Monday, April 24, 2006

Phantom menace..(this is no star wars)

There goes another one..Take that..and that..and that...yippeee....ouch...grrr....before u conclude i have gone conkers..u've just read a two liner from my war journal on "mosquitoes vs me"....engenthu thaan varutho....tired of this goiiiiiiinnnnnnnn sound....kanna moodina poathum...kaathila paatu paaduthunga...all out..mortein..gud knight..ella karumamum try paniachu..kadisiya..pazhaya vikatan booka aayuthama use panni en rooma "gajini" set mathiri aakiten...inum "Find it".."Kill it" thaan kuthikala...eppaaa...banglore garden cityanu yaam ariyen paraabaramay..but mosquitoe capital..for sure...head to toe cover panindu iruntha kooda..cycle gapla ullara poonthu imsaiya kootuthunga...u wont find any difference between forest area and city...evening aachuna..elarum alari adichindu..jannal kathavunu ellathiyum close panikitu veetla surrender aaidraanga...its becoming worse with each passing day...these mosquitoes have become immune to every damn coil...tortoise coil koluthi vacha..jammnu athu melaye ukkanthu rest eduthukitu apruma vanthu kadikuthunga.....aah...there is the big one...relaxing on my laptop monitor...CRASH... :(

Meetings..Meetings and more meetings

Meetings..Meetings and more meetings...vaazhkkai oru meetingukum innonnukum nadula move aagara break perioda aaidhci...ethuku eduthaalum meeting..vela pannanumnalum meeting..panna venaamnalum meeting...contract kidacha congratulatory meeting..kidakalina oppari meeting..meeting neriya irukkunnu complaint to reduce meetingsnu oru meeting...huh....gimme a break...all these meetings remind me of a famous saying.." Never underestimate the combined power of a group of stupid people..."...guess the one who quoted it was not a great fan of team work or meetings i guess....i am not totally against having meetings.....idam, porul, eval matters....jillnu kaathadikara evening timela...idhamana warm shadowla...beachla ukkanthu...kadalai podra sogam times yenda mudiyuthunu varutha pada vaikra meetings athu...kaalam neram day/ice cream parlors arattais ( avanga avnga fav place poatu fill panikunga..nadu nadula..maaney thene ponamaany..elaam poatukalamm..abiraami abiraami... :)) ... X to X service provider freena....vaazhkai poora pesakoodiya cell fone "uraiyaadalgal" which might put "Azhagan" mammooty-banupriya's record to shreds...hmmmmmmm................who complains about such meetings......tottttttddddddddaaaaiiiiiiinnnnnnggggggggnu outlook calendar displays another meeting in 5 long buddies....

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Rants of a Single Guy!

Maathamo chithirai.maniyo pathinonrai...inum varlai nithirai...mail chk pannumboathu intha fwda was so very tickling that...konja naja thookamum poach...somehow..enakkagavay yaaro type panni fwd panna mathiri oru feeling...its so very true :)

I am a nice guy. Or so my female friends tell me. I'm a nice, helpful,generally likeable guy. So nice in fact that once a year,during that wonderful festival called Raksha Bandhan when we Indians celebrate that bond between a brother and sister, you will find me hidingunder a table, or if that's not safe enough, under a chair,whimpering in fear, and blithering like an idiot. (A lot of people feel thatis exactly what I am, but let's not get into that now.) A close friend of mine once said to me (and this was agirl who I had been contemplating proposing marriage to), "I wish I had a brother like you." I mean, how is a man supposed to react to a statement like that? I think women use such statements to see how men respond to situations of extreme stress. It's probably some kind of experiment in psychology. And we men go along with it simply because,you know, they are women.
Talking about the strange things women have said to me,this is one of my favorites: "You remind me of my dog." Meaning, I assume, that I walk on all fours, have long flappy ears, and prefer to relieve myself in front of a water hydrant. I wonder if anyone would wantthat kind of person as his or her younger brother.So, as you would have guessed by now, I am single. I am a single, nice, helpful, generally likeable guy. Who reminds women of their dog. And I've come to the conclusion that there is no suchthing as a single woman. A single woman is like Schrödinger's cat. (For the
not-so-technically-inclined, Schrödinger was a physicist.The sadist that he was, he used a poor little cat to teach quantumphysics. He hypothesized a cat in a box, with an arrangement such thatas long as the box was closed, the cat could be either dead or alive.But the moment you opened the box to check, a poisonous gas wouldbe released killing the cat instantly -- if it had been alive in thefirst place. For more details, type "Schrödinger's cat" in Google.) Women are like that. Until you bother to find out whetherthey are single or not, they could be either. But the moment you get curious... bang, they're single no longer. It is normally between thefirst and third week of my acquaintance with a girl that I'm given this glorious piece of information. "Hey, I have something to tell you. I'm getting engagednext week, and I want you to come to the party." Ahem. "Guess what? I'mgetting married next month! Aren't you overjoyed?" Yes, of course. I'm sohappy I have tears in my eyes. Once, I was talking to a girl on the phone, and we wereinterrupted when she got a call on the other line. She came back on line acouple of minutes later with the words "Oh, I'm sorry about that.That was my boyfriend." Your what? And you know another thing?Somehow, I inspire this unprecedented amount of trust in women. I'mconsidered completely harmless! Not only by the women, but even theirboyfriends, fiancés and husbands!
"Oh, you're with him? Fine. Have a nice time." "You wantto take a walk on the beach? I'm a little busy. Why don't you take himalong?" "It's Valentine's day. The poor guy must be alone. Why not callhim over for lunch?" I guess I've earned that reputation over a longperiod of time, but still, you know. Sometimes you wish the guys wouldfeel just a little bit threatened. And it's not like I look harmless either. The followingincident is a favorite example: I was at an Archie's gallery. This wasthe time when they had that stuffed monkey on sale. You know, the onethat whistled every time you crossed its path. The kind of whistle thata guy might make when a good-looking girl walks by. So the monkey wason display in one of the aisles, and the first five minutes that I wasthere, it must have been triggered about 15 times. Gets quite irritating,really. After that, for a few minutes, there was no one in the shop, andI had some peace. Then a girl walked in, and soon crossed the path ofthe monkey. The monkey whistled dutifully. And out of curiosity, witha big smile on my face for some reason, I turned to see who the monkeyhad whistled at.At exactly the same moment, the girl turned around, to seewho had whistled. If looks could kill, she would have wiped out anarmy. Fifteen seconds later she had left the shop. I must thank my luckystars she didn't slap me, or have me beaten up by the moral brigade.But I think you understand what I'm trying to say. Which is, that Idon't look all that harmless. So, why the loads of trust?
They also tell me that I'm easy to talk to. That isprobably why I'm one of the first people a girl would tell her secret crushesto. None of which ever include me, of course. But I think you musthave guessed that. As you can imagine, I attend most weddings as afriend of the girl.But I take solace in the fact that I'm not the only one.Look at the two men -- our esteemed Ex-PrimeMinisterVajpayee, and our President. They are both single. With any luck, I'lldo better than them. I hope...


Monday, April 17, 2006

Views on "Vu"

Vu-intha varusha tamizh new year per.....sounds more like english to me...china-kaaranlaam..per vaika sombittu..year of dog..year of monkeynu simplea matter mudichapo..namma aalunga salikaama..ivlo vaushathukum per vachi...meaning vachu..athukuelam oru kathaiyum vachu..kalaasi irukaanga...intha varushathu resolutionsnu..ennalaam pannalaamnu thinkinapo matina matter...Patta peyars..yaani ki..titles... :D.....oru silar avanga seiyara veliyinal... aagu peyaraagi automatica matikitanga.... for ex:

"Cell"van: adhigama cell fonle pesum aadavan

"Cell"vi: sairthavo radikavo illengo...mel kuriyavatrin pen paal :D...tamil new year aacholyo athaan tamizh vilaaduthu :)

"Car"igai: car oatren pervazhini...maanagara makkal thogaiya kuraika muyalubavar

"Kall"ee: overa thanni adichitu partyla mabbila kidakara mangaiyar kula maanikangal
"Kal"van: athe kaasay thaan kadavulada ;)

ithey mathri ungalukum ethachum patta peyar theriyuma...feel free to post :D

Chithiram pesudhadi ;)

....and oru sila pictures speak more than thousand words... ;)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Good Morning Banglore

Chirping breeze...light sunshine...oooooooohhhhhhhh........watta sight to behold...early morning is really n truly THE time......ivlo azhagana oru kaalai pozhuthai enjoy pannama....udamaba thooka mudiyaama thookindu...verthu viru virukka joggin pora janthus paatha parithabama iruku.....naal muzhukka paathi katti adikka vendiyathu...kaalankaathala joggingara earth quakea create panidraanga...intha mathri morning joggersa namma govt creativea use panna enna...road roller kondu vanthu road block panni traffic divert senju...ellaraiyum kashtapadutharuku badila....ella joggeraiyum antha mathiri level panna vendiya roadsla oda saves both time money and avoids traffic ezthunda ipdilam thaan thonuma..hehehee!!!

Pity dint get chance many a time to enjoy such early morning beauties....i belong to the clan of modern kumbakarans who can stay awake the whole night, but cant lift an eyelid at 7 in the morning...inniki athisayama got up at 5.45 itself....started early to office...usually muraichindu GOD-KNOWS-WHY-I-AM-STANDING-HERE kinda look udra security thaatha nicely smiled and said gud morning...(for some strange reason he keep calling me sir..inspite of me telling him not to...en per solli koopdungana kekka maatengarar...)

Early morning..nice weather...and first person u meet flashes his best n rare smile at u...n wat else u want....watta way to start the day :) cityla sunaina laal n dariusoda konjum peter englishla...bubbar sher kettunday...autola office vanthu sentha shirt thoppala ninaju poidhichi...
ippolam inga semma veiyil adikuthu...i am sweating in blore sun for the first time in three years...(too many chennaiites here.. so guess climate kuzhzambi poachu pola ;)...ellamay slow motionla pogara mathiri feeling...entha work seiyavum..i feel i have more than enuff time....11th hour tensionla work panni...leisurely pacena ennanay puriya matenguthu....

Anyway...intha naal iniya naalaga sugi sivam enna solrarrnu kettu athu padi nadanga ;)) GUD MORNING FELLAS N FELLIS :D

Monday, April 10, 2006

Kuzhandhaiyum Deivamum

There is an age old proverb in tamil...that babies and god are alike...faced an incident sometime back which made me to revisit that proverb .....banglore vantha pudhusula friends kooda ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness) koviluku poi irunthen...its in a place called Yashwantpur..which is around 2 hrs journey from where i stay in up early morning to avoid the hot afternoon sun and boarded the 6 AM bus...reached there at around WAS a sight to behold...onnu cleara was definitely not a temple built with rupee but with dollars and dinars....very richly done and beautifully decorated...pity we couldnt catch it in its glory at night as we left midday...well..its built like a hill...atleast u'll get the feeling of climbing one....Tirupathi venkya ingaiyum paakalam...thoonilayum thurumbilayum irukavaraukkaga..oru sannadhi iruku...looked cute, as he is always :)... ( konjam friendlya ipdi thaan naanga pesikuvoam...athellam kandukapdathu ;))..after crossing few more sannadhis reached the main hall....its a huge one..sorry HUGE HALL....seriously had three murthis..of radha krishna and i forgot...(refresh panikavachum thirumba poanum)...prayer sathama moochu vitta kooda muraichi paapaanga....there i saw something which was the trigger for the blog... (eppadi...atlast matteruku vanten:))...rendu family...onnu local kannadiga...and other one..guess some marwaris...they had come for darshan..with their kids...the kids wud've been hardly an year or two old....they were playing and disturbing their parents who were trying to medidate...soon those kids started playing together...ennamo pesikuthunga...saami padatha paathu onnu innonuthuku kathailaam solluthu...ithu sirikuthu....they gelled well....and were chattering like if some long lost friends where meeting...soon their parents finished their prayers..and were all smiles at their kids playing....funny part was...they cudnt understand each neither of the family members spoke english or hindi....strange it was....grown ups, we are called and we couldnt understand each other...with all the language skills at our disposal..but those kuttis...who i seriously doubt can say anything other than Amma appa...were "conversing" freely among themselves......just like god...we pray to him in kannada..english..hindi..ennalaam lanugage irukko...athila ennalaam prayers iruko....ellathilaiyum pray panroam...does tht mean...greek god doesnt know spanish...or kannada god wont understand punjabi...pesa mudiyathavanga appo pray panna mudiyatha...wont god bless was simple...LOVE has no language..and GOD is nothing but LOVE...anbey sivamnu summava was a revelation for me...blore vanthu 3 years aguthu..i am yet to learn kannada...but tht is hardly a hinderance here..(still no excuse for not learning kannada though)...well...guess went bit over head... but it was really an amazing experience...

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Aadhalinaaal Kaadhal Seiveer...part 2

oru oooril azhagaai azhagaai oruthi irunthaalay....... intha paatu, from kaakha kaakha, ketukitaay blogging :)....amazingly simple song...evlo azhaga, katha solra mathiri, heroinea describe panni thamarai ezhuthirukaanga...hats off to her...
aval kannathin kuzhiyil siru sedigalum nadalamaam...dimple was never explained so beautifully description...i can actually see jo smiling at this line ..... super of my all time fav... (intha songa use panra chance kidaicha innum super ;))

pachai niramay pachai niramay..... vairamuthu is biased to green like me i guess....this one song has got pasted into my mind..sculpted onto my senses...croons inside my cranium..everytime i hear this song..i can see it..feel it...amazing is so lite at times i fear the tune mite break over the :)... when hariharan croons.. ooootha poovil oootriya vannam...u can actually see the flower in all its glory....this is also one of my all time fav...

u wont believe..the next entry is for a telugu song..sorry...TELUGU SONG....!!...from the movie ARYA....i am so damn impressed with this movie tht i've started learning telugu...learning is too big a word...have started taking efforts to understand the language...the song is called.. Feel my Love....WOW....its amazingly smooth...delicious song...its like having a triple sundae on a hot afternoon...refreshingly the song for its hero..tht guy is so full of energy throughout the movie...the song is an appeal by the hero to heroine to feel his love, if not love him..while she is actually "committed" to love another guy...interesting theme....aadhalinaal premam cheyandi ;)

there are SO MANY songs..which simply take ur breath away and carry you to a dream world...soothing..refreshing..meaningful...comforting...energetic... the categorisations just dont stop... and language is hardly a barrier... like wat i mentioned in the previous para... so.......

innum varum :)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Aadhalinaaal Kaadhal Seiveer...part 1

This post is dedicated to the romantic songs i njoyed for their lyrical quality... udanay nyabagam vanthathu ithu thaan....

Sudum Nilavu

Sudaatha Suriyan

Oadum nimisham

Uraiyum Varusham

Ellaam Venduma

Kaathalithu Paar .................

Ithu naan sollalainga...Thambi padathila vara paatu...romba naal kazhichi...supera oru poema tune panni paatu poatrukaanga..i loved the lyrics...rasichi ezhuthirukaanga...dunno who was the lyricist ...nice one...

adikadi munumunkkara innoru paatu... oray nyabagam from the movie Minnale....

iru vizhi unathu

imaigalum unathu

kanavugal mattum

enthay enathu...

wow...devanoda voice..peak summerla..slightla urugara antartica iceberg mathiri...methuva seviyil pugunthu idhayathila irangi manthialay minnalai paaichum...aptly titled movie.. "MINNALAY"

kutti song...but cute one...naalu variya irunthaalum namma kungumam magazine maathiri summa nacchunu irukum.... a males perspective on pirivu aatramai ... en tamizh sir ithai padicha sathiyama konnay potruvaar.... :))

athey padathoda title song is my all time fav...cell fone vaangathukku munnadiye...vaangina ithu thaan ennoda ring tonennu decide panniten...tht bgm comes throughout the movie..but it really strikes a chord in the scene where maddy "sights" reema for first time from the fone booth...her dance in rain with kids...WOW....

innum varum