing around, I felt was, that it was casteist. More often than not, its a topic which people generally avoid either to avoid hurting the other person's sentiment or frankly they simply don't care about it. But its the party that gets hurt takes up cudgels to defend. Take this topic itself.

Honestly I've always felt, unknowingly though, that Carnatic music mean…

Irandaam Ulagam

One of the most awaited movie of the year, with the trailer raising the expectation manifold, starting comparisons to Avatar and music of Harris who as usual remixes his own hit tunes movie after movie had already ensured good songs. The movie had been in the making for so long with different set of cast being considered and discarded every now then with the notable ones including Danush and Andrea. The title itself carried a charm and considering the Selva's penchant for love stories, the expectations went further up. No wonder the movie crash landed.

I always dream about multi-verses. Ever since I read Carl Sagan's CONTACT, it has remained my all time favourite novel. The concept of someone similar to me rather same as me being out there on another universe, going through similar situations as mine and dealing with them all to differently makes it a heady feeling to imagine and as I mentioned in several other posts, time travel is something I really really wish for :) To go …


Twice within a span of 24 hours I was made to eat my own thoughts..words rather. I was so strongly rooted on my opinion that everything around was going crazy and the universe has suddenly raised a vendetta flag against me when there was not even a blip on the horizon. All of a sudden for the past few weeks, things were moving fast from bad to worse, atleast that's how I felt. I lost 60,000 rupees, a major career break through and there were tonnes of other minor pin pricks as well. It was as if everywhere I turned, things were ganging up against me and I couldn't quite figure out the reason. It was all getting repressed inside and I was badly in need of a vent. If I talk to someone about my issues, I feel like I almost have a solution for it!! The more I talk about it, trying to explain the problem to a third person, the more I get to understand it myself and more often than not, it works out for me and this time was no exception. I went to my previous manager, who is a well …

Review time - The Tournament by Matthew Reilly

I am big fan of masala racy action mystery thriller entertainer novels. Whew!! Is that a genre or a potpourri of genres? Well, its all one and the same for one Mr. Matthew Reilly. In all his novels that I've read so far, his heroes are all powerful one man armies, armed with all hitech gadgets that would collectively put Bond and XXX to shame and also there is not a thing under the world wide web that they wouldn't know or recall at a moments notice to help in their quest to save America which in other words is the world. I am a big fan of his Jack West series of 7 ancient wonders, 6 sacred stones and 5 great warriors. His other series involving Scarecrow are mostly B grade action flick stories. He also has to his credit some lone ranger series in the form of Hover car racer, Contest and few more.

Irrespective of the lead characters one aspect that is common across all his novels is the pace of the story and the factual fictitious blend that he manages to keep pace along with …

Sci-fi dream

Usuala dream vantha realise panra nelamala kooda illama full korattai sleepla iruppen. But this one was like..!!! I am standing with a crowd of people, watching the sky as it suddenly goes dark. Thunder storm clouds hover above and a silver lining kind of some shiny outline engulfs the clouds. All the clouds merge to become one big cumulus cloud of darkest nature. We all begin to feel the chill. Suddenly the earth below begins to freeze. Freeze as in Hollywood "Day after tomorrow" kind of freeze. It turns out to be the aliens who have stopped sun rays to fall on one side of the earth. May be they stopped earth from rotating. Because the other side, people are feeling terrible heat. Every one is running around and slip and fall down with the ground below cracking.

I was so stunned that, I became half conscious on sleep wondering what could've triggered such a dream!! I didn't watch any sci-fi disaster based movie the previous night. Nor was I reading anything about s…

End of innocence

Before you begin to wonder what the heck this post is going to be let me tell you the reason behind the title. Was wondering how to make this an attention seeking interest grabbing headline and ended up with this one :)

Millions of words have already been written about HIS retirement and there are billions more to come. Let me add a few to the never ending saga called Sachin. Like two sides to a coin, there are as many people who are fuming at the extravaganza that is on going, wondering the whole way through why so many others weren't considered even half this adulation whereas the rest of the majority continues to push the bar of hero worship manifold. Why is Sachin so special would be a question for MBA's and psychologists to analyse for years to come. Dravid was equally gifted if not more and have been the mainstay of any overseas tour as much as Sachin. Ganguly is often credited with infusing "soranai" and "soodu" to the team. Even for Kapil the great,…

Haiii....awaaardu awaarduu..

Ithaiyum oru bloga madhichi oru jeevan awardlaam kuduthurukaanga. Thank you  Asha madam

Neenga rommmmbaa nallavanga. Aalayam kanden bloggerku aduthabadia romba rasichi padikarathu ivanga travellogues thaan. Simplea realistica yet interestinga irukkum ivanga write-ups. ISRO rocket scientist..ipo varungala vignaanisoda answer papersa correct pannitrukara poruppaana postla irukaanga :) Vasishtar vaayala bramma rishi mathri enakku big sister kaiyaala awardu..avvvv......pullarikuthu :)

To accept the award, I must complete the following.
Linkback to the person’s blog that have nominated you. (Okkay)

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Contact the nominees and let them know that they have been nominated for the Leibster. (Ithu veraya!! avvvvv...aana neenga enna contactal…

Review time

Feels like a million year before the last review post :)
Naan enna panrathu..usuala pathu padam paatha athula onnu review podra alavukku interestinga irukkum. Ippolaam I am watching almost daily one movie. Irunthum..onnu kooda thera maatenguthu. But been observing one very dangerous trend. Atha pathi polamba thaan intha post.

Last week was having usual lunch arattai when one of the saga arrataiyaalar was in so much kushi that he was all smiles. Ennada maaternu visaaricha..thangamani enjoyyyy. Athaavathu his wife has apeeted to her parents place for vacation with kids. So thalaivar was in full josh. Antha kedaikaamala kedaitha free timea epdi use"full"a  celebrate panrathunnu there was heavy diskassan. Ivangalaam senthaa vera ennatha pathi pesa poraanga..antha aal veetla thanni adikaratha illa..vera pasanga veetla kutcheriaya vachukarathaanu thaan panjaayathu.

What shook me was the casualness with which they were discussing about the drinks party. Its almost a fashion statem…

Mad(e) in heaven -1

Anil and Sid singing in chorus..

"You halfu me halfu eyee..
Near you no means no sleepu..eyeee"

"dei...enna kanraavida kathitrukeenga" asks an irritated Ram.

"Paarra...Why this kolaveri nu Danush paadina ooray kekkuthu...ithaye naanga panna kadupadikaranga...kalikaalamada"

"athu sari...kolaveri songkum ithukum enna linku?"

"Nee paathi naan paathi Keladi Kanmani padathula oru paatu varumla..atha thaan taminglishla re compose pannitrukom...ipolam directa englisha tamizhla podra songsa vida intha mathiri uttalakkadi songs thaana hit aguthu"

"dei...kovam vara mathiri paatu podaatheenga...Ava varathukulla ingenthu odi poidunga"

"!!! ava eppoda onsite vantha??"

"ada..skypela chat panrathukkay intha scenaamaam"

"etho padathula..minister flightla poraru traffic police road traffic block pannuvaanay..atha vida kodumaiya irukkay ithu..apdi ennada bayam"

"Adhu bayamilla machi..lighta …

Need new Mythologies

While the western world churns out one superhero after another on a periodic basis, the eastern side of it has fallen way behind is what I feel. We had a rich heritage, rich being putting it mildly. Our fore fathers had such vivid imagination that when people on the other side of the planet where busy pillaging and looting they sat in quiet enivrons and created one blockbuster after another of a story. Starting with the puranas, bagavatham, ramayan and mahabharath inclusive, couldn't think of any other culture to have such a wide line up of awesome stories. And the best part is, like a never ending mega serial, each of those stories had a link story, a flash back, a why-it-happened like that premise and everything were neatly framed into a loop. Its amazing to even think of how many people would've co-authored the script, over whatever period of time and yet having a coherent screenplay. No character was bad and even their bad attitude will have a positive spin that, they were…

What to name it

The one show that I watch with all eagerness would be "Tamizh Paechu engal moochu" on Vijay. For the very simple reason that, I totally and completely adore the concept. Today's topic was pretty interesting. A topic that is taboo even in present day society - Relationship without any name between men and women. It was quite an interesting topic and challenging one for the speakers and they spoke quite eloquently without majorly dabbling on the point for want of time. The society we live in has names for all relations. Father, son, brother, uncle, grandfather, lover, boyfriend, husband and even if there is a loss in the relation there are names for them as well- widower, divorcee, orphan(!!) And equivalent ones for women as well. In between this maze of names blooms in a friendship or two.

Man - woman relationship which falls under the last category are often looked upon with suspect. A friend of mine once told me, there can be only 3  kinds of relation possible between …

The fake realities

For a while I used to be a big time fan of Super Singer's and Jodi number One's. The very reason that, I got to hear classics without their awful picturisation and some really amazing talents set the tone for the whole show. But over period of time, they've grown to be awful and more couldn't be more fake with the concept of reality being only on name. Forget the kind of nonsense they churn up in the name of TRP's but the damage they are doing to kids and art in general is becoming irreparable.

They've become that virus that've begun to feed on the very essence of art form. Music classes have started advertising coaching for reality shows. Cine dance forms have replaced traditional variants and with hardly any patronage they are at the risk of not surviving into the next decade. I've quite a lot of sabha's near my area. But for December, where people throng to see the famous personalities lining up for a handful of concerts, who otherwise spend the…

Farewell my friends

Thondrin pugazhodu thondruga..agthilaar
Thondralin Thondraaamai nandru

The "Thirukkural" mentioned above means -
If you are born in this world, be with the qualities conductive to fame. For those who can't, better not be born.

Last week was full of farewells of people I am very fond of. First came the news of Phani, my toastmaster mentor of one speech (not sure if his decision to quit the job was due to that), then it was Sachin's retirement news followed by my good friend Mahesh's last day in office. You couldn't pick a more diverse bunch if you ever want to choose one. But they have one common aspect - being famous.

The Phani-funny cliché has been too clichéd even for a cliché. Still its not without reason. I often used to wonder how can a person be so dedicated to a cause, in which he gets to be the backstager rather than on stage most of the time. The way he used to show to time out for over eager speakers from the last row even when he wasn't playi…

Rise of the wastrel

Does cinema mirror the society or is it vice versa.
A question for the ages and sages. But off late it does look like the screen has taken over the reign.

Take the definition of a movie hero as case in study. 5 decades back, a movie hero should be good looking, should be respectful to parents, dignified before ladies and would almost always be wearing formals. Villains sported horizontal stripe t shirts with kerchiefs on their necks and more often than not, will have an overgrown mole on their face or would be seen wearing three piece suits complete with a bowler hat. Villis where invariably the mom-in-laws or sis-in-laws. It was very easy to make out who was the bad guy and the leading ladies invariably had to choose between two good guys even in a love triangle story. The lead pair would be the epitome of sacrifice and it was always, family first then job then love.

Cut to the 70's, the heroes slowly began to grow a shade of grey. They began to have intra marital affairs and be…

Indian sports and ancient curse

No wonder sports in India never takes off. Look at the awards instituted for the stream. The highest award that a coach gets is the Dhrona award and the sportsperson qualifies for a Arjuna. Two of the most controversial figures when it comes to teaching/learning. A guru - who was so partial to his student that he spoiled the life of another, probably more devoted than the former, by getting his thumb chopped off. Maybe the former student prince, paid more fees (!!) and the latter being OC graakki lead to the result? If Ekalavya had paid tuition fees would he still have underwent such a treatment?? or would there have been a change of heart? IMHO, ekalavya scores heads and shoulders above arjuna when it comes to guru bakthi and skill level rivalling the warrior prince, the award should ideally be named after him. May be the concept of naming the award as Arjuna, could be more related to the role that the prince played down the story and no doubt per the story, his deeds are praiseworth…

Z for - Zip zap zoommmm

They say when you hear hooves people always think of horses and never zebras. A roundabout quote directing people to think outside the rutty routine. Having been posting about 6 posts a month for close to half a dozen years, I took up the challenge of this a-z post series hoping to finish it in no time. Raanuvathula azhinjavana vida aanavathula azhinjhavan thaana namma oorla adhigam :D Proved true in my case as well. Having never been good at participating on any competition on named event for that matter, this one series, almost killed my writing hobby itself :D All I could think of was a title starting with the next alphabet to post and the mokkais that I could think of posting never could fit into one. And slowly I gave up on writing itself.

As I type in this last post of the series, I could feel the rush coming back and with the finish line on sight its such a huge relief.

Many a time I wanted to quit writing blogs and blabbing my head off with my verbal diarrhoea of posts. But …

Y for - Yesterday...

A week ago I uploaded a photo of mine from school days.
It wasn't just another click-the-browse-button and upload kind of a photo. No. It wasn't.

I had uploaded scores of pics before. But this was one photo that I was shying away from, ever since it was taken. The one pic that made me so conscious of the way I look and the moment the photographer said "smile" I knew it. All that while, I was so dumb that I never ever realised why people were calling me fat. I was under the impression that, calling someone was fat was similar to giving bad names and foul mouthing him and it never ever occurred to me that it could be a mere fact that those kids were calling out.

Few days before that pic was taken, it was raining and while I was returning back from school, crossing the vegetable vendor strewn portion of the "maada veethi", I slipped in front of one such, illegal encroachment of a "shop" who had eaten up half the road starting from the pavement itse…

X for - Xperience d kodumai

Kaaththu paathi fattuu meethi
kalanthu seitha kalavai naan

oval faceum urndai baseumaai
vilanga mudiaa shapeum naan

gymmuku sendru..
dietai kondru
udambai kuraikka paarkindren... aanaal

cheesaai thindru
fat utkondu
weightu mattum valargirathay

nontha kumara nontha kumara
naalai exercise seivaaya

kuraintha weightai eedu seiyya
niraiya sweetaai thinbaaya

gundaai neeyum irupathanaal
theepavaliku vedippaaya

thiriyum illai neruppumillai
thirinthay udalum ilaippaaya

nontha kumaaaraaaa....

-- Azhavanthaan

W for- World of kids

Kids, like economic classification, segregate themselves into upper class - the brighter ones, middle class - the average ones and lower middle class - the borderliners. The brighter ones, even if they dont manage to get a job on their line of study get into teaching what they were good at studying. The borderliners have the whole world ahead of them and more often than not their best bet turns out to be the last reserve of the front benchers - teaching. And some make very interesting teachers too, making up for what they couldnt grasp as students. Its the middle classers, literally and figuratively who are always stuck between the rock and hard place. They struggle to reach the heights of those ahead of them and also struggle to stay ahead of those behind them. In this forever struggle, those poor kids never get to enjoy anything at all. They are everywhere. They try to get in whichever job they could. They slog their butts off at work and forever keep running just to stay on course…

V for - Vidhi valiyathu

Kannada desathula kappam kattama vetrigarama veeru nadai poattu..sorry..flowla vanthiruthu..veeru vandi vittu..vrrooom vrrooomnu veratti kittu vanthitrunthappo...again one mama stopped.

Jaangiri desathulaye jamaaichitom, namma local maams thaanannu my bired started alli vittufying his soga kathai. From vayasaana amma appa to kalyaanathuku nikkara sister varaikkum he used all his asthirams ala senti tamil pada heroine.

Maama ivanoda sentimental thaakuthalla sikki was almost singing "I am a beggar boy" song along with him. Innum oru anju nimisham pesirunthaanna avar purselenthu kaasu eduthu kuduthu petroluku vachukopa solliruparu. Avlo close they became. He was starting his bike when that mama asked
"ellam sari thambi..enga ivlo avasarama poitruntheenga rendu perum"

Adhu varikkum antha conversational silent partnera iruntha vidhi en roobathula velaaadichingarathu pinnar varum.

"Athu onnumilla uncle maama...INOX la gold class ticket vaaagirukom 6 PM show ku..ipov…

U for - U turn indri ulle vaa

Few years back, when in banglore, my roomies were on one kshethradam spree and were temple hopping like anything. Forgot the name of that temple...was it ragi malt? ragi mount? it was near Woodlands hotel. My roomie had a pulsar and he his driving skills will put death well circus rider to shame. Wheelay illaama kooda wheeling pannuvaan. Typical banglore driver. He can crawl in and out of any traffic and hardly a day passed without him getting caught by some traffic police or other. At each signal they will seize his licence. Ithukaga "Saami" vivek rangeku will always carry four five copies of his licence. Andhrala ivanku fake licence print adikarathukaga oru small scale industrye iyakkitrukaannu vera arasal purasala kelvi. On that fateful day I was the pillion rider when the police caught him.

By the look he identified him to be an IT guy. He started listing out the rate card.

Microsoft hogi- Six hundred and fifty rubeees
IBM hogitho Four hundred

It took a while for me to r…

T for - The story of M

Ithu oru sutta pazham post. Its the story of M, as written by his wife. M is a good friend of mine and his life story is pakka padaiyappa script :) Being the 650th post in Supershanki..thought..will make it special by posting about a special person with the script from his own special person :))

Strong,  confident, young and cheery.. how else can i describe about him??  Until  he turned  19, his  life was same as others.   He had the time of his life, when he was in college.  . Being the youngest, MR.M was the “tharuthalai” of the family.  Somehow, he managed to pass the degree in Catering without any arrears. As far as he was concerned he had done the best.  His father and himself were made to believe that, joining Maritime course will help him to seek job in shipping, which turned out to be fake. Having no other option he  continued in the same industry after college.  He struggled for three years on what turned out to be the worst phase of his career, on his very first job itself.…

S for - saithaan kee bachaa

Namma oor makkaluku hindi teriathungaratha vachu egapatta per nakkaladichitrupanga/kanga. Recent one being Chennai express movie. Aaana hindikaranga Inga vanthu sikki seerazhiyaratha pathi avlo impactfula oru padam innum varalainu thaan thonuthu.

Anyways..last weekla busla poitrunthapo, came across a surprising scene. One kudimagan, was loitering on the footboard. Conductor patiently asked him to step in to the bus. He got irritated and showed his 50 rs ticket and claimed that he is not travelling without ticket. The logic mismatch was evident of his state of mind. Conductor cajoled him saying, he looked like his younger brother and patiently asked him to take a seat. The guy relented under the "love attack" and sat inside. I was pleasantly surprised. Usuala, even if I had been in the position of the conductor, would've given one tight slap and would've kicked the guy out for putting his life and others in jeopardy. And that this guy was at his patience best was a ha…

R for - RIP (Riot in Peace)

Ennada romba naala onnum bulbay vaangaliye...ippo thaan powercut prachanai kooda lighta solve aadichaynu yosichathu thaan micham. Itho vanthuten aalampanaa nu alaavudinn padathula vara Asokan mathiri came a situation. Namakagavay senju vachutu ukkanthirukaangala..ilaa naana thaan poitu maatikarenaanu theriala...avvvvvvvvvvvv

Matter is, enga aapecela, if any colleague expires during his tenure with the kambeni, there will be a moment of silence mail from the HR calling for 2 minutes of silent prayer for the departed soul. My damager called me last week.

"Ivan thaanpa SPOC" apdinu he introduced me to one another person, who looked like model for Godrej buearu. Ada..aal paakarathuku gadaparaiya crossla muzhingina mathiri irunthaaru..atha vachu telling.

Nammalauku thaan intha pattam pathavi aasai kedaiyaathay. Ithennada pudu vambunu was wondering when damager himself told.

"Gilsu..pona vaaram namma colleague oruthar eranthutaarnu mail vanthuchulla..avaruku contribution col…

Q for -quest for inner peace

Gils seen roaming here and there carrying a bunch of paper.
His damager is sitting in a very somber mood.. (somberi moodnu padicha kambeni poruppu illai).
Knowing that look, Gils knows he is into deep philosophical mood and tries to dabaichify damager by taking a round about route avoiding him.
"Gils...come here"
"Sethaanda sekaru" nu thinkiyavaaray Gils goes to damager.
"Yesh boss"
"Enna ingayum angayum suthitrukka? Ennamo thedra mathiri iruku?"
"ada neenga vera baas...naanay Santhoshema tholaichitu theditruken"
Damager gets that oli vattam above his head whenever he is in appraisal sessions.
He starts giving gyan to Gils about inner peace and how one should search for happiness within oneself and how materialistic the world has become where people always rush about searching for happiness every where else but never at the most easiest of places to check, that is within oneself.
"Itheye thaaan superstar...unakkulla irukkara santh…

P for - Prayer

2013 has been a very bad year for music industry.

So many of the yesteryear greats have breathed their last this year.

From Lalgudi Jayaraman to Ramamurthy to PBS to TMS to Vaali one after another the giants of music industry have commenced their onward journey to the place up above.

The heavenly orchestra has just been strengthened like never before. For one of the best lyricist and music composer and the best singers of all time all have gathered there at the same time. No wonder even the sound of thunder has a new raga tone to it nowadays. Maybe the gods themselves have grown so fond of these musicians that they have caused this unseasonal rain in Chennai, just to hear them out.

They may have taken a mortal form which has an expiry date written all over it the day it got formed. But their creations and music are nothing short of magic and are immortal.

A silent prayer for those great souls.

O for - Onnum solrathikilla

Pin varum kathaiyil varum paathiram anda gunda anaithum karpanaiye..nejathila yaaraiyum neraagavo..konaiyaagavo...maraimugamaagavo....kuripidavillai. Any person living or dead, matching these characters are purely and entirely coincidental.

"Hey..oru shocking news!!" - (from now onwards will be known as NNP (nonthu noodlesa ponavanga)

"Ennachu..unakku marriagea?" - frnd 1

"Athu shocking news ilada...electrocuting news...entha appavi sikkinaan" - frnd 2

"grrrr...mokka podama solratha kekareengala...nejamavay shocking news..nethu enakku shock adichuthu theriyuma" NNP tells in one appavithanamaana parithaaba tone.

 "Poi sonnaalum poruntha solanum..unga areala thaan currentay kedayathay aprum epdi shock??" - frnd 1.

"athaana...unga arealalaam innumum roadla theepantham pudichitu thaan night timela makkal nadamaadraanga..unaku mattum engenthu shock adikara alavuku current vanthuchu?? vera relation veetuku poi irunthia?" - frnd 2


N for - Nalla varuvadaa nee..#yaarukko

Than muyarchiyil satrum manam thalaraatha vikramaadhithan....

Ipdithaan ella vikram vethaalam stories start aagum. Every story would be different and every twist unique and vikram solara every justification and theerpu would be different. Aanaa ..starting eppovumay same.

Intha kathailayum kitta thatta apdi thaan..aana oray diparance ennanaa end result also always same.

"Gils..thayavu senju opice kku timeku vaa" - says the vikramaathithan of the damager.

"Baas...eppo vanthalum athu oru time thaanay baaasss" - says u-know-who, who promptly reaches opice sharp at 12.
"This is twenty much..ozhungu mariathaiya..come by 10.30 tomorrow"
Next day gils reaches opice early and promptly meets the damager to proclaim the claim to fame.

"Dei..opice vara timeaada ithu" damager in full kovams.

"Baass..ithelaam aniyaayam...I am half and hour early than yesterday"
"adapavi...10.30ku vara sonen..11.30ku vanthutu half hour earlynu koosama solriye..…

M for - Mera bharat mahaan

The great nation of India is peppered with so many a tourist place. Probably the one nation in the whole wide world, that can boast of all kinds of tourists attractions -right from natural scenic beauties to adventurous wonderlands and on top of it all, those fraught with ancient and modern history. This article is about one such place that falls on the latter cadre. Tears of women have created many an epic world over. Sita's tears destroyed Lanka and in due course the base for entire Ramayana. Draupadi's tears destroyed the entire Kuru dynasty which became Mahabharatha. What was the price of Marcella Sherwood's tears?? Probably the end of British rule in India. "Bagh" in many languages means garden, specifically one containing fruit and flower bearing trees. The northern side of India boasts of scores of such gardens and this one in Punjab, is the most famous of them all. For there grew, not just flowers and fruits, but the very seed of our Independence from Br…

L for - Lost

When you loose something that has been a part and parcel of you how do you react?


Ipdi adukikittay pogalam. Aprum postku content thetha mudiyama thaan ipdi line by line adikarengara unmai terinjidum.

Matter of the subject is, general tendency of reaction over a personal loss would be some or all of those listed above right? But I the felt overjoyed today over something that I realised lost from me.

6 years back on one fateful day I bought a corduroy jeans from a Live-in factory outlet. At that time itself it was a tight fit for me. I had worn it only a few times and after a while I outgrew the cloth :) (itha vida deejenta weight potutennu solla mudiathu nenakren :D )

Cut to circa yesterday.

After my sis complained to mom that something might have been dead or dying in my clothes bureau, mom raised red flag and I was given two choices - either to clean my bureau or to clean my bureau. Armed with enough ammo to tackle any alien substance t…

K for - Kutti tag

Avvvv....epdilaam title vachu post thetha vendi iruku....intha ABCD post seriesku title vachu maaallaala.

Define yourself in 6 words. Athaan intha tag oda special tea.

This post has been published as a part of ‘CBC’s Six-Word Memoir Tag’. Read previous post by poonai here
Poonai is - Vidhyalakshmi Devanathan by name;
Singer with fame;
Potti thatting for profession;
Painting theevira obsession;
Trekker by passion;
Hair style always in fashion;
Blogger with a purpose;
Photosku tharuvaa pala pose;
Complete entertainment set...and
Enga ellaroda chella pet :D

Now to me in 6 words...ennatha solrathu...epdi paathalum rendu wordku mela thera maatenguthu..hmmm!!

Already sonnathu thaan...repeet telecast.

Atcharam Pisagaathu..Altogether Pisagiya..Agmark Gemini.

Ippo "passing the baton"  section.

Intha seriesla aduthu post poda poravangala pathi solanumna..

Ivanga Bar ku povanga aana thanni adikka ila..
FACEBOOKla  logo thavira like podatha sectionay kedayaathu..
Paakarathuku joth…

J for - Jawani Deewani

One advantage of suttufying scenes from already superhit movies is that, if done in the right mixture, they rarely fail. For those scenes would've been the very reason the other movies would've become hits.

This weekend, went for Yeh Jawani hai Deewani movie. Deepika, Ranbir, Kalki, Aditya roy kapur, Faroq sheikh and it was a glittering star cast to say the least. The movie had positive reviews from almost all the papers and critics and being Karan johar's production it was hardly surprising. Even the crappiest of movies from Dharma productions gets rave reviews always. What pulled me to the movie was undoubtedly Deeps. She looks so refreshing on each movie and is always a treat to watch. In this movie, she has tried to pull a "Priety" ala Kal ho na ho carrying the same name "Neyna" and even the "chasmish" tag name. Like the zingy Zinta from the movie, she too doesn't smile till almost halfway into the first half. With apparently no reaso…

H - for haiiooo haiooo

Baashai teriaatha oorla namma makkal podra scene irukkay :) typicall theriyum..ivan namma oor kaara paya thaannu..
I met my first room mate in Banglore courtesy an incident like this.

It was my first trip to Bengalooru and having trouble navigating within singara Chennai itself, I was kind of wondering how will I kuppai kottify in the jelabi desam. I boarded the bus from Majestic to commence the first of my numerous trips on the same route to Kempfort.
Being my first ever trip outside of Chennai, I was super terrified on the 6 hour train journey to catch a wink of sleep and zombie walked myself to the bus stand after asking for direction from every single person on the station.
"Kodihalli hogithini??"
Asked one abala kural. Till date my kannada hasn't reached a state to understand if that was a question or an answer.
"Kodihalli hogithini?" asked the same voice again. Pencilla kodu poata mathiri oru body. Antha bodyoda framework thaandi rendu sideum extend aag…