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RIP Eyak

Nope. The title is not a typo of meaningless words.

January 21

A quick look at Wiki for this date reveals several interesting events associated with it. It looks like a date favoured by destiny, for events of historical magnitudes. From Royal beheadings to Nuke sub launches to natural disasters, its a date which can be called a complete package of disaster. (The more i read about it, the more i feel our doomsday date could've been a month preponed by mistake!! )

In the year 2008, this date took a more sinister avatar. For stock brokers of the world, it was nothing short of Apocalyptic showdown, as stock markets of the world, tumbled like Indian cricket team, put into bat first, on a green top. On that very date, which had the business communities scampering for cover, another earth shattering event, happened almost unnoticed. Being unnoticed, being the reason for that event couldnt be any more oxymoronic. It was the day when Maria Smith Jones breathed her last at an young age of …

Everyone needs a Barney Stinson

There is an episode in "How I met your mother" series where Ted Mosby (the narrator/ hero) is pestered into breaking his routine of spending the evening at his favorite club haunt by Barney Stinson, who always claims to be his best friend. He promises Ted of a "Legendary" night out and takes him to an airport - one of his numerous hangouts to pick up gals. What follows is a goofapade which results in both of them travelling to Philly on a plane, following two good looking gals, only to find out that the gals are on their way to meet their boyfriends who were going to propose to them and due to the shenanigans of Barney, both end up getting arrested. When Barney, not learning from the events of that night, further confronts him with a challenge to lick the Liberty Bell , Ted gets obviously angry over Barney for messing up his routine life. But he succumbs and guess what, they do lick the bell which turns out to be one of those famous weird personal experiences story…

Trickling Thoughts - Innocence Lost Ignorance Regained

While watching Ramany Vs Ramany, the first thing that stuck me was the lifestyle portrayed. Right from the house to every person characterised, it takes one right back to those times. A typical, urban middle class, chennai household, with a lengthyyyyy hall connecting one entrance to another with rooms spanning about like train compartments. A mandatory tree or atleast a sampling of a plant at the entrance with a scooter rusting near the gate, with girls tying cloth peice as hair bands, their modern style statement of that time ala simran and square specs competing with googles..the list is endless. It seems like the original feel good series. You can even realise the infamous chennai mid afternoon peak summer heat with most of the actors seen wearing sweat stained costumes.

The series has two parts. In the first part the lead pair are Prithviraj and Vasuki. The story setup revolves around the troubles and travails of newly married couple. Especially when both of them are working and…

Vedikkai manitharai pol veezhveno??

He was standing and wondering from the very edge of the cliff of confusion.

"Intha "purpose" "purpose" nu solraangalay...the ONE thing that is the basis for everyones life...that thing, that which drive people to wake up every day and look forward to that day..that which motivates them and makes them feel worthwhile..that which justifies their very existence...that which makes ones life meaningful...yen en lifela mattum athu ilaamaye poachu??"

HE felt totally at loss with himself with mind whirring at full throttle.

Ellaarum schooluku ponaanga..avanum ponaan. Or rather was sent to. Classmates computers padikanumnu aasapataanga. He went along with them. Aprum engineering, IIT nu ponaanga. For once in his life he didnt follow the mob. Ippo avann friends oru orutharum irukara range paatha, it may not be the best of decisions he ever made. But a very satisfying and happy one, he felt. Three years, where he went after the only thing he could ever do right i…

Toast of India

Nope. This is not a post on AMUL.

I read this article about an extraordinary Indian and it was so touching and exhilarating that felt it would be nice to share it in this blog.

As like any hero worshipper or fan, the author has sang paeans about this man and i hope there are no skeletons tumbling out by the time this post sees the light of the day. For now, lets bask in the happiness that this favourite country of God is blessed periodically with people who would give their damnest to get things done.

I've had the privilge to use two of your designs, the one at Rameswaram and the one at Konkan. Thank you for those innumerable wide eyed stare and wonder spots that were sprinkled all along throughout the journey. Your life and achievements are etched in stone examples for the saying, "success is not a destination, but a journey". No wonder people admire the course of engineer…

Trickling thoughts - Review time

"Dark Knight Rises" review kooda was planning to include "Vazhakku Enn 18/9" review also. Aana antha review padatha vida perusa poitathaala..splitting the post.

Intha padam paathavanga ellam gave very nice comments and review about the movie. Padikkaama pona kooda easya pass panidalam ngara nambikkaiyoda ezhutha pora exam maathri epdiyum padam nallathaan irukumnu oru nambikkaiyoda saw the movie. First half was like candid camera on street life in Chennai. Atleast second halflayaachum ethachum cinematica irukum paatha..right till the ending it was following the same tone. Last scenla vara revenge kooda sounded more thrusted to overcome the normal story line. Maybe..romba yatharthama kaatina kooda padam bore aadium pola. But the topic was different from the rest and semma important one at that too. Pasangalaam epdi cellphonea miss use panraanganu rombavay detaileda sollirukaanga. Same kutrachaatu came on my thalaimurai pasanga when internet and browsing centers rul…

Nostalgia 555

Possibly the shortest title ever in this blog :D What started as a walk in the park 7 years back has been an unbelievable journey. Start pannapo..Zee tv slogan mathiri Movies, Music and Masti was the theme. Well.ethukku ivlo happens to be post number 555 published on this blog.

Unknowingly and knowingly many incidents in the past 7 years of my life had been chronicled to some extent, scattered amidst these posts. Doordarshanla Prannoy Roy program onnu varum..World this Week nu. This compilation post feels like that.

My pick out of the 555.  Here you go. - first ever story published in this blog and my all time fav story. Intha kathai padichitu intha mathiri namma lifela vantha epdi irukumnu nenachu paatha naatkal pala :) Ithukagavay office bus vachu pick panra mathiri oru officela velaiku seranumnu my friend used to tell. He was the one who forwarded this to me and asked me to post it. Neria thadava enakkay the…