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Sci-fi dream

Usuala dream vantha realise panra nelamala kooda illama full korattai sleepla iruppen. But this one was like..!!! I am standing with a crowd of people, watching the sky as it suddenly goes dark. Thunder storm clouds hover above and a silver lining kind of some shiny outline engulfs the clouds. All the clouds merge to become one big cumulus cloud of darkest nature. We all begin to feel the chill. Suddenly the earth below begins to freeze. Freeze as in Hollywood "Day after tomorrow" kind of freeze. It turns out to be the aliens who have stopped sun rays to fall on one side of the earth. May be they stopped earth from rotating. Because the other side, people are feeling terrible heat. Every one is running around and slip and fall down with the ground below cracking.

I was so stunned that, I became half conscious on sleep wondering what could've triggered such a dream!! I didn't watch any sci-fi disaster based movie the previous night. Nor was I reading anything about s…

End of innocence

Before you begin to wonder what the heck this post is going to be let me tell you the reason behind the title. Was wondering how to make this an attention seeking interest grabbing headline and ended up with this one :)

Millions of words have already been written about HIS retirement and there are billions more to come. Let me add a few to the never ending saga called Sachin. Like two sides to a coin, there are as many people who are fuming at the extravaganza that is on going, wondering the whole way through why so many others weren't considered even half this adulation whereas the rest of the majority continues to push the bar of hero worship manifold. Why is Sachin so special would be a question for MBA's and psychologists to analyse for years to come. Dravid was equally gifted if not more and have been the mainstay of any overseas tour as much as Sachin. Ganguly is often credited with infusing "soranai" and "soodu" to the team. Even for Kapil the great,…

Haiii....awaaardu awaarduu..

Ithaiyum oru bloga madhichi oru jeevan awardlaam kuduthurukaanga. Thank you  Asha madam

Neenga rommmmbaa nallavanga. Aalayam kanden bloggerku aduthabadia romba rasichi padikarathu ivanga travellogues thaan. Simplea realistica yet interestinga irukkum ivanga write-ups. ISRO rocket scientist..ipo varungala vignaanisoda answer papersa correct pannitrukara poruppaana postla irukaanga :) Vasishtar vaayala bramma rishi mathri enakku big sister kaiyaala awardu..avvvv......pullarikuthu :)

To accept the award, I must complete the following.
Linkback to the person’s blog that have nominated you. (Okkay)

Nominate 10 more bloggers whom you feel are deserving and have less than 200 followers and you pass the award on to them (Panniduvom)

Answer all questions posted by the nominator(Doneisthaanu)

Create10 questions for the nominees (Ithu kushtamaachay..try pannalam)

Contact the nominees and let them know that they have been nominated for the Leibster. (Ithu veraya!! avvvvv...aana neenga enna contactal…

Review time

Feels like a million year before the last review post :)
Naan enna panrathu..usuala pathu padam paatha athula onnu review podra alavukku interestinga irukkum. Ippolaam I am watching almost daily one movie. Irunthum..onnu kooda thera maatenguthu. But been observing one very dangerous trend. Atha pathi polamba thaan intha post.

Last week was having usual lunch arattai when one of the saga arrataiyaalar was in so much kushi that he was all smiles. Ennada maaternu visaaricha..thangamani enjoyyyy. Athaavathu his wife has apeeted to her parents place for vacation with kids. So thalaivar was in full josh. Antha kedaikaamala kedaitha free timea epdi use"full"a  celebrate panrathunnu there was heavy diskassan. Ivangalaam senthaa vera ennatha pathi pesa poraanga..antha aal veetla thanni adikaratha illa..vera pasanga veetla kutcheriaya vachukarathaanu thaan panjaayathu.

What shook me was the casualness with which they were discussing about the drinks party. Its almost a fashion statem…

Mad(e) in heaven -1

Anil and Sid singing in chorus..

"You halfu me halfu eyee..
Near you no means no sleepu..eyeee"

"dei...enna kanraavida kathitrukeenga" asks an irritated Ram.

"Paarra...Why this kolaveri nu Danush paadina ooray kekkuthu...ithaye naanga panna kadupadikaranga...kalikaalamada"

"athu sari...kolaveri songkum ithukum enna linku?"

"Nee paathi naan paathi Keladi Kanmani padathula oru paatu varumla..atha thaan taminglishla re compose pannitrukom...ipolam directa englisha tamizhla podra songsa vida intha mathiri uttalakkadi songs thaana hit aguthu"

"dei...kovam vara mathiri paatu podaatheenga...Ava varathukulla ingenthu odi poidunga"

"!!! ava eppoda onsite vantha??"

"ada..skypela chat panrathukkay intha scenaamaam"

"etho padathula..minister flightla poraru traffic police road traffic block pannuvaanay..atha vida kodumaiya irukkay ithu..apdi ennada bayam"

"Adhu bayamilla machi..lighta …

Need new Mythologies

While the western world churns out one superhero after another on a periodic basis, the eastern side of it has fallen way behind is what I feel. We had a rich heritage, rich being putting it mildly. Our fore fathers had such vivid imagination that when people on the other side of the planet where busy pillaging and looting they sat in quiet enivrons and created one blockbuster after another of a story. Starting with the puranas, bagavatham, ramayan and mahabharath inclusive, couldn't think of any other culture to have such a wide line up of awesome stories. And the best part is, like a never ending mega serial, each of those stories had a link story, a flash back, a why-it-happened like that premise and everything were neatly framed into a loop. Its amazing to even think of how many people would've co-authored the script, over whatever period of time and yet having a coherent screenplay. No character was bad and even their bad attitude will have a positive spin that, they were…