Friday, November 29, 2013

Sci-fi dream

Usuala dream vantha realise panra nelamala kooda illama full korattai sleepla iruppen. But this one was like..!!! I am standing with a crowd of people, watching the sky as it suddenly goes dark. Thunder storm clouds hover above and a silver lining kind of some shiny outline engulfs the clouds. All the clouds merge to become one big cumulus cloud of darkest nature. We all begin to feel the chill. Suddenly the earth below begins to freeze. Freeze as in Hollywood "Day after tomorrow" kind of freeze. It turns out to be the aliens who have stopped sun rays to fall on one side of the earth. May be they stopped earth from rotating. Because the other side, people are feeling terrible heat. Every one is running around and slip and fall down with the ground below cracking.

I was so stunned that, I became half conscious on sleep wondering what could've triggered such a dream!! I didn't watch any sci-fi disaster based movie the previous night. Nor was I reading anything about such leave alone discussing about them. was way too scary and vivid!!! And I also realised the dream was in black n white. Does all dream come in black and white?? Need to google and find out :)

Early morning dream kanda balikumaamay!! Ithu balikumo?!! Interesting :D

Sunday, November 17, 2013

End of innocence

Before you begin to wonder what the heck this post is going to be let me tell you the reason behind the title. Was wondering how to make this an attention seeking interest grabbing headline and ended up with this one :)

Millions of words have already been written about HIS retirement and there are billions more to come. Let me add a few to the never ending saga called Sachin. Like two sides to a coin, there are as many people who are fuming at the extravaganza that is on going, wondering the whole way through why so many others weren't considered even half this adulation whereas the rest of the majority continues to push the bar of hero worship manifold. Why is Sachin so special would be a question for MBA's and psychologists to analyse for years to come. Dravid was equally gifted if not more and have been the mainstay of any overseas tour as much as Sachin. Ganguly is often credited with infusing "soranai" and "soodu" to the team. Even for Kapil the great, who showed the world that this nation is capable of performing and winning at a world stage had a muted celebration compared to this little man. So why so much frenzy and accolades and praise for this man, who after all played more games than anyone else and obviously scored more than everyone else. Some of his records, if not all, are etched on stone. He is a statistician's nightmare for the sheer volume of numbers that speak for his deeds. But still, does all this warranty this madness??

I read it on a friend's FB wall which summed it all up. Somewhere between his debut and retirement, we all grew up. By announcing his retirement he has served a notice to all those kids that, time has passed and they have indeed aged. The kids who bunked their school feigning illness just to watch him play are all settled in their office cubicles and the fervour with which they followed him just got shifted into a different medium of internet. To many he is the one constant reminder of their childhood dream and a superhuman who rarely failed. When he scored a century, it never mattered whether India won or lost, it was always the individual who towered over the rest. The collective loss of an entire team got overshadowed by that single great little man. He was written off many a time only to outlive the comment and commenter. He was the one constant on the forever changing scenario. India got economic liberalisation, lot many presidents and prime ministers, way too many changes in world scenario itself, yet there was always Sachin to fall back on and his century to cheer the hearts.

He came in at a time when media was blossoming. Tv channels needed an icon to worship and there he was. Newspapers needed a messiah to sell and there he was. Citizens needed someone to look up to for inspiration and there he was. With each arm of media that grew from tv to twitter, people began to invent ways to worship him and with the advent of the net, everything about him became viral. Hyperboles were coined to glorify him and commentary was no longer the dull job it used to be. People fell head over heels in worshipping him and first name that comes to mind is Tony Greig who made Sachin's otherwise proper cricketing shots, into immortal epics. He enjoyed watching him play and his passion caught on people's imagination.

Whenever I play table tennis, if any of my friends watch me, I feel so nervous and awkward that I would invariably play loose shots and would lose badly. This for a game which played inside a ten by ten room on a single table with hardly space for a couple of people to stand. Imagine a stadium full of people, with a million voices shouting your name right from the moment you step on the field. One can shut himself off by ignoring tv or radio or newspapers, but when he is out in the open in midst of thousands of people shouting their throats off, chanting his name, worshipping the very earth where he stood and willing to go to any length to glorify him, its an impossible task to even walk straight, forget about facing 100 mile/hr bowling speedsters and wily spinners. And above all, keeping a straight face for 24 years and playing on as if nothing had really transpired unmindful of those praise and criticism alike and remaining humble at the same time is sheer out of the world. To me the greatest virtue of Sachin would be his humility. "Thann nilai uyarum boathu panivu kondaal ulagam unnidam mayangum" Kannadasan summa sollitu pogala. Probably meant for Sachin.

I am really glad, he didn't hung up his boots in one shot across all formats and since the process was step by step, with one format at a time, the pain is not as much felt as it would've been had he announced it all together. Its not for nothing grown men cried when he was giving his farewell speech. Heart goes out for that kid in him, who ventured on to that 22 yards of what he thought as a fun place, which lured his attention for 2 dozen years. Now suddenly, he wakes up to find himself as a 40 year old, with a wife and 2 kids (and Crores of rupees ofcourse) and not knowing how to spend his time bereft his passion. I sincerely wish to see him again on the sports section of newspapers and on all sports channels in some capacity or other, pursuing his dream and also that of a billion other kids, who have invested theirs on him.

Go Sachin..go. As long there is the last kid playing with a broken stump on a bygone alley, as long as their is the last cricket crazy fan on this madcap nation, you will always be remembered and cheered.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Haiii....awaaardu awaarduu..

Ithaiyum oru bloga madhichi oru jeevan awardlaam kuduthurukaanga. Thank you  Asha madam

Neenga rommmmbaa nallavanga. Aalayam kanden bloggerku aduthabadia romba rasichi padikarathu ivanga travellogues thaan. Simplea realistica yet interestinga irukkum ivanga write-ups. ISRO rocket scientist..ipo varungala vignaanisoda answer papersa correct pannitrukara poruppaana postla irukaanga :) Vasishtar vaayala bramma rishi mathri enakku big sister kaiyaala awardu..avvvv......pullarikuthu :)

To accept the award, I must complete the following.
Linkback to the person’s blog that have nominated you. (Okkay)

Nominate 10 more bloggers whom you feel are deserving and have less than 200 followers and you pass the award on to them (Panniduvom)

Answer all questions posted by the nominator(Doneisthaanu)

Create10 questions for the nominees (Ithu kushtamaachay..try pannalam)

Contact the nominees and let them know that they have been nominated for the Leibster. (Ithu veraya!! avvvvv...aana neenga enna contactalaye :D)

Okies...anjer time..easya kostin ketrukaangala paapom
If you could learn one skill, what would you learn? hmm....guitar vaasikarathu...I mean..nejamavay nalla play panra alavuku vaasikanum.

Your major goal in life? hmmmm....Chaand tare thod le aavun..saaari duniya par mein chaaaon..bus ithna saa khwaab hai :D rombalaam ileenga

What’s your favorite motivational quote? change is permanent..but only person immune to change is bus conductor..itha gilsananda nu oru mahaan (krr.thooo) sollirukaaru

How do you de-stress yourself? hmmmm...meejic

The traditional food you like most ? obviously CM saapaadu..ada..CM na.ennoda chella Mummy

Your favorite game in your childhood? hmm...quiz...namabra mathiri irukka??

Do you think technological advancements have made us less creative. YES/No. justify your choice. ithulaam creative irukara makkal badil sollanum..epdiyum namakku pagallaye pasu maadu teriathu..raathirila erumai enna colorna ennatha solrathu

In today’s scenario. If you were to raise a child, How would you raise him/her? A sheltered life like in a bubble shielding him/her from the various problems or would you let her/him freely to explore, experiment and learn by exposing them to the harsh realities of life and be independant. a person I try to impose all that I experimented on whoever I I guess I would be of former category. But if the person is not feeling up to it...freeya vitruven nenakren.

IF you were to narrate an inspiring story of a person from history/fiction/ real life to a 10 year old. Whose story would you choose to narrate? hmmm...real lifela en friends rendu peru my college mate and another en colleague..fiction na karnan kathai solluven...history na...Chandrasekhar azad or netaji pathi solluven

If a confused teenager came up to you asking for advice on what career choice to make. What would be your advice? naanay oru confused teenager..en kitta kekarele...heheheh ( thuppings...idhayam muralikaprum neethaana nu keekarathu Inga kekkuthu)...I am bad at choices. I would urge them to choose something that they like and make sure they are really good at it to make money sonner. En cousinku naan ultava suggest panni avan careera sothappa irunthen. Luckily he never listened to any of us and now he is happy with what he is doing and he is surely earning a lot!! Career na kaasu panra mattera thana mean panneega???

Ippo naan kelvi kepenaam...neengalam badil soluveengala...neenganna yarlaamngareengala...intha post padikara bakraasa thaan sonen :D

1. If you can make something to change..what would that be and why?

2. Will you step away in opposite direction at the sight of any trouble that may or may not impact you down the line or step in to resolve it? Situation...your choice. Graver the better.

3. How good you are in taking criticism?

4. When was the last time you slapped someone and why? (intha kelvikaga enna adichitu answer panniteenulaam sollapdaathu)

5. What do you to do when seething angry in midst of all your colleagues?

6. Are you an impatient person?

7. Which is your most favourite comics and why?

8. When was the last time you went on a picnic and where?

9. If you know your future will you try to change it or let it be as it is? irrespective of whether its good or bad?

10. If you have to shelve your ego for one sec and apologise to someone, who would that be and why?

haiiyaaaa :)) kostins ready...ini korthu uda vendiyathu thaan baakki :D

Monday, November 11, 2013

Review time

Feels like a million year before the last review post :)
Naan enna panrathu..usuala pathu padam paatha athula onnu review podra alavukku interestinga irukkum. Ippolaam I am watching almost daily one movie. Irunthum..onnu kooda thera maatenguthu. But been observing one very dangerous trend. Atha pathi polamba thaan intha post.

Last week was having usual lunch arattai when one of the saga arrataiyaalar was in so much kushi that he was all smiles. Ennada maaternu visaaricha..thangamani enjoyyyy. Athaavathu his wife has apeeted to her parents place for vacation with kids. So thalaivar was in full josh. Antha kedaikaamala kedaitha free timea epdi use"full"a  celebrate panrathunnu there was heavy diskassan. Ivangalaam senthaa vera ennatha pathi pesa poraanga..antha aal veetla thanni adikaratha illa..vera pasanga veetla kutcheriaya vachukarathaanu thaan panjaayathu.

What shook me was the casualness with which they were discussing about the drinks party. Its almost a fashion statement now to visit tasmac. And weekend majalenthu office party varaikkum..ithu pona treatlenthu veena ponavanga meet varaikkum...sagalamum thanni mayam. Munnalam soga scenela, eeramaana shirt poatutkitu hero thanni adipaan, ipolaam opening scenelenthu comedy scene varaikkum athey location thaan. Unless the government wakes up fast to this menace and announces tax break for movies devoid of drinking scenes it wouldn't be much of a surprise if TN turns out to be drunkards paradise. Aana oru naal renvuevay hundreds of crores varachay why they would kill the cash cow. Evan kudi ketta enna. Adutha electionku tasmacla freeya sarakku kudukara party thaan jeyikka poguthu.

Drinking is no longer taboo. Smoking came out of that ring long time back. Live in relations are next vying for contention. What was considered as morals few decades back have all long been dead and buried and what more to say when the story of good getting ridiculed and made a mockery of, that which goes on to become blockbuster hit of a noir comedy (Soodhu kavvum). People used to crib about morals and principles and the lack of it amongst current crop a while back and looks like they've pretty much given all hope and embraced the life of no scruples with open hands. Its ok to have your kids not study well, as long as they can dance like mad and choreograph in any one of the umpteen crapies churned day in and day out in some crappywood or croon all vulgar and abuse in the name of lyrics as long as they get to sing for NRI's spread all over or in some god-knows-where sabha's. As long as they are capable of earning, how the money comes hardly matters. I don't care where this will lead to or how it will end. I am very much part of all this nonsense and the moral high ground I am posting this from is buried several stories below this very crap. time sollitu verum polambal mattum thaana. Sambrathaayathuku oru review also me the puttings from the order most recently watched to last.

Paandiya Naadu -  Oru Naan mahaan alla hit aaidichinu athay maava innum evlo herova vachu araikaratha plan mr.Susi? Athey saathu hero...paatha udanay love panra heroine..konjam cute love story...loveisthaanu family...oru relation gets killed by villain..saathu hero pazhi vaangings. Oray twististhaanu being ithula appa character also trying to kill villain but unable to. Mothathula ratha very illati oorla usiru pozhaikka mudiaathungaratha rendu padathula solli hit adichirukeenga. Vaazhthukkal.

Vanakkam Chennai - Intha padathuku en vanakkam Chennai nu title vachangannu oru patti mandramay nadathalam. Paatu nallarukkay padam theridumooonnu nambi mosam pona palarla naanum oruthanngratha perumaiya sollikaren. Siva...unakku neram sari illaya..illa un padatha continuousa pathu bulb vaangara engalukkaanu therila. Mirchila ethukum resume anuppi vachukkappu. Seekrama potti kata vendirukkum. Santhaanamku yaarachum comedy thaandam panna vendia nelamaila irukaruppu. uhumm..Evlo izhuthaalum vandi nagara matenguthu.

Varutha padaatha vaalibar sangam - Kathai irukka..comedy irukka. karuthu irukka..Ethukumay varuthapatta mathiri therila. Sivakarthikeyan silapala punch click aagidum. Imaan vachu rendu paattu thethidalam. Mathabadi...padam titleaye thaan varutham about anything. Ipolam padikara pullaingala vida ooothaari thanama ootha kalar ribbon pinaadi suthara payalugalukku thaan graakki. Naan sollaleenga..hit aana padam elaam itha thaan solluthu.

Lone ranger - Venaam...oray the alaugaachi coming. Johnny Deppkada oru pathu roova ok..micha 110 rubees Hollywood kittenthu reimbursement vaanganum.

Naan review podrathukullaye neria padam TVlaye poattu punniyatha thedikitaanga. Innum oru 14 padam download seiyappatuu paakarathukaga waiting. So me rommmbaa biccciiiyeee...appalikka catch you in another mokkai post. Ippothaikku apeetu ...vartaa..

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Mad(e) in heaven -1

Anil and Sid singing in chorus..

"You halfu me halfu eyee..
Near you no means no sleepu..eyeee"

"dei...enna kanraavida kathitrukeenga" asks an irritated Ram.

"Paarra...Why this kolaveri nu Danush paadina ooray kekkuthu...ithaye naanga panna kadupadikaranga...kalikaalamada"

"athu sari...kolaveri songkum ithukum enna linku?"

"Nee paathi naan paathi Keladi Kanmani padathula oru paatu varumla..atha thaan taminglishla re compose pannitrukom...ipolam directa englisha tamizhla podra songsa vida intha mathiri uttalakkadi songs thaana hit aguthu"

"dei...kovam vara mathiri paatu podaatheenga...Ava varathukulla ingenthu odi poidunga"

"!!! ava eppoda onsite vantha??"

"ada..skypela chat panrathukkay intha scenaamaam"

"etho padathula..minister flightla poraru traffic police road traffic block pannuvaanay..atha vida kodumaiya irukkay ithu..apdi ennada bayam"

"Adhu bayamilla machi..lighta oru respect"

"You guys got no dedication da...athunaala thaan ipdi poruppay ilaama suthitrukeenga"

"Yaar sonna ..pona vaaram kooda enakaaga oru song dedicate pannangalay..."

"Unakku yaaruda song dedicate panaanga"

"Naaney thaan..!!"

"Thoooo..ithelaam oru pozhappa..seri seri..edatha gaali pannunga"

"Machi..athenda marriagekaprum pasangalaam ipdi maaridraanga...friendsalaam madhikarathay illa"

"Apdiye ennamo avan nammala marriageku munna bharat ratna kuduthu mariyatha panna mathiriyum..ipo atha thirumba pudingita mathiriyum feel panra..."

"Kalyanathuku munnaadi ivan epdi irunthann...athuvum..ponnu paathutu vanthu thirumba paakaa  mudiyaama evlo polambirupaan"

~ (vera enna...thodarum thaaan) :))

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Need new Mythologies

While the western world churns out one superhero after another on a periodic basis, the eastern side of it has fallen way behind is what I feel. We had a rich heritage, rich being putting it mildly. Our fore fathers had such vivid imagination that when people on the other side of the planet where busy pillaging and looting they sat in quiet enivrons and created one blockbuster after another of a story. Starting with the puranas, bagavatham, ramayan and mahabharath inclusive, couldn't think of any other culture to have such a wide line up of awesome stories. And the best part is, like a never ending mega serial, each of those stories had a link story, a flash back, a why-it-happened like that premise and everything were neatly framed into a loop. Its amazing to even think of how many people would've co-authored the script, over whatever period of time and yet having a coherent screenplay. No character was bad and even their bad attitude will have a positive spin that, they were good but their greed/lust/arrogance was put to rest by a curse, which again would be a show of anger on the side of the curser and in the end, as like police in our movies, god will intervene and everyone will happily go to meditate or do penance.

While the people on the other side of the planet, created their own legends and myths by enriching meek and ordinary humans with extraordinary powers, they still had it very clear that, they are all humans to being with and the power that was bestowed on them was an extension and more of an alter ego than anything else. They were worshipped and idolised and made immortal in all forms possible, but the underlining aspect that the caped crusader or the masked messiah were all human was never lost on them. Unlike us, who made god out of the characters that were created. Our Raman and Hanuman where literally Ra"god" and Hanu"god". Any character with a holier than thou personality, we conveniently tagged them as god and distanced ourselves from them. Yes. Agreed they are all divine qualities. But by making god out of them, the fun aspect and the chance to really understand them as what they were meant to be got lost. When there were no television or radio or comics or novels or newspapers, our ancestors came up with this brilliant form to educate people. The imaginative of the lot cooked up stories, the creative propagated them and the crazy and lazy made god out of them.

The results are all to be seen on the silver screen. Till date not a single superhero movie or script has come up good in our box office. We still believe that only an Amitabh Bachchan or a Rajinikanth, who are nothing short of demi-gods, can bash up an army of villains in one punch and celebrate it with much more vigour and passion than a Batman or Superman fanatic. We know more trivia about the personal life of our stars, than a comicon geek. For even Star trek to survive here, it needs to be remade as one with Chiranjeevi fighting evil tantric for immortality. We have surrendered all the superpower to the gods and there is nothing more left for us to protect America from alien attack to terrorists..err..i meant world in general. (Blame it on Hollywood!!).

Just look at the army of characters that our ancestors have created. One with 6 heads, one with head transplant of an elephant, one who sleeps on snakes that which has a thousand heads and rests on an ocean of milk, one with an eye on his forehead and whose wife shares half his body, one with four heads and the list is endless. We have gods in all colors and flavors and varieties that there is more than one option for every mood and choice of ours. For those who like dark characters with a shade of grey, they got plenty. For fun lovers there are scores of them and for the noble and pious, you got a big bucket list. But why there are none now?? Why did it stop altogether? May be the fear that whatever blockbuster story that we create might end up as a new god? Or has people gone tired of the 3 billion characters that are already lined up and doesn't want to add to that list?

I strongly believe, stories are not just meant to entertain and educate. They are the real pillars of any civilization or culture. Rather than digging up sites looking for tonnes of dreamt up mythical gold,  ASI would do well to hire a bunch of researchers to read through our stories and come up with thesis on their underlying meaning or probably even re write some to suit today's world. The real gold is out there in them.