Friday, October 03, 2014

Is pitch black the new grey??

Consider this scene from a recent movie:
There is one guy who has been kidnapped and is being held at knife point, threatened with death and is being coerced for ransom. The lead character in that movie, I hate to term it hero for its hard core negative characterisation, suggests the kidnapper to use gun instead of knife, for its the "in" thing. By mistake the gun goes off and the victim gets shot. Blood spatters. If you guess the audience being mortified by this you couldn't be more wrong. What follows is peals of laughter and guffaws!!!

Consider this another scene from same movie:
The so called villain is about to kill a guy by chopping off his neck. Both the guys are screaming away to glory while the audience rolls around laughing!!

True. If you look at the entire movie, after almost 3 hours, you get to know the reason behind the above situations. It may or may not be still funny, which depends on betting your sense of humour versus social consciousness.

I've ranted on similar topic several posts back .Five decades ago, milky white complexioned MGR will fight dark colored villains. Even when Nambiar was as much fair skinned as MGR, the crooked look with the upturned nose on his face will always give out his sinister intent. It was a much easier depiction of the good guy and bad guy. In the language (??) of Newshour nonsense Arnab, MGR Never ever ever ever donned a negative role. He was the pristine pure jedi who fought the dark forces single handedly. In the next decades of Rajini and Kamal, the dark side fascinated them a bit and there were some dilly dalliances by Kamal, smitten by the success of Rajini. Rajini realised the aura it gave him after being villain and slowly and steadily when he donned the garb of hero, the audience saw in him a valmiki, sinner turned saint. Still there was a clear cut demarcation. Villain sometime and reformed permanently into a hero with no turning back. Unlike the villains of MGR, Rajini and kamal had to fight off villains, who were beginning to arise out of their own kith and kin. Evil men resided on hillock bungalows and were cruel zamindars at their closest to the society. There was always a chance for them to reform in the end. And in case when they got killed by the hero, the hero actually was shown being arrested, with a customary, "sila maathangalaukku piragu" message, after which their happily ever after life will begin. Cut to the current crop of movies. There is hardly any distinguishing factor between the good guy and bad guy. The storytellers have exhausted all sections of corruptions, be it politicos, police, judiciary, administration. Every pillar of the society has been tarnished on screen and the blockbuster success of such stories have emboldened the criminals as much as demoralizing the good guys.

In my father's times, police were a name that struck fear in the minds of common men. There were bribes and scandals and them being handy men of politicos -all such thing did exist. But the good guys were bit more strong willed and the bad guys still had fear of being shamed. Yes. SHAME. It was still a "virtue". How much ever the cinema men argue that their stories are mirrors of society, their movies have only made it worse is my opinion. Evaluate your psych after watching a MGR movie. You will definitely find it funny, considering how naïve the storyline is. But it will leave a feeling that good guys are strong and bad guys get thrashed more often than good guys. Watch any Rajini movie, it will still carry a similar message, but in a much diluted form. To cash in on his negative image, there will be as much harm done by him onscreen as compared to his villain counterpart. People began to believe that, there are bad bullets, which killed innocents, while good bullets that killed only villain. Police were relegated to last second appearance and taking law unto his own hands were being patronized. Vigilante justice began to take shape and precedence over law and order. With the era of economic liberalization, which eventually tore open the censor board, the villains began to enjoy better screen space. They can rape, pillage, loot for 2 hours and 15 minutes in a movie, only to be beaten to pulp in last 10 minutes. Heroes openly gave interview that playing villain was fascinating as it gives them different shades!! Literally, they wanted more screen space compared against the roles they were playing. Good guys were looked as dull. They were always shown as being weaklings and till the time their threshold broke, they would continue to bear all misery heaped on them by villains. It has gone to affect the psyche of movie watchers as well, to such an extent that, people began to fear bad guys for the first time. And having seen the success of such movies, bad elements in the society began to get ideas on how to escape punishment. Crime began to pay more and more and nowadays, its the ONLY steady source of income.

Like the favourite tagline of Dr. House, everybody lies and not just that. Nobody cares. Nothing is sacrilege. If you are a stickler to rules, which in itself is a oxy moronic statement for rule have to be adhered and not "stuck onto", you are labelled "rules ramanujam". Even the heroines rejects guys who directly propose to them and fall for those who land into their room in mid of night, breaking open their ceiling!! Smartness is rechristened as cheating without getting caught. Anyone who tries to be positive and straight forward, is dragged down to the filth, the vast majority is having fun frolicking with. Like the breaking point of weakling hero in the movies, the society is heading towards its own melting point.

We are at the edge of chaos and there is only one path left - the path of cleansing ourselves off all the crap we've surrounded ourselves with. Its going to be bitter and many are not going to like the solution, for the definition of good is not very popular at present. Anarchy may not be the answer to everything. But hopefully  a new dawn should arise soon.

Sentimental fools

Its not for nothing we are called sentimental fools. We get stirred emotionally for all the wrong things. One just need to learn how to coin a few words rhythmically correct and presto!! he has  a mad rush behind him in the form of followers. Be it a sadhu sanyaasi or a politician or any wannabe actor or even a sportsman with a decent form, every one has a fanatic group behind them. Success always is endowed with so many relatives while failures or orphans. But in these cases, even when their so called idol fails or is caught doing wrong, even then their die hard fans don't give up on them and continue to hold cudgels on their behalf. How can someone be so wrong and still command so much support?!! Its so obvious for any third party that their leader is so wrong. Yet for the die hard fanatics, their idol couldn't have been more wronged!! Their sentimental values obstruct judicial views and even when they themselves have been victims of the swindle, they conveniently ignore it and continue to root for their "mis"leaders. It puts the life of common men who don't associate themselves with either party at grave risk. It leaves no choice for the non-aligned and they are left much maligned. Unless people detach themselves emotionally and start to think rationally, this downward spiral to bottomless pit will only lead to hell hole with no escape.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Ai - song review

Very rarely does a song does full justice to its tune. Songs are like rasam. It has to be a perfect blend of all ingredients. Don't ask me for recipe. I neither know it from the music side nor from culinary section. But being an ardent foodie, I can vouch for those that enthral my taste buds. This particular song from Ai - Pookalay satru oivedungal, fit right into all the right sections. A typical ARR song after a really long time.

Tunewise its a mix of "Kaathal anukkal" from Enthiran and "Khamoshi raath" from Thakshak, both credited to ARR who has done a Harris jeyaraj with this song ala rehashing his own hits. Since both songs are some of his best compositions, it doesn't hurt to hear the same again with different lyrics this time. After listening to "Mersalaaitten" in Ai movie, I really did became "Mersal"!!(??). Now that one think of it, almost all of ARR's songs have been of excellent language quality when it comes to lyrics. Be it Vairamuthu, who polishes of school poetry as lyrics or Vaali, the awesome man who can bend words and syllables to suit the tune, the duo have adorned some of the most mellifluous tunes of Rahman with awesome lyrics. But with Mersalaitten Rahman hits a low. The absence of Vaali is more felt in this song, who could've taken it to a whole new level even within the constraint of local lingo. Wonder how come Shankar allowed it!! All depends on the picturisation, where Shankar is a past master. The much hyped "Ennodau nee irunthaal" survives by power of repetition. The same lines are repeated like a dozen times over and over again in a matter of seconds and it kinds of grows on you. Obviously the picturisation is the talk of the town and probably one of the key highlights of the movie itself. The lesser said about "Aila Aila" and "Ladio" the better. Both sounds like mash up version from the play list of Kohl's or Shoppers Stop. Hardly a meaningful word and even the pronunciation is so confusing, they make it difficult to even hum.

Coming to the crowning glory or possibly the (only) best song in the list. "Pookkalay Satru oivedungal". The lyrics by Kabilan are so gentle and smooth that they ride along the crests and troughs of the tune like a solitary leaf floating on water, forever at the risk of drowning, with the hope that there wouldn't be an unruly ripple and with the vocal quality of Haricharan and Shreya Ghoshal to navigate. The section

"Haiyo ena thigaikum
Ai ena viyakkum
Ai galukellam vidumuraiyai aval thanthuvital..
Aval vanthuvittal..

resembles a sharp hairpin bend of a steep gradient on a high mountain ridge with two way traffic where you've to turn without slowing down from original pace and smoothen it down to normal. Haricharan does an awesome job of holding steady the steering. And not just that. He has excellent sense of pronunciation. The "la" "La" uchharippu makes it a delight to hear. Tamizh may be rightfully called the pioneer of all object oriented language for introducing the OOPS concept of reusability and inheritance. It may look so simple with its character set but it deserves to be handled with care. The richness of the language is more felt and enjoyed when one pronounces it properly. You've to hum the song mentally to realise how tough a manoeuvre it is and I am sure this is one song that is a tough one to crack on any competition. The song describes and clears any question on the meaning of the movie's title - Ai. It oozes with teasingly tasteful lyrics on the lines of Vaali and matches Vairamuthu's calibre in chastity of wording.

I've only one thing to say about this song to sum it up - Listen to it :)

Pookkale sattru oyivedungal
Aval vanThuvittaal
Aval vanthuvittaal
Pookkale satru oyivedungal
Aval vandhuvittal
Aval vandhuvittal

Hey ai endraal athu azhagu endral
Antha ai galin ai aval thaana
Hey ai endraal athu kadavul endral
Antha kadavulin thugal aval thaana
Haiyo ena thigaikum
Ai ena viyakkum
Ai galukellam vidumuraiyai aval thanthuvital..
Aval vanthuvittal..

Pukkale sattru oyivedungal
Aval vandhuvittaal..aval vandhuvittaal..

Indha ulagil unai vella oruvan illai
Undhan asaivugalil yaavilum i
Veli azhagai kadanthu un idhayam nuzhainthu
En ainpuzhan unarnthidum i
Evan bayathai anaikka
Aval evanlai anaikka
Aval seigaiyil peivathu ai
Aval vizhiyin kanivil
Enda ulagam paniyum
Siru noiyalavu iyam illai
En kaigalai korthidu i viralai
Ini thaithu nee vaithidu nam nizhalai
Aval idazhgalai nugarnthuvida
Paadai neduga thavam puriyum

Pookkale sattru oyivedungal
Aval vandhuvittaal
Aval vandhuvittaal
Hey ai endraal athu azhagu endral
Antha ai galin ai aval thaana
Hey ai endraal athu kadavul endral
Antha kadavulin thugal aval thaana
Haiyo ena thigaikum
Ai ena viyakkum
Ai galukellam vidumuraiyai aval thanthuvital..
Aval vanthuvittal..

Neer veelichi pole ninravan
Naan neentha oru oodai aanai
Van moodum malaiyai ponravan
Naan aada oru medai aanai
Ennulle ennai kandaval
Aarendru enai kaana seithaal
Kelamal nenjai koithaval
Sirpam seithu kaiyil thanthal
Yugam yugam kaana,
Mugam ithu pothum
Pugazhidam enre undhan..
Nenjum mattum pothum
Maru uyir thanthaal..
Nimirnthida seithaal
Nagarnthidum paadhai engum
vaasam veesa vandhaale

Pookkale satru oyivedungal
Aval vandhuvittaal
Aval vandhuvittaal
Hey ai endraal athu azhagu endral
Antha ai galin ai aval thaana
Hey ai endraal athu kadavul endral
Antha kadavulin thugal aval thaana
Haiyo ena thigaikum
Ai ena viyakkum
Ai galukellam vidumuraiyai aval thanthuvital..
Aval vanthuvittal..

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Should noble necessarily mean no bill??

Again, Neeya Naana takes credit for the theme of this post. Few weeks back, the team didn't just open the Pandora's box, but set it on fire when they raised the question of unnecessary master health check ups amidst a group of doctors with the antagonists in victimised public. Hell hath no fury than a bunch of doctors scorned. They took to every form of media available to pour their ire on the show, host and its director. I happened to watch that episode, which actually had a poignant moment, when a poor couple had brought their blind kid, blinded by negligence shown by the very doctors. The premise of the show, to examine the real reason and motive behind the numerous health check-ups ordained by doctors got lost in due course when people started preaching about the goodness of the medical profession and how holier than thou they are as compared against their colleagues from other work streams. They kept quoting Hippocratic oath in various versions of it, than spelling out their motive and reason behind the check ups. No one...I mean..not a single person in the doctor side, was able to justify the reason for those enormous bills behind the master check ups nor where they able to justify the tests that they include in them. It was a very valid question posted by the audience which no one was able to answer. The chief guest who came in the end, he openly admitted that government has set norms to regulate these check ups and how fallible they are in real sense. One guy even went to the extent of saying that for making sure the machines which are being imported by the hospital give good ROI, they need to have such tests being conducted.

I cant say whether medical profession should be seen as noble, as it was originally meant to be or be more practical in this cynical world and stick to the fact that even doctors need money to survive. I've no issues against them making money. Nor do I question colleges and schools charging so much money in form of fees. But when it goes to the extent of fooling the ignorant consumer, its then one feels flustered. To run their institution, if one dumps unnecessary tests on poor patients, its a criminal offence. If there is a real need of a building fund and if a school demands donation towards it, its worth it, to some extent. But just to promote and encash their brand value, when they begin to charge more money, its then it borders on being criminal. Same goes for government too. No issues with them charging toll for the roads they lay and for the maintenance work. But when those toll booths outlive the very roads and still charge exorbitant amount of money, its that when one feels like demolishing them.

We are slowly, steadily and with increasing speed, head towards a society where nothing is sacred. And what was once sacred, that which were not money spinner professions then, like for example doctors, teachers, barbers are now neither sacred and they are sure shot big time paycheck winners. Its like glaciers melting away into water only to sink everything around them. At times I feel, the very concept of human system and society, demands certain sections to remain as down trodden. It requires certain set of people to suffer. It survives and feeds on the misery of certain sections to thrive. Without which, it fails to make sense. Even if one sticks to rule to the letter, beyond a point, it refuses to retain its meaning and becomes more dictatorial. Neither is democracy the answer for one and all. My bet is, within the next decade, the world would witness a new form of society. One that would be driven by the ultra rich. There would be just two sections that would survive into the next half of this century and that would rich and poor. There wouldn't be any religion or caste or creed. But just money, that which would run the show. And then the world would begin to cleanse itself - off humans.

P.S: 1984 and animal farm padicha epect..Orwellian nightmare :)

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Who is the white sheep?

Neeyaa Naana is my favourite hunting haunt for blog topics. Usually me a big fan of debates, especially the tamil ones like pattimanram. Neeya Naana is a modernised version of pattimanram except that its biased to the core by its anchor Gopinath. He wouldn't allow any thought process against his own view and perception and makes sure the show is always unidirectional. But at times, it raises above its mediocrity, courtesy some really good speakers, who manage to sneak in their point, right under his nose. Recent one on "How to identify Nallavan" was one such topic that caught fancy.

It was a dumb show by any standards considering that the speakers were competing with the anchor in bringing the script down to the extent possible. It was a callously handled attempt to such a wonderful topic. The very first question posed to one section of the audience was an interesting one that failed to live up to its potential - "define nallavan". Every single one of the speakers were hell bent on defining who is not a nallavan and what would they consider as bad habits. Surprisingly not  a single soul identified themselves as nallavan!!! Romba nallavangappa neengallam. Despite prompting by Gopi, for the right sense this time for a change, they kept dwelling on describing the bad guys. How difficult it is to define a good person??!!! Well, if you attempt honestly, its pretty difficult. In fact the most difficult question across ages, a definition for which has been so difficult to comprehend and follow and has undergone so many changes!! If you recollect Vikram Betal stories, most of the judgements would be to decide who was good and who wasn't. And that's just the tip of the big berg. It was so sad to see, no one was prepared enough for the topic and totally screwed it up.

How do you really define goodness when one man's nectar is others poison and when even god is no rule light (vidhi velakku you see) to this!! Rama killed Ravana is the quintessential favourite sentence for active voice passive voice question. But Rama killed Vaali will raise a lot more voices on whether it was a good thing or bad!! Goodness cannot be defined by taking a few constraints or rules or qualities. Even if you involve the Lord, its something which is as measurable as infinite. Thirukkural, the one book that has answers for everything, tries to define goodness by categorising it in so many different titles. Even the good old valluvar has tough time to fit the qualities of the inner self in his usual tenner self. So, is it that difficult to define goodness?? Reminds of a discussion thread in a forward I read about light and dark. You can define brightness but not darkness was the theme. How can  you make dark more darker for its mere absence of light. How can you increase darkness?? Likewise, does one need to realise bad things more to appreciate goodness? is that the reason why people find it so difficult to absorb and believe goodness?

Ivlo pesariye...nee sollungareengala...tho vanten. First of all, if you ask me am I good or bad, I would say, it changes with the instant. When I am having good thoughts, clean habits, devoid of jealousy towards other, with helping mindset, performing my essential duties and keeping away from doing and supporting evil, I consider that I could qualify for being good. When I slip on any or all of these points I undoubtedly become bad is my gut feeling. Idhuku melayum pesalaamnu thaan thonuthu...appalika innoru topical link aagikaren...ippothaiku apeetu..appalikka repeetu..varta :)

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sound of meejic

The hills may be alive with the sound of music...but if you've to stay alive after "start meejic" better rush to the hills!!!

Nunal should be the closest to appavi thangamani's of husband world. For like them, they also vaayal kedum. Ipdi thaan paarunga, one fine day, after finishing all household chores Rangamani (aka) Mrs. Thangamani..was sleeping super tired.

Appavi Thangamani was busy checking new movies on torrents when he suddenly heard that. Ennada ithu re-recordingla illama pudusa oru tune varuthaynu he heard hard, wondering probably it was that nuisance neighbour at it again, Mr.Faultist Flautist. He started swaying his hands ala Zubin Mehta conducting a choir to compose a soliloquy symphony. His gyrating movements must've triggered of electrifying pulses on the air waves, for suddenly Rangamani was up and awake.

"enna pannindurukkel"
"*silently..with a scary voice* ennaachuu"
"cha...missed it..."
"Enna missed"
"u know music?"
"konjam theriyum..rendu moonu keerthanai kathukitruken"
"what raaagam is this..
"therilaye...ithu ennamo vidhyasama irukkay"
"Iru...original lyrics poatta kandu pudikka mudiyuthaa paaru...

Over to first para.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Hello World...again :)

Yaay...I still remember the password for logging into this site!! :) Ethana saga bloggers post marriage kaanama poitaanga sollitu ithey blogla polambirukken..Didn't realise en caseum athey pola aagumnu :D Apdi onnum perusa vetti murikara velai illai, obviously :) Simpla solanumna Somberithanam saaasthiaaiduthu. Ipolam all polambals in Facebook itself. So blog pakkam vara vela kammmi aaidichi. Lets see how long the second innings lasts :D Hope it extends little longer than India's stint in England!!

Saturday, May 03, 2014

All in the game.

Another Saturday at Ram's house "Priyaaaa....I am leaving" shooouts Ram as he packs his kit.

"Ram...Ram..Ram....inniki oru naal un cricketukku leave vida koodatha"

"Sorrypa..already anga groundla enakkaga ellarum waiting..enga ponaalum latea pogarennu erkanavay ellarum thitraanga..."

"Daily nee veetuku varathukkay nadu raathiri aaiduthu...weekend aana cricket velayaada odidra..enga kooda time spend panrathay illa"

"sorry chellam..intha oru vaaram poren..adutha vaarathulenthu veetta vittu velila poga maaten"

"engala vida unakku cricket mukkiyama poiduthula"

"huh..ilama..corporate tournament varuthu sonnenla..athuku thaan enga office team makkaloda practice porom"

"micha perlaam bachelor pasanga..veedu vaasal kelvi ketpaar illa..unakken intha veen velailaam"

Ram's fone rings at that very instant. "Dei...oru inningsay mudia pogthu...innum kelamabalaya neee" his friend shouts on the phone from other end.

"Ithoo vanthutenda..on the way"

"Tv odra sound Inga kekuthu..seekrama vanthu thola" the call gets disconnected.

"Chellam..kochukaatha...itho poitu itho vanthudren" Ram rushes out even before Priya could object further.

At cricket ground "dei Ramm...officeku vara mathirye groundkum vantha epdi...match aarambichi half hour aaguthu"

"Sorry machi..veetla Priya semma tension..inniki velayaada poga koodathunu 144 potutaa...adichi pudichi varathukulla podhum podhumnu aaiduthu"

"Ofcourse..husbands happya iruntha entha wifeku thaan porukkum..avanga veetla padre kashtathulenthu naaama easya escape aaidromnu avangaluku gaandu"

"office poitu varathay oru peria velai...intha trafficla nonthu noodlesaagi varappo "appaaadaa"nu iruku..nimmathia tv paakalam konja nermana apponu paathu ivanga puraanatha start paniduvanga..atha kaathu kuduthu kekalaina innoru puraanam start aaidum...intha husbands paadu romba kushtamappa"

"aduthavaaram cricket vara mudiaathu machi...innikay Priya kitta poi semmaya vaangi kattika week doubtu thaan"

"Ram...ipdi panna enna...pesama doctor unna exercise panna sollirukaru..athunala physical activitykaga cricket velayaada porennu sonna?"

"vera venaiye venaam...Priya thangai nejamavay doctor...poi solli maatinen..ivalay vesha oosi poattu konnuruva"

"seri seri...dai...toss podanum...oru rupee coin kudu"

"cheque book kondu varalye machi"

"dai...oru ruvaada"

"ipdi suddena bulk amount keta epdida"

"veri ethaatha...stumpa eduthu sorugiduven..."

After the match is over...the team takes a break under the tree shade.

"Nee mattum epidida wife kitta maatikaama every weekend matchuku vara " asked Ram to Anil.

"Ithuku oru Microsoft project planay pottu vachiruken machi...avlo peria matter. If you notice, naan ellaa weekendum varathilla. I pick and choose my matches. If I am at home, I make sure I drag my wife and kids out for some mall or any theme park. I ensure that they get to spend time out and stay hustled in the house. Oru weekend velila kootitu poitu vanthaalay they feel tired and refreshed at same time for next two weeks.  Antha gap naama use pannikanum.Oru outingku aagara selavu paathalay thala suthirum. No wife would allow outing every weekend. Aairam thaan selavu panra mathiri therinjaalum basicavay ponnunga especially wife clan are sikkana sigamanis unlike pasanga who will never ever be on the same league when it comes to home finance matters. So...LHS isikoltu RHS...I am free "

"Anil..nee saatharana Anil illa...Anil Ambanikkay business solli tharalam....."

Right at that moment Anil's phone rings. "Itho stuck in traffic jam near supermarket. Athaan apdiye vegetables vaangitu varalamnu hopped in. Ethavathu specifica venuma chellam" Anil started walking towards his car leaving behind a stunned team.

"Theivamayy" nu gosham poattavaray everyone picked sand from the path Anil walked and applied it like viboothi ontheir forehead.

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Movie watch

Having yet unable to come to terms with his untimely death, every time my friends smiley face come to my mind, his haunting voice kept disturbing. Worst, when mom heard of his demise, she could not sleep the whole night and was mentally disturbed. The next day morning, she was suddenly missing and came after an hour. Later I realised, she had gone to worship the family deity of my friend on a nearby madhva temple to pray for peace and strength for his parents to bear his loss. It was another instance when my mom's action stunned me. She has this amazing quality of taking other's loss as her own and suffer for them. I would never be as selfless as her and even if I try hard its an impossible feat to match.I really needed to take my mind off the loss and indulged in binge movie watch.

Oru kanniyum moonu kalavaanigalum - I am big fan of simbudevan. All his movies, right from 23rd pulikesi, aria enn 365il kadavul, irumbu koattai murattu singam every single movie of his has been different and are famous for their own style of comedy. To be honest, it took me 3 attempts to watch this movie fully. I kept loosing interest beyond 20 mins and it took an immensely boring day to commit myself. Surprisingly, the witty conversational humour, which is his area of strength felt missing. But once you get through the initial phase and settle onto the rhythm of the movie, its an amazing story. Whenever I see any near miss on road where bike riders narrowly miss being mashed into pulp by bus drivers, I never cease to wonder what would've happened had the rider been a second late on his ride. The entire premise of the movie, is based on the very thought. Every second of our life, carries its own fate and story. Its been shown in an elaborate fashion stretching over 120 minutes and the same story getting repeated thrice. It might be something new for our audience and may not rake in the moolah at BO for the target audience is niche. But the screenplay and story is commendable with even smaller sections of the scenes addressed in detail. The way he attends to every single piece that appears on the frame is amazing. Be it the fruit seller or drunkard or the lift scene or the lady near the gate and last but not least, even the portion involving ants and the twist involving them in the final repeat, the list is endless. Another amazing quality about simbudevan is his respect for all life forms. Even in Arai enn 365 movie he had a similar scene involving mosquitoes. He keeps harping on the point that in the eyes of god, be it mosquito or an ant, everything and everyone are equal. His cartoonist background definitely shines on his story telling.

Gils verdict - I would definitely recommend this movie for an one time watch. For if you see it once, its seeing it thrice.

Ennamo Nadakkuthu -  There was way too much hype on the reviews for this movie. Everyone had the same thing to say, that for a movie which they saw with no expectations, it was quite a surprise. That induced me to watch this one, which I otherwise would've never even bothered. The story is a mix and match of Vaamanan, Biriyaani and some more of Karunas and Vimal movies. But kudos to the editor and screenplay incharge, there is hardly  breathing space in this 120 mins thrillathon. The break neck speed at which the story travels makes up for its inadequacies. There is a duet song involving the hero heroine and the heroes mom. Its cutely canned. The hero kicks, beats and abuses his mom at drop of hat which is yucky but quite different from normal. Rest of the storyline and the cast write themselves on.

Gils verdict - Ennamo nadakkuthunnu road side showsa vedikka paakara alavula thaan kathai irunthaalum, it makes even the 2 hour duration feel longer. Not worth it.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Letter to a friend

Dear Ananth,

I remember the first time I met you in office. I though what a haughty guy!! You sounded arrogant and had an all assuming air about you. Within matter of days I kicked myself correct. To be honest, I've never met such an innocent and chirpy person in my career, who is not only strong on knowledge but also such a versatile person. Our volleyball team owes a lot to you for that huge trophy that adorns our unit. Every single day, we all await you to join us during lunch, just to rob the pakoda plate, you buy in canteen. And on those days you go to client site, we always talk about the missing pakoda more than you ofcourse :) Our team was the extended family which made office an home away from home.

Despite all this, why did you decide to leave us all? I don't know if anyone deserves to die. But I can put my life in front and claim that yours was definitely not one to be lost. Why did you travel today without helmet? Why did the ill-fated bus mow you down? Why didn't you fight bit harder while you were being taken to hospital? Having always seen you as the style icon that you always are, you were unrecognisable in hospital. How come even after such a major accident, there was hardly a scratch on you? For a moment thought you were sleeping. We were even tempted for a minute to wake you up. Almost looked like you had that crooked shy smile on your face. When they brought back you in tray after tray after post mortem, we were torn into a million more pieces. Who will console your sister with her new born hardly days old? who will console your dad and mom both of whom are sick? who will stand up to Senthil everyday and compete with him for sight adiching girls? who will ask me about Mrs.Tiruvannamalai everyday? who would give me tips on how should I bunk office and visit her? Who will steal our papads in lunch time? who will support RCB and get beaten by us CSK maniacs? Did you know I actually came to your place today to ask you about that certification exam you took? Did you know, no one from the gang had lunch today? Did you saw all of the gang, standing and weeping near you? Did you notice the huge crowd of your ex company colleagues watching you in stunned silence?

Its on days like this when faith on God gets badly beaten and shaken. I still couldn't believe that I wouldn't see you tomorrow in office. I really don't know what else to say. Thanks for dropping me home, dripping wet on pouring rain when I was stranded without transport. Thanks for all those fun times you made us all enjoy with your stories of the girls who ignored you. Thanks for being such an honest and wonderful friend to all of us. Thanks for your cheerful and confidence attitude. It really helped on gloomy days.

I am sure if there is a heaven, you would've already began your travel there. Not sure if I get to meet you again, but thanks for all those wonderful memories. Will miss you badly buddy :(

Tearfully yours,
One of your friend.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Chumma-oru-try -4

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பூ மறுத்த வண்டு
குழி வெறுத்த நண்டு
ஆண் மறுத்த பெண்டு
கண்டதில்லை வெகுநாள் மீண்டு...
ஆடிக்காற்றில் அம்மியாய்..
அசைந்தான் கௌசிகன்..
புவி ஈர்ப்பின் விதி வென்றவன் -பூ
விழி ஈர்ப்பில் மதி மறந்தான்..
உற்ற நெறி துறந்தான்..
சேலையுள் நூலாய்..
நூலின் நிறமாய்..
நிறத்தின் தன்மை யாய்..
இருவரும் கலந்தனர்...
மனம் ஒன்றி புணர்ந்தனர்...
இன்னாவும் இனியாவும் நாப்பது அறிந்து உணர்ந்தவன்...
ஆசை முப் ப தும் மோக அறுவதையும் கடந்தான்...
வேறென்ன..இனி முழு பிறவி கடன் தான்....
நெஞ்சக வலையல்ல
நஞ்சுக இந்திரனின்
வஞ்சக வலை என்றுணர்ந்தான்..
விட்ட பணி தொடர விரைந்தான்..
மேனகை முன்னின்று மறைந்தான்...
முனி சுமந்த மங்கை
கரு சுமந்து நின்றாள்..
பத்தரைக்கு மேல் மாற்று தங்கமாய்
பத்து மாதம் பின்னர்
பிறந்தது ஒரு மழலை
அவளே சகுந்தலை

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Chumma-oru-try - 3

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சகல கலா ரசிகன்
மக்கள் போற்றும் மானசீகன்
குடிகள் போற்றும் கோமகன்

வானம் பொய்த்து
பயிர்கள் உய்த்ததால்
ஞானம் மொய்த்திட
அடைந்தான் வசிட்டனிடம் தஞ்சம்
அவன் நந்தினி போக்கினாள் மக்களின் பஞ்சம்
கேட்டதை தரும் கலியுக காமதேனு
இது ஒரு முனிவனிடம் இருப்பது கஞ்சம்
மக்கள் தேவை போக நிறைய மிஞ்சும்
அது போதும் முனிவனுக்கு
என எண்ணியது அவன் நெஞ்சம்
போர் முனை பல வென்ற வீரன்
வெற்றியை மாலையாய் சூடிய தீரன்
மக்களின் பசி போக்க முனிவனிடம்
மண்டியிட இனங்கினான்
தன் விண்னப்பத்தை வணக்கத்துடன் தொடங்கினான்
முக்கால விதி அறிந்த வசித்தன்
கௌசிகனின் வேண்டுதலை மறுத்தான்
பிறர் வாழ பிச்சை கெட்ட பேரரசன் ஒரு புறம்
தான் வாழவே பிச்சை கேட்கும் முனிவன் மறுபுறம்
நன் தீனி நெருங்கி இருந்தாலும்
நொந்தினி ஆனால் நந்தினி
பார் வெல்ல போர் புரிந்தவன்
சோறு அள்ள போர் தொடங்கினான்
வசித்தனின் குடில் மேல் வீரர்களை ஏவினான்
பார்வைக்கு பசுவானது
பாய்ச்சலில் புலி ஆனது
வரத்தின் முன் தோற்றது
வெற்றியின் மைந்தன் வெட்கத்தில் விறைத்தான்
வேள்வியே வெல்வதற்கு வழி என உணர்ந்தான்
திருக்கோலம் விளக்கி
துறக்கோலம் புனைந்தான்
தவம் செய்ய விரைந்தான்
முனிவனின் முன் கதை
அறிந்த மேனகை
பெருமிதம் உற்றாள்
பொய்யாய் நடிக்க வந்தவள்
மெய்யாய் மெய் சிலிர்த்து நின்றாள்
முழு மனத்துடன்
தன் முயற்சியில் முனைந்தாள்

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Anubavams of an Appracenti

I the back.
Found some gasping time amidst the rush rush schedule and here I am back to my "Bad donkey small wall" blog.
"How is your kannaala vazhkkai" has been the question from everyone and everywhere. To quote 13B hindi movie in tamil "yaavarum nalam". Athukaga horror thrillera nu yosikaatheenga. Learning the tricks of trade with each passing day is nothing short of an experience on any thrill ride. Read in some mokka vikatan joke - wifeys are like theepavali pattaasu. Eppo vedipaanga eppo bussnu irupaangannu teriaathu. Thought it was a joke but athula evlo karuthu irukungarathu kalyaanam aana thaaan teriuthu!!!
Ipdi thaan paarunga...supermarket poren, unakkenna soap vaangitu varattumnu ammani ketaanga. Ada paravalaye...husbandkkaga shopping poreengalaanu oray the fullarichings me. Normalavay namakku eppovum sukkaran Sikkim state mathiri indiakka chinaakkaanu izhu parila irukkum. Annikinu paathu uchathula irunthrukum pola. Antha veena pona soap peru maranthu poiyee. Seri..athaan per nyabagam varalaye..oru hamam rexona sollitu poirukalamla. uhumm..naama ennamo kulicha (ada doubtees) antha magathaana soapla thaangara mathri romba yosichi paathen. Still couldn't remember. Takknu remembered something about that soap.
"Heyy..athaanpa...intha Deepika Padukone varuvaalay..antha soap"
Already soap name solama delay pannathukay lighta on aagiruntha bulbu..Deeps per ketathum..padu pragaasam. Still adi uzhalangara oray aaruthaloda ess aaitomda saaminu yosichitrunthapo thaan..evening amma kitta list sollitrunthapo ketuthu.
"Unga Deepika paduone soap vaangitu vanthachu.."
Adutha naal kulikka ponapo baya bakthiyoda medimix eduthundu ponengaratha Inga kurippitu solla kadamai patruken.

Seri..bussunu pona matter ithunna ..tappaasu matter ethungareengala. Namakkum airportukumaana poorva jenma pagai thaan pala posta potrukene. Adhula adutha adhyaayama, while we were coming back from Mum to Chn, flight airportla enter agarathuku munnaye one hour delay. And even after one hour, update was that it would be late by one more hour. Motha travel timey less than 2 hoursngarapo ithana near delayvaaanu saga passengers were super agitated and started a dharna demanding apology from air india management. Kodumai was they were doing a raastha roko for sleepy somberis like me from entering the flight. Oru vazhia avangala sari katti flight kelambarathukula vidinjirichi. The three seater were me and ammani were seated had a vacant seat. Strangely the flight had 3 air hostess wearing 3 different uniforms. Ammani was wondering if they didn't even had a standard crew for that rava upma flight arranged in mid of the night. Inga thaan neenga nallaaaa oru point note pannanum. Ammani was "teasingly" (jokingly funnily humorously..ennalaam ly innum venumo potukunga) asked "why don't you ask one of them to sit here..i don't mind". Naama thaan masala vadaikkulaam maataatha mice aachay. "Cha no want" I said. She still asked if at all you've to pick, whom will you? Porila maataatha eli kku pizzala maatromngarathu theriama.."cheee..moonum teraathu..venumna antha black dress okva irukum pola" nu solli vaaya moodala.
Adhukaprum naan vaaye thirakkavay illa.

Oru appaviku epdilaam sothanais and sikkal. eGaawdd!!!

Sunday, February 23, 2014


In about 60 hours time, I am about to witness one of the most important changes in anyone life. This post, in that sense, is more like the meteorological department warning of impeding weather. I have always been the curious cat who can never savour a mystery and will jump to know the result. And this time its is no different either. There are so many thoughts running through mind. So many changes beckons. A whole new lifestyle. A whole new personality awaits. A whole new routine waiting on the wings. A whole new life itself just around the corner. Hopefully blogging should be one thing I can continue :) See you all on other side of February.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Sinkaatha Shippu

A guy n a gal were friends
Both had partners who initially were unmindful of their friendship
But as they still indulged in each others life much to their chagrin of their partners,
always having stories and anecdotes and little secrets to share and laugh and
often enjoying within themselves,
it all came down to whose affection was stronger.
one fine day their partners having enough of this relation, which they couldnt
quite agree as "just friends" gave them an ultimatum - to choose between the
They felt insecure on a relationship quadrangle where they also wanted to be
part on equal footing
They demanded time for their own, so that they will also have stories to share
They wanted the undivided attention of their spouses
They wanted to be the first person in their love list
The friends realised the logic on their request and
decided to take a break from each other
They wanted the world to realise that
even if they stay away from each others life
friends don't need to be on constant touch to
retain their friendship
Its that one unique relation in the whole wide world
which is so pure that it cannot be defined
Their partners were happy with the arrangement and
when they realised even when not in touch
the friends remained as happy as they were before,
they realised its not the presence or absence
that makes a relationship but the sheer love for each other
which transcends all space and boundaries.
There is a little bit of love in every friendship
If there could be an equal amount of friendship
in every relation formed of love,
world would surely be a better place.
If at all the aliens decide to invade us,
it may not be for the minerals
but for this beautiful mind set called friendship.

Happy valentines day :)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Every time I walk on the madaveethis of Mylapore, I feel the anniyan in me boiling with rage. Wish I have a bulldozer handy so that I can run over all the encroachments. By which I mean, every single store that has set shop, their free parking customers, on-vehicle bargainers, mid of the road pookadais and vegetable kadais, autowalas who abandon their VMD(vehicle of mass destruction) anywhere they care to urinate at any place of their want -be it school compound or temple or even garbage dump. The world is the urinal for them. The shops on the other side, jewellery section, are no saints either. Being the richer lot, they've extended their rule in concrete by stretching their stories right onto the sidewalks. The day is not far when they take over the entire stretch as their own and the paithiakaara poor pedestrians might be banned as trespassers on their own pathways. Every time I cringe when I am ordered out of the footpath on to the main road. And every time I crib here in blog about the same. I am clueless how to take this matter with whomsoever its concerned. In all probability that "whomsoever" might well be on their payrolls for being so "unconcerned". May be we should all form a sect called streetizens where each one should take care of their street and protest against any encroachment starting from their own self. Every one should take a pledge that they wouldn't buy a vehicle till they have a place of their own to park. Every one should understand that those who walk on the roads also are in a hurry to reach their destination and just because they are not on a vehicle, doesn't mean that they can be bumped off the map of earth. It must've been the umpteenth post in past several months I've polambified on the same topic. The more I write about it, I wish someday some meaningful idea forms to tackle this menace. Apdi unga yarukachum idea iruntha seekrama implement pannungappa. Intha traffic tholla thaangala!!!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Catch -22 again :)

Possibly my third or fourth post on similar topic in past 8 years :) Guess every 2.5 years I get bored with my way of life. Especially with my career. The moment I feel that I am getting very comfortable with what I am doing I simply cut off all the safety nets and rush headfirst into the unknown. All this bravado might suit someone who is really onto being such a rebel. But unknowns scare me crazy and every single bone in my almost 6 ft body is triple coated lazy. I am not someone who likes change. I would rather prefer steady state forever in my life. But the sheer weight of boredom far outweighs the fear of change and every time I force the change myself. Probably this is one main reason why i'vent made rapid strides up the ladder as compared to my patient friends :) Those who started their career with me are at an embarrassingly higher rank :) I could very well be the Indiana jones of IT. Not for his bravado but we share a common trait in going  after extinct things. I prefer dying or dead technologies that no one prefers just for the joy of knowing something different. All throughout I've been jumping from one tech to another with a tag of being niche. Now that I want to steer my course into the routine crowd, every one around me are donning the doubting Thomas role to perfection. They go out of the way to dig out personality traits in me that wouldn't make me one amongst them. Vanja pugazhchiya fact of lifea nu therila. But as always, its time for change. And it coincides with a major change in my personal life as well. Both changes I've wantonly brought upon myself. The more I think of me as the person responsible for these events in my life, it made me realise how vain I've been. When every single breath that we take in and out is determined by one up above. Suddenly life feels like a chessboard where everyone is a pawn trying to cut across squares to meet the only king called God. Ellamay ennala nadakuthunu yosikarapo saria edukkara decisions and thappa edukkara decisions rendumay stressfulla iruku. Edhukkumay naan karanamilanu yosikarapo feels like zero gravity. Either way, eager to know what the scriptwriter has written in my life :) So here is me praying for a peaceful present and a fearless future :)

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Simple'y' superb

For a long time I've been trying to write a story for children. Whenever I sit to frame a theme for them, I am stumped for one. I have a mental framework about how the story should be, based on the in numerous Tinkles, Champaks, Jataka tales to Ambulimama, Balamitra and Ratna bala. All those stories will have a basic setup -be it village or city. A simpleton or a greedy person or a miser or a lazy bone or a good Samaritan (an extremely good person in current days world) would be the central character. Mostly they would be either dim-witted or brilliant and the entire story would revolve around them. Their life would be so peaceful. In a span of few boxes of cartoons an entire life span would've been explained. IMHO Tinkle is the most under rated of all books. The kind of morals and values it imparts in the form those simple stories are nothing short of phenomenal. I wish Anu club gets included in science syllabus for school kids. Till date I remember that story I read in that about curd not freezing when kept in fridge.

The trigger for this post were two events. First one was a book I bought in Chennai book fair. "Thuppariyum Saambu". I've been longing to own one for a really really long time. I love stories with 70's and 60's backdrop. The kind of humour, the kind of people, their life style, their quirks, their customs, morals, their beliefs, their concept of heroes, villains..the list is endless. Its a magical world which can only be viewed in black and white. I felt the same sense of innocent effect while reading through the book which was supposed to be a detective novel. But with a caricature of a hero and his bumbling methods solely based on dame luck, the novel is more on the humour side than being a thriller. Even those episodes which involves kidnapping and ambushing villains have been told with a strong undercurrent of humour. Its impossible to imagine such a character in present day's world. Even the dumbest of the lot are shrewder than Saambu. Can life be so simple?? hmmmmmmm

The second one was a cho chuveet moment :) I had gone to my friends house to invite them for the wedding. Right from the moment i entered their house, they were prompting their elder son who is in first standard to show something to me. He blushingly came in front of me with his notebook. It had a ten line paragraph in it. He shyly told me that it was his story that he had written as part of his assignment. It was a story of a fox and a goat. The goat while grazing on a park, hears a fox which had fallen in a pit. The fox lures the goat inside the pit with promise of lush grass inside the pit. While the goat jumps into the pit, the fox climbs on the goat and gets out of the pit. Moral of the story being, never to trust strangers. I was stunned!!! It was so simple, so true and had such a valuable lesson. All in span of ten lines. It made me realise the reason for my struggles to come up with a story for kids. Kids life is very simple. It doesn't deal into the logic of why fox should talk in a language recognisable by goat or carnivore-herbivore relationships or what if there was really grass inside the pit!!! Same applies to my life as well, where I overthink every single step all the way. Its a lesson I struggle to follow in real life, but something I will not forget in a hurry :)

Saturday, January 25, 2014

To kill (many) a mocking bird

For long I've been reading numerous articles, be it blog posts or news paper clippings mocking the madisar maami or the so called typical Aiyar slang or the customs that are performed by Brahmins. It was the case in movies, where any leading hero from the time of MGR till date has donned the role of a Brahmin character to mock the community and its ways to achieve box office success. Its been one community that has often been ridiculed by anyone and everyone who wants to garner attention and like a meek goat that never bites back at people who throw stones on it, there has never been any violent protests or road rokos and not even a bandh call that I am aware of. Not that I am a "know-all" nor do I follow the pre and post activities of any such controversy. Just the way, the so called "intellectuals" who mock the community to their personal glory, I am also generalising now with the above statement.

It often irks me when people criticise out loud any custom or practice of any faith or sect and not necessarily Brahmin. But since this one community often bears the brunt of everyone, even from those who belongs to it, it irritates me like anything. Do I have any credentials worthy enough to take cudgels in support? Apart from the fact that I too belong to the meek many of the same sect, who never bother even to lift a finger against those who throw tar on our beliefs and customs, I have nothing notable as a credential. I don't even follow the daily rituals, even the simplest of them, that are supposed to be practised. I'vent been to a temple since god knows when, literally and figuratively. Not because I've stopped believing in it but for a reason even worse - laziness. Do I even understand any of those rituals and practices. Honest answer would be a shameful NO. Am I someone who wants to put forth my point of view and defend it to its contention. Answer again is NO. I am the least bothered by all these people that makes me no less a partner in their misdeeds. So I thought, at least, let me voice our my feelings in my own blog, that has been bereft of any readers off late :D More like a note from me to my own self.

The straw that broke this blogger's back was a post that was shared in Facebook by a lady blogger, atleast that's what the profile said, whom I've never met or read before. She had ranted for pages about madisar maamis and their capabilities in different situation, be it tormenting Brahmin gals to get married or fleecing their kids to US and propagate that achievement and also about their hypocritical ways. Needless to say, it was a huge hit and was even mildly funny in parts. Nope. Its not a barb and my writing skills are in no league to review or criticize anyone else's writing. But the content was what that really ticked me off. Its been the umpteenth time, someone has cribbed about how nosy madisar mami's are and how they are desperate show-off's who shamelessly meddle in other peoples life. Obviously there are people like that and no one can deny that such people never exist or existed. But why attach the communal tag??!! Its almost a fashion statement for a group of yuppie Brahmin people to mock their own community and rituals just to project that they are "cool".

IMHO, there are many things that makes being a brahmin difficult in current day's world. Reservation comes right on top. It may or may not be good in purpose. But is surely out to screw Brahmin kids studies. There is no leeway at all if they are average in their studies. Forget about higher studies, even non professional courses would be out of their reach. Another pain point would be, avoiding peer pressure and maintaining being a vegetarian, which is one of the biggest struggles for anyone from this community. I've seen many a friend of mine succumbed to this by their friend. I have no respect for those who show off to the outer world as holier than thou and valaichi katti adichify chicken on their home. If you feel something is right, you should be bold enough to admit it. Any habit or event the knowledge of which, that you cannot share with your parents or children and still continue to do it, is nothing short of a crime, knowingly being committed. Those who do turn non-veg often criticise their veg eating counter parts of hypocrisy and counter it with "meaningful" scientific arguments about plants also having life and in that way that is no less a crime than killing animals for meat. Same with drinking and smoking. There used to be a time when Brahmins were treated with respect for their habits. Since it was also a period when caste played a major role and the atrocities committed by caste Brahmins in the name of superiority ruled roost, the reason for respect was often mistaken for its casteist connotation and never for its true reason. The same coin has reversed now. Anyone who tries to be a conformist adhering to the rules and regulations that comes with being who he is, is often touted as a dork and fake. Worse of all, its people from the same community are up against each other.

There is quite a fat line between raising questions for learning and mocking. I belong to that tribe who are unwilling to follow rules just for the heck of it. I try to understand why certain things need to be done the way they are required to be and till I am not satisfied I resist. Not to portray myself as the next Martin Luther nor am I in a mindset for a lutherian protestant brahminism. I wanted to register my thoughts on this topic. And hence the post. Its half cooked and even for that it has grown so big. Would love to dwell more on this topic. Maybe as a supplement in some other post.

P.S: The views exhibited are wholly and solely my own. Itharku verengum kilaigal illai. News feederla RSS nu vantha thappa artham pannikapdaathu. Varta.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Veeram - Review


That's how I feel to write posts nowadays and also that's what I felt after watching the movie.

Same old stunts, same old villain , same old tricks, same old hero worshipping crowd and really old Ajith. Ageing gracefully is one thing, but repeating the same get up movie after movie is blehhh. The USP of the movie was Ajith in rural role. He does look majestic on vella vetti vella sattai, with his trademark dapaanguthu dance steps for saavu melams. Whistle sound must've blasted many an ear drums on theaters. There are several pakka masss scenes written for target audience. Especially the tender quotation scene and the one in swing. Apart from those two, nothing else is noticeable in the movie. Tamanna..avvvv....ennachu antha kozhanthaikku. She looks whiter than before in a dumber than ever role of her career. Ajith's brother quadrants make up for the slots usually donned by friend gumbal in city based stories. And the story itself is almost 30 40 years old. Its a pakka remake of "Murattu Kaalai" minus the kaalai and ofcourse Rajini. Songs...duh..lesser said the better. DSP has become DTP of his own hit songs of yesteryears. Hyderabad's Harris Jeyaraj could well be his title.

Gils Verdict: Veeram is less on valour and more of Ajith.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Made in heaven - 2

" me her photo...phonela vachirukalla?"
"Pazham thinnatha korangu...panam vaangatha politician..fiancée foto vachukaatha fiancé..chaancey illa"
"Dei Adangariyaa..."
"Photo kaetta edhuku phoneai noandittu irukka"
"Its all in ..."
"Mmmmm...She looks so chamathu..epdida unkitta maatikitta..ohh.sorry..Maatikitaanga"
"She is one Santoshi Subramani..appa sol thattaathu...ivan usuala podra nalla pulla bitta vachu avanga appava correct ponna ushaar panitaan"
"Poraama poraama"
"Aaaamaaaa...apdiyee naanga poraama pattutaalum...ithana naala thaan enga kooda mokka pottutu iruntha..ippo thaan intha kodumaiya anubavikka aal arranged la..poi anga mokka podama innum ennada pannitrukka"
"Yen nelama..neengalaam kalaikara alavuku iruku. Avanga veetla orthodox..cardiodox..neurodox. Intha kaalathula ipdi oru paradox. Number dial pannavay neram paakranga..."
"Neram na..intha pistaah paatu varumay..antha padama? ur maamanaar Nazriya fana?"
"deii...kovam vara mathiri kaamedi pannathaynu santhanam sollirukaan...remember"
"Pinna ennada...avar thaan dial panna dinasari paakararana..unakennada...nee paatukka ammaniya kootitu oor sutha vendi thaana.."
"You see..basically naan romba nallavan.."
"Ithuku neeye un mela thuppikka..."
"Seri..eppo engaluku intro kudukka pora"
"Ada..nee vera...enakkay intro kudukka aal theditruken..."
"uhumm...ivan velaikaaga maattaan..nee phone number kudu..naangalay pesikarom"
"Intha mandaikkulla ivlo ariva...daii.. ennada mandailaam vazhukuthu.."
"Ervaamaatin potrukenn..koodia seekram paaru amazon kaadu maathiri adarthiya valara poguthu paaru"
"Paathuda...kathi podra edathula kodaali poda vendiatha poguthu..appo kooda..kaatu mannula maram valarum...un mandaila kali mannachay..athula epdi valarum?"
"unakku poraama"
"aaama..apdiye porama patutuaalum...dai..mandaikullara moolaiya valakka paaruda..apruma mandaikku mela ma.."
"shtttaaaaapppp...ithu "U" rated blog..Inga ipdilaam pesapdaathu"
"mathatha valakka parunga solla vanthen"

(as usual...verenna...thodarum thaan)

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Wish list 2014

If wishes were horses...well I would've lot of stable full of horses. That many wishes I got.

First in the list is AAP. ada..aappu ileengo..Aam admy party. The word aadmi has been purpose fully misspelt. I am a staunch believer that India would be better served only under dictatorship. And that should be me is an open hidden agenda:D:D We need to be ruled. Sorry. One correction. We yearn to be ruled. We need someone to spell out things for us. We need heroes to protect us from disease to demons. We always look up for some messiah and have hopelessly high expectations on them. We forget and forgive the scoundrel leaders and would give up on them and their misdeeds quicker than the number of chances that we give for scrupulously clean common people. Our aam aadmis are always "adimai"s and wouldnt allow the yoke to be lifted off them. And this is where AAP's role is going to face its biggest challenge. More than Congress and BJP trying to topple it, its detractors knew that it would collapse on the weight of its own expectations. Suddenly every single citizen of Delhi has become an auditor of the government and forgotten are the days when their "elected representatives" who were unreachable. Every single move of AAP and its members are under scrutiny and given the breed of cynicists that we are, people are just waiting for that "I-know-that-they-will-fail" moment. It makes the job of a person, hoping against hope that he would be as good as he claims to be, to deliver on his promises. If AAP fails that would be the last straw. If AAP wins it would be the real dawn. I don't need to wait till December. Given the rate at which people and opposition are bullying, either AAP will manage to succeed on its promises only to irk erstwhile incumbent, who would topple the government when it becomes too hot to handle or it would go the way of all other "illustrious" predecessors before it. Time will tell for sure. And its running fast.

Romance in movies is second on my list. I sincerely, seriously, furiously with religious fervour hope and demand that, there shouldn't be any more romantic comedies for tamil cinema for next 2 years. Government should infact declare tax breaks for directors who could conjure any other genre other than this. There should also be a ban (tax break sop sounds a juicier carrot) on movies which dwelve on or anywhere near TASMAC, even for a reference. I am sick and tired of all those crap that has been raking in the moolah at BO movie after movie. How much ever the critics pan it, even those crappiest of lot continues to rule BO for reason best known to the movie watching public. I really want to see some interesting themes and genres being tried and hopefully 2014 should set the tone.

If I am a Charles Dickens book, I would be "Great expectations". I am planning on major personality changes for this year. And I hope 2014 gives me opportunities towards that goal :)

Wishing you all wonderful times ahead :)

Saturday, January 04, 2014

From year that was to year that would be..

I had actually started with my year end roundup much ahead of schedule only to post it in new year. That pretty much sums up my blogging year. Been very lazy and reluctant to post for no reason. Anyways, an year back, on the last week of 2013, I embarked on the longest vacation of my life and probably the most exciting one. I didn't realise it much then, but when I look back now, I am awe struck with wonder. I've recorded all those days much in detail on this very blog. As I re-read those posts each time, I am super thrilled and feel blessed.

Agreed there was a bitter event on the very new year's eve that resulted in many a major decision in my life. As I look back to that event, it ties back to the conversation I had with my ex manager few weeks back on my personality. I am still sensitive and expect a lot out of everyone to behave the way I feel its correct. And I still take a long time to get over negative things. But the positives have always overshadowed the negatives. Though it has hindered my learnings out of these mistakes of mine, it always leaves me with good memories to fall back on. A version of my own on things that passed by and something that follows my script of a happy ending:)

2013 began in turbulence and I was feeling trapped in a chakra vyugam. Whenever faced with a problem, I always approach it as if I knew the solution, but only have forgotten about it. It increases pressure and stress but along with it comes tonnes of hope that its not an unsolvable issue. Halfway into the year, came a twist I never even dreamt of. I finally met my better half, surely the best of the halves and without even a contest I concede to that fact :)

2014 already promises to be an year of difference. It brings with it way too many changes and situations that I've never ever faced before in life. The unknowns always have a scary twinge to them and this one is no less different. Every year I want to make new friends and 2013 was no different either. I probably had the best ever birthday celebration I could ever imagine and was overwhelmed by the love and affection showered on me by people who were complete strangers few months prior. They became an inseparable part of my daily life and the relation continues till date.

Thank you all for being such wonderful friends and for all those nice times and memories. I wish you all a wonderful new year and may god bless you with happy life and interesting events to remember.