Sunday, September 26, 2010

Is "real" really real??

Just saw the movie "Shutter Island". And you can see the result on the title itself.
No. This post is not a review on the movie. More on the content of it. Its a story about illusions and insane asylum and on (one of) its inmates. Is the hero a nut case would be a question which would linger with me till one of you see the movie and write a review on it :) But the thing is..illusion. A pretty interesting thing.

Oru poiyya pathu thadava sonna athu unmai aaidum. Especially if it involves sanity of a person's mind. Keep calling a person mad, even those who wouldn't believe it at first would slowly begin to fall in line. Even his otherwise routine actions will come under scrutiny. Question on sanity is something which cannot be defended or attacked for that matter. Even if one comes hard saying he is not mad it further slides him into that questionable hole. That, i guess, is the worst punishment or crime which can ever be committed on a fellow human being.

Insane and I'msane just differ by a single letter. Who defines the condition for sanity decides who are within the circle and who are outside it. To quote Joker from the movie "Dark Knight" - "Madness is like gravity. You just need a push". I see people slogging their bottoms off, even during weekends, to meet unrealistic deadlines. And there are people like urs truly :) Some are so touchy that even an extra article in a word would make them see red while some are so thick skinned that even if lightning strike them, it would bounce off. Every individual does have some or other madness in them. Since the other aspects of their personality match majorly with the accepted norms of the society they escape being tagged.

To me madness and creativity has a very minor difference - acceptance. If people admire your are creative else a lunatic. The Rowlings, Tolkeins, Assimovs, Sujathas all their works are way out of the leagues of normal human minds i would say. Any creative person whose thoughts are lateral and unique, often find fame..may not possibly be on their lifetime, as their peers may not understand their works. But definitely over a period of time. Most of those artists are often branded as nut cases by those who can't understand their works.

So is acceptance everything in life? Even if you are a serial killer if the society accepts does it deem it a right action??!!! Eating with hands is a normal thing in India while it might be frowned upon in Western world. So how does this "acceptance" is gets defined? I've no clue. Maybe thats the reason behind formation of unique cultures?? People who found similar likings gelled together and formed their own culture??

Me the readings "Deivathin Kural- part 1", compilation of the speeches and teachings of Kanchi Periyavar. There was one reference to this topic. I would conclude this post with his quote. (Its a shoddy translation..pls bear with me)

"There are are 3 kinds of mental state - Alert, Sleepy and Dreamy. Alert mind, as it states, is alert to the happenings around. Dreamy is the state in which mind conjures up things which are beyond the reach of real worldly affairs while Sleepy is a situation where mind is totally at rest..devoid of any thoughts. But the thing all three situations, its the same mind. Thoughts are many. Situations are many. But mind is one"

Return of Kedi

ok..before moving any further..K..E..D..I is pronounced as "kay dai" as in Jedi (Star wars). Thappa padichitu correcta artham pannikapdaathu..okva :) I may not carry a light sabre..but me heavy and sober. Rombaaaa naala intha pakkam etti paakalaya...oray ottadaiyum thoosiyuma senthudichi...mindla i mean :)

Diwali anniki "Ganga Snaanam aachaa"nu kekara mathiri..."Endhiran ticket book panniyaacha" nu ooray allolagallola patukitu kedaku. "Engengu kaaninum sakthiyada"nu Bharathidasan paadina mathiri..enga paathalum Endhiran. Trailor releasekey oora rendu aakitaanga. Sun pics mite've pumped in 100 plus crores for making the movie. But i think they wud've put in an equal amount on promoting the movie too. Yesterday went to Albert theater with friend, who by the way happens to be a Rajini fan(atic). Thursday night, zeroth day zeroth show, movie ticket rate was 1500 rupees!!! and it was sold out already!!!!! Just to catch a glimpse of that 2 mins trailor, he had seen most of the mokka movies playing. This would be another first in movie advertising i guess. Theater owners are wooing people with ads that, they are showing Enthiran trailors in their theaters!!! Aurora theater in Matunga, Mumbai is getting renovated just for the sake of this movie, which happens to be the last movie to be shown there as its getting demolished to make way for a mall soon. Still the owner is spending so much, for he himself is a rajini fan it seems. When contacted that guy has said, "Anything for thalaivar".

I think, the curious case of Rajinikanth would be something that would make an intriguing research topic, if not already taken. Whether he comes in jeans n tees, or plain dhothi kurta, sports a mush or clean shaven, wears paratta thalai hair style or bald..this is one guy who is loved by one and all irrespective of his looks, even though his USP was his supposedly style quotient. What makes him tick is something, if can be bottled and sold, would rake in zillions. Still there is one remarkable quality of him which is for everyone to see and pursue too - his humility. It borders on being fake!!! How can a person, who with a mere wave of his hand can send thousands into raptures be so humble is again something which might make a good case study :) Either he is too good an actor offscreen atleast or an amazing person worth following. Whatever the case is, Endhiran is all set to become the "Avatar" of Tamil cinema for sure and probably of Indian cinema too, provided it has a decent storyline. Like all gullible movie too awaiting the darshan. This time next week will tell, if its Enthi"run" ning or Enthi"ran". Goodluck to the movie, for the sake of the intriguing big man.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Consider this IDEA sarjee :)

Loved the latest IDEA ad. 4 youngsters get job offers in various parts of India..totally alien culture. They wonder how to align themselves to their new location when AB's baby's idea comes to their rescue. Its a cute ad and interestingly picturised. And very apt in current IT scenario.

Few years back..onsite opportunities..working from client locations meant by default either US or some place in Europe (at the worst). People used to get thrilled to hear these terms and would prepare themselves mentally to struggle for decent food and other basic amenities which they wud've taken for granted while growing up in their gullies.

Cut to the present, with more and more Indian companies flexing up their financial muscles and domestic market looking rosy for opportunities, what was once considered as TCS domain, is now under heavy competition from all and sundry. Move over the metros, which have already become as costly as any other world city, has become the mantra. Grab the second tier cities before someone else does, is the watchword nowadays. Places which would've only figured as a blip on your way during some vacation travel are fast becoming daily destinations. And people are forced to migrate within the country left right and center.

A Bihari in Saidapet, Bong in Madipaakam, Mallu in Tambram and a Sardar in chengelpet. I just explained a portion of my team here :) There was a training conducted in our office to learn scottish culture. For interacting with a client, which obviously is the most important thing, with whom we might end up talking for say..half hour a day or probably even lesser for many people, the org is willing to spend lakhs. No issues on that investment as client is the king. Similar sort of orientation program is given to people who travel abroad for long terms. I was wondering why not something similar for people who are relocating to various places within India?? It would definitely be cheaper than any other training i guess and people would be more than interested to learn about their own country too,i suppose, considering the difficulties they undergo in interacting with the localities. I guess it would be a smart investment if the resources are trained to understand and gel with the local culture.

Many people grumble a lot when they've to relocate within India..the main fear being..ADAPTABILITY. I have a team mate who is from Manipur and he claims it would take him 3 days one way to reach his native from chennai!!!! India IS really BIG!!! There are some really good resources from places as far as Himachal and Delhi..who want to relocate back because they find it tough to settle in chennai. The reason they opted to come here in first place was the lucrative job offer. But more than that the challenges in settling to a new culture..drives most of them back. I am not saying that by giving them training about local culture these issues can be plugged. But it might be a good start towards that i guess.

Firstly it might create job opportunities for people who specialise in their local languages and culture.
If found acceptance, BA and MA might become hot shot courses, as lucrative as their Science counterparts.
An additional domain of opportunity which might benefit in shoring up our unique culture.
Employee retention - the very basic reason why i am suggesting it.

There are so many trainings conducted to learn German, spanish, French etc. May be Indian languages are left to be learnt by themselves through trial and error. But if there can be certified courses for learning any Indian languages too on par with the foreign ones..well..hmmm.

Disclaimer: This post is not meant for the Raj thackeray's and Doctor aiya's :)

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

2 phone calls and an amazing week...

Its amazing how much a voice can convey..apart from whats being said. In past 2 weeks i had 2 such conversations over phone which made me feel like...WOW!!

First one was more emotional and sentimental at the same time very positive and heartwarming. The distance of several thousand kilometers was nonexistent for the entire duration of the call and even after that call it still feels the same. I am happy for the day i got introduced to "People Network" through which we made our acquaintance and me the forever greedy would pray for more such days. What began as a call to console soon turned out to be the best motivational talk i ever had. That person recounted incidents from their personal life and how they overcame it to be what they are now. It was touching and a rare gesture that i felt so happy that they were kind enough to share it with me. It immediately shook me out of my gloom and i was soon back to normal. I am indebted to that person for that call and for the support provided and feel honored at the same time for the trust on me to share their most personal feeling.

The second call was much more recent and was funny too in a way.) It was more like a (midnight) wakeup call for my conscience :) and made me realize a totally different perspective on my otherwise unidirectional sense of thought. That person read an article from a famous weekly magazine which was tallying with what has been going on in my life for the past few weeks, but in an almost 360 degree different angle :) I was being continuously urged since last wednesday to get a copy of that magzine and since i couldnt get my hands on one, she was kind enough to read out the passage to me. Even if i had managed to read it on my own, i doubt if it would've had that effect on me. In a clear unquavering voice, with crystal clear diction, and in a tone which would've made the author proud, i got to hear the contents. And there were pauses in the middle to explain those portions which were meant for me and her perspective on them. It always feel wonderful when people care for you and its even more special when they go to this length to ensure that message is delivered. I feel humbled by the amount of faith which they have on me and it makes me want to feel more responsible.

I can't think of a way to repay these kind gestures. Just be there for me, like now, always. Can't have enough of you :)

Last week turned out to be the best of this year :) with still more than a dozen to go i can safely say it would continue to top the charts for me. Doting sisters, caring friends, wonderful colleagues, a very special person to add to the list - and i am not done yet :) "Mugavari" is my all time fav Ajith movie. There is one dialog in that, "Nammala suthi irukaravanga ellam naama nalla irukanumnu nenaikaravanala iruntha atha vida vera enna venum lifela". Me at such a phase of my life. Last weekend went to one mokka movie with the gang and more than the movie the kind of pranks which the folks did, made it more worthwhile to watch :) The movie was about college kids and there we were, behaving even more kiddish than the actual kids :) The nine hour outing went in a whiff. Remembered the song "On a day like never wanna see the sun go down" (by Bryan adams?) Thank u guys for all those wonderful time and happy memories.