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Is "real" really real??

Just saw the movie "Shutter Island". And you can see the result on the title itself.
No. This post is not a review on the movie. More on the content of it. Its a story about illusions and insane asylum and on (one of) its inmates. Is the hero a nut case would be a question which would linger with me till one of you see the movie and write a review on it :) But the thing is..illusion. A pretty interesting thing.

Oru poiyya pathu thadava sonna athu unmai aaidum. Especially if it involves sanity of a person's mind. Keep calling a person mad, even those who wouldn't believe it at first would slowly begin to fall in line. Even his otherwise routine actions will come under scrutiny. Question on sanity is something which cannot be defended or attacked for that matter. Even if one comes hard saying he is not mad it further slides him into that questionable hole. That, i guess, is the worst punishment or crime which can ever be committed on a fellow human being.

Insane and I…

Return of Kedi

ok..before moving any further..K..E..D..I is pronounced as "kay dai" as in Jedi (Star wars). Thappa padichitu correcta artham pannikapdaathu..okva :) I may not carry a light sabre..but me heavy and sober. Rombaaaa naala intha pakkam etti paakalaya...oray ottadaiyum thoosiyuma senthudichi...mindla i mean :)

Diwali anniki "Ganga Snaanam aachaa"nu kekara mathiri..."Endhiran ticket book panniyaacha" nu ooray allolagallola patukitu kedaku. "Engengu kaaninum sakthiyada"nu Bharathidasan paadina mathiri..enga paathalum Endhiran. Trailor releasekey oora rendu aakitaanga. Sun pics mite've pumped in 100 plus crores for making the movie. But i think they wud've put in an equal amount on promoting the movie too. Yesterday went to Albert theater with friend, who by the way happens to be a Rajini fan(atic). Thursday night, zeroth day zeroth show, movie ticket rate was 1500 rupees!!! and it was sold out already!!!!! Just to catch a glimpse of that 2 min…

Consider this IDEA sarjee :)

Loved the latest IDEA ad. 4 youngsters get job offers in various parts of India..totally alien culture. They wonder how to align themselves to their new location when AB's baby's idea comes to their rescue. Its a cute ad and interestingly picturised. And very apt in current IT scenario.

Few years back..onsite opportunities..working from client locations meant by default either US or some place in Europe (at the worst). People used to get thrilled to hear these terms and would prepare themselves mentally to struggle for decent food and other basic amenities which they wud've taken for granted while growing up in their gullies.

Cut to the present, with more and more Indian companies flexing up their financial muscles and domestic market looking rosy for opportunities, what was once considered as TCS domain, is now under heavy competition from all and sundry. Move over the metros, which have already become as costly as any other world city, has become the mantra. Grab the secon…

2 phone calls and an amazing week...

Its amazing how much a voice can convey..apart from whats being said. In past 2 weeks i had 2 such conversations over phone which made me feel like...WOW!!

First one was more emotional and sentimental at the same time very positive and heartwarming. The distance of several thousand kilometers was nonexistent for the entire duration of the call and even after that call it still feels the same. I am happy for the day i got introduced to "People Network" through which we made our acquaintance and me the forever greedy would pray for more such days. What began as a call to console soon turned out to be the best motivational talk i ever had. That person recounted incidents from their personal life and how they overcame it to be what they are now. It was touching and a rare gesture that i felt so happy that they were kind enough to share it with me. It immediately shook me out of my gloom and i was soon back to normal. I am indebted to that person for that call and for the support…