Monday, June 30, 2008


Latest song obsession: Uyirum neeye Unarvum neeye from the movie Pavithra (radhika naser starer..namma ultimate staroda first movie nenakren..or was it amaravathy??) AR Rahman..AR Rahmaniava create pannikitruntha time. Intha songa busla porachay radiola AHA fmla..oru rahman fan feedback kudukka solli keten. Avanga USla irukangalaam..she lullabies her kid to sleep with a modified version of this song. (Avanga use paniruntha lyrics originala vida cutea irunthathu vera matter) since then intha song mandaikula ketukitay iruku. Haunting melodynu solvangalla...this one suits right into it. Poraa kuraikku Unni krishnan voice...avvvvvvvvv...barathiyar sonna mathiri ivar paadina..senthamizh naadu ennanga enna sonnalum kaathula thaen paayum :) Rahaman - unni combo...chancela..i think rahman beginningla neria songs unniku kuduthirukar..but ipo avlo varathila. Varietyngara perla paathi per paadrathu puriavay matenguthu :( Me n my cousin ver diehard rahman fans. Pudusa ethachum casette vantha verithanama thedi pudichi we will listen. I didnt had a player at home and used to go to his place. Iruvar audio release aanapo we had tuff time to get a cassete. Somehow he managed to get it and we never liked any of the songs at first. We had a belief that if we didnt like any of Rahman's song in first hearing that means the songs are going to be super hit :D that worked for most of his movies :)) similar exp. with duet. casettey kedaikala :( avlo demand. i think that was the first movie which came in a different case for the casette. And WOW..watta collection it was. Worth every single piase spent. We knew every single sound in all those songs byheart. Avlo craze. The tunes were equally complimented with gud lyrics. En cousin was a trained keyboard player. He was all for the complexity of tunes and me for the lyrical content. Sila songslam lyrics romba stronga irukum. ARR would've struggled to bend them within the tune. Silathula mr.diamondpearl mokka mathiri writerupar. Especially in the hindi to tamil dubbed movies. For that matter i never used to listen to the tamil version for the fear of spoiling my opinion about the original. Dilse was a glorious exception. Both hindi and tamil versions rocked. Innikikuda..antha title track kekarachay lighta siripa varum over our craziness. It used to be our anthem at that time. Gentleman songs varathuku munnaye en class pasanga somehow got hold of the chikkubukku song. When it was played on the annual day..auditoriumay flat. Once more ketu pasanga galatta panna...teachers vera vazhi ilama..asked the dance team to play the song alone for the second time. Ditto for roja. tamizha tamizha song ketu..first time kannula thanni vanthidichi. padam paathapo second time...aana DDla varusha varusham independence dayku poatu antha effecta konutanga. thiruda thirudala kannum kannum song Albert theaterla ketu kaathu javu kizhiyatha kurai. Ennaa sound!!! I love Ilayaraja's songs. got a huge collection of most of his hits. But with rahman..each of his Song is associated with some unforgettable incident in my life. i can never listen to his songs alone in isolation without remembering those incidents.Sila songslam kekarachay..nejamvay nalla songa.. illa ivangalam paadrathala apdi thonuthanay theria matenguthu. Me crazy over songs sung by karthik/tippu/harish ragavaendra and kk. Athuvum karhik songna..srikanth deva musicna kuda kepen. Semma stylish singer and enaku therinju ivaroda hit ratio should be right at the top. Wish Rahman uses him and unni more. That would make an unbeatable combo.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Room poatu yosipaangalo??

P.S: ennama think panraangayya....2020la india vallarasagarathu uruthi...fwda vanthathu ungal paarvaikaga.

One thing we had noticed is why people didnt get the real subtext and reason for the various roles and hence the title.
If you knew the real dasavatharams of Lord Vishnu and their characters you can appreciate the script more. Let me explain, starting with the best adapted role:

1. Krishna avatar - Vincent Poovaraghavan
Lord krishna is actually a dalit, he is dark-skinned [shyamalam]. He saved draupadi when she was being violated and he was the actual diplomat in mahabharatham. Lord krishna dies of an arrow striking his lower leg. Now look at how vincent was introduced.. he appears when asin is about to be molested and he saves her like draupadi. Vincent is the dalit diplomat, fights for land issue [soil issue to be exact] and dies from the metal rod striking his leg. Oh even five of vincent's men are drugged at P. Vasu's.. sounds familiar???

2. Balarama avatar - Balarama naidu
This is a easy one… given that the name has not been changed and the role personifies balarama avatar…you can easily get it.

3. Mathsya avatar - Ranagaraja nambi
nambi is thrown into water in an act of trying to save lord from being thrown into sea, though in vain. what more clue do you want?

4. Varaha avatar - Krishnaveni paatti
During the mukunda song, krishnaveni paatti does varaha avatar in the shadow puppetry. The frame freezes on it for a second. that is the clue. Moreover, in varaha avatar lord actually hides earth so as to protect life forms. Here too krishnaveni hides the germs - life form inside the statue so as to protect.

5. Vamana avatar - Kalifulla khan
remember in vamana avatar, lord vishnu takes the vishvaroopa, that is the giant form! Hence the giant kalifulla here symbolises vamana avatar.

6. Parasurama avatar - Christian Fletcher
Parasurama is actually on an angry killing spree and killed 21 generations of the particular kshatriya vamsa. Hence the real KILLER... Guess what thats what our Fletcher is! He comes around with the gun [modern equivalent for an axe] and kills everyone around. I have to check if he kills 21 people though.:-D

7. Narasimha avatar - Shingen Narahashi
first of all the name itself is a play on the words singam [means lion in tamil] and narasimha [the avatar being symbolised]. Lord Narasimha manifests himelf to kill the bad guy and he also teaches prahaladha. In the movie, he shows up to kill the killer fletcher! and is also a teacher.. Lord Narasimha had to kill the asura with bare hands and hence the martial arts exponent here.. get it?

8. Rama avatar - Avatar Singh
Lord Rama stands for the one man one woman maxim, kind of symbolising true love.. Here Avatar portrays that spirit by saying that he loves his woman more than anything and wants to live for her.

9. Kalki avatar - Govindaraj Ramasamy
As you know, the hero in kaliyug can be none other than the Kalki avatar!!!

10. Koorma avatar - Bush
This is the most loosely coupled adaptation which I couldn't clearly comprehend. But if you look at the real koorma avatar, the lord is the turtle/tortoise that helps in stirring the ksheera sagara and bringing out the amruth. This essentially creates war among the devas and asuras. Similarly today Bush facilitates war and the rest is history ... May be Kamal also indicates that this avatar is a bit dumb like a tortoise..

Monday, June 23, 2008


Before this post cud see the light...IPL mudinju Bdesh tour mudinju..Asia cupay arambichachu :D enna panrathu..oodala sila pala review posts vanthutathala...maruthanayagam padam mathiri verum titloda ninu poachu intha post :D modiku oru shoatuu...kalkiputeenga thaliva...ithu workout aagumanu doubt panna makkal elariyum adutha installment eponu ekka vachiputeenga..not that its without its share of controversies..but undoubtably it was a carnival of cricket.No one can deny it.

Next namma oor audiences. Summa solla koodathu. the way the rajasthanis Cheered for sohail tanwir!! for a moment one wondered where went the borders across the desert :) in their partisan ways the crowd helped a long way in establishing the success of the tourney.

Third reason...Lekha washington ;) (cheerleadersuku againsta case poata antha puniyavanuku anniyanla vara ellam punishmentum kidaika kadavathu) and Pretty zinta (typo ileengo :)))...afer each win looking at the way she "congrajulated" the team...avvvvvv...ithukachum adutha varsathukula punjab teamla seranumdoi...

Not the least..the foreign players. One should see the joy on Pontings face when Ishant took someones wicket..forgot who was was a sight to behold. And the cheering which they got for each run and wicket they watson would've many a fan club now in rajasthan and even local lads, when they were picked to represent a different city, enjoyed awesome patronage. Best example one Mr.MSD..( I love that Titan sonata ad)

Ennoda dream semi final lineup wud've been...first Chennai (obviously)..second Blore (aairam than iruthalum..5 varusham kuppai kotina oor..and Dravids team) third Deccan chargers (sheerly for character) fourth would've been Kolkota (for SRK..the poor rich man)...unfortunately except for one else turned up.

Ellatha vida oru mukkiyamana personal reason iruku..i shd thank this nonstop series for close to 45 days..for the distraction it provided. ilaati it would've taken me even more time to come out...Wish chennai had won the match..ilaati...namma t20 WC mathiri oru bowl out varaikum konduvanthu vachirukalam.

Eagerly looking forward to the next edition :)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Arattai arangam :))

Pona postla vantha comments silatha paathu atheye topic for disciya vachu inoru post thethalaamnu thonithu..

Yeattu suraikkainu title poatum...athu storynu mention panniyum..ennoda sinus valartha mookai..undu illainu pannina puniyavangaluku muthal vanakkam (grrrrr)..How to make friends and influence people was the book i had mentioned in that post. Antha titlea pathutu..ivlo basic matteruku kuda book padikanumanu neria kelvi kanaigalai thoduthirukaanga :D I liked the book. It was not the sort of book which i read usually. But it wasnt that bad as i had thought at first. Not too preachy. Didnt offer any shortcuts. Mostly it was real life examples. I love reading trivias and that book was Sooo full of them. And sila examples where really interesting. I've done the opposite of what was done by the protagonist in a similar situation and it backfired for me like how it was mentioned there. Any book will be interesting the moment it synchs up with you. Try giving this book a read. I think you wouldnot regret it. Not that if it worked for a million people it should for you..but its definitely a safe bet.

Athey flowla another recommendation. Well..intha book lot more famous than the first one. Ekkachakka padam vanthachu based on this. But the books legacy still remains and it holds its own amidst the visual fare meted out. GODFATHER ( thala padam ileenga) by Mario Puzo. I typed 2 full paras about the book and realised howmuchever i gloss about this one. Its simply not enough!! Give it a try. You will surely have a different experience in reading.

To round up my reading is one blog which you must visit if you are a fan of short stories especially in tamil... banuvasan..Romba arumaiya kathai ezhutharar..awesome twists and amazing writeup. Thanks to Divya for introducing me to this site.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Ennada title mattum tamizhla iruku..kathai petera irukaynu kekapdathu..titlea englishla adikarathu seramama irunthuchi..athoda..tamizhla title vacha tax benefit undamay..maasaa masam salaryavida tax neria porathala inimay blog titlelaam tamizhalaye podalamaanu theevira to the shhtorree....

Being a bookworm I always have a book in my bag and whenever i travel, if i dont have one to read, the journey simply doesnt happen for me. I always live in a theoretical world of dreams where things can be corrected and where there is always hope for the confirmists.

It was on one such journey, a routine one for that matter - from office to home, that i learnt a very valuble lesson. I am very fond of self help books and the book i was reading that day was highly recommended by my friend

(Kandipa padi..nalla irukumnu color ribbonlam katti..mickey mouse poata bookmarklam vachu..highlighter vachu shadelam ears varama..pudu vasana kuda pogama attai kuda kasangama oru book...atha vida azhaga oru ponnu antha booka recommend panni kudutha..athu telephone directorya irunthalum NewYork Times Bestsellera thana namma kannuku theriyum :))

I dont understand the crowd pattern logic of commuters of 21G bus. Monday morning, whatever the time be and how many ever be the number of buses, all of them would be jampacked. Come tuesday they would be running almost empty. And friday evenings again they would be packed to the core!!! Is it something like people travel once a week to tambaram and return only on weekends?? It was one such free weekday. I was immersed in my book as usual, glancing outside from time to time to check for my stopping. One school going kid, oru pathu vayasu irukumnu nenakren, was sitting next to me. He was trying to read the book along with me. When i read something, especially when its newspaper, if someone tries to peep in or read it along with me, i get really irritated. I first shifted my position and turned the book away. That kid was one vidaakondan and again tried to read the book along with me. I got even more annoyed and closed the book. That kid looked at me and smiled.

"You want to read the book? you can give it to me when i get down" I said.
" was getting bored. My stop is the last one..i am sorry if i've disturbed you."
It was my turn to feel offended. "Thats ok."
"Whats that book about by the way"
"How to make friends and influence people by Dale carnegie. You've heard about that author?" I asked in a scholarly way.
"Hmm..the content is bit high for your age now. You may not understand most of the contents."
"Why do you need a book to tell you how to make friends? I just smile. See..i just smiled at you and you've become my friend now." That kid gave me his brightest smile once again.
I buried my face back into the book.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


The verdict would've been out already. Irunthalum blog sambradhaya muraipadi.."Dasavataram" review @gils..Engathukaranum kutchery poituvantha kuraiya saturday anniki naangalum paathomula.

Oray varila solanumna...This is one movie which definitely needs a second viewing. It has so many flaws you cant cover them all in one sitting. Kamals list of Magnum Flopus gets one more addition and the budget for each passing movie, indiavoda inflation kanakaa egirikitay poguthu. One cant blame the over hype and delayed release alone for such mega disappointment. However much Kamal tries to fill the movie, with gimmick-a-minute, the much needed story is nowhere. Oscar aspirations kedakatum..padathoda kambeni namela iruntha oscarukay aapaidichay..intha mathiri mokka padam eduthathku case poadama vitanungalynu santhosha patuka vendi thaan..

Avlo mosamava padam irukunu yosicha..well..3 mani nera padathula it does have some good moments. Aana Prudential cup adicha indian team adutha WC victorykaga thedikitu thiriyara mathiri such scenes are very few and far between. Seri..kathaiku varuvom..well.athaan ilainu aidichay..padathuku varuvom.

Vadivelu solra mathiri..openinglam nalla than iruku..aana athukaprum than...first kamala vara antha 12th century kamal..ULTIMATE. PKSla vara mathiri tharailenthu jump adichi vara shotukaga speciala oru whistle udlam. Enakenamo antha 12th century storya matum full blowna might have justified its oscar billing. Semma moving portrayal. Namachivaya sollungarapo..adi thondailenthu Om namo narayanaaanu song aarambikarathu apdiye meisilirka vachalum.. FREEEEEEEDOMnu ithuku munadiye MelGibson Braveheartla kathitathala oru second prize winning performancea thaan theriyuthu.

Opening song venumna ipdi maathi poatukalam..

"Kutram mattum paarthaal kathaiye irukaathu
Kathaiyai mattum paarthal onnum puriathu"

Asin..avvvvvvv...Gajini continuity miss aagama pathukaranga. Enna.. antha padathula villain mandaila adichi konuduvan..intha padathula ivangalay thalaiya kallula muttindu sethuranga. The best shot portions of the movie comes to an end with that.
Hollywood style..ulagatharam..blah blah..blah blah. hmm...ipdi solliye emathitanga. Adutha vara scenalam patha..sathiyama kamal padam thaananu nambavay mudila..avlo mokka. Ithelam eduka america poirukavay venam. Annanagaro Amenjikaraiyo entha edama irunthalum it wudnt have made any difference. Unbelievably shoddy screenplay. 10 getup kathaingara oneliner vachikitu atha suthi poova pinnirukanga..namma kaathu avlo poo thaangathungo.

To the much hyped getups..well..getup poatutu vara kamal's'a vida..first vara Nambi Kamala nambi inoru padam edukalam. Topclass. Atha vida top..naiduva vara kamal..Telgus pathi nakkal adikarthuna kamaluku thokkunu nenakren :) the way he stresses on Beeeyesssee Yemmessseee..athulenthu aarambikara Terminator mathiri vara kamal intro semma stylish and oru purposeoda vara mathiri katirunthalum..poga poga..local B grade villain mari heroinea pudichi vachikitu meratara alavuku sothapitanga. George bush getup and japankaran getupla sathiyama athu kamalnu nambavaymudila. Ivlo menaketu getup poatathuku vera araachum poatay senjirukalam. Wouldnt have made any difference. Innoru point makkal enna solranganna..maavu appina mathiri mugam bloat aagi pala layer form agidrathala..differenta getup poata entha rolelayum expressionay illainu pheelings..kamal kita expression kaatalainu kutham sollakudiya oray padam ithuva than irukum nenakren. Paati ya vara kamal and vincent poovaragan...avvvv.. body language and dialect masteryla ulaga nayagana adichika aalay illa. Annachinga mathiri tamizh pesara flowla mei maranthu paaka thaan mudiyuthu..enna pesaranganu puriathukula scene poidthu. ethukaga antha pathau adi usara afghan role?? pathunu oru numbera vachikitu padaatha paadu patrukangapa..Antha punjabi singha vara kamaloda cancera bulletala suttu cure panrathu..kaakka vada thookitu pora kathaiya vida mokka..sorry sire..sathiyama unga padathula ivlo mokkaiyana scene expect panala.

Ellathaiyum kuda seri..masala movie..ithula logic paaka kudathunu vitralam. Aana..thanaku kadavul nambikkai ilaingara reasonukaga..mathavanga nambikaiaya thooki poatu midichirukarathu mannika mudiyatha kutram. In the name of criticising superstition he has went overhead this time and the way in which he has played with the idol of the deity in procession is something which might surely bring lot of criticism. Porakuraiku Asin vera..first halfla avanga pesara dialect semma "kaamedia" irukunna second halfla kaadhula ratham varuthu..Intha kosuva yarachum marunthadichi kolungadanu solra alavuku padutharaangapa.

Top kodumai ennana firstlayum endinglayum vara antha stadium scene...santhadi sakula amma/aiya elariyum ullara sethuraru...kadisila ulaganayagan patuku george bush aaddrathu overooo over. Aana ethukaga antha scene??!! hmm apdi paatha padathula paathi scene puriayavay matenguthu.

Plus points of moviena..well obviously Kamaloda acting as naidu/poovaragan/nambi/terminator (in bits)/paati..micha and so thaan..but body language and dialogue
Camera music..set..ithelam rasikanumna vera vazhiye ila...inoru thaba kandipa paathey aganum. konja neramay vanthalum konji pesi koduruma sethu pora mallika sherawat avvvv...kodai veyil kuchi ice. mathabadi..padathula elamay negative than...kadavul iruakra ilaiyana climaxla konjam kuzhappi..mannu alrathu thappunu oru gyana ubadesam kuduthu..sivana vishnuvanu katchi katti..ithuku oodaala bio technology warfarenu mokka poatu...terminatora avatharam eduthu poga vara ella characterisyum poatu thalli...hmmm..oru stageku mela vanthutu pora charactersla ethalaam kamal?? intha scenela evlo kamal vantharnu?? thaniya oru competitionay vaikalam...kamal padamna oru standard irukum. Intha padathula athu kandipa missing.

Katta poatu nooradika aayiram per irukalam..aana nooradikravanelam sachinaga mudiyathu...Intha padam nooru naal odinalum...definitely not kamals best and definitely not a great movie. At best its a brainless masala mix of illogical sequences.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Kundakka Mandakka..

"Halo sar..vanakkam"

"Indha kurala engayo kettaa maari irukay...aaaaaaha...avanthaana nee.... ingaiyum vantia.."

"neenga enga inga?"

"ithenna chinnapullathanamaana kelvi.....naan thaan interviewer..aama nee enga vantha..."
"en sir en mela epo paru erinji vizhareenga..naan appavi sar"

"nejama sar..nan evlo appavina..chinna vayasula...intha newspaperla kathimunaiyil vazhipari...thupaakimunaiyil kadathal...ithelaam paathu...romba naal varaikum kathimunai,thupaakimunailaam oor perunu nenachukittrunthen..avlooo appavi sar"

"ennapa lusuthanama irukay...kathimunainu yarachum oor per vaipangala"
"paarimunai irukarapo..kathimunai irukkakudatha"
Manasukul...["aaaaha....aarambichitaanya..].."mavaraasa...othukaren...una vida maagaaa appavi itha ulagathulaye ila.....inga ethukupa vantha"
"HR velaiku aal edukaratha kelvi..athuku vanthen"
"HRla apdi enna thaanya panreenga..epo paathalum aalu escape aaidreenga"
"HRna Hidden resource..kadavul mathiri..paathavanga silar..paakathavanga palar..athukaga ilainu solida mudiathu...neria kadvul irunthalum...avanga velai onnu thana athey mathiri neria HR irunthalum panra vela onnu thaan.."
"avvvvvvv...enpa...oru pechuku keta..athukku ivlo pecha..."
"aama ivlo kekareengalay..neenga epdi inga velaiku sentheenga"
"naanga digiree vangirukomla..certipicate vachirukom..."
"enna degree irunthalum vela kedaikuma"

"yen kekura.."

"ila..en frienduku 102 degree...joram...velai kudupangala"
"vela kuduka matanga...velaala kuthuvanga...unakellam oru kaal kattu poatu oruthi kita pudichi kudutha thaan saripaduva.."
"athenna kaal kattu...en kaala udachinda naan saripatruvena..."
"ada enapa velangathavana iruka..kaal katuna kalyanatha sonneen"
"enna deyaa..mariyatha kuraiyuthu"
"ennai unaku ethana naala theriyum?"
"8.5 varushama...manasukkul ("7.5ya iruntha kuda pona varusham release aairupen").."
"8.5 varusha friend en kita kuda sollama kollama kalyanam aadicha"
"pinna ena kaal kattu"
"adapavi..kaalulakattu potruntha udanay kalyanamnu confirm paniduvia...Keezha vizhunthutenpa ...Knee rendum swell adichi"
"Knee nalla veengi irukay...sizea paatha knee mathiri ila..kneenga mathiri iruku"

"Avvvvvvvvvvv.....Enpa..adipatu irukarapvum aarudhal solama..arukariye..ithu nyayama..oru naal leave vidapdaatha..ipdi gap vidama kada vettina epdi"
"Appo vittu vittu vettina okva.."

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

"Novel" idea?

Theme for novels, when they were actually written, might not have stirred up much a debate. But in recent times there were 2 such books which hogged the limelight.

First one being Da Vinci Code fame "Angels and Demons". The book detailed the steps followed by the vatican in case of death of a pope while in office and how a new one is elected. Though the cause of death in the story was quite stirring, as Dan Browns luck wud've it, the pope incumbent, at that time, died, resulting in instant publicity for the book. Infact CNN IBN quoted from the book during the LIVE coverage of the election as to what was being done inside the closed doors of the Vatican.

Second one is not so controversial but was also a sequel/prequel book. Like Angels and Demons, "Prodigal Daughter" followed its more famous prequel "Kane and Abel", which as per Jeffrey archer is still selling 5000 copies a day!! When it was released at that time, the idea of a lady president for the most powerful democracy of the world would've hardly raised a brow as no one saw a contender from the lady brigade. Well.. the recent Democratic primaries have thrown up more than one surprise nomination in Mr.Obama and Mrs.Hillary. Their route to the grand finale is so much similar to the book except that Hillary is not even a shade of Florentyna Rosnovski, the protagonist in that book and Barak hadly sounds the 'shady' Peter parkins. Interestingly the lead character in the book after giving a gud fight settles for VP post with the hope that she can compete in the next term and actually ends up being the president with the incumbent suffering a fatal cardiac arrest. Today morning i saw in news of a Obama victory and Hillary being possible VP. Hope the similarity ends there. However much i would love to see a lady at the throne of the most powerful state in the world, my heart goes for Obama. He sounds sincere and hope he does something. That he reminds me of Denzel washington is a matter which infulenced my "vote" to him is a different issue.

Well...2 books...2 similar set in real life. There is another one called "War of the Worlds". Hopefully when that stage comes people should already have their "Time machines" ready and must have gone "Back to the Future" to the "Jurassic park" !!! And since i cant follow Bernard shaw..i didnt read "Man and Superman" :D