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Elaam oru velambaram thaenn

Pakki post alert.

Appo appo oru velambrathukaga sila pala stats posts podrathu vazhakkam. This one is bit special. Adichi pudichi the hit count broke the 2 Lakh hit mark :D Adhukaana reason is oray the mystery for me. In past one month alone the hits reached over a 1000 per day. Enakku therinju intha blogla padichi comment podra oray jeevan Thala Ramesh thaan. Vincy, Asha, Mahesh ivanga visitlamum serthu poatu paathalum, oray maasathula 30,000 hits epdi paathalum dacaltya irukku!!! Spam comments podama, virusa poattu thaakama, verumna hit stats mattum increase panna antha nalla ullangaluku nanri :D

The question - part 9


Looking at his condition, Priya picks up Ram's phone and decides to inform his home. Deciding against scaring his parents, she drops that idea. Suddenly the phone vibrates with call from Anil. Thanking her stars, she picks the call and informs him of the situation. Anil rushes to the clinic.

@the Clinic:

"Romba thanks Priya. When you picked the call instead of Ram, naan enalamo nenachuten one nimit"

"Avlo tension pannitena..sorrynga..didn't knew you were that close with him"

"Cha cha..tension ila Priya..I thought ...seri vidunga.. dei Ram..are you ok now"

Half conscious and reeling under the effects of sedatives, Ram blurts something.

"Ivan saatharanama pesinalay puriyathu ...ipo idhu enna sonnar"

"Slight concussion..mathabadi nothing to worry...ok Anil..appo neenga paathukareengala..I will leave..already late aaidichi"

"Neenga enga ponum sollunga..will drop you after we deposit this guy in his ho…

The alternative

He entered the room to look at two visibly tired faces and him crying in the other corner of the room.
"Vaaye thorakala"
"uhumm...engalala mudinja varaikkum try pannom.."
"enna pannalum..vaaya mattum therakkavay maateengaran..last three hoursa mannadiyaachu..enna pannalum masiyala"
"hmmm..naan try panni paakren"
What followed were a series of screams and cries and after about half hour struggle and he came back fully covered in sweat.
"Any luck?"
"No..idhuku oray vazhi thaan iruku. Adhu readya irukka?"
"hmm....ipdiye continue aana..."
"vera vazhi illa.."
She kept the crying child on her lap and fed him the juice from feeding bottle, which he thirstily gulped.
Solid food saapdama adam pudichi liquid dietla odum anaithu kuttieskum this is dedicated.


It has become a norm for kutty paiyyan to wake up half asleep at around 2 AM and start crawling in circles. Thookathula nadakara mathiri thavazharathulam kooda irukumo? He would try to touch wake me in first try followed by clawing and finally would give a solid kick. Adhukum asaiyalana he will complain to his mom, crying the whole house awake. At times i do manage to wake up in the first attempt, wanting to spare some more minutes of sleep for wifey. But never ever has that happened for she would always be the first one to wake up at even the slightest sign of  snuggle by kutty paiyyan. This happens to be the very person who once when we went out for dinner with our friends to a restaurant in Nungambakkam, slept at every silent second. While coming back by bus, the moment the bus starts moving she would be seen shut eyed and sleeping. For some one who slept so soundly and peacefully, kannu vachitom nenakren, the transformation is huge and can be realized only by those who have seen b…

7.83 hz by Sudhakar Kasturi- book review

Bloody brilliant.
Literally shivering with excitement while posting this review. Ecstasy apdingara vaarthaiyoda artham purianumna read this book - 7.83hz by Sudhakar kasturi.

'Da Vinci Code' and 'Angels and demons' padichapo it created a similar feeling but it was drowned in the sadness that such books are not in tamil. Sujathavoda sila novels would satiate the thirsty mind. Avar ponaprum, ivarukaprum yaar ipdilaam ezhuthuvangannu oru yaekkam plus thedal irunthukittay irunthuthu. When I chanced upon the review of his previous book '6174' I was very happy to have been introduced to an author who knew his subject and also was well versed in making a story of it. Aana antha bookoda content was way too heavy in physics which tested my tamil skills. I felt ashamed that many of the words mentioned in it were bouncers for me as they were too chaste. But still, the impression it created was indelible. As a comparison between the two, the author has taken lot of pains …

The question - part 8


@the restaurant:

Mahesh and Kaushiki are seen welcoming their friends.

"Wish u a happy married life in advance" chimed Priya

"Thank you.." blushed Kaushiki

"Unakku Ramar mathiri oru husband varuvaarnu naan wish pannathu balichiduchi paaru " giggled a lady standing next to Kaushiki

"Enga ivlo kolaveria oru wish panirukeenga" queried Priya

"Kolaveria? ennama solara..ramar seethai pola irunganu wish panrathu kolaveria?" questioned that lady angrily

"Of all the married gods Ram thaan worshtu. Wifea poatu padaatha paadu paduthi..thee kulika vachu..veeta vittu kaatuku thorathi..infact saria vachu kaapatha kooda illa..ravanan thookitu poitaan..ipidi patta oru husband venumnu varam kudutha athu kolaveri ilama ennavam"

"Pinna epdi solanumam? adhaiyum neeye sollu"

"Pondati sethutaanu sogam thaangama ava dead bodya mela poatukitu kaadum malaiyuma suthinaaray sivan..avarum parvathiyum pola solalam...lov…

Between now and Forever - book review

Dear Meera Shiva,

Thank you so much for sharing your book for review. That too a signed copy and with a wonderful greeting.
I loved the slip with special note inside the book. It was a pleasant surprise. I for one, never ever ever ever ever ask for a review of anything of mine, be it my speeches or posts. It takes way too much of a strong will and real guts to submit a work for a third person review, that too to someone who is a total stranger.

I found the book from wrapper to wrapper a pretty impressive production. Be it the cover page, both the wrapper pages and the quality of the print, it was all top notch. Due credit to be given to those in charge for the same. The index was another interesting section with character names being used as titles for chapters. It was something novel of an attempt. First chapter of the book itself was like boarding footboard on a fast moving bus. It goes at break neck speed and what would've been a climax in many  a novel was posted as startin…